Science Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Sat, Apr 20, 1963.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, April 20, 1963

I\UI ic WIU9IUIIWinschool board electiondafte.s,” he said.By Jim Ragsdale. . , “And that works both ways, mona and McKmna precincts.Thomas E. Kao*, who barely, ^ emphasjzedvon a seat on the Oxnard Elemen-theonDistrictMr Hammond led at Kamala, Ra- After wmmng a seatOxnard High School “Excluding Wilson and Brit- Board of Trustees. Port Huenemetell,” Mr Hammond said he was Postmaster Rollo L. Van Slyke“If the people were deciding on pleased with the support given thanked the voters tor their coo-rrupees in Tuesday’s election,!qualifications and experience, him. At Brittell. Mr, Pfeiler had fidence and praised all candi-oday criticized the voting public there wou,d *** have **** such a Mr Kane 180 and Mr Ham’ dates for ^ “ethical standards^ i disparity in V(*os among the pre-’mond 84. Most other precincts by which they carried the canvho based their vote, along eth- ^ „ Mr Kaw charged ^ ^ amoflg fhc ^lical lines and not on the qualifi-ary School District Board ofations of candidates.”“Mr. Hammond,” he continued, three candidates. He added that the voters wereMr. Hammond said he has not safe because the candidates wereis an extremely qualified man.Mr Kane, who edged out Bert This recognized, I think the \ote decided yet if he will seek a po- of such high caliber that any one) Hammond by nine vo»es said Probably should have been more ition on the board in the next they elected would have made • ...... even between the two of us at election. good trusteek? was “distressed over the lop* , ..r both the Ramona and Wilson pre-• tsided results at the Wilson andcincts.t a mona precincts.Mr Kane added, however, thathe is in no way apologizing forThe Ramona school Is in the:olonia area where most voter, Mf (od.y told The,re Mex.can-Amer.can. and Nc- ,ha( hf uas ..qnk(,r[es' , . „ . . . . ... happy with the support he re-According to unofficial ved;. H(, ^ ^anunend. a Negro received ^ ^me votes compaiw to Mr. Kane s . ., , , . , , .73 al W,Ison where there arc few 'h7 * ** ^* a - po nng places. Mr. Hammond hadlexican-American and Negro f h \ .more votes than either incum-ZENITHl\RadioBLACK WHITEAND COLORMEMBERSales Serviceoters. But at Ramona. Mr. Ham-nond took the lead with 238. com-hent Robert Pfeiler or Mr. KaneWE REPAIR ALL MAKESHI-FISTEROmred to Mr. Kane’s 38These figures. Mr. Kane said.RADIO: Home, Auto, Transistoroint to sentimental” voting by lie public. I feel that many vot-rs did not base their appraisal o qualifications of the eandi-RANCHERSWe Install CustomizeATTENTIONNEW TV's in Your CABINETGood 3-Bdrm. HousePLAZAWooley Rd38 Years of Proven DependabilityULLER*65000CARL'S RADIO DENPAINTSEASILY MOVIDTED WILLIAMS, OwnerSince 1923