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Sarasota Journal (Newspaper) - September 24, 1972, Sarasota, Florida Foster parents. It they love kids whose folks Don t by Dorothy Stockbridge journal reporter Linda a Well Call her that a was More grown up than her 12 years. She was in the local juvenile detention Center but she Wasny to delinquent. Her parents were. She had been running the household for an alcoholic father. Before her Mother left them she saw one try to kill the other. A Loving Foster Home made a new beginning for Linda. Another shelter child a Well Call him George a had gotten in some trouble. He was rebelling. After All head been told All his life he was no Good by a father who said he wished head killed him. He could have been a delinquent. Today he a not because he responded to the love and discipline of Foster parents. Sarasota has Many Foster parents a parents who along with their own children Are willing to take in a child who through no fault of his own cannot remain with his own parents. Probably the most rewarding and the most c h a 11 e Nging experiences happen to Foster parents who take in teen age and pre teen a very religious family the Crawford feel that god has had a hand in turning their teens around. One thing they insist on is that All their children be in Church twice on sundays and again wednesday night. They also hold devotions in their Home. A we saw a Complete change of heart in the boy. He started living with standards and moral convictions a a said Crawford. The Crawford rate themselves As strict parents and they believe All their youngsters appreciate this a after a Little grumbling. A we insist on knowing where the children Are and who they Are with a said mrs. Crawford. A the boy had a habit of skipping school but he stopped this when he realized i cared enough to talk to his Counselor and keep after the Crawford also believe in their youngsters finding something constructive to do a youth activities part time jobs and helping around the House. A my dad kept me going from Dawn to dark so i was too tired to get into trouble a a grinned Crawford who said you can help a a child needs you youngsters who May Bear the deep scares of unhappy Home situations. One such couple or. And mrs. Milt Crawford who have three children of their own added a bedroom and family rom after they took in two Foster children. But they done to feel they be sacrificed anything. A we feel we re the ones who be gained from i t. They re both wonderful kids now a said Crawford. Mrs. Crawford said that they always tried to discipline them As a we would if these were our own children. That Isnit hard anymore because we love them As much As our and there a no jealousy on the part of the Crawford children Scott 13 Dawn la and Ricky 9. A the younger kids Are very proud. We hear them talk of a my brother and my sister a said mrs. Crawford. Indeed the Crawford can be proud of their two. One has been working hard in a part time Job to buy a car and has begun freshman classes at Manatee Junior College. The other is a Good student and a bagpipe player in the Riverview High Kiltie band. Both Are Active in youth work. The kids still have a voice in what the family does on the weekend or where they go out to eat. A i get outvoted,too.�?� a lot of people Are afraid of raising teenagers today mrs. Crawford pointed out. She admitted that it takes some Effort to keep one step ahead of them. A they do some of the damnedest things but All they re saying is a do you still love me a a said Crawford. Foster parents have to let the child accept his past and come to an understanding of it a said mrs. Erin Vaughn Birch child welfare supervisor for the Florida division of family services which licenses the 73 Foster Homes in Sarasota. A years ago we used to try to Block out a child a past and we realized we were turning out children with identity problems a she said. In about half the cases the child is Able to be returned to his parents or a relative. A Many families temporarily break Down and can to Cope a said mrs. Vaughn Birch. A the Foster parents have to face the separation but they can feel they have significantly contributed to getting his family Back together by preparing the Why do parents take on someone else a child at a critical time in his life a a it a most rewarding to take in a child with problems and then see that child succeed in school and smile for the first time. Its truly an unselfish thing a said mrs. Vaughn Birch. She said that some Foster parents feel a religious commitment or they feel fortunate to have a stable Home life which they want to share. A the world is so crazy and we see family life breaking Down. This is something people can do that will make a difference a added mrs. Vaughn Birch. A some people just love kids. Of the 108 Foster children now in care in Sarasota 24 Are preschoolers and 84 Are school age including 42 teenagers. A usually its better if the Foster child is somewhat older or younger than the family a own children but there Are no set rules a said mrs. Vaughn Birch. Foster parents have been licensed As Young As 21 and As old As 70. One Sarasota Man a retired teacher who is now 72, has been successful in caring for delinquent boys. At least two single women one divorced and one widowed care for Foster children along with their own. Foster parents usually take no More than three Foster children although the Homes Are licensed to care for six including their own children. The Agency prefers that the Mother not work and be at Home to supervise. A a Sitter or Day care is too much for a Foster child to adjust to a said mrs. Vaughn Birch. Most Foster parents spend More on the children than they Are reimbursed for by the division of family services according to mrs. Vaughn Birch. A teens can eat the $3.30 a Day allowance and clothes and incidentals must come out of that. The allowance for younger children is even less. Individuals and organizations May donate to a gift fund which is the Only source for Christmas or birthday gifts or special needs such As band uniforms. She cited a need for More Black Foster Homes. There now Are nine. Sometimes there Are vacancies in a Foster Home but a child can to be placed. Some Homes Are Able to take infants others can Only handle a certain age or Type of child. Youth Foster placement inc. Has been formed to find additional Homes for children. This group will Supply speakers for clubs and interested groups who would like to learn More about the Foster Parent question. Information is available by phoning the division o f family services 355-2934, or Sarasota guidance Center 958-5523. A usually the parents know what they can handle a said mrs. Vaughn Birch. A these Are warm Loving marvelous parents who love them dearly because their own parents i Sard Soto _ a journal room for two More a or. And mrs. Milton Crawford have their own Active family of Scott left Ricky shooting and Dawn. Just As much a part of the family Are the two Foster youths who live with them but cannot be photographed. Recycle husband to give up papers dear Abby this is for a had it a whose husbands Stock of old newspapers is overflowing her House. I can understand h i s reasons for wanting to save them. After All he might want to re read them sometime. But How would he Ever find the item he is looking for a City Large enough to support two dually newspapers will certainly have a Public Library which will Keef them on file possibly on microfilm. Several libraries in the arca might have Complete files of the new York times with its excellent Index which can also serve As a clue to finding things in the local paper by pinning Down the probable Date. The local newspaper offices themselves will have Back issues and possibly various card indexes to help track Down particular items. Perhaps a had it so husband is aware of All this but perhaps he is not. Sarasota journal regular feature i know lots of erudite people who Are unaware of the Many different services the Library can provide and they Are usually delighted and fascinated when they discover a new one. I Hope that when a had it does dispose of All those papers she will get them to a recycling station. It sounds As Tho they could save a whole Forest Good Luck librarian and an avid recycler dear Abby this is going to sound stupid but i have to know. Can a girl who is not pregnant have milk in her breasts i am 16 years old not married and i am g Virgin but i could nurse a baby with All the milk that s leaking out of me. I discovered it when i was doing the routine monthly checkup for cancer or lumps in the breast. My Cousin was with me and she was As shocked As i was. She thinks my mental condition could have something to do with it no i am not crazy but my Mother is pregnant and so is the woman next door. I also a Quot have a Cousin who is nursing her baby. Can this be a mental thing i done to know what to think and done to know who to ask. Anonymous please dear Anonymous according to a documented article by ltd. Ratcliff readers digest May 1972you done to have to be pregnant married or even going with anybody to have milk in your breasts. You done to even have to be a girl yes males have been known to have milk in their breasts done to worry about it. Its temporary and a bit of a nuisance but ifs not serious. Dear Abby much has been said and written about careless brides who Are late with their thank you notes a or worse yet a never get around to acknowledging their gifts at All. How about the other Side of the Coin i refer to people who say to a Bride or Poromb a a in be got a gift at the House a drop by and pick it up will you a this happened to my daughter at her wedding reception Beleve it or not i think to ask a couple to go a pick up a gift is the height of rudeness. What is wrong with people like that father of the Bride dear father in most cases they Are either ignorant or they just done to care. Problems Trust Abby. For a personal reply write to Abby Box 69700, l.a., Calif. 90069 and enclose a stamped addressed envelope. Pure communism looked like free love by Rex Mcvitty journal correspondent. Tivoli n. A because i Are conducting a War against people in Eastern a whom those in control our news and information b communists the word is become one with which frighten children in this in try. Are the russians com units Are the chinese a la miniets or is it just the it Cong who Are com units we seemed to have me to some sort of rap pachment with the russians id chinese. But the Viet my Are so stubborn. They it not talk and they wont give i the prisoners of War. We have talked so much it getting Back those same isomers that i strongly sped that the Viet Cong by w know their value. Of i have no doubt that we will get them Back and in reasonably Good health. They Are too valuable to the Viet Cong to let them sicken and die. I guess their terms Are too High for us to meet but we will and then the War in Southeast Asia will be Over and maybe we will have Learned a lesson the hard Way. Ethel Merman Sang it in a musical years ago a you can to get a Man with a or a bomb i suppose. We should take note and so should the Ira operating in Northern Ireland. To get Back to who and what Are the communists i believe Jesus was a communist. After All he preached the brotherhood of Man and How it should be All for one and one for All. Communism really could be called the Ideal human state. I believe thin old world is far too wicked for successful communism. Also the russians t h e chinese and the Viet Cong miss these ideals by country Miles. Sarasota journal regular feature historically speaking an Experiment in pure communism was conducted right Here in this country during the Early part of the last Century. It was known As the Oneida Colony and it originally was a society of perfectionists of Bible communists founded by John Humphrey Noyes who came to new York state from by Attleborough it. He commenced life As a lawyer and later studied theology at Yale and ultimately was ordained As a congregational Clergyman. However he soon lost hit License to Pica Cli because of the strange new views that he adapted. So he founded a Community of people whom he indoctrinated to his Way of thinking and for awhile they flourished exceedingly because they had not Only a new life method but also they had several Mills going one of which manufactured the finest animal traps in the country at a time when a Good tap was very important. They also manufactured a line of silverware which its known and appreciated to this Verv Day Oneida. The Cardinal principles of this Community which was located on Oneida Creek in Madison county n. Y., were four in number reconciliation to god salvation from sin recognition of the brotherhood and Equality of men and women and the Community of labor and its fruits. The last named principle embraced a scheme by which All male and female members of the Community were held in a sense to be married to each other. Each Man was married to All the women and each woman was married to All the men. A male could have a relationship with a female but if the result meant the bearing of a child the suitability of such a Union had to be approved by thee Ders. I believe this was meant As an improvement Eugeni Cally but to the outside world it led to a charge by outsiders who were jealous of the Prosperity of this thriving Community As a hotbed of a free this system As regulated by the principles of sympathy and controlled by free Public opinion which constituted the supreme government of the society was far from the reproach of immorality in any sense of the word. The Community rejected All rules of conduct except those which each believer formulated for himself subject to the free criticism of his neighbors. You know if these principles had been More adhered to we might be in better shape than we Are today. After a those Early americans were trying in their own Way to produce a better Breed of human beings for the future and i be Rev that they would have succeeded if it had not for victorian morality which really put an end to their Experiment. Of it had not been for this we might not have so Many Loose nuts lying around. I have heard that descendants of those Pioneer people were taller stronger handsomer and had More brains than their immediate neighbors. Aerosol to air is human the Seagull aware that no one needs him he blights the hand that feeds limit it it remember when you had to go All the Way up to Micanopy near Ocala to find love bugs not that you were Ever looking for them a a a with All the Spray fresheners being sold it looks As if to air is it it we have a Kitchen Wall clock that chickens out in an electrical storm. At the first big Thunderclap it runs counter clockwise seeking apparently to literary turn the clock Back to before the horrible exploding. Of my cop Rahs to get the poor thing Back on course you have to unplug it coddle it a bit burp it a Little set it to the Correct time and plug it Back in. Sometimes it persists and the treatment must be repeated. Time marches Back. A it. Or the Sarasota we loved we Wert still naive enough to turn out for a stake truck Campaign speech by Charlie Johns behind the old auditorium the free fish Fry helped a Little too it it it Sag Kash a we democrats can still count our blessings there a no Richard m. Nixon or. A a a september birthdays a Mary Keyes w. L. Robison Coyle of Neal Eugene Underwood and Melvin or it All sorts a Ever notice How gnats refuse to take a a go for an answer. Guy we know says he Learned to count a Long time before school started. When his mom got mad and was on the verge of squashing him Sarasota journal regular feature she would count to ion out loud. you hate to be a woman a toes a always being followed around by a couple of heels. The Rich Uncle left everything to a Long absent but favorite Nephew Irving Kalm. A lot of Young chaps came Forward to claim he was Irving but Only one proved he was Kalm and it it academically fettered the Overly letter Der or or revise a strange but when you buy something on time they expect you to pay on it it Good group a Joe Ashton Charles Church Ann Gilliland Vida Milhausen. Jenny Harding Ginny Ore Lup and fifi Schenasi. A or or the walking typewriter a brings you up Short to find the commercial court building gone. Only two Concrete mushrooms left of the Burger Queen remnants of what was to be a design breakthrough. Hue cum the shapely girls Wear those Long baggy Clown Slacks and the chunkier try to cram themselves into hot pants. The unbelievable amount of school land right in town from she on the Trail to Alta Vista on Euclid. The distress of fully suited office workers removed momentarily from their air conditioned cocoons. Our amazing Hospital Complex growing pains running a fever. A a a May you get it All together without getting Stock

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