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Santa Ana Orange County Register Newspaper Archives May 27 1990, Page 1

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Santa Ana Orange County Register (Newspaper) - May 27, 1990, Santa Ana, California The county sunday in 90s, festival s in full swing you Are Oyhat you Are not non not just a word but a new Way of life by Molly o Neill the new York times Quot non Quot is More than a prefix. It has become a lifestyle. It is the dinner Bell non fat ice Cream non Dairy spread non Caf Feine cola non alcoholic Beer. It is the mating Call Quot non smok ing non drinking Prince seeks sober the red Circle with the slash has become the nation s All purpose problem Buster. Membership in the Quot anon Quot a 12-step programs that include alcoholics Anonymous Over eaters Anonymous narcotics Anonymous gamblers Anonymous sex Holics Anonymous workaholics Anonymous and dozens More a has doubled in the last decade. Their precepts Are More than therapeutic tools today they Are words to live by Quot abstinence. Sign of the times Quot is the message on the to shirt that artists and stockbrokers alike Wear in the East Village of Manhattan. Ellen Miller who has lived there for 20 years Calls the local trendsetters Quot the nones a they want none of this none of Quot drug free body Quot announces another to shirt worn by Eileen Kane 24, a Painter who lives in Manhattan. Last year she had a shirt that said Quot sex drugs Rock amp she won t leave the House in it now. Quot i be seen How much damage self indulgence can do to people and to the world Quot she said Quot you can t control the world but you can try to control there Are new Scarlet letters a burning cigarette a Martini Glass a line of White powder. Just a few years ago these were symbols of sophistication. Today they have become icons of Low life. Quot if you put a cigarette in a character s hand you Are announcing that he smells bad and does t take care of himself Quot said Steven Bochco who created the television series Quot Hill Street blues Quot and "l.a. Quot and if you Are going to give them a drink it better be wine with a fancy multiple each Symbol has the Power to signify class distinction and personal identity. Each is a thread in the skein of puritanism that always has run through american life periodically pulling the fabric taut. Quot the most virulent non ism grows out of or even coincides with eras of easy Money and indulgence Quot said or. Stuart Ewen a professor of communications at Hunter College. Blue Laws followed the lucrative industrializing of new England he said and the Era of the so called robber Barons was Rife with Quot moral policing of alcohol and sexual the current Vogue Rode in on the turbulent Wake of the insider trad ing scandals and the crash on Wall Street As the Specter of aids loomed Over All who liked to party Hearty. With the Glamour of conspicuous consumption slipping Michael Jackson s Quot Man in the Mirror Quot climbed the record charts. Quot if you Wanna make the world a please see non/9 inside Summit could determine Fate of Gorbachev soviet Leader needs to strengthen image by Bill Keller the new York times Moscow a what soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev seems to need most of All from the Washington Summit meeting that begins wednesday is not arms control or economic Aid not agreement on Germany or sympathy on Lithia a Nia but proof that he still matters. A crowd pleasing performance in the United slates might no longer be enough to distract the soviet Public from its woeful Domestic obsessions but it is Only on the International stage these Days that Gorbachev seems to his own people a commanding figure a shaper of the world. He never has needed that reminder More. It is not that any particular rival threatens his place or that any faction is poised to overthrow him. His five year term As president runs until March 1995. But his authority seems to be dissolving beneath him As his popular support slackers and he Strug analysis a standing firm Gorbachev won t let nato dictate security/18 a frenzy nervous shoppers strip Moscow store shelves bare20 a talks who put the super in Power debate continues/25_ Gles to keep Pace with events. People who once viewed any threat to Gorbachev with alarm believing everything depended on him now have begun to contemplate life after Gorbachev or at least a life in which Gorbachev is an officeholder with no real Power. The soviet Leader s comrades say Gorbachev is not suffering a crisis of Trust simply the natural anxiety that accompanies profound change. Quot of course the euphoria Dies when the leadership starts doing unpopular things Quot Yevgeny m. Primakow a member of Gorbachev s Cabinet said in an interview. Quot but at the same time that does not mean we Are weak. We Are Strong enough to continue this please see Gorbachev/24 when school ends in of hunger increases some people take in one of the rides offered saturday at the 32nd annual Garden Grove Strawberry festival. About 75,000 people enjoyed saturday s festivities Paul Rodrigueza he Orange county Register which included a Parade led by entertainer Ben Vereen and Knott s Berry farm s snoopy. The festival at the Village Green runs through monday/b4 by Laura Saari the Orange county Register poor children in Orange county get nutritious lunches during the school year. But every summer the lunches Stop. For Bertha Esquivel of Santa Ana that Means the six Young children in her family get Only bread to eat some Days. Thousands of poor Orange county children go without nutritious meals once school ends according to some officials largely because no local school District or Public Agency has stepped up to claim Money offered by the us government to feed them during the summer. For More than 20 years the Money a nearly $2 per child per Day this year a has been made Avail please see food/8 Paul Rodriguez the Orange county Register James Gibbs sports a milk moustache As he savors a peach from Cypress head Start program. Candidates offer voters Clear Choice of styles Van de Kamp takes lawyerly approach to solving prob Lenns by Larry Peterson the Orange county Register one Day in 1971, when John Van de Kamp was the new Federal Public defender in los Angeles the local secret service chief stormed into his office. The chief was furious that one of Van de Kamp s lawyers had advised a client believed to have key information about a major criminal Case to remain silent. Quot How can you frustrate the government Quot he asked Van de Kamp. He expected a sympathetic hearing Van de Kamp after All was a former Federal prosecutor. Quot i have a different role now Quot Van de Kamp responded. Quot my Job is not to help you make your Case. It s to help this Guy defend to Many such As san Francisco lawyer Barry Portman a Deputy Public defender at the time the moral of the Story is that Van de Kamp has a profound understanding for roles and duties. Please see Van de Kamp/10 Feinstein s supporters Laud her hands on mayoral style a contributions donors skirt contribution limit regulations to a Feinstein assassinations thrust her into mayor s office Alo a Van de Kamp he set up pub Lic defenders office in la/a10 a profiles a look at the likes and dislikes of both candidates Alo a Irvine developers Money goes to four Council candidates is by Larry Peterson the Orange county Register Jack Molinari remembers Well the 1979 Day san Francisco mayor Dianne Feinstein told her Driver to Stop in front of a burning apartment House. Quot flames were shooting up Quot said Molinari then a county supervisor. Quot she ran in and pounded on doors telling people to get out. I went after her but it was too Smoky. When the fire trucks got there she helped with a they never made it to a child care Center s ribbon cutting that Day. But Molinari believes Feinstein might have saved lives. And film of Quot diff Quot As she s known in the City and the fire Hose made the nightly news. Such stories abound. There s the one about How she gave Mouth to Mouth resuscitation to a Man who collapsed on the sidewalk. And the one about How she helped revive someone who choked at a labor Union luncheon. But Feinstein 56, is running for governor not Good Samaritan. Please see Feinstein/10 show summer brings a list of hot titles made for Reading on the Beach including works by Danielle steel and Elmore Leonard i metro the term Gay 90 s takes on a new meaning As the homosexual Community blossoms heading into the new decade by sports Domingo viota son of former major leaguer Manny Mota was the hero As Cal state Fullerton beat Creighton 6-3/c1 Angels 10, Milwaukee Brewers 3 dodgers 8, st. Louis cardinals 0 business american stores still May profit from the Alpha Beta arid Lucky stores Deal i closeup genetic engineering the Young science of tinkering with the building blocks of life has suddenly grown up i a news today/2 state/3 a metro weather/6 obituaries/15 a sports a accent abby/17 of travel a show show times/12-14 crossword/30 horoscope/31 a close up a business a rental living a Home finder classifled/10 crossword/5i \ tik accent a gerontologist warns of the difficulties that some Middle class adults face when caring for their aging parents al �?�idl990, the Orange county Register 30 sections 510 pages classified 558-3311 sports line 953-7723 circulation customer service 972-9800 other phone numbers/a2_ weather/details/b6 night and morning Low Clouds with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. Coast 67/55 Inland 79/55 a untie travel the City of Philadelphia is having a 200th birthday Bash or Benjamin Franklin a yearlong Franklin fest of special and not so special events along with a series of exhibits that celebrate the Genius of the inventor philosopher flier of kites and True father of the City of brotherly love fit

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