1915 Suffragette Halladay Leonard and Pinkham

Clipped from US, Massachusetts, Boston, Boston Sunday Post, February 21, 1915

ermine nauauay juconaiu, cnaur + • , +—-Suffragists promise to give the real touch of interest, the picturesque element and the dominant note in the coming State campaign in Massachusetts, which will receive the attention of the combined strength of suffragists all through the Commonwealth, and the backing of the national organization.The throwing to the breeze of the yellow suffrage banner after the de-cision of the Massachusetts Legisla- LtiiT'rk TtiA«dnv u'hlnh Aprrppri thnt the Xturo Tuesday, which decreed that the voters decide the Issue, marked the beginning of tremendous campaign activity at the headquarters of the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association at 585 Roylston street. Here a campaign which will extend over eight months is now being mapped out on paper, and the generals, colonels, captains and lieutenants are being chosen and given their assignments to direct # the State-wide work which is to be iddone elThe primary principle of the cam- . paign will 'be personal influence brought on every male voter in the State. teA modern and up-to-date feature of the campaign will be the introduction of motion picture films, including Your cj! Girl and Mine, a suffrage film, which has already been seen in a number of Massachusetts cities. P*With Alice Stone Blackwell, editor of tilt;tilthe Woman's Journal, in the presidency and Mrs. Gertrude Ha'laday Leonard 01crSiCJBteas the State executive chairman, the ir) Massachusetts Suffrage Association has able executives for the coming campaign.The immediate responsibility and the great volume of the work will fall, however, upon Mrs. Wenona O. Pink-hain, the State organizer, a woman who has lived and voted In the State of Colorado before coming to Massachusetts.Not an Inconsiderable detail of the campaign resolved upon by the leaders is the decision to contribute as far as possible to relieving the problem of the unemployed.Plans are now well under way for a forma! opening of the campaign through a monster banquet at the Cop-ley-Plaza early in March.The Massachusetts woman suffragists hold their cause as their religion, they are devoted to it heart and soul, and in all reverence they have formulated the suffragists' prayer. All Suffrage leagues and associations arc to use the prayer and a Sunday Is to be named soon when a!l suffragists will b*1 asked jto unite in one great petition through simultaneous expression of the prayer In the hope that this general petition may bind them closer together and Tiring them tiie rights of justice and equality.The prayer is as follows:Great Jehovah, Ancient of Days, thy women beseeeh thee to help them to their inheritance so long denied. Strike off from us the bonds that have weighed upon us through the ages. Give us the faith to he lieve that we can serve thy great, design side by side with our men. Give us the courage at this time to win our freedom for the good of the coming generations to t»e borue and reared by us. Light tip our hearts with the desire for n great service to the end that thy world may be peopled by souls that live according to thy will. Instil into the hearts of men and women alike the* knowledge that women cannotserve thee iu perfectness while they must serve men in iinperfectneaa. We know that now at last has come our tardy hour In the slow centuries, and we ask thee to stretch forth thy loving hand and aid us to be free. This we ask for ourselves and our men and our children and our children's children to all time, that we may be : hie from this year onward to work untrain melted against war and injustice and evil; that wo may begin to become what thou designed us to be and begin to make th.v world tiilne own.]dehi:fachtofaovSMevth.Wist«ti\anmlt;Inemlt;mimlt;cciwiskheon(pofoiCOdaspouabeniraMsCO'foi111)ofky-'TT \Trn a ¥ rnn