FREE Newspaper Microfilm Digitization Program!

What we are offering:

We will have your 35mm microfilm shipped to our production facility, complete with $100,000 insurance per delivery, and return it to you free of charge. We will choose the carrier and schedule the pick up at no cost to you or your institution.

Once we receive your film collection we will digitize it at 400 dpi 4 bit grayscale to produce a digital archive of the microfilm. That archive of material will be added right here to as well as delivered to you. The digitization and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is all included in this free program.

After digitizing the collection we will provide you with a copy of the images for non-commercial use along with creating a website just for you to access the material via the web. You will be able to search, browse, view and save archive pages. This website access will be free for 5 years and the copy of the images returned to you are yours free forever.

We are scanning 5 million pages of newspaper microfilm every month and encourage you to schedule your collection into our digitization program for free. Please contact us for more information and get started.

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