Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, January 11, 1949

lime iny1emory,- Children System Jammed\ sod blanket of wh’m -now, gleaming in the morning sunshine of Sou t ■ n: C'dB’orni covered- t!ilt;* parched earth and hung ! ril n 1 in hue • ilt; f out palm frond- and blooming poinsett .Hi; lt;k\n 'i d t■ -:' .it Irojeht si ile- of delight to Californians, young and old. who had novel’ -eon -now before. and it brought a yearning for ! .“!•• oi i hon t'i t‘i■ a with memories of snow covered hill-and\ alloys in the east,li vva- the fir-1 lime in Oxt.ardA hi-torv tliat snow re-ted onthe wonial.Tin wbo’e conn \va hlanl oted with from two inehe in Ox-• d on no to anin m the Oxnard ( htia; \ oeiation in PortIlia( tdhlreii I’lay'1 11' morning lt;It:!d;-en threw now hail on tiieir way to ehool, r: u \ of it.ej. for tlie fir-f time in their lives, or took time outto i■ uM now na n. Make-hii't -now -hovels were brought into useto lt;1 ar o,f ti out walks.Mi nigh: long tire On rd central telephone switehhoard was:m: :ed as children and adult - called one another up to tell them• o v .sah the -now lt;■ mu* down. In the eountrv. where almost everv-w' Tf* •»’5-on a 1 or* 12 p rtyline, -ome people got no deep at all asI-lt;*i t rinehv.'.i,(lt the -iMarm lt;i• ci were -lt;*t so tint youngsters. fearful the sun wouldlow awav. could he out hv dawn to play in it.On the Marian Burn- ranch unlighted smudge pot- gained a . 1 \ ;u ■ f *\\ ('o ang the ight. while half a mile down Kttingo;d t lie Robert Xauman ranch t he pots w ere belching flameeen \aggmg tn■os! *i w I Puz/'rd( ••].(. ordinarih out early to feed, refused to budge fromt)v ■ Duck-, refu-ing to wad,Me through the -now. took toii • ir w ngs to ffap short ni-btnres through the air.\ power B e haded with -now and ice sagged and -napped a* ■ v , ,i lt;; Oxnard boulevard at 1:40 this morning, cutting off. :\\ (\v part of the city gntil heavv repair crew- fixed thet np. 'fh ; police -'ation vva- dark. There v\a- another, *r !)lt;■ k lt;n the Dempsev road circu’t, caused when windelhii h* V ••• j-es I lew together snow-laden line-.T; ift n ’• moved more -lowlv on countv highways than it i :h morning, with drivers unused to ie\ ioalt;is taking noelt;Lilt;Trains, l’u-srs lt;ai ’I biteT I . She o r Soii hei!' Ik' *i 1 i. on agent, said trains we* elt; .-clmdule. and It. 1! How left, Creyhounlt;l manager, said busseswe:•* lt;*n time.I etirv K: apke in Oxnard at ee it wa founded in Isn.s. said iie lad never een now lt;n the ground before. There have been flurries in the air. but they melt d when tluw hit the ground,” liesaid.l enry Neel. Co wale- road rancher and member of the itigh school hoard, admitted that he had never seen -now fall before.Neel and Kmil l’feiler. .Jr.. were at the Otis Snow ranch earlyth s mornmg t king pictures ol -now lalt; en oi nge tree- from asecond T.irv haieonv.Charlotte St ah,I. Rross-Courier bookkeeper, was on time to wor'. . though hel electric alarm clock lost hours during the power fcilur . I anted by midw esternei s in tin* office, she said. I'll never s; v another thing about California.Klin on f ilmA r in on camera film, tin* like- ot which had never been seen before in Oxt .r i. began as -oon as -tore- opened this morning.It -tarted .it 7 when lien Virden opened Nason'- -tore, and the sto k was add ou hv P. Mike Lauhacher lt;lt;peiied his store ahead of -ehedule ; t 7 .‘i() to supply his first customer, B»*h Ooud. He -aid In- had - Id nothing but dim since then, but had a good supply with a w ait shipment.Bill Clark wa- met by a lit e-up ot film cu-’nmer- when Iw jpene I Boggi - Pharmacy tit !• w here tin* -upply ot tihn disau peared rapidiy.H C M; mm the Surety Cut It »te reported ti P w tolls leftat 10 i m . ahh'-ugh -ome popular size had I • n - id out. Over200 roils were -old at Lloyd's In o. w ith 100 leftHi ft.At Bi Mugu the Na\ dt lined all vc . e- ye-ierd »\ evening wiiei !lt; w lanipei'iitures were prelt;4icteo .vb st lt;a the carsthere are left out in the open, and were white today.I ll lug lt;urlailedlee and mow lt;m the Mugu runway u.i- morning curtailed Xa\ \ flight - until II a. m. At the Oxnard Mrport Southwest An-runwavs made taxiing slu-hv. Rough air currents discouragedt 4|mlt;ist priv Me pilets.At sea w nd- up to 25 mile- an hour and snow flurries as far 100 miles from shore were reported The storm kept fishingDock 1, For' Hueneme and fishermen expected• t cold tonight tlt;» try -eining.School Let- lt;MO■ pupils at riir * 1 Ocean \’iew School showe«l upv'ho die were - » w ii ' with excitement that Mrs.principal, let them go home again, t N \ land School on \ half a dozen children wareAll .50 children enrolled were present at Colon laaboats tied up at that it would beOnlv half thtodav, and thlt;.-vs Klsie Littlefkid,In contrast,absent out of 5S.School.Out of 2* s enrolled ;it HI Lie School in morning sessions, IS were absci ’ Mr-. Kathryn M iyfit-ld. superintendent at K1 Rio, said th t .1 — she was mining tlt; ue k pa-t \'entin*a Junior Collegeshe saw - * mun\ students in snowball fights the college appearedto have - uit it - classroom iloors At Ikl Rio her first ilt;b was t«*order paths shoveled through heavy snow.