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Santa Ana Orange County Register Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1990, Page 2

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Santa Ana Orange County Register (Newspaper) - June 3, 1990, Santa Ana, California A2 the Orange county Register sunday june 3, 1990todaycounty problem surfacing development Over underground peat is being damaged in some areas of Huntington Beach a trains lanes and automobiles or Ange county residents who Wori in lbs Angeles face a variety of options when trying to find the Best Way to commute Ai Duck Derby four thousand rubber ducks race at wild Rivers Watermark to Benefit United cerebral palsy of Orange county Bioc heats up smog and sweltering heat invade Orange county sending thousands of Sun worshippers to area beaches by dark anniversary a chinese student now at the University of California Irvine and his wife remember the Tiana men Square massacre Bis Tate subpoena received a former fireworks magnate convicted of political corruption has been subpoenaed to testify in a probe of sex Soldier James Quot to Quot gritz/a3 neighbourhood rampage a Homeowner shoots a naked Man to death in his living room after the Man crashes through a Glass door during a bizarre rampage/a3 Wilson criticizes quotas Republican Pete Wilson attacked Dianne Feinstein s Promise of hiring quotas in a speech to his panics on saturday/a3 last minute appeals Dianne Feinstein and John Van de Kamp Campaign on opposite ends of the state saturday As they prepared for tuesday s primary election/a3nation wars and peace president Bush and soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev spend a Day at Camp David discussing How to bring peace to hot spots around the world Ai Northwest Pilot suspended a Northwest airlines Pilot was suspended from flying after his arrest on a Drunken driving charge in route to a flight a Massachusetts convention after hours of chaos because of police protests a former attorney general of Massachusetts wins the endorsement for governor a new Agency to be urged a Federal advisory panel will recommend in a report to the president and Congress the creation of an Independent immigration Agency/a7 dystrophy therapy is Success although sounding caution a researcher reports a potential breakthrough in muscular dystrophy research/a8 Good for All the us soviet Trade pact signed Friday will Benefit both nations although the soviets admit they have Little to offer right now/a16 sprucing up Minnesota gears up for a seven hour visit from soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife raisa/a21 Khrushchev s visit a review of the 1959 visit to the United states by soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev shows How cold the cold War was/a23 private visit president Bush meets soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev at Camp David for a private visit leaving reporters behind As they ride off in a Golf cart/a23world Uncertain Fate a year after a Young Man stopped a Convoy of tanks near Beijing s Tiana men Square people still wonder a a Agency France Presse he off demonstrations chinese plainclothes police officers prevent foreign journalists from to Keg pictures at Tiana men Square in Beijing on saturday As authorities tighten Security in an Effort to head off any commemoration of last year s june 3-4 army attack on student protesters/a9today s news shows meet the press a Secretary of state James a. Baker on the Summit. Knbc-tv/4, 8 30 . Face the nation a Brent scow Croft National Security adviser and Georgi Arbatova member of the Central committee of the soviet communist party on the Summit. Kcbs-tv/2, 9 30 .this week with David Brink Ley a White House chief of staff John Sununu soviet foreign ministry spokesman Genady Gerasimov and roman Szpor Luk director of the Center for russian and Eastern european studies University of Michigan on the superpower Summit. Kabc-tv/7, 11 30 . News maker sunday a National Security adviser Brent scowcroft on the Summit. Can 2 30 . Who he was and what happened to him/a9 liberian Advance rebels seeking to topple president Samuel Doe advanced on the capital meeting Little resistance from government forces/a15 soviets dissatisfied some analysts believe the soviet Union is poised for As much ferment As Russia was in 1905, when reforms uncorked popular discontent/a18 War by proxy despite the fading of the cold War fighting continues in obscure nations that have served As proxy battlegrounds for the superpowers/a19 bomb injures 20 authorities say a bomb blast in Central Prague that Hurt 20 people was timed to disrupt upcoming free elections in czechoslovakia/a26businessga Aims for second comeback sex president Leonard Mackenzie retakes the reins at general automation to try to prolong its recent success/n1 at amp to downsides through firings and Early retirements the huge company finds itself Down to 281,000 employees a 92,000 fewer than it had six years ago/n1 Selling to a unified Europe Many multinationals Are homogenizing their brands in preparation for the single Market of 325 million Consumers in sports a no hitter Seattle s Randy Johnson no hits the Detroit tigers 2-0/c1 Csc loses Cai state Fullerton gets its first loss of the double elimination College world series 14-4 to Oklahoma state i Angels beaten Texas overcomes a 3-0 Angels Lead and wins at Home 6-3/c1 dodgers lose Cincinnati hits three homers in an 8-3 Victory Over los Ange-les/c1 a title for Marina Marina High wins the 5-a baseball championship 6-4 Over Diamond bar i accent women at War that Battle of wills Between mothers and their adolescent daughters is Normal and healthy but not always easy/j1 show looking for Money Orange county s arts institutions Are growing but their fund raising efforts in the private sector Are not increasing enough i City braces for crowds Seattle s hotels and tourist attractions make ready for an onslaught of athletes coaches and tourists arriving for the 1990 Goodwill games al travel City of Good will Seattle s hotels and tourist attractions make ready for an onslaught of athletes coaches and tourists arriving for the 1990 Goodwill games al last word ii every Day we look and there is another crack. We Don t know if the House is going to split in half or what. 93 Maryann Alfervic Huntington Beach resident a those Home is built atop underground peat Story al sideshow a lighter Loo Melman to put on the dog for pet Parade Competition Birmingham ala., is going to the dogs saturday with David Letterman regular Larry Quot Bud Quot Melman in the Lead. Melman is to be grand marshal of the City s do Dah Day Parade and judge of Birmingham s version of stupid pet tricks the Competition that Abc s Quot late night with David Letterman Quot made famous. It s All to Benefit the Birmingham humane society which raked in $27,104 a year ago when Jessica Hahn was grand marshal. Asked what he d look for Melman said Quot originality i guess Quot As Well As Quot something completely different off the beaten track like something David would some people bring their own pets to the Parade but the humane society is asking others to walk shelter dogs. Quot it s a Good Chance to get the dogs adopted and get them outside in the Sun and fresh air where they can have some fun Quot said Bill North president of the society s Board of directors. Quot if we can get even one animal adopted it s Well Worth shaky marriage Sherman and Georgia Cutshaw of Greenville tenn., Are known As a spicy couple. After 16 years of marriage the Cutshawl have amassed 4,000 sets of Salt and Pepper shakers. They line shelves in the Kitchen living room a and their bedroom. No typical couple Sherman Cutshaw is 77 and his wife is 35. They have a 14-year-old son. Boasting exotic shakers from Cuba Bermuda and Hawaii the Cutshawl say their most unusual set depicts Adam and eve. Quot Adam s got a Branch on Quot Georgia Cutshaw said. Quot eve s got the lower part sort of covered up but the upper part s not. You know they look like Adam and eve ought to people egg indulges in a bit of psyche probing of Tazic show Host Letterman a shy Guy avid Letterman is smiling on the cover of the june Issue of go but Don t be fooled. He s the same old uneasy Guy inside Only More so. Quot i m a Wise ass and a smart ass and i always have been Quot he says not exactly a news Flash for faithful Quot late night Quot viewers. Subjecting himself to the supreme discomfort of another interview Letterman seems even More worried than usual. Quot i just Don t want to look like a Ninny. You re going to make me look like a Complete Ninny Letterman Aren t you Quot he says. Quot look i just think that it s Man s natural primordial fear coming off like a twit or a trouble in Quot late night Quot land after eight seasons maybe maybe not. He s about to sign a new three year contract with Abc there s a new mystery love interest in Letterman s life and he s starting to think Quot daddy Quot May have a Nice ring to it. Quot i would love to have a kid Quot he says quickly changing the subject away from his personal life. Quot i think Dave is someone who is embarrassed to be in show business Quot offers longtime pal Jay Leno. The associated press Happy birthday dad Madonna sings Happy birthday to her father Silvio Tony Ciccone on Friday in front of 20,000 fans at the Palace of Auburn Hills Mich. He is ageless said Madonna of her 59-year-old father. Fergie Alert with the rest of the free world preoccupied with Summit stuff Britain s Duchess of York jetted Friday into new York City. She barely took time to shake off the Jet lag or unpack before dashing off to soak up the local culture with a private visit to the museum of modern Art. This weekend Fergie will drop in on her Mother and Stepdad Susan and Hector bar rantes at their Connecticut Home. Prince Andrew joins his wife stateside monday. Italian film awards Peter Weir s Quot dead poets society Quot was named Best foreign film saturday at the David of Donatello awards Italy s version of Hollywood s Academy awards. The italian film Quot Porte ape Rte Quot open doors won the prize for Best film. Mario Monicelli was named Best director for Quot ii male Oscuro Quot the obscure illness. Awards for Best actor and actress in a foreign film went to Jessica Tandy for Quot driving miss Daisy Quot and Philipe Noiret for Quot life and nothing Weir political Peeve actor Robert Redford called saturday for a surge in grass roots political action to Force politicians to move quickly on environmental issues. Quot i Don t think we need to wait around anymore for something to come from the top Quot he said. Quot it Ain t Gonna happen. I Don t want to be told read my lips when the lips Aren t saying during commencement ceremonies at the University of Massachusetts Campus near Boston Harbor Redford received an honorary doctorate. He is the founder and president of the Institute for resource management which sponsored a conference on supposed global warming last summer. Short cuts Quot we cannot tie Michelangelo s hands when he is painting Quot a actress Diane Ladd on Why she did t mind filmmaker David Lynch using her daughter Laura Dern in erotic scenes in his new movie Quot wild at Magazine quotes Yoko Ono describing a dream in which the spirit of her late husband John Lennon visited her and Quot told her to buy a 50-Diamond necklace a one for every year since his the other aging rockers Are coming Back so Why not the cow Sills members of the family five of the original eight have regrouped and Are making songs in a los Angeles studio though they re still looking for a record contract. The group which disbanded in 1970, will tour this summer with oldies acts like the grass roots and Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. Edited by Amy Starke from associated press Reuter knig tit Ridder newspapers and san Francisco Cin Ronicle reports. The latest lotto 6/49 results Date winning numbers june 2 3 16 24 31 43 Bonus number Jackpot estimate 49 13 $9.67 million previous lotto results May 30 7 22 24 35 39 43 31 $4.19 million May 26 6 8 25 29 32 42 36 $12.67 million May 23 17 18 34 35 39 46 3 $4.49 million May 19 14 39 21 29 33 46 43 $17.5 million May 16 48 35 41 8 18 9 13_$10.4 million Registar s lotto 6/49 hot line 664-5052 recording lists winning numbers Only no charge other than phone tolls lotto information 25c a Call 714 976-4275 English 714 976-5275 Spanish prize pools for the june 2 lotto 6 of 6i $9.67 million to split 5 of 6 plus Bonus number $1 52 million 5 of �1 $786,000 to split 4 of 6 $715,000 to split 3 of 6 $5 per winning ticket lottery scratch off game Quot tic tac toe Quot runs approximately 16 weeks began feb 10. Decco hand picked saturday june 2 hearts 9 clubs 10 diamonds King Spades Ace the associated press today is sunday june 3, the 154th Day of 1990. There Are 211 Days left in the s highlight in 1965, astronaut Edward White became the first american to Quot walk Quot in space during the flight of gemini 4.on this Date n in 1937 the Duke of Windsor who had abdicated the British throne married Wallis Warfield Simpson in a civil ceremony in Monts France. I i in 1948 the 200-Inch reflecting Telescope at the Palomar Mountain Observatory in san Diego county was dedicated. A in 1982 Israel s ambassador to Britain Shlomo Argov was shot and critically wounded outside a London hotel. The assassination attempt was followed by Israel s invasion of Lebanon. A in 1983 Gordon Kahl a militant tax protester wanted in the slayings of two us marshals in North Dakota was killed in a gun Battle with Law enforcement officials near Smithville ark., that also claimed the life of Lawrence county sheriff Gene Matthews. World War ii fifty years ago today Allied ships continued to evacuate French and belgian soldiers from Dunkirk but the beachhead s defences were beginning to crumble under German attacks. German air planes bombed Industrial areas in the suburbs of Paris. Telephones All area codes 714 circulation customer service 972-9800 monday fonday 6 .-7 . Saturday 6-11 . Sunday 6 .-noon major holidays 6-10 . 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Includes Apo and Fpo morning amp sunday $26.50 per month sunday Only $15.00 per month other rates on Roqu ost the Orange county Register uses 606-260 is published daily and sunday by the Orange county Register a division of Freedom newspapers inc., 625 n. Grand ave., Santa Ana Ca 92701. Second class postage paid at Santa Ana California. Postmaster Send address changes to the Orange county Register. . Drawer 11626, Santa Ana California 92711. Vol. 85, no. 154 edited by Amy Starke from associated press Reuter knig tit Ridder newspapers and san Francisco Cin Ronicle reports. Lotto diary today in pastory How to reach us Bonus number Jackpot estimate the associated press

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