Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, January 11, 1949

CjoocI Tfternoony\+ 1,4i.rim; \VK \THKR: ronClnuoi! cool with scafUrrtl shower*Yoviiulii and \\ «*lt;lnlt;*slt;l;i. 'I lt;*m|»craiim*s Lmt 2I hours:?na\ iniiiin 15, minimum 50. Ilru point loda.ft ‘27. huin id it \ (if.m9omen 4eii/JNews About OxnardWomen, Page 5VOLUME 41. NUMBER 162OXNARD, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY. JANUARY 11, 1949PHONE 57PRICE 5 CFNTV•*. r' i” *Counly WinsFirs! Round,Th\ *V «♦ illlit■ *( « i t t*! I)wt; irt aniM’aic1 1in;i\c wen ■ inafor point m meS!14 -in ? I a »n (Untun/i1 uit auaintI itilija Dam Engineer DonaldR. Warrentrial in Siux t icr (’ourt vin thr(lavO'.* ! t he ‘ I! * ! lueu- oloIterdav.*i «# * 1 ! i i fKI \ i i\i i \ *i d t? i1 I.t»# * TIT ItV- Bia » ‘ ■ • Am vlt;Mtilt* routi'ovm diJ /(MU* Ire Iri t lt;i ai ed anlt; 1 .v el 111 i11*•lt;t iiTi ii in 1!**T» as a prelude o the s:H, million twin project\\.ill* 1 (’asKas I )airidskin rent ui nineIC‘* Irnlt;»! i\ h\ 1 ’-i rtnv% lt;1! I (un4 VthttV lt;)hi!\ ff(*t n# \ - obi t t\\\1Prtt \t rtiriI! o, ! r f* *tI*1 \ {)p(a hi isl ir»tinilt;ii*! * 1 4/4 V* * * » »If i(Citrus Unhurt by SnowUnless Ice follows ThawVent m a (’ount v citru.- ei -w er* *»looked out over :now covered groves today and speculated a to possible further damage to1 inand thi\ «i 1111«)) iitlt;T( »!.4The .Lrrower- ho\ve\-er » Npre-s-* d little alarm o\ er ti e unusualwith a low ol 2S reeorded. Aboutt o inches of now fell.k ree/.e eans SpottingThe Seaboard Lemon Association reported a low of 2b decreeswith a like amount of now. Aman said a freeze would in possible spotting ofpokeresultM If I r Ii 4 X 1 i • itr theas to111of -nlt; v. storm mile s, t(u severe flee/.(' follows sn«\\ heudns to tlutw .TI:. - appeal ed unlikelv day s w eat her foi eras* lt;;moderate davtime temperatures« ftand lt;i low of 2b for t ap-th’.Wind machines were idL lastnibht durinu the three hoar■ J*? Pv.: B .... .sn» w storm and onh scattered«innd.mne v. a- reported beforeeat l\ tnoi ninpr hour - totiaw«, i I »I riitorin Tcm|H‘rat in t'Tempt*: ^tui( thn : ' ' *• .' * . . * : aunih/Mn vs'ith an aw-rauo low .' _ * • : * i Ojai Orai ■ •Mwiation rt j oi tc*d a U»w c»i ilt; nd nuki that plt;Klt;ibl lov *It ‘ii iplt; i at in e v\(M(* i ♦ *uoi( (t *( 1 ‘v \ allrv uro\s (‘i s hut that lit t !lt;needed.u ea jltkiv. em wei wind dtirinu thlt;fruit.ThtI amai illo ( iti us .Ass »cia-tion was confident damaj/ewould remain at a minimum andforecast nothiiijz more smrious than it e burn., Palmer- Now lii: of the Oxnai d Citrus Association reported temperatures fell locally to 27 tie eiir- and that b1 l- inches ofnow fell .it Ocean View. He saitlthe heavie-t snow fallw asreported at the Association-' Pol Kueneme packing plant when IA inches were recorded oil III♦I I H i ft Itv v v. i\ \ lt;k adov AM Kiiihlf{(fwt Chapmen, * t \i (it said little damage was i\ptx t(*(i to the a\ (h ado t rup unci eri( us freeze folio iac inuiigmiiC * 111' i lt;ma I( ( iTa*t i a! 1 igi it U (]daj Veryi j f i t * i lt;*■ a X.. m mm .. a 1 4ul;Tit1K Carno\u f(ifie* ♦ uH A I h:\at ioi4c*!. t night's storm He said there*a po hi ’ ol soi e treebreakage but appeared optThe Ameiiean Crv-tal Suear• c *Co , recorded a 2b low last night with precipitation at .22. Two inches of '-now fell in the Ovnard*Israel SeekingAgainf npn^;! MrV/UUi tUK 1^prinnifAj iuads PInmers'I PP A VI V 2d P4kfirst meeting of 11 »• *» \Xioi(irat •uiutl to!utrht tlt;» meet nneiI »to.I( t ) f 1 J I * * * Inet tiOf fida\laint against Pi itain in u n»n with the sho«.tinvf tloif fiiilPremier David l!t*n (lurionIn theCounty Planning Commissionthi vear. members vestei'dav* % «n ehh ted 1 lai lt;dd K Miisele^ a ehait i t H. M. Wright a vk» cfhairnutn for 1919. kepre entiug the Oxnard arew a.- Ju!:il 11 Tudd. \vh(» ia-tweek wa apj uinted to till thec.LL, 1 » \• *_ k_vyj*SNOW COATS TKEES and tlu* pagoda at the oxnard Plaza in this historic--rene. photc d!ranh( dthi' morning from the -outheast corner.PrtSmfi IMuios*A**/,V*V• pysjfp,* * * . .. M fc . * *m{ filLDbi \ TIIKOW SNOW ll.\LLS at Koo.seVel Sefic-ol. and lb --,1 v NClllidaU of 51 1 \\7m lev i -a i* '\ .PIiry* Vtemory,- ChildrenPlav; Phene System Jammed\ son bl'imoI* r* i « j 1me of Sold h« n p-'t'ilou !y in hugi. i •' ro d tit (fought si w ho had in-vi r **•t1.»jr oi l;•■- t1\aUevs in the card' wildC'd'P'oi ni-now. gleaming in the morning -un-i-overed- fhlt;■ narr hed earth and hungI if i a. palm IYoikL and blooming poin -ett is1 | It(MlHIlekght to Californian', voting and old. before, and it brought a yearning fordh memories of snow covered hill7 and* ft 4 *hi wI M■.ml-i Oxnard's history that snow reAed onm:d.! !K! c»i) tlt; i' t * cMiini I Hhi nN'tcd with from two inch** in Ox-the Ovnard ritru \ ociation in l#ortHu( ldldr(ft!K IM;i\) • ilt; r 11 i ti *j lt;I Iif 1 t i♦‘I jfi vI inow inlt; n Makthi t vv now bull on their way to ehool, t time in their live-, or took time outnow -h.ove s were brought into useft( t (r o, f fi out walk* iAll nigh liig the Ox -ird central ^elephom* switchboard was m: e : as t hil-hi n and adult - called one another tip to tell them dah the -nii’.v e *uie down. In the eountrv. w here almost everv-is lt;n a 1 or 12purty!inc. some people got no -leep at all asI \if rnnei' we1 c'-t so that n lt;inrgsters. fearful the sun would»w r.Vr'iy. (•' nil Ik* out by dawn to play in it.ikMarian!\{I T« I/ I4 I I 'ft v 1 I Iurns ranch unlighted smudge pots gained a ow (7 ’ing tile ight. while half a mile down Ktting I to -ert Xatinrm ranch the pots were belching flame(• '' r » ] i •*. Mb *14f lt;twl IMi/z’crf* *- mt II I Cfi I\| 0.1orcinarilv out early to feed, rlt;‘fu-ed to budge from Ducks, rcfu'ing to waddle through the snow, took to to flap short distances through the air. i; c 11 ade(I with -now an I ice - igged and 'lianuodOxnard loullt; cird at 1:40 this morning, cutting offI I9'WV$tI II Vf» * 4♦ ti:iri of thr ritv yidil \mkw \ ropuir news fixed theI * m m Iin The-; poliw s' tiiort wa- dark. There was another.k lt;u the Dempsey tnad eircit f. caused when windew together snow-ladon lines.n ’■ mo*, ed mlt; re »!owl\ on lt;aunts highways than it a nirg. \. d.h drivers unused to icy mads taking nokraias, I5m-.cs «ai I inn*r p. piu- h.**dule.i'er Si n'hetn Pa in. stat on agent, said trains were and It. Ii How left. (! rev hound manager, said bu.ssoKlt;* on tinti U j ' t)l:«*m\ K; jpkt*, in Oxnard di ct* it was founded in 1SJKS, said tiei ni‘V4M‘ «v!i Mow nil the Ul'oimd !)(*!( )!'(*. **ltl(M(‘ luiVl* fjCKMl