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Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Indiana Jewish Post, December 28, 1945

YOUR mBy N. PEARLftMortimer Snerd or Charles Lindbergh?MOST readers of The Jewish Post are familiar with Edgar Bergen, the brilliant ventriloquist and his wooden creatures—thewitty rascal Charley McCarthy, the good-natured but stupid Mor-1 inter Snerd and the man-crazy Eppie Klinker. I listen to them on the radio every Sunday.I think Edgar Bergen is sc clever that if I was not sure he was a Swede I’d think he was at Litvak Jew. He sure knows how to make money on his dummies. If Charley McCarthy was a real person, he’d be a columnist in The Jewish Post. But, as I recently hinted in this space, it is Mortimer Snerd who interests me. He is so slow-witted that if his manners were more polished he could pass for an hereditary peer in the British House tff Lords or an hereditary millionaire of German-Jewish extraction in Philadelphia. As I mentioned in one of my columns, there is a moral in Mortimer Snerd.The moral of Mortimer Snerd is the moronic millionaire of American Judaism.Mortimer, how can you be so stupid? Edgar Bergen once asked Mortimer Snerd. I got friends in Washington, came the r.ot-so-stupid answer.If yon want the derlva name trared and explain Mr. l’earlroth, The Jewl? 1683, Indianapolis, Ind.MR. LESSING J. ROSEN WALD, the Philadelphia Edfendi, also has friends in Washington. And what friends! On the very same day the President of these United States received the greatest and sagest Jew of our times, Chaim Weizmann, he also received the other kind. That does not speak well for the President's sense of discernment. The American Jewish Lord Haw-Haw was given the chance to recite in the White House the lines written for him by his Edgar Bergen. Whether the Edgar Bergen in this case was Elmer Berger or Sidney Wallach, is a matter of guess. I’ll give you a tip: if they were stupid, they’re Elmer’s; if they’re clever, they’re Sidney’s.Sidney Wallach is a Litvak (the name is the same as Maxim Litvinov’s, original name, and he’s a smart Litvak). He is a sleek salesman, who sells Zionism to Zionists, anti-Zionism to anti-Zionists and leadership to stupid millionaires. He could sell a History of Philosophy to Mortimer Snerd, if he tried hard enough. But he does not go in for such peanuts. Some years ago he was in the employ of the American Jewish Committee. Something happened, so Sidney decided to set up shop for himself: Public Relations. He finally found his angel in a most unspectacular and practically unknown figure of the Philadelphia Effendi. This angel wanted to be a leader. So he made him a leader.Dear Mr. Pearlroth, My family, cons three sons and my find your column ver ing. My oldest son, interne at Morrissiaiu asked me the nieani name. I asked my about it and he said know. He was bornMRS. ANN/1730 51st Brooklyn, N. Y.BERLINThis name has not with the capital of tl Reich. One of your ancestors’ name was I (a word meaning Be; lish). When his son moned to choose a fa he selected his father name and called himsc or son of Berl.” Irvi real name is Beilin wl Son of Beila, or BellSIDNEY KEEPS in the background now, and the task ofkeeping Mr. Rosenwald in the limelight has fallen to Elmer.Now, Elmer is not as sleek or as smart as Sidney. There is something odd about Elmer: it is not that he is the only reform rabbi who knows little Hebrew—and less Aramaic—I have met plenty cf those. But he is the only specimen of the species in my long experience without S.A.—at least, insofar as a man is able to judge. Far from looking like an Adonis, as so many r.r.’s do, Elmer struck me like a satyr—but without that clever impish look of the classical satyr. And thereby, hangs a Freudian tale which may explain his vile and ranting anti-Zionism.I met both gentlemen—the Philadelphia EfTendi and Elmer, his Grand Vizier. Mr. Rosonwald is a nice, courteous fellow.Friendly. Looks harmless. But, though his father named him Lessing, he ain’t no Nathan the Wise. He likes to let you know that he is a somebody who rubs shoulders with somebodies, even in the opposite camp. In the few minutes I listened to his conversation, I found out that he thought well of Earl Harrison and that he is convinced Mr. Harrison would not have signed his name to a report unless he believed every word in it. (And yet Mr. Rosenwal ddemands a new investigation of the position of the displaced Jews in Europe!); that he had spoken to Zionists and found them ready to listen to him rather than lynch him; that he and Peter Bergson are pretty thick and that he, Mr. Rosenwald knew all the personal plans of the Hebrew Liberator.No doubt Peter has tried to make him a Liberator. Your guess is as good as mine whether he got any money out of him.So far it would seem more as if Peter has modified his programto suit the predilections of Mr. Rosenwald than the other way round. The not-so-fine distinction drawn by Bergson betweenJewish Americans and Hebrews in Europe and Palestine is almost tailor-made to suit the Philadelphia Effendi; the sudden drop ol a demand for a Jewish State looks too darn suspicious. Peter Started out by being an extremist who wanted to transfer the Palestine Arabs to Iraq.* * *Dear Mr. Pearlroth, Some information my name would be ing. My father's gra came from Kurland lt;tion around Riga. (B; and went by oxen-dra during the free land lt;colony Illvova b Khersm and Odessa Peter.JOSE!1513 Adams St., Hollywood, Fla.BAUM This is a German v ing tree. The nam has nothing to do w It goes back to the lt;when wayfarers were pay for the use of thlt; All traffic, whether pe wheeled, had to stop lowered toll barrier, and wait for the toll lt;raise the barricade a them to proceed. The I known in German a baum. It is this wo; to Baum which w; adopted as a family m toll gatherer.KLMEK has recently published a most unreasonable book entitled The Jew’s Dilemma. I dare anybody to plough through ir. The book is dedicated to Mr. Lessing J. Rosenwald in appreciation of his leadership. Now figure out the cost of a book, that r obody wants to read, then add the salary of the Executive Director and all other expenses, bear in mind that membership in the Council Against Judaism is dirt-cheap ($2.00 per annum), and ask yourself the question What Price Leadership?Officially, the book has a publisher—Devin Garrity of the Pevin-Adair Publishing. Devin put an almost illiterate blurb on the jacket, proclaiming that book to be a guide to statesmen.I met the Philadelphia Effendi and his grand vizier at the reception in the Harmonie Club when the magnum opus was published. It was the same day that the (Jebate took place in the Town Hall between Stephen Wise and Morris Lazaron. I recall reporting in this space that I would attend if Olga Ross (the Council’s N. Y. Executive Sec’y.) permitted me to come, and promising to tell my readers about it. Well, I went and I enjoyed myself. I was glad to meet Olga Ross, a very attractive and gracious lady. I met some other people I liked—not all of them Jews and not all of them of the opposite sex. But there were very few people thfre, and most of them were not Jewrs. The only Jews I saw were those connected with the Council and the only Gentiles I saw werefuture where the Big the little Mortimerlai the press? Will then I am thinking of fool, I’d also think it of the United States funny when the Phila Palestine resolution. Gentiles have an unc it for granted that w notion born out of a easily dismissed and Is the Council sti Program of the Count York Post on Decern Century with a touch vious evening, being I complain of insomsoi Bergen asked him if ! he had scattered them the Council Program for saving the inson afraid of being identi When Mr. Rosen\ Relations Committee Resolution, he did mal him questions—which Wallach—could not ha would try to seek adm Mortimer, how c Mortimer Snerd on thlt; I can be pretty good aON THE OTHER 1Charles Lindbergh— an The other day he made eminent and internatic plea was Nazi propagan the face of it, Point Tl a genuine concession tc Jews settle in Palestine Here it is: Palestine, a financial help for the e