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Santa Ana Orange County Register Newspaper Archives May 25 2015, Page 3

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Santa Ana Orange County Register (Newspaper) - May 25, 2015, Santa Ana, California I he Orange county Register world monday May 25, 2015 j news 3 Zachariah Fike a pvt. Daniel Quinlan s purple heart one of the first Ever awarded. News break purple heart Back to family Albany . A six years before he died in a car crash Daniel w. Quinlan was among the 138 world War i veterans to receive the first purple heart medals issued by the . Military. His family lost track of the medal he received in 1932. Purple hearts reunited said Quinlan a medal was sent last year to the Vermont based group recently with a note saying it was found in the mid-1990s in the attic of a Hudson Valley Home near where Quinlan lived before he died in a 1938 car crash. The medal will be sent to his grandson. Daniel Quinlan was 20 when he enlisted in the army in september 1917, five months after the . Declared War on Germany. He was assigned to the 305th regiment where he served in the units sanitary detachment the forerunner to today a medical corps. He was injured in a Poison Gas attack in France in August 1918. A month later he braved heavy German fire to help care for wounded men. After being discharged in May 1919, Quinlan returned to dutchess county where he worked As a plumber. A a it a going to be amazing when i put my hands on that medal to think that my Grandfather actually held it in his hands Quot said William Quinlan 58, of key West Fla. The associated press Quinlan today is monday May 25, the 145th Day of 2015. There Are 220 Days left in the year. This is the memorial Day Observance. Today s headline on May 25,1965, Muhammad Ali knocked out Sonny Liston in the first round of their world heavyweight title rematch in Lewiston Maine. Ally a Victory generated controversy Over whether he d truly connected when he sent Liston crashing to the Canvas with a right to the head or whether it was a Quot phantom punch Quot implying that the fight had been fixed on this Date in 1895, playwright Oscar Wilde was convicted of a morals charge in London he was sentenced to two years in prison. In 1935, babe Ruth hit his last three career Home runs nos. 712,713 and 714 for the Boston braves in a game against the Pittsburgh pirates. The pirates won 11-7. Power Ball May 23 9,15,17, 31, 43 Power Hall 16. Wednesday s Jackpot is estimated at $154 million. Mega millions May 22 3,14,15, 25, 48, Mega 8. Tuesday s Jackpot is estimated at $214 million. Super lotto plus May 23 11,12,17,19, 46 Mega 26. Wednesday s Jackpot is estimated at $38 million. Fantasy 5, May 24 7,14, 28. 36, 37 daily 4, May 24 2, 3, 2, 8 daily 3, May 24 midday 9, 0, 8 evening 4,1, 8 daily Derby May 24 1st, 6, whirl win 2nd, 11, Money bags 3rd, 4, big Ben time 1 44.58 results Aoo-568 8379 or defense chief iraqis Lack will to fight by Ken dil Ani an the associated press Washington a the islamic state group s takeover of t he provincial capital ramada is Stark evidence that iraqi forces Lack the a will to fight,1�?� defense Secretary Ash Carter said in a to interview that aired sunday. The harsh assessment raised new questions about the Obama administrations strategy to defeat the extremist group that has seized a strategically important Swath of the Middle East. Although iraqi soldiers a vastly outnumbered their opposition in the capital of Anbar province they quickly withdrew May 17 without putting up much resistance from the City in iraqis sunni heartland Carter said on in no so state of the the interview aired sunday. The iraqis left behind Large numbers of .-supplied vehicles including several tanks now presumed to be in islamic state hands. A what apparently happened is the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight a Carter said. A they were not outnumbered in fact they vastly outnumbered the opposing Force. That says to me and i think to most of us that we have an Issue with the will of the iraqis to fight Isil and defend the White House declined to comment on sunday. Iraqi lawmaker Hakim Al Yamili the head of the parliamentary defense and Security committee called Carter s comments a unrealistic and a the iraqi army and police did have the will to fight is group in ramada but these forces Lack Good equipment weapons and Aerial support a said Al Yamili a member of the political party headed by Radical shiite cleric Muntada Al Sadr who is stridently anti american. American officials say they Are sending anti tank weapons to the iraqi military. But they also noted that iraqi forces were not routed from ramada they left of their own Accord frightened in part by a powerful wave of islamic state group suicide truck bombs some the size of the one1 that destroyed the Federal building in Oklahoma City two decades ago said a senior state department official who spoke to reporters last week under ground rules he not be named. A the is was not driven out of ramada a Gen. Martin Dempsey chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said last week. A they drove out of a senior defense official noted that the troops who fled ramada had not been trained by the . Or its coalition partners. The official was not authorized to address the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. Still the fall of ramada is reviving questions about the effectiveness of the1 Obama administrations approach in Iraq a blend of retraining and rebuilding tile iraqi army prodding the shiite dominated government in Baghdad to reconcile1 with the nations sunnis and bombing islamic state1 group targets from the air without committing american ground combat troops. Obama a strategy is predicated on Baghdad granting political concessions to the country s alienated sunnis who Are a source of personnel and Money for the islamic state group. But there has been Little visible Progress on that front. Baghdad has continued to work closely with shiite militias backed by Iran which have been accused of atrocities against sunnis a religious minority that ruled Iraq for centuries until Saddam Hussein fell from Power. The . Has sought to a the is was not driven out of ramada. They drove out of Gen. Martin Dempsey chairman of the joint chiefs of staff reach out on its own to sunni tribes and is training some sunni fighters but those efforts have been limited by the Small number of american troops on the ground. Carter defended the use of . Airstrikes but he said they Are not a replacement for iraqi ground forces willing to defend their country. A we can participate in the defeat of Isil a he said. A but we can to make Iraq. A decent place for people to live we can t sustain the Victory. Only the iraqis can do that and in particular in this Case the sunni tribes to the from both sides . Lawmakers from both parties criticized the administration s strategy in Iraq on sunday urging a More aggressive posture. A rep. Tulsi Gabbard a Hawaii an Iraq War Veteran cast doubt on the . Preference to Deal Only with the shiite dominated government in Baghdad calling instead for directly arming both the kurd in the North and sunni tribes that have asked for help in beating Back the islamic state group. A Republican sen. John Mccain who chairs the armed services committee called for thousands of . Troops on the ground in Iraq including spotters who can better direct air strikes. Quot there is no strategy Quot Mccain said on lbs Quot face the a even Obama administration allies were urging the president to do More. Quot i think there is a major hesitation to get too deeply involved in Iraq again Quot said Michele Flournoy a former senior Obama administration defense official. But she said Quot this is a terrorist problem that affects us and we have to take a More Forward leaning Gabbard and Flournoy spoke on in no so state of the special advertorial announcement How to lower or eliminate your Power Bill a free educational solar Power seminar hosted by the Orange county Register by Max Cooper Santa Ana Ca going solar Means reducing or eliminating your electric Bill and Many homeowners Are choosing to Power their Homes with solar panels for Good reason. Environmentally Friendly solar systems let you become Energy Independent by producing your own source of electricity As Well As significantly reducing your Carbon footprint. Solar panels also add huge value to your property without increasing your property taxes. When you begin to generate your own solar Power your Utility Bill can drop significantly. How much you can save will depend on the size of your system and the electricity usage in your Home. You May still draw some Power from the Utility Grid but at a much lower priced rate tier. F it s a no brainer for most homeowners which is Why the Orange county Register is hosting an educational evening to inform the Public on thursday May 28, 2015, 6 00 pm 7 30 pm. Bring your Power Bills and be first in line to schedule an appointment and get an % estimate of savings. You la have the Opportunity to ask questions from a panel of local solar experts. Here s a list of some of the questions already submitted by homeowners a should i finance or lease a solar system a Quot i Quot 11 111 ,. Or v a a do you charge extra for tile roofs a give me 5 questions to help me select the right contractor a warranties what is the 25 year myth after the expert panel forum you la have the Opportunity to meet some of the vendors one on one and i hear they Are giving away some gift cards. Sounds like a pretty Good Deal if you Are interested in attending this free event next free event thursday May 28,2015, 6 00 pm 7 30 pm. Call the Orange county Register solar seminar hotline at 714-406-5399 or go to solar seminar. You can always email them direct at solar seminar a and Reserve your seats. Shiite militiamen arrive in Khalidia Iraq to support sunni tribal fighters and local policemen in defending the City against islamic state group militants. The associated press

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