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Santa Ana Orange County Register Newspaper Archives Sep 5 2015, Page 4

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Santa Ana Orange County Register (Newspaper) - September 5, 2015, Santa Ana, California Forty years ago today a Charles Manson Follower pointed a loaded gun at president Gerald Ford in Sacramento. Secret service agents and others jumped on Lynette a squeaky Quot Fromme to thwart the assassination attempt. Today we look at other presidential threats and the origins of the . Secret service which is responsible for the presidents and punishment the assassinations Jan. 30, 1835 president Andrew Jackson attends a funeral in Washington ., where Richard Lawrence attempts to shoot him with two different Derringer. Lawrence is found not guilty by reason of insanity and spends the rest of his life in an insane Asylum. Oct. 14, 1912 after leaving office president Theodore Roosevelt decides to run for another term against William Howard Taft. While in Milwaukee he is shot in the Chest by John Schrank a new York Saloon keeper. The 38 Caliper Bullet is slowed Down by Roosevelt s speech and glasses Case in his pocket. Feb. 15, 1933 president Franklin Roosevelt is giving a speech in Miami when Giuseppe Zangara fires six shots into the crowd. Roosevelt is unharmed but the mayor of Chicago Anton Cermak is shot in the stomach and later Dies. Zangara is tried for murder and Dies in the electric chair in 1933. Nov. I 1950 president Harry Truman and his family Are staying at Blair House across from the White House when two puerto rican nationals try shooting their Way in. One policeman is killed and two others wounded. One of the assassins Dies in the gunfight the other is arrested and sentenced to death which Truman commutes to life in prison. Feb. 22, 1974 Samuel Byck attempts to Hijack a plane in Baltimore with plans to crash it into the White House to kill president Richard Nixon. Byck shoots the Pilot and the Copilot and eventually turns the gun on himself. Sept. 5, 1975 president Gerald Ford is in Sacramento when Lynette Quot squeaky Fromme Points a gun at him. She is sentenced to life in prison but is released on parole in 2009. Sept. 22, 1975 Ford faces a second assassination attempt 17 Days later in san Francisco. Sara Jane Moore fires one shot that is deflected by a bystander. Moore Aims a second time but a Marine prevents her from firing. She is sentenced to life in prison then is released on parole in 2007. March 30, 1981 president Ronald Reagan is shot by John Hinckley or. In Washington Hinckley a motive is to impress actress Jodie Foster. He also shoots press Secretary James Brady along with an officer and a secret service agent. He is arrested but found not guilty by reason of insanity. He is sentenced to life in a mental institution. Moore november 1996 Osama bin Laden is found to be behind a bombing attempt on president Bill Clinton when he visits the Philippines. Feb. 7, 2001 secret service agents shoot and arrest Robert Pickett who fired on the White House during George w. Bush s administration. Nov. 11, 2011 Oscar Ramiro Ortega Hernandez fires a gun at the White House in a failed attempt to kill president Barack Obama who is not there. Attempt to Hill president Ronald Reagan of. J it v Fromme i / secret service agent Timothy j. Mccarthy foreground Washington police officer Thomas k. Delehanty Center and presidential press Secretary James Brady background lie wounded on a Street outside a Washington hotel after shots were fired at president Reagan. Secret service history the secret service was founded the year that president Abraham Lincoln was assassinated but did not begin to protect presidents until nearly 40 years later. 1865 the secret service division is created on july 5,1865, in Washington ., to suppress counterfeit currency. 1883 the Agency is officially acknowledge wit in the Treasury 1894 the secret service begins informal part time Protection of president Grover Cleveland. 1901 Congress informally requests secret service presidential Protection following the Mckinley assassination. 1902 e secret service assumes full time responsibility for Protection of the president. Two operatives Are assigned full time to the White House detail. 1917 Congress authorizes permanent Protection of the president s immediate family and makes threats directed toward the president a Federal violation. 1951 Congress enacts legislation that permanently authorizes secret service Protection of the president his immediate family the president elect and the vice president. 1968 As a result of Robert Kennedy s assassination Congress authorizes Protection of major secret service agents stand watch alongside a Force one at Long Beach in 2009 Joshua Sudock it of. Photo a. Presidential and vice presidential candidates and nominees. Congress also authorizes Protection of widows of presidents until death or remarriage and their children until age 16. 2002 the department of Homeland Security is established. The . Secret service is transferred from the department of the Treasury Homeland Security in a pm we #9 i sources . Secret service the associated press Gerald r. Ford presidential Library the White House. Top image Courtesy of the Gerald r Ford presidential Library ail others Are associated press file in a since 1958 i f tar Mitt if a a Kwa Wjk Wjt i i la i of la i i v a by april 14, 1865 Abraham Lincoln is shot in the head while watching a play at the Ford s theatre in Washington His Assassin. John Wilkes Booth escapes and 12 Days later is shot and killed. Nine conspirators who helped plan Lincoln s assassination Are tried and found guilty. Four die by hanging. The others receive prison sentences from six years to life. July 2, 1881 James Garfield is shot by Charles j. Guiteau a mentally disturbed government office seeker. The president does not die until sept. 19 of blood poisoning. The death is related More to the manner in which the physicians attend to the president than to the wounds themselves. Guiteau is convicted of murder and hanged on june 30,1882. Sept. 6, 1901 William Mckinley is shot twice in the Abdomen by anarchist Leon Czolgosz while the president is visiting the pan american exhibit in Buffalo n y. Mckinley Dies on sept 14,1901. Czolgosz states that he shot Mckinley because he is an enemy of working people. He is convicted of murder and Dies in the electric chair on oct. 29,1901. Nov. 22, 1963 John f. Kennedy is mortally wounded while Riding in a motorcade in Dallas. Lee Harvey Oswald is killed on Oswald nov. 24 by Jack Ruby before standing trial. The Warren commission is called to investigate Kennedy s death and finds that Oswald acted alone. Code names the secret service began giving presidents code names during the Truman administration. The president is Given a name then his family members receive names starting with the first letter of the president s code name. Harry s. Truman general Dwight Eisenhower Providence John f. Kennedy Lyndon Johnson Richard Nixon Gerald Ford Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan George a w. 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