First Microwave Popcorn!

Clipped from US, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indianapolis Times, December 4, 1930

— r i i I if- ii — 11 - _ ■ - _ ~ ■ I—■ POP CORN BY RADIO AT SCIENTISTS’ PARLEYTransportation of Light by Liquid Air Also Demonstrated.By United PretsNEW YORK. Dec. 4.—The latest achievements of practical science— including the popping of corn by radio and the transportation of light in liquid air—were demonstrated today by two scientists of the General Electric Company.The Merchants* Association of New York witnessed the performance given by L. A. Hawkins and E. L. Manning at a luncheon.Unpopped corn in a transparent bag was passed between two Jars containing icc cubes floating in a salt solution. The salt made the water a conductor between the high-frequency generating equipment. The popcorn began to give ofT steam and soon was popping.Hawkins and Manning brought with them a piece of fluroescent screen material which had been subjected to a cathode ray bombardment. The material was contained in a vacuum bottle filled with liquid air.The screen was removed from the bottle at the luncheon and soon the temperature of the room heated it and it began to glow, first yellow, then purple and through the range of colors.