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Santa Ana Orange County Register Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1993, Page 19

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Santa Ana Orange County Register (Newspaper) - August 24, 1993, Santa Ana, California Am Bill Quot Assembly oks measure to limit fee increases. Page 5 a a toddler run Over family grapples with girl s death. Page 7 metro Index county scan editorials funeral and death notices government police weather 10the Orange county Register tuesday aug. 24, 1993bill Johnson crime and punishment family style air gun May find Ocean faults science researchers propose to use an underwater instrument to create sound Waves capable of identifying offshore faults. By Gary bobbins the Orange county Register Federal seismologists want to search for potentially deadly faults off the Orange county coast by using blasts from an underwater air gun to reveal the source of earthquakes. The compressed air gun would be towed behind a research ship that also would be used to identify More of the dangerous faults that scientists believe lace the los Angeles Basin. Quot we can t prevent earthquakes. But we can better pre pare the Public by finding out where the faults Are Quot said Gary Fuis a seismologist with the . Geological Survey in Menlo Park. The geological Survey and a coalition of Southern California universities Are seeking about $500,000 from Congress for the project which is similar to one conducted in the Bay area in 1991. Scientists propose to fire the air gun once a minute while a research ship travels on predesignated paths off Southern California. The sound Waves would travel to the Ocean floor then Bounce in various directions. Scholars say they can detect faults by monitoring the Speed and Angle of the reflected Energy. Seismologists will use a similar technique in october when they set off a series of underground explosions along a path that extends from Seal Beach through the san Gabriel mountains and into the Mojave desert. Los / Angelet Santa Catalina Island Orange county routes of j fault seeking w sonic ships san Clemente Jan Diego so Pacific Ocean \ 25 Milas the Orange county Register he did t get it from me. I swear it. That is what i told my wife after our 4-year-old son uttered the word. I cannot Tell you what the word is. I would be ashamed to even if i could. But i do want to know where he got it from. He was sitting there on the floor of the living room playing with the dinosaurs his sister bought him earlier that Day. He was in the Middle of what i think was a Dinosaur Rodeo when it happened. Quot Gidd Yap Quot he was saying. Quot whoa Quot one of the dinosaurs must have broken free because out it came. The word. It just sort of Hung there. I was Reading the newspaper and turned my head toward him almost with a snap. He saw me glaring at him. His eyes got big. He was busted in trouble and he knew it. Now i be been a father and the father of this particular child Long enough to know that any expression of outrage or Shock will Only trigger a recurrence of the action. A couple of weeks ago he accidentally hit me in the leg with a wooden to Ball Bat. But i neither limped nor said anything. So i said nothing about the word. I think i was in Shock because i Don t remember Ever knowing such words when i was 4. Back then the worst words we knew had the word Quot head Quot on the end of them. Quot trash can head Quot that sort of stuff. The few bad ones that we knew we Learned Early never to utter in the presence of an adult. Carlos Taylor taught us that one in third Grade when he said the word in a fit of anger a and in the presence of sister Mary Agnes. We All saw it As she gave him a paddling and worse a note. Whenever you did something bad that s what the nuns would do Send you Home with a note. But they would t just scratch it out and hand it to you. They would pin it to your uniform sweater and make you walk All the Way Home with this big White folded up note on your Chest. I always considered that humiliation punishment enough but my parents never did. My mom would spank me before she d even read the note. I m her eighth kid and by the time i started getting notes it was just reflex for her. In fact that s How i Learned some of my first cuss words. My mom would use one whenever she d see the note pinned to my sweater. It would always come Between Quot of Quot and Quot William Quot in search of the right punishment for my son i called sister Sheila Donegan principal of st. Bonavenlure school in Huntington Beach to see How they were handling such outbursts these Days. My How things change. There Are no More notes no More paddling. Rather the teacher writes the child s name on the blackboard and puts a Check Mark behind it. The child is counselled by the teacher and the parents Are called. Quot and you know Quot sister Sheila said Quot the child usually gets those words from the my son who has never heard his dad use the word still is awaiting his punishment. My wife says Benjamin has forgotten All about it that punishment now will Only confuse him. Hummi. We Don t have a blackboard at Home. Still i feel i can t let him off Scot free. I do owe my mom a letter. Maybe Ben can deliver it for me. I la pin it to his shirt. Bill Johnson is a Register columnist. His column appears sundays tuesdays and thursdays. Ygnacio Nanettie he Orange county Register looking for a Home Cindi Kane a manager at the san Clemente animal shelter cuddles Brooke a mixed Breed. The shelter must relocate while the City works to Shore up the Hillside behind it before the Rains come but it does t have a site yet. Sliding slope pushes out animal shelter pets concerned City officials say the Center has to relocate before it starts raining cats and dogs again. By Theresa Walker the Orange county Register san Clemente a it s about six weeks to moving Day for 100 animals now housed in the Volunteer run san Clemente animal shelter. And they have nowhere to go. Part of a slope behind the Shel ter at 320 Avenida Pico gave Way during last Winter s storms forcing the City to set a mid october moving deadline. City officials Are working to Shore up the Hillside before the Rains return and threaten to clog the flood Channel below with debris from the slope. The City which owns the current site has been searching for a temporary new location. Quot this is the busiest time of the year Quot said Cindi Kane a shelter manager and a member of friends of san Clemente animals pointing to the abundance of stray cats that signal the end of Kitten season. Quot it could t come at a worse volunteers worry that people won t be Able to find the shelter once it moves and that animals won t be adopted. Quot we be got to get some of these Guys adopted out before we Start or we re going to be in trouble Quot Kane said. Animal shelter operators have wanted a new Home partly because of limited space but also because the land has been slowly sinking and Tilting for 10 years. Quot we knew the land was going Quot Kane said. Quot in the last rainstorm the whole Back of four dog runs went Down the to Shore up the site City workers will have to remove regrade and re compact the existing slope City Engineer Bill Cameron said. The City has applied to the Federal emergency management Agency for reimbursement of the estimated $800,000 Job. Quot we be got to go ahead and do the work whether we get Fema Money or not because of the potential danger Down there Quot Cameron said. A a Casino night shelter counting on upcoming fund Raiser. Page 2 clinic owner prevented 911 Call aide says courts a receptionist says Alicia Ruiz Hanna Loo ii the phone from her and told her to lie about a woman s death. By Alina Tugend the Orange county Register As a patient Lay dying in the next room Alicia Ruiz Hanna the owner of a Santa Ana abortion clinic wrestled the phone away from a receptionist who was trying to dial 911, according to grand jury documents released monday. Quot i told her to Call the paramedics Quot receptionist Irasema men Doza testified. "1 took the phone to Call the paramedics. But Alicia grabbed it away from me and Hung up. She told me not to Call them because i was going to get her into the transcript from the june Orange county grand jury hearing outlines the prosecution s Case against Hanna 32, who is charged with killing Angela Sanchez during a botched abortion. Sanchez of Orange was the Mother of four. Hanna has pleaded innocent. Her lawyer. Deputy Public defender Stephen Bisl a said the prosecution s is based on speculation Quot they re guessing at what caused the death Quot he said. Pathologist Aruna Singhani testified that Sanchez died from fluid in her lungs after visiting Hanna s Bristol Street clinic Jan. 19. But the cause of the fluid is unclear Singhani said and drug tests Are inconclusive. Witnesses testified that Sanchez 27, was escorted to rooms of the clinic. The receptionist said Hanna followed with a Needle. Please see clinic Page 2 skaters take their shots at Decoy entertainment the Chance to join the mighty ducks cheer leading squad lures 43 to Anaheim. By Laura Bleiberg the Orange county Register Anaheim a the would be cheerleaders showed up for the tryout in hot outfits a Low Cut leotards and Midriff tops and fishnet stockings. And one other thing ice skates. This was the tryout after All for the decoys the name Disney has Given to the cheer leading squad for its mighty ducks hockey team which opens this fall at Anaheim Arena. Forty women and three men showed up for the 8 . Audition at the aptly named glacial Garden ice Arena. Among those hoping to make the squad a figure skating coach a Star from the ice Capanes a marketing manager at Toshiba. Disney officials said they be i nov is i cos 1 parking problems cities Anaheim Arena and City officials try to add spaces but they Hope businesses will help meet the demand. Bruce Strong the Orange county Register going through her routine Tajsha Thomas of West los Angeles displays her skating form for judges monday in Anaheim at fir demonstrate spins and walk on the tops of their toe stops. Quot probably the no. 1 thing we re looking for is a very athletic energetic Young girl who wants to entertain in a family style show in sport and dance Quot Visconti said. The men he said will Only be used for the oct. 8 inaugural game. The skating skills May have varied but the enthusiasm of the Decoy contenders did not. Quot i like to perform Quot said Tamara Schmitz 21, of Newport Beach. Quot and i enjoy the sport anytime i have my skates noted Sharon Carz 27 Quot i skated in Between periods for the Kings once this year and the crowd was great. I m a crowd after two hours 19 women and two men were picked to come Back wednesday for a More rigorous ice skating and dancing audition. Visconti said eight to 10 women will be selected. By Gina Shaffer the Orange county Register from Anaheim nearly four years ago before Crews broke ground on the Anaheim Arena before the mighty ducks became a hockey team before Barry Manilow opened the venue planners warned that the City would need More parking for the $109 million building. A planner hired by the City issued the warning in 1989 in an environmental Impact report prepared for the City Council. Anaheim based consultant Greer amp co. Said the parking could not accommodate All patrons for a few of the most popular events at the 19,400-seat Arena. The Angels and rams were even More vocal in their warnings at Public hearings their attorneys told the Council that same year that fans would be stranded in traffic because of a shortage of parking. Despite the concerns the Council went ahead with the publicly owned Arena. City officials insisted that they did not make a mistake in planning the Arena even though they have been scrambling to find More parking since the venue opened in june. Mayor Tom Daly who was a councilman when the City planned the Arena said parking took a Back seat to just getting the Arena built. "1 think the main focus was to make sure the building was a Quality building delivered on time and under budget Quot he said. Quot you can Deal with parking after the building opens but you can t go Back and redesign the Anaheim stadium manager Greg Smith who has worked to relieve parking congestion at the Arena said it was More prudent for the City to assess parking needs once the Arena opened rather than Rush to buy or lease land and run the risk of spaces not being used. Quot now we have a pretty Good idea of what we need and where we can invest Quot Smith said. Traffic snafus surfaced As soon please see Arena Page 2 a a shuttle transit officials to test service for ducks games. Page 2

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