Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, March 27, 1931

. MARCH 27, 1931*1,500 CHEMISTS! HITO GATHER IN•ft *CITY MONDAYFour Distinguished ForeignSavants Are AmongSpeakers.*Men whose brain-children have blasted armies out of trenches, and who from acids and water made the ink that wTote peace pacts, will \ come to Indianapolis next week, but probably none of them will have a thought for demolition of helmet .d battalions or diplomatic reconciha* ,mm - y*i iThey will be part of 1,500 chemists attending the eighty-first meetingof the American Chemical Society 1 it the Claypool from Monday untilmmpw?. iIn the multitude of discussions that will range from new foods to | mathematical formulas almost asintricate as Einstein's relativitytheory, many papers by learnedcientists from industries, universi-Ues, and technical schools will beiMNMRKf , ;VForeign Chemists ComingFour, and perhaps five, famed foreign scientists will attend the meetings. They are: Dr. H. Falken-hagen and Professor Karl Freuden-berg, Germany; Dr Nevil V. Sidg-wick and Dr. R. H. Fowler, England, and perhaps Dr. Heinrich Wieland, a German. They will read papers on physical and organic chemistry.One result of the convention- is expected to be a plea tor more highly specialized training of students in chemistry in high schools in/ Scientific imagination of more • han 200,000 boys and girls studying chemistry is being stifled by inadequate attention on the part of teachers, according to Professor R. A. Baker of the College of the City of New York, one of many speakers who will address the chemists.“A boy in a high school laboratory is intensely interested in combining one substance with another to geta tangible and immediate result,Dr. Baker has declared.Here’sWintShould Be Encouraged■‘Under an instructor who is•killed and absorbed in the science he would be encouraged to go forward to become the professional chemist so needed in present-da5[industry.He will advocate to many teachers and representatives of industrieswho will be here during the convention, a plan for closer co-operation between industry and highschool and college students, with the aim of opening industriallaboratories for advanced instruction of students.Need of chemistry in modern human Civilization will be stressedby a report of Otto Wilson, statistician, of Washington, D. C.. who will present a report to show that while virtually all other forms of businesssuffered during the business depres-I1sion, this science has fared well.Consic little gi: around t think siShe’s iless youThis lsrJust depwith pei develope i Look f what ki wear, upon he pleted p the hat words, 1 ContestFor tl a smart, paper wThis i tngs of been pr other a hats in 1 be sure The Tin-night.You * from th of Morr ton streiel sare 5C. M. T. C. CAMPSGIVEN INDORSEMENTFew Vacancies in County Quota AreRolBoys lt;Boy ScBoys’ C day” celRotary