1955 Oxnard Press Courier CA February 10

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, February 10, 1955

IN I A, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1955SERVING VENTURA COUNTYVOled a meet ool Parenthings hap-reported in■port in tonne things 3Ught, wereof a panelth-graders,moderator,tions sub-None had the ques-le to them three girls ;now whatarithmetic,iy answer-i and mom 3 fumbled, reveal a•conscious-able.!se, a per-f the way are pro-\A.t for ex-f, like the!very eyes. ?eting afterin forming P.T.A., for junior high nd anotherDISCUSSING “Crime Prevention Week, f'eb. 13-19, are from left, Mayor A. Elliott Stoll, John F. Malone, agent in charge ot the FBI in Los Angeles and vicinity, Police Chief Carl Hart-meyer and Detective Capt. A1 Jewell. The discussion took place prior to the local Exchange Club’s luncheon-meeting at Kit’s Palomino Room yesterday. Jewell is the club’s committee chairman for the event, which is sponsored yearly by the ExchangeClubs of the nation. —Press-Courier Staff Photoon forming hool P.T.A.,Oxnard Exchange Clubberse in opera-on, watch-said they xample ofHere weread teachersHearArea FBI ChiefThere is a crime of some sort I time at social gatherings.•ation; get-eir mutual; specifical-en are do-who havesetting out k for thecommitted in the United States everv 15 seconds.%r| John F. Malone, agent in charge of the FBI in Los Ange-Jes and vicinity, reported this to 50 members and guests of the Oxnard Exchange Club at its regular luncheon-meeting at Kit’s Palomino Itoom yesterday. Malone added that more than“One evening the boy asked his father if he could use theand his father refusedcarbluntly, without explanation.The boy went to his room, got his shotgun, and killed his father, mother and sister, he saidMalone also told of a policechief in a midwestern citv who one million youngsters appeared brought crime to a standstillcoffee and1 old Amer-ilail.providedome verseshor, verses at the Ex-j yesterday , agent in ral Bureauos Angeles.crime pre.in United States criminal courts during 1954 and that if the present rate of increase continues, Hi million will appear in 1960.Crime Prevention WeekMalone spoke before the club in connection with National Crime Prevention Week, Feb. 13-19. It is being sponsored for I the seventh straight year by | the Exchange Clubs of the na-jtion.“The motto of the week, ‘Crime prevention starts in the high chair—not in the electric chair,’ needs little explanation,” Malone saidthrough the “community approach“Crime was running rampant and something had to be done, Malone said. “So C a chief called the heads of all organizations together and admitted before them, partial responsibility but also placed some of the blame on their shoulders.Malone said the chief then gave each organization a certain job to do to make recreation and other activities available for the youths.“At the enda going toched manor actorof one year, crime was practically non-ex-“It is much simpler to teach j latent,” he said.[a person the difference betw *; Commends Policej right and wrong when he i a | “T^e Oxnard police and thechild,” he said. “It’s to lam to locM organizations must beteach him when he has just commended for the job theybeen sentenced to a term in have done, he said. “Crimemghter andprison.Malone said it s the parentjob to teach the child as soon as continue that way if everyonenere is low by comparison with towns of similar size. It willlead, as hete had: e to be any:e my Dad!’e his Dad!he can understand. He auded that interest in what children are doing and affection for themis a necessity.Examples Citedgives his support to the local law enforcement agency.Mayor A. Elliott Stoll, who also attended the meeting, signed a proclamation designat-Malone related the case of a ing next week as Crime Preven-17-year-old boy who lacked the tion Week in Oxnard.understanding and affection of his parents. He said the fatherwas so busyPolice Chief Carl Hartmevervtold the group that during themaking money to week everyone is invited toinsure the future of his child- visit the police station and be-as you iren that he failed as a father.The mother spent most of herate he* Youricome better acquainted “your police officers.withEvacuationChurchill WantsArms Pact BeforeScout-O-RamaMay Be EndedMeeting BulgaBy WeekendNa-TAIPEI, Formosa, (IP) — tionalist Chinese troops poured into Formosa today from theabandoned and demilitarizedTachen islands at a clip that promised an end to the touchy, U.S.-protected operation by tomorrow or Saturday. Red China has not interefered.American and Nationalistbe-transports were shuttling tween Formosa and the vulnerable northern outpost on a schedule that was “days ahead’’ of original estimates. One U.S. transport and three Chinese LST’s arrived at Keelung today and three more U.S. transports were due in tonight.Chinese Nationalist authorities said todav thatLONDON (IP) — Prime Minister Winston Churchill told the House of Commons today that he is willing to meet Russia’s new Premier Marshal Nikolai Bulganin in a four-power conference, but only after full ratification of the German arms agreements.Those are the same conditions under which (he British Prime Minister said he would be willing to join in a conference withthe toppled Russian Premier Georgi Malenkov.He stated his position in answer to Laborite demandsthat he seek an immediate meet.ing with Bulganin in an attemptto ease world tensionsSlatedRunNextDaysScouts throughout VenturaCounty are getting ready for the big event of National Boy Scout Week, the Scout-O-Rama to be held at Seaside Park, Ventura, tomorrow and Saturday.Dozens of exhibits, each showing some phase of Scout craftsmanship. are now being set up by the many units in the county.Scout musiciansare warming up for the bugling contest to be “The government policy is to | held Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Theseek a four-Dower conference I best bugler will be named theofficial Camporee bugler at thefour-powerat a time when it seems likely to yield genuine results, Churchill said.today that as soon as the evacuation of the islands iscompleted, the even more dangerous redeployment of the troops to Quemoy, Matsu and Nanchi Islands will begin.Ike's Reunion1955 Council Camporee in May.With ZhukovNationalist OperationThat operation, which presumably will be carried out by the Nationalists alone, will require transports to move to within a fewr thousand yards ofdefended Red-heldthe heavily mainland.Seems Dista ntMilton M. Teague, special guest committee chairman, reports that more than 5.000 persons are expected to visit the event which will open tomorrow eveni ;g at 7 p.m., continue Saturday at 2:30 p.m. and at 7 |p.m. Public officials and ministers from throughout the counwill be guests.i vtyLONELYHHarland P.Contests Toldentering co ground is ! Barker whi vestigating—PreUnited Press staff correspondent A1 Kaff, aboard the USS Yorktown, reported today that the Reds are trigger-ready for any approach to their territorial waters.Night fighters from the Carrier Essex said they encounter-flak from severalBy Donald J. GonzalesWASHINGTON (IP) — Any reunion between two old comrades in arms — President Eisenhower and Marshal Zhukov —Georgi seemed a long wayThe following events will be jopen to all troops who wish to enter teams or individuals: Tomorrow night, fire by flint and steel; Saturday afternoon, sheet bend life line rope work contest; and Saturday night, a pancake toss.DownMerclDuring the week Cub ScoutOrgaioff today.When Zhukov was promoted 'packs, Boy Scout troops and Ex-ed sporadicpositions north of the Tachens. No U. S. planes were hit.The, ^ac*-ee8toda^ *T e *ued the fL t trepp.-from Tachen Island itself. Theevacuation of Pishan, about 30 miles southwest of the mainand allyesterday minister,whether he and Mr. Eisenhower might not get together and somehow work to relieve East-West tensions.The Presideht recalled at hisherMnews conference ‘hat he onceD . ? anvil, i znukovwhento Soviet defense j Plorer units are putting window observers wondereddisplays in the local stores. Wil-group, was completed troops from Pishan have arrived in Formosa.Tomorrow, Nationalist sources said, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek will address the returning troops and inform them of their new duties as defendersbothof other islands closer tothe mainland and Formosa.Avoid Involving U. 8.Nationalist planes have remained out of the evacuation area during the “pull back to avoid air clashes which might have involved U.S. air and surface craft.But the Nationalists are ex-at-VlSittwo-tocountry when t#ie two we e army occupation commanders in Germany after World War II. Mr. Eisenhower also said, in reply to a question, that he would ask his advisers aboutrenewing the invitation.Some officials doubted that an Eisenhower-Zhukov meeting could be arranged because of the busy schedules of both men.Zhukov In Middleliam Tolbert, council chairman of the District Camping and Activities Committee, said thecommittee will judge the displays.The Scout-O-Rima is part oithe 45*1 ar birthdaySome 30 lt;1 gathered at meeting las their purpotboard of diitemporary o Thecele-ngrou] the purposedowntown1. to ]ora.j. a : me 'V '' , eouts. president Dwight D. Eisenhower will honor 12 Scouts and Explorers in the White House for outstanding service in conservation. The nation's 3.6 million Scouts and leaders have completed the National Conservation Good Turn they undertook at President Eisenhower’s request.The President said he believed the Boy Scouts could “make a very important contribution in conservation education b yofare:to promote to achieve i Dormantemporary Krammes, and A1 Rod steering cc merchants lt;of directorspublic recognitionthe need for conservation of thepected to start heavy air tacks on Yikiangshan where the Reds are concentrating for the move into the abandoned Ta--chens.Chiang, in a statement released today, denounced UnitedNations efforts for a cease-fire.Chinese Communists, remarkablyof civilians, were coming morev / ] ♦ In j \ 1 t'l T 1 ftZhukov, it W'as pointed out, may have pow’er exceeding his new position as defease minister, but he is not the chief ofll\rousin*?the Soviet state. , . , .There has been rcn.irtcrahJ^*'?3 natural resources.diplomatic Interest in Zhukov _since his return to limelight PrWCIDO I RCDOftS after Stalin’s death in 1953. rreturned from|OU lib CQrGGr DOVthe obscurity Stalin sent him to,1 1Walter Dier Kane, Kran Linnett, Rlt; Jerry Wolff Talbot to a 140 by 10 the present station afteI •After Zhukovsilent during the removalworld interest in him was whetted by the possibility that he and Mr. Eisenhower might get together.This interest zoomed when he was made minister of defense. Zhukov, just before the appointment was announced, had told some American newsmen inMoscow that he dreamed♦ t tY 4 1 i / i 1 T in « 4Most Sucessfulment move: in the City He alsothe respons the Plazashould be method of easier for tThe seventh annual Day at Oxnard Union School yesterday was anCareerHigh“out-CalifornPatrolIinspeof. . Officersstanding one in every respect Highway Pand was received with “much t(,r]v enthusiasm” by all the studentsJ(!Uarterg inPrincipal Everett Braun said jt!l, when ] todav. i..- () j.or