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New Mexican (Newspaper) - October 2, 2005, Santa Fe, New Mexico Sunday October 2 2005 THE NEW MEXICAN F3 Patients as well as staffs rights should be honored James Kellys Sept 17 commentary to restrain is a sorry testimonial that casts a shame ful shadow on his profession Kelly laments that the pendulum has swung in favor of patients and against He sees his job as a purga tory in which he is underappreciated and undervalued He speaks demeaningly of his colleagues who stumble onto the He considers it a punishment when a hospital requires nurses to fol low protocols and demonstrate adequate documentation He whines about the dangers of his occupation as though no other workers have occupational hazards He staunchly defends his right to make the decision to use restraints and thinks this right trumps the rights of patients who are being restrained Any patient who enters a hospital has every right to expect professional treatment from a professional staff The request for an investigation should be treated with honor and respect not with disdain and arrogance Charles Serrano Santa Fe Thanks to GOP The American people owe Republicans a debt of gratitude The antigovernment party has done a wonderful job of run ning the government into the ground Republicans took the billion Clinton budget surplus and converted it to a billion debt financed mostly by the Chinese who now also own most of our manufacturing The GOP and some Democrats destroyed our tax base so were forced to fund hurricane relief with debt They bankrupted the country in the futile Iraq invasion let corruption run amuck in government contracting while trashing our public lands for trivial amounts of oil They force their religion on us through the government Meanwhile our environmental emergency demands new technology but the GOP isnt interested Our military looks weak in Iraq and funds to support it for the future went to tax breaks for the rich Thank you to the Republicans Americas children owe them big time Torn Ribe Santa Fe Public art south side For the second time in several weeks there is a letter in The New Mexican urg ing the city to move the wonderful iron bus stop sculpture from Airport Road to a place downtown where all could see it I am already aware that we illiter ate unsopliisticated southenders dont deserve decent parks to go with the urban sprawl that developers have put here and that we have had to fight for six years to finally get a branch of the public library I thank the writer so much for making me aware we dont deserve beau tiful public art either Sarah Grace Santa Fe Meningitis students I recently watched a PBS sion special about the problems of the disease meningitis It emphasized that this disease is frequently found in college students especially freshmen Its also common among college students in the United Kingdom The UK has responded by requiring all entering freshmen to have a meningitis shot The program went on to document meningitis cases in several students who checked into the college health center with flulike symptoms They were all sent back to the dorm with some medica tion to treat the flulike symptoms Sev eral were dead by morning The program documented about five strains of meningitis and noted vaccine for all of those strains has not been devel oped So even with the shots there still might be some exposure This letter is intended to alert parents of New Mexico college students to get their meningitis shots The students should be cautioned not to treat flulike symptoms lightly Parents should educate themselves and their collegebound chil dren about the disease Jim Clayton Arroyo Hondo Ideas for county Reference the Sept 14 article by Julie Ann Grimm about Santa Fe County buy ing the Paramount Club It seems the county would better serve the taxpay ers and county employees as well as conserve gasoline by relocating much of county business out of downtown The county owns or could purchase land cheaper than dirt out on the bypass or on The advantage lots of MY VIEW Kind cat killed can shooters be caught parking for employees and people doing business with the county and shorter commutes saving gas for employees and visitors Most visitors to county govern ment live and work in the county Taking properties off the tax rolls puts an additional burden on other taxpayers The same is true for most departments of the city Why not have city employees drive their city vehicles home thus free ing up parking space in the downtown area reducing traffic and saving gasoline This would also save gasoline as people drive around looking for a parking space when doing business with city agencies Jim Swede Malmstrom Santa Fe By any other name The MerriamWebster dictionary defines of personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it and embezzlement as as property entrusted to ones care fraudulently to ones own This past August Comcast terminated my cable and Internet service because I had missed a payment while I was out of the country On Aug turned in my cable box arid modem and requested and paid my final bill On Sept received a bill from Comcast requesting payment for services through Oct 23 Several questions arise Would acceptance by Comcast of my payment for billed services never pro vided constitute theft embezzle ment If so isnt the inducement by Com cast to me to pay the bill attempted theft embezzlement Finally what level of political contribu tion is required to obtain a franchise to engage in such behavior David Couger Santa Fe Worth the price Thank you for the recent coverage Sept 19 on the living wage The gas sta tion on St Francis Drive that closed down surely didnt have six employees working at one time I have patronized that sta tion for years and only saw one employee working at a time It was often the cheapest gas in town so we were sorry to see it go I want to compliment Sam Gerberding of the Inn of the Governors for his progres sive employee profitsharing plan It will be interesting to see if by dropping the plan and paying the living wage his employees benefit or if the profit margin is greater If more businesses had had profitsharing in the first place there might not have been the need for the living wage I am proud to live in a city where people not profit come first I am willing to pay extra so that others may be able to afford housing and to feed their families Judy Crawford Santa Fe Santa Fez Shriners The recent letter about the Shriners and the circus we sponsored Sept 16 was misleading To present the performance at the Rodeo grounds we were required to obtain a permit from the city of Santa Fe This permit was granted only after receiving and passing seven separate inspections Areas inspected included veterinary care adequate enclosures and protection from the elements availability of nutritious food and clean water for the animals and public safety The greatest misstatement however concerns the disbursement of funds Santa Fez Shiners donate 100 percent of all money raised less the cost of the cir cus Approximately half goes to support the more than 20 Shrine Hospitals in the United States Canada and Mexico The hospitals do not accept government fund ing and never collect insurance money Eligible children are treated at no cost whatsoever to them or their families Shrine Circuses are a major source of funding David Cohen past president Santa Fez Shrine Poor get poorer So the Bush plan for the Gulf Coast recovery is to use his executive power to rescind wage rules and allow contrac tors wholl receive tens of billions of federal dollars to pay lower wages Sept I am dumbstruck at the twisted logic of this plan Allow corporations to take advantage of destitute people in dire cir cumstances by paying them less than the prevailing wage Isnt this the polar opposite of what should be done to help people rebuild their lives and create opportunities for the underclass A better approach would establish that any company receiving federal funds cannot exceed a prevailing profit margin and that they must pay a living wage and provide job training and benefits Further more businesses must give job preference to citizens of the areas that were destroyed Such a policy would benefit working peo ple rather than penalize them Janet Marshall Santa Fe Whos selfish In response to Patteanne Byrums letter Sept 18 about rude stupid selfish car drivers in Santa Fe I would like to report that we have our share of rude stupid and selfish bicyclists as well Granted a car is a much bigger vehicle but it is also harder to stop and maneu ver when trying to guess a careless oblivious bike riders next move Maybe we should require a license to operate a bike on a public street as well Better yet why not use all that extra money gained fromraising already ridiculous parking lot and meter fees and build bike lanes in The City Different Kim Martin Santa Fe Get facts right I strongly object to The New Mexicans decision to publish the letter from Cath erine French headed Why protest now in the Sept 18 edition Frenchs claim My friends and fam ily lost loved ones in Bill Clintons wars in Kosovo Bosnia and Somalia is simply not supported by the facts No troops died as a result of hostile fire in either Bosnia or Kosovo There were a few deaths as a result of transportation accidents As for Somalia troops were committed in November 1992 by the first George Bush This was definitely not Clintons The New Mexicans readers have a right to accurate substantiated information even in the letters column Vic Hickman Santa Fe Acid test At what time do we begin to consider replacing the current administration with one that is engaged in working for the better welfare of all the American people Had President Clinton been this clumsy even the diehard liberals would have demanded his resignation Mean while the lies and deaths both here and abroad continue while Democrats and moderate Republicans whistle and shuf fle their feet while gazing blankly If Sens Jeff Bingaman and Pete Domenici and US Rep Tom Udall all drank the Kool Aid tell us so we know theres no hope Kevin Patterson Santa Fe By D Chwan What a rude awakening and welcome to The City Different I moved here recently from Colorado eager to start a new life in your city of artists cul ture and excitement Temporarily staying in an apartment on San Mateo Street near a construction site I awoke recently to find that my com panion cat had been shot and killed during a burglary and vandalism on the property Sammy was a lynxpoint Sia mese He had a dark ringed tail light brown tiger stripes on his legs and faint stripes and spots on his cream and tan body plus those blue blue eyes I feel heartbroken at such a cruel senseless and despi cable act The cat certainly was unable to identify the perpe trators certainly he posed no threat to them Obviously it was simply an act of callous disre gard for the life of a defenseless small animal In four days we would have moved into another section of town perhaps safer certainly not adjacent to a construction site with no security guard or night lighting I understand that the loss of one rescued cat is of small note or consequence compared to the scope of loss of animal and human life as a result of Hurricane Katrina But this is nevertheless devastating to me for the senselessness of it All the more sad is that this was the first night the cat had been out late outside the patio wall I hope he didnt suffer I hope he only went over happily to who ever shot him thinking he was going to get his tummy rubbed Unfortunately unlike feral cats or others more skittish that would have run from strangers this cat loved everyone never met a stranger and was love personified Without exception every person who met or saw this cat would exclaim That is the most beautiful I am comforted knowing that j for this starving survivor from a litter dumped in the woods of Colorado his last five weeks of life here were happy I had hoped that we had many years ahead together and was looking r forward to our life in the new home My heart is heavy I am a for mer highschool teacher and I ask teachers in local schools to read this letter to their students and suggest that if any students hear of someone with new car stereos or perhaps bragging or talking about this incident they do the right thing and report them Its too late for me and my cat but perhaps some measure of justice can still prevail if these cruel and insensitive persons are caught and held accountable for this extreme act of animal cruelty D Chwan is a sad new Santa Fean MY VIEW Dont punish clubs for patrons behavior By Sam Atakra After reading the front page story Ban on allages shows sparks debate at Aug 31 I thought about how antibusi ness this state is I recently moved back to New Mexico after nearly 20 years in the California area and if this proposal had been brought forth anywhere in that state it never would have become an issue In most other states that I have traveled allages shows are allowed at sites that also have foodvendor permits Its just a given that adults and minors can cohabit the same space without the supposed sharing of alcohol When I relocated here the way the local clubs like the Launchpad in Albuquerque and Warehouse 21 in Santa Fe kept alcohol out of the hands of the adult patrons seemed almost Draconian in principle At Warehouse 21 this ban will serve no real purpose Santa Fe already has tight con trol of the liquor that is served I get carded everywhere and Im 35 In Albuquerque venues like Launchpad and Sunshine have incredibly tight restrictions for live events to the point that 1 adults are nearly completely segregated from the undcr21 crowd and the bands I think the real issue here beside the reelection of the parties involved is more of a publictransportation issue If minors are getting drunk at shows its going to happen and it wont stop by effectively shutting these shows down Teenagers will just drink somewhere else Why dont the concerned people in this issue create a positive force for the com munities involved and offer to monitor the affected areas for minors drinking with a ride service for the adults and minors that might not be able to drive home That solution seems much more reasonable than trying to ban something that is unavoidable Dont punish the struggling local venues for basic human behavior Sam Atakra is an expromoter from California now living in Santa Fe MY VIEW After Latin America godlessness here a shock By William Longnecker I spent about 50 years work ing with the very poor or indigenousa in Mexico Nicaragua and Guatemala Im a teacher Returning here to the United States I am shocked by some of the things I read in the news papers and magazines Notably two things I see where the American Civil Liberties Union and oth ers object to seeing the term under God in our pledge of allegiance This term was put in 50 years ago by the Con gress of the United States And rightly so If people including mem bers of the ACLU disagree with this why dont they just give up their citizenship and move out of the country They say that using the name Gbd offends those who do not believe in him But dont those who believe in God have rights too Shouldnt our views be as well protected as those of unbelievers Shouldnt we have freedom of speech too And the discussion over abortion That term is used I think to avoid calling it what it really is murder Abortion is nothing but the murder of the newly conceived child still in the womb So as not to be so blatant we call it a fetus To say that a woman has the right to choose abortion is to say she has the right to choose to kill her newly conceived child She has the right to be a murderess Why doesnt she choose not to have concieved I think the people I was liv ing with in Latin America could understand this all you would have to do is go live with them to see their respect for the unborn child William Longnecfcer writes from the Christian Brothers residence at the College of Santa Fe ;