1953 John F Malone Oxnard Press Courier CA July 2

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, July 2, 1953

THURSDAY. JULY1953OXNARD PRESS-COURIER: A. ; .*- mNew EditionsCrime Lob Pins PairTo Camarillo Burglaryt the LibraryDe41^ i«: * • i I kins Market in Camarillo, Capt.Another historical Howard Bowman of the Yen-King ReluctantWilkins. — romance by the author of “And so—Victoria.’' The novel is based on the actual story of a young boy who was the keyThe Los Angeles Police partment’s crime laboratory has positively’’ linked two men arrested in Santa Barbara to the burglary of the Howell and Hos-MolFortura County sheriff’s office said today.SwirMatili;readycrowd;Witladmittlast Sord si underfigure in a tragic anum^^i iuu^ | sion of the tWQ men malce thechain of historical events. SomeLmo ______ * iCapt. Bowman said that a pair [larger of bolt cutters found in posses-|week-cter HeHas', xl . ouiuc same marks ag those found onof the mysteries surrounding|the broken door ha at the|therelthe fate of this now unsolved.boy are evenimarket. The burglary occurred „ . ,last June 15. Taken were ciga-Searching for lour Ancestors,rets bacon and foodstuffs, by Gilbert H. Doane.—A very| The men Forestreadable book on how to gochild rlt; to ent otherabout ancestor hunting.It All Started with Columbus,by Richard Arjnour.—A delightful compendium of deftly distorted historical facts.Kingfishers Catch Fire, byRumer Godden.—The story of a widow and her children andD. Baker, 25, and James E. McCraney, 28, both of Los Angeles, will be prosecuted in Santa Barbara County for a drug store burglaryin Goleta, Bowman said.free.PON iff’s of of Miher attempt to make a home in the vale of Kashmir. The book is filled with emotion, suspenseand drama.ThewhenThe first dental college in the I trying world was founded in 1828 in I Officer Bainbridge, Ohio.ting thPhoneSPECIAL AGENT in charge of the Los Angeles office of the FBI, John F. Malone, right, is greeted by Oxnard Police Chief Carl Hartmeyer yesterday on his visit to Oxnard to speak before—Press-Courier Staff PhotoExchange Club.1Shoot to KillFBIHistory DescribedLegendary Mizners, byAlva Johnston.—With inimitable skill the author creates a monument to the memory of two men and the fabulous era in which they lived.From Sea to Sea In South America, by W. T. Blake.—Theaccount of an 8,000 mile adven tune by motor across the rugged terrain of South America.6-4039ParkingFreeRearaWEWE ARE NOWFRESH PEACHMADE FROM FRESAn FBI agent is taught to shoot only in self defense—but then to shoot to kill.A fascinating word picture of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its highly-trained agents was presented members of the Oxnard Exchange Club and its guests yesterday by John F. Malone, special agent in charge of the FBI at Los Angeles.Malone said the FBI was founded in 1908 as the investigative branch of the Department of Justice. J. Edgar Hoover, the present head of the FBI, took charge in 1924 and began the building and training program that today makes the FBI the highly-efficient organization it is.Boys', Girls' ClubWar I. Miller was subsequently #found mutilated in a vacant lot. | Has Swimming PartyAt the time of the massacreno FBI agent was allowed to carry a gun, nor was he allowed to make arrests. After the masMembers of the Boy’sTHICKEnjoy YoJULY 4THGirl’s Athletic Club spent Sunday afternoon atRICHsncre considerable pressure wasand thebrought on Congress, law was changed, Malone said.But Malone emphasized that the agent is trained only to shoot in self defense, and then “to shoot to kill.’’ He said thata swimming party at Jockey Meade’s Plunge.Attending were chaperones Mrs. Refugio Ramirez and Mrs. Joe Moya, and members Frank Cruz, Margaret Duke, Pearl Duke, Sammy Duke, Manuel Escalante, Anita Gamboa, YolandaWith OurMaltsDelicious FShakesSundaesBUY NO\an agent will never fire at anfor instance,escaping prisoner, if there is danger of the bullet ricocheting to an innocent bystander.“Hoover feels that it is farEscalante, Ray Gamboa, Mary Garcia, Richard Herrera, Steve Jiminez, Pascual Lopez, Rose Lorenzana, Liz Magadelano, Corrine Molina, Herbert More-Alire Mova. Boniface Or-F lootsGallons• ConesQts.-Pts.-PaclOPENInvestigative OnlyMalone emphasized that the FBI Is “purely an investigative organization — we just go and get the facts; the U. S. Attor-ney-GeneraTs office does the prosecuting.’*He said that other investigative organizations in the government include the Secret Service, Narcotic* Bureau and1Bureau of InternalAll these, hebetter to spend more money and time to recapture a prisoner than to endanger the life of an innocent citizen,’’ Malone said.no, Alice Moya, tega, Sonny Pereida, Margaret Ramirez, Ray Ramirez, Ruth Ramirez, Danny Signor and Ray Villa.SodasTHE 4TH ALIWe Are Open Every DayRevenue, said, have their own laws to enforce. The FBI has 326 laws in all to enforce,including the more well-known laws involving bankrobbery, |extortion, interstate transportation of stolen cars, and such lesser laws as the Migratory Bird Act, Red Cross^ Act andcopyright laws.Malone dwelt at length on the training given an FBI agent. He said that the4499turning point in the history of the FBI came on July 13. 1933, with the massacre of several FBI agents at the Union Station at Kansas City.Back To PrisonThe agents, Malone said, were escorting one Frank Nash backto Leavenworthrecapturing him cape from theearlier.prison after after hisprisones-months“The word had gone out inthe underworld thatwe hadtaken Frank Nash, and a ma-chine gun gangster by the name of Verne Miller set out to free him.” Malone said. IWhen the FBI agents togeth-j er with a police chief arrived! at Union Station with Nash they were met by two other1 FBI,agents and two detectives.As they were loading Nash into a sedan parked outside the station a machine gun began to blast, killing or seriously injuring all except, one FBI agent. Nash himself was nearly docapitated by the bullets.Malone explained that practice is tousualput a prisonerbetween two officers in the rear seat, but this time they had put Nash in the front. The. machine gunner, thinking themiddle iman in the back seat was Nash, cbnt at a]| hut. him, not knowing that he was a FBI agent. Malone said that the onlyman who could, so expertly handle a machine gun was Miller, who was a former sheriff andhad learned themachine gunart in the Armv duringFull size Innerspringfirm posture-rightand Gretel print tigauge plastic is wetjA WALKERW.u .411'm' 14with batkat!lHO*IMTlASK(f