Science Clipping from Boston Sunday Post, Sun, Mar 10, 1912.

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, March 10, 1912

sicianHWe have been enabled to recompose the elements of the'ordinary air zee breathe ‘through a perfect mechanical device, and zve zvill soon give to the world the safest anch^etic known.—Dr. F.J. Cotton.mmmmmmmrn•...yMan in Glacial EpochIt has been known during a long time that in western Europe man existed during the glacial epoch, says the Scientific American, We now know that the greatice age consisted of different glacialtimes separated by interglacial times. Inglacial times the snow line dropped 3000or 4000 feet below its present level in the Alps, whereas in interglacial times it lay about 10) feet higher than at present^ Thus, the temperature seems to have been higher in the interglacial periods tjian it is now. There is abundant evidence, in the opinion of Penck, that man existed during the beginning of the last glacial epoch. There is some reason for thinking that at least 20,000 years have elapsed since the last glaciation, and that the man whose jawbone was found in 19.09 near Heidelberg lived 200,-000 years ago.MACHINE INVENTED BY DR. BOOTHBY, BY WHICH AN ANESTHETICMADE FROM AIR HAS BEEN PUT INTO PRACTICAL produced so little shock with a yntni-mum of discomfort that the patients are beginning to demand its use.Many post-operative complications have followed the use of ether, it is asserted by experts, who say that the \ise ofnitrous oxide-oxygen will do away with these troubles. This, it is asserted, will be true especially of the lungs because of the practicability of efficiently warming the gases.Accidentally DiscoveredIt was in 1844,” said ~T)r. Boothby, “that the anesthetic properties of nitrous oxide were accidentally discovered. A travelling entertainer was giving an exhibition of ‘laughing gas/‘‘A young man wrho had inhaled thegas ran about the stage. He bumped his leg, bruising it badly. After sitting down lie was astonished to learn it was bleeding. He said that he did not know that he had struck his leg, and, until the effects of the gas passed away, felt no pain. v A Dr. 'Wells, seated near by, asked why a tooth could not be extracted without pain while under tlie influence of ‘laughing gas.’ The next morning gaswas administered to Dr. Wells and oneof his teeth extracted. He exclaimed: ‘It is the greatest discovery ever made. IIMPROVING THE ELECTRIC IRONThe cost of operating an electric iron has been decreased recently by the addition of an automatic device for the control of the temperature, which prevents the waste of energy and the danger resulting from overheating. The degree or temperature is controlled by a thumb screw^ which may he set for any desired temperature with a range from 000 to 200 degrees F. This makes the Iron suitable for all classes of work, the temperature being adjusted to suit.