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Sangamo Journal (Newspaper) - June 4, 1841, Springfield, IllinoisThe journal National Bane. Public opinion is settling Down in favor of the policy of a National Bank. This a mors rape scially the Case in the Southern states where opposition to this measure was anticipated. Indeed in our own Community men who were once hostile to such an institution now adroit that there is no other Means left to secure for the people of the United slates a uniform currency the National Bank party in this state Hae Ever been stronger than the whig party and we i pose the same slate of things exists in other states. The Richmond Virginia whig Speaks of great change in the Public mind in that state a Vihti subject of a National Bank. The whig a a. Change Hove been surprised at the extent of t favor of a Taa oration of n Bank of the the distribution Bill. The annexed communication was referred to n our last paper As furnishing a conclusive reply o the objections of the state Register against he passage of the distribution Bill. It was written by a Van Buren Man Bat on that Lecoum is not the less Welcome to our columns. Our state is in a condition which All her citizens should feel and deplore while at the same time they should be ready to adopt any constitutional and practicable Means to save her credit and protect her Honor. To accomplish these object Are willing to go hand in hand with any portion of our citizens whether they be Harrison men 01 Van Buren men whig or we have been anxious to learn from the re Gistjr its plan for sustaining the interests of the state but on these questions it is entirely silent. We presume As in the Case of or. Pix cd Friday june 4, 1841. For a convention to Amend the Constitution. For Congress. Third District j o ii n t. Stuart. First District ii enry l. Webb. Second District Apoc Casey. United Ststa. Nor is the change by any Means i Man of the financial committee of the House confined to the whig party. It pervades both in Trieu it caches All classes those More am of Tell Igent. The i Nous stale Olih parties ran classes Inose mute or charged to loss Ikon the Long years of suffering under Jack Aon and Van duty a experimenting and tinkering the growing convictions Itiat a uniform and stable currency con alone be supplied by a National Bank the utter hopelessness of a specie Curren cd the odium into which Many of the state Banks hns fallen and the persuasion that Many of them arc Rotten and its character its Honor its improvements its a National Bank the recollections of ancient r Prosperity when one existed All these argue Prosperity Are regarded As unworthy of constr Mentz so numerous and powerful have had of. Oration i cannot but farther have immense a influence vet la Etc s0 these truths Are written As with the Public mind. We feel them and feel them a ply and few would be found representatives it desires a to be i from a further consideration of the i it is lamentable indeed that those who have the destinies of our state in keeping Are unequal to their duties a that forgetful of the High interests committed to their hands they seem to be satisfied if they can Only receive office for themselves while the great concerns of the state the Tariff. The slate Register denounces messes. end Stuart because they Are supposed to be in favor of laying duties on wines Silks trinkets and Oiler luxuries imported from foreign countries. There con we thin be no question of the fact that regulations in relation to our Trade with foreign countries have prostrated the agricultural interests of this country. Especially has this has been the to Silt of the Corn Laws of England and France As Well As their Laws by which our wools and other products arc excluded from those countries. It is a truth known to All our Citize Rte that while England and Fri a. Resist them \ a Sunbeam on the party acts of the last session hut vory the constitutional difficulty. They ought j All the leading and vital interests of the Ststa with those who entertain it to he conclusive but How Long shall starving men stand out for principle a i elected and the majority of the Legi Ture were swayed to and fro for and against measures As the interests or whim of the demoted them dictated shall not further detain the Reader. Our views expressed in behalf of the distribution Bill Are Well sustained in the article which Fol tue state registers opinion of the Gouws Anglo Saxon race. A Quot in some remarks on the late murders at St Louis the Peoria Register said ,. A the truth is the negro race Are More playable j lows. Surely in regard to of state some of the finer sensibilities of he policy there should be a Union of honest me Han the Whites though they fall Ono thing May be regarded As certain that of n intellect and Energy of Char a pre8cnt rulers have no measures to offer no Plai Tho democratic convention which Meta Pinek Neville in april last and nominated Hon. John Reynolds for Congress in that District passed this Resolution a resolved that the distribution of Tho proceeds of the sales of the Public lands would to they did not state in what Way it would be unjust. But the editor of the Register in his paper of May 21st, argues the question at some length and i will briefly a outsider his argument. He is apprehensive Ahat if the general government should undertake policy with the View of aiding the Stotz Abny Cir Presentadi of faculties it would Lead her to assume the state debts. He says should such an event take place a National debt of such magnitude will be created As will All probability Ever be discharged while the government exists a and the pro pie of free America like those of or tuft Britain will be Como payers of tribute and slaves to their wealthy i do not know of any party which advocates i Assumption of the state debts by the general government but supposing for the Sake of argue Cut such a thing should take place the re term a conclusion is certainly a singular one that a the debt in All probability would never be if the general government with the command of All the revenues that can be raised by import duties would be unable to discharge the debt How Are the states Ever to discharge it Ith nothing but direct taxation to resort to his next apprehension is that a it might afford some present a Relief though at the sacrifice of state sovereignty and fraught with danger to our he asks a would they not the states become pensioners upon the Bounty of the general government which supplied them with Money with which in part to pay the inter their debts from Sovereign Independent liars should have Good the following Are extracts from editorial articles of the state Register from the state Register May 14. Surely he has i Rosbia or. Stoart turned Pale when the of Guernsey a and hogans appointments arrived Here was it that Thespo Werstat Washington had neglected instructions a Alia h below the actor. Subject the who a to the same t me Tail d what crimes might not be anticipated ? j to submit to effect what should be the obligation Thuv would be a a thousand to one. of every Good citizens the resuscitation of rat this doctrine the state regi poses. The editor of that paper thinks if the , a a. I r a i the United states with i hair manufactures they i Whites were to take the place the Blacks they would j my a. Editor state credit and through that measure a circe of Prosperity to our stale. For the Sun Gamo journal receive no productions from us absolute necessity requires the sequence is that that tha prod mors is a drug on their hands Large balance of Trade against the Lato census show return unless i be More place Noble than the Blacks and not vice j i perceive that yourself and the editor of the son i versa As stated by the Peoria paper a that in if leg steer Are advancing your respective views to a Quot the Whites were slaves and the Blacks their Mas your readers on the propriety of a distribution of is a ters the whiles Wou a be a Moro easily appeased. The proceeds of the Publ or better satisfied with their condition As slaves j an j a this i ice of our while there is a United states amount of product inthe United states of seventy three n a the Blacks now arc this in very comply. Interest from its bearing i Noia i should be glad to c lands by Congress subject on which i have Felt much i Tion. In All abolition publications of the Day i Villiotis montary to himself and the White race with which labels of wheat and with the capacity of an j left associates the state Register thereupon reads y0ur paper principally to adva increased and unlimited production. Tho same i a a column of a a Bugaboo remarks upon Abolt j a not remember to a census Atao shows that our banners hav millions of sheep and annually thirty millions of pounds of Wool. These Are but to we had a Market for our Wool we could pay All Balan and leave us ont of debt and prosperous. Matter for Tho formers a the Doctrin ,�?.�?,---j. Re re or Register. Let their wheat and Wool and other new route for Southern Ravel j believe to be erroneous or injurious to the the Prosperity of Illi up a Little room in e idea which yet in either paper. And before proceeding further allow met to Sav that i am a member of the democratic of better tha Van Buren party m the stale Register May 28. We charge the whole of these removals and appointments upon John . We say these appointments Guernsey Hogan and others which degrade our state were made by his a we fix the Digma of these odious and Flag Titus appointments upon ave Trust our neighbor will take a a second Bat Houg Jiwu and Correct himself. Such statements As these published in the same paper coming from the same pen will have a tendency to impugn the veracity of the truth Loving editor. The canal. A we see nothing in the explanation of the free trader which induces us to take Back in Jot or Tittle of our former remarks. It i it Clear Noonday that the project to carry on new canal contracts by paying contractors with Bonds at Par for the work while those Bonds Are More than 50 per cent under part must have for its object either Tho swindling of the state or of individuals. If the estimates Are properly made no Man on Earth can take contracts with the certain loss of More than fifty per cent and probably much greater and do an honest business. The thing is absurd. And we debt whether any honest Man would engage in the work.sangamo journal. A a Short time since we noticed the course pursued by the Sangamon journal in regard to the canal and As charge that in a weak contrivance of the enemy it a rumoured in town that or. Barrett a has announced himself As a candidate for Congress in opposition to or. state Register. We suppose this is about the last contrivance of the Loco Foco Junto of Springfield to get up schism in the whig party. But Thoy mistake their Man. Or. Barrett is a whig every Inch a whig a devoted to the Success of the whig party and Hig principles a and however much he might be ambitious of a Seal in Congress he knows that to candidate at the present time could not fail of endangering the Success of whig Ascendancy in this District both now and hereafter As Well As jeopardise the cause of the whigs in the stale. We learn from or. Barrett that he will under no circumstances be a candidate for Congress at the coming election a and we advise the Junto to Send their eggs to another vines insects. It a said that the Small yellow Bug is at this very destructive upon Cucumber and Melon Hong Kong. We find in a late English paper the following description of the Island of Hong Kong situated the Entrance of the Large Bay near the Mouth of Canton River. It will be recollected that this Island has been ceded to the English by the Chi. In government. A the Island of Hong Kong now granted by China to the Queen of England is one of the Groupe of islands at the Mouth of Canton River. It is of granitic formation and the ground rises to some considerable height in the Centre of the Island. There Aro several Good watering places on the Southern shores and potatoes and vegetables Are cultivated by the inhabitants to a great extent. The Anchorage is beat Between the lamps islands and Hong Kong As there a from 10 to 12 fathoms of water. There is also Good Anchorage in Tatam Bay for Small vessels but the Entrance is not Good and there Are Somo dangerous Roe a in the course. This Island is badly chosen As a position it is surrounded by Small clusters of islands and our ships of War will be unable the act amid these Island group. Small steamers will alone be serviceable hut these must be of very Small draught. The cession of this Island by the chinese government a according to their vines. An English Gardner says that spirits of usual cautious policy As they will be enabled by turpentine sprinkled around the vines will drive the River Junks to Block up the entrances and Cut off communication from the outer Waters. Tho Island is ten Miles Long and five Miles the chinese have two lorts on tha coast opposite Hong Kong Hay and the Harbig of co too which much frequented by the coasting the u. S. following statement shows the number of la co focus who represent whig states and the number of whigs who represent Loco stale St states they will soon sink into Mere dependencies upon the general government and Supply Progress of the canal. The remarks Bear. \ their face the semblance of truth and individual for tha favors it May be supposed Able to unacquainted with he Rea of affairs might be induced to believe them. But How the editor ought to be informed that precisely stands he Csc in the manner he apprehends in these extracts that portion of the contractors have a Largo amount we Are to become dependant on a. General gov a 5� e Ament we now Are and have been for Yeats most of these articles must remain exposed to he not know that our school decay and destruction. To obviate this loss a College and Seminary funds now amounting them away. The Domestic encyclopedia says they i May be killed by sprinkling a mixture of tobacco water and red Pepper Over the vines. Fessenden a a american Gardner says that the plants sprinkled with a Strong infusion of elder leaves or of Walnut leaves or hops May be preserved from the i bugs. It also recommends Wood boxes to be Pla ced around them and covered with Gauze or Mil inet As a certain Security from the ravages of this sink plainly Quot established the insect 11 ukge8lfl Ai it a. 10 suspend Over the Hill professions of Friendship for this a Diamond formed piece of White paper Shingle great work were hypocritical and assumed Mere 0i 0lhei piece of Wood by ath Iead tied to the end by Foi the purpose of receiving a Little popular f ,. To in this part of the state. The above we give of is cd stuck a the ground at a 8mal> distance now As a specimen of its financial calculations from a a Hill. Of that the paper or Shingle shall which every Man who is acquainted with the hang directly Over the Hill or plants its constant present situation of the contractors will at once see is nothing but a lame attempt to a Clad the vibration will have a tendency to prevent insects alighting on the Planta. Any one of these projects can be tried by Way of Experiment without much sources from whence we derive them seem to have Confidence in their Success. N Sava themselves and the canal from ruin and which cannot defraud the state out of one cent but is Content to live in Servile dependence upon if the contractors take the Bonds at Par. Must it the general government and accept a gratuity follow ass necessary consequence that they must it suits you Havey la never seen any thing so objectionable As these i plus wheat and a declarations of the Register. His opinions of the g using the late contest for the presidency never importations a n Gro race must be equal to those of his late can a faltered in my support of Van Buren and oppose but no i for the vice presidency col. Johnson of the. Tion to his opponent. But i i sustain any party in principle. Not inclined to measures which productions decay on hand import freely the products of English labor and the wines Silks j and gew Gaws of France drawing Tho specie of. To that state by his lers. It has been decided a a Ohio that to interests of the state and i Call upon those i Falten a Guren Man w,0 Clayrea j these remarks to reflect rippled o upon the j the country to pay foreign Balan Lions and when the country is rust by such a policy a and Banks crushed then charge All these Banks 11 such Lias Boon our government to should be our country can never Prosper under it. Or. Stuart and or. Casey Are in favor of this change. If foreign governments subject our Staples to High duties we should is Ishrish countervailing duties at least should this. Import through it or visiting it is free. Two or thre. Dered Bank j slaves engaged on team boats have been Sot at Liberty at Cine Ninatti. This decision will have the effect of Chang a whether journeying seriously whether it is Nota Blind adherence to parly rather than a Well founded conviction of Justice which induces them to oppose a distribution of the proceeds of the Public lands. The Ideal with to Advance is this the states ing materially the route of travellers from the of t a Union in consideration of the benefits to it i South and will prove greatly to the advantage c the Illinois River steam boats As Well As our stages and Public houses. Tho Chicago steam boat owners would do Well to announce their arrangements of trips for the season the convenience of reaching that Point by stages. Sec. The state on articles of luxury. By an it Sposi 0f Indiana will undoubtedly put in her claims e important object at least f0r a portion of this new travel which she must he the Tion of such d. I. Will be achieved a sufficient Revenue will be be ambitious to obtain for raised to support the government and enable it to Bash River team boats and h distribute to the states the monies arising from the sales of Public lands i Moat of the states. Thi will be of important Meadora of Relief a frug the cannot be effectually attained until our government can secure the advantages of a Market either at Home or abroad Foric great Staple productions of the result from Union voluntarily relinquished part of their Sovereign Power to the general government and among other things they relinquished the right to raise a Revenue by laying duties on imported productions. It is apparent to the common sense of every one that there is no Way of raising Money for the necessary uses of govern so easily and unexceptionable or so lightly Felt her canal the we. By the people As by duties on foreign goods. And other Way can so Large a sum be this Case arises from an increase in the land Eon Cyan Lake Erie can be reached through Indiana i the to necessary to i in less time than by the Illinois route though we i Pitico of articles which Are consumed by the apprehend the of try Fri pkg Are not j Unity. Take for the Sake of illustration As Good nor tha country and scenery As a Teres Broad cloth coat. I be will suppose the duty ting to those who seek health and pleasure. The St. Louis re Puli object remarks 9 almost every thing appears i hire the i boats c i this season Ard bound boat the foreign cloth to be two dollars a Yard. This alluding to this will make the pattern for a coat Cost four dollars More than it would have Cost without any duty the lakes Are doing big and when a citizen purchases a new coat he in i reality pays four dollars tax into the Treasury of the. The last be. pm a or.,. A a a ,.i a. 1 every Ouw Ard bound boat is crowded to excess., ,.to Hare gone wrong the late administrations Southern poop a have nol command cd a the general government. He pays this cheerfully were Loo fully employed in making presidents to a Jean eng for the East but in a Short time they will and willingly. And if times Are hard or Iris in tic interests of the great mass of the peo he More Crow ded Down than they now Are up. I Como diminished from any cause he defers get id latterly has this been More especially lire a gentleman from the South informs us that be lire in Nurto if t Al is Pyc i elation to the agricultural interest. I Viveen the reports of the excellence of the plan terse House in this City and the pleasures of the As this tax to support the general government Lake trip nearly nine of every ten men from the raised entirely from the imported goods which ting the coat and thus avoids paying the 1 in Reynolds and a. R. Rowan. A gentlemen ure rival Loco f c Ogress in the first District. A t Rister forwarded pro Bald by Reynold i some of Reynolds stump speeches in he handles Rowan a without in p Chat Unity he attacks Rowan As a land of c who had deserted his office in Ord i ooh Era which he pronounce so a confessed a i fiction of official duty a dereliction of do unjustified having no Othet i it than the very disinterested and patriotic i. Of rolling from one office into remarks May lie properly applied to Aneth. . A. Douglass while Register of the id fice in this place was some six month Sab it oni his office electioneering and this sin w heinous in the eyes of Reynolds and Bis iwas Novar complained of by them Hiss salary was regarded As a pension from it a Nunt to enable him to travel Over the did i thong loss of time or expense to himself in is opponent was compelled to give up his litre s and to employ the earnings of former pay his Coj in act. These things should Lom j a vegas another attack made Titpon Rowan by Vrowl is. Rib should recoil with ten fold Force in a own head. Reynolds was an agent of it. Rain to sell state Bonds and he performed just As might have been expected from i Wigt had Nono pledge of his Busi the Mildest terms he was made the dupe of Kei. And bankrupts by which the state want Quot j out of a Large amount of Bonds soil in actions concerned the a Haw Nectow South going East will this season take this a re a is route hundreds he assures us contemplate n the trying it this season. To All we say you cannot a try o More delightful route. Consumed by the citizens it is in the Power of every Man either to diminish the amount of his tax by reducing the Quantity of foreign goods which he usos or to cease paying such tax Alto-07-the state Register denounces gov. Casey i Geilier by using no foreign goods. Thus every s being in favor of a National Bank the Dis Triman can decide for himself How much tax a will a pay. And the fact is that this tax is paid chief Button Bill and an increase of the Tariff. If the Register is to to relied on the people of or. Ca j by by those who can afford and choose to live c Seyu a District could not do better than to elect 1 trav Gantly and who use great quantities of in him. For these Are measures in which his con ported Goode. There is no duty paid on the pro statue its Are vitally interested. Gov. Anderso auctions of our own sail or our own Domestic of course is opposed to All these measures but j manufactures and if one wishes to be economic s particular admirer of Good Stock and if ? correctly informed is now on his Way to j Cal and pay no tax he need Only confine himself to articles produced within our own Borders. England to procure a blooded horse and other nets no argument to show that a tax of this Char valuable animals for the purpose of improving Acter the amount of which every Man determines the Stock of his neighbors. To Trust the gov j for himself will be paid cheerfully and freely error will have a prosperous voyage. Removals in the territories. A question which ought to be but which will not be answered by the whig leaders. could the democratic officers 3aasrs3.toeas.sf ass in a r a Quot in when the territories in which they reside have Quot a a a a no vote in that election this question of the state Register i were. The doctrine of the whigs ii Hen a direct tax of equal amount would be rebelled at. It is True you now and then meet with some Radical in politics who believes it would be More just and democratic to raise All Revenue by direct taxation so that the people but Uch can be regarded Only As t visionaries of the most exalted stamp and argument i apprehend to the teachers of her youth further a portion of our state debt was incur red for the construction of the canal. The editor of the Register a a firm Friend of this work and one of his chief objections to or. Stuart our member of Congress from this District is that h a immediately dispose of them and suffer the r new publications. A the common school advocate de i i h9i i ppm Yipu led and published by messes. E. R. Wiley and a a a a a a a portion of them propose to take stale Bonds at Par a. T. Bledsoe under the direction of the stat ,500,000 dollars besides much land yet Gate Rirene a Fot no Chiafari education monthly publication at $ unsold Are All the gifts of the general govern and honorable proposition the journal ingenious a Yar it Springfield Iii.the first number of ment Why does he not raise his voice and Tryby stigmatised them As Quot swindlers Quot a a swindlers a i this publication is before us. Its editorial aloud in indignant strains that free Illinois makes>ec8u8e broke the Only proposition which Cea Are Welt calculated to Subserve the objects 3 provision for the education of her children a which amm us Quot a St?,"1�?~omt Onlin Quot. Of a a Catton. Sucha publication if Well patronized must be productive of immense benefits to the people. A the cultivators almanac and a twice on their present Cash value to Cabinet of agricultural knowledge for 1841,-� f the font raptors can command the i _ ,. A a b a. By w. Buckminster Boston a mass a a this is a pamphlet of 128 pages containing besides the usual articles embraced in an almanac a great variety of valuable matter relating to every Branch of farming. It is unquestionably a valuable As Well As cheap work. For Sale at Birch All so cons. Bookstore Springfield. A the practical Farmer or spirit of the Boston cultivator by w. Buc Minsie ton mass.this work embraces All the late agriculture and is As its title imports the a spirit of the Boston cultivator a a most valuable agricultural periodical. For Sale at of Schali amp cons. Bookstore Springfield. Means to Complete their contracts or take. Ones and receive the Bonds of Tho state at Par sri keep them in their Possession until they con favourably dispose of them is it a a swindling the state to do so what difference is there be mad no Effort to obtain further Grants of land for j tween sending our Bonds to London and disposes completion. When it was reported that the a ins of them t0 British Bankers and paying the representative from indians had obtained a Grant a he Ruby. Disposing of them in this a or. A. State and paying the interest to our own enter prising citizens the latter course has every of grand for the canal the editor could not Frain from the expression of his grief that our member had accomplished nothing for us. The following is from one of his late papers april 16 Quot it is particularly the duty of our representative in Congress from this District to urge Tho importance of the canal its National character and its great advantages upon the consideration of that body. Of course the other representatives of the state would Aid with their Best efforts but it must be remembered that the Active exertions of the remaining members of the lower House Are required by their Conet Tuente in urging do nations for the Cumberland Road a amp a. This passage seems to contain the views of to Register As to the duties of members of Congress also your Active exertions Massre. Reynolds and Casey in a urging donations for the Cian Berland Road Quot see., you a surge the importance of the it is True you represent 0 Sovereign and Independent state but poor Illinois notwithstanding will be thankful for every a ditty acres you can wring Tutol Congress As a donation for her these extracts illustrate the editors ideas of state sovereignty a a it would be highly derogatory to our sovereignty to accept a portion of the proceeds of the Public lands to Aid in paying the debt contracted for the canal but perfectly consistent therewith to receive a donation of land sufficient to construct the work. He doubtless is one of those Asut geniuses who can a splits hair a twixt North and North West Side a but still Plain common sense cannot avoid exclaiming when the two measures Are placed Side by Side. Easily an j would to lost on them. The same j but i said above that a much larger amount of that avowed by Gen. Jackson that a the Pat j Revenue can be raised in this Way than Byan Yoth Ron age of the government should not he brought or form of taxation. If this proposition needs any inflict with the Freedom of elections.j support by argument it is sufficient to Referio to Lings apply this doctrine to the officers of amount of Revenue which the general govern the. Ment derives from duties. In some years it a into the government As veil in the territories 1 states. Indeed the interference of government mounts to two dollars for every Man woman and officers in elections in territories is it possible a child in the Union. The population of Illinois is now nearly half. It of. In. An sections concerned the Shawneetown More objectionable than in Tho states for the but 1 his official letters As a Public office to 0 to Lua rca60n that those officers Are More the million. It is reasonable to suppose that we con Tbs .ituti011 having been read by Rowan he exc Tusie sources of patronage in the territories sume in this state As great a proportion of for he procedure As a violation of private than in Tho states. There is no state govern eign articles on which duties Are paid no cd ant ran on asserting that the Lent t0 neutralize or hold in Check by its Cutty so a con lond nce was surreptitiously or fraud to Ioctl obtained anti designed to implicate his it Lens i ter As a Man a Here is a Public officer lit the performance of a High Trust refusing to permit is official correspondence to to read because it implicated his character As a Man a a what a damning facts Are contained in this Cor Rospo Trunce we have not Learned. Indeed we know nothing of it which we do not find in Reynold speech but he admits enough to show As we unde stand hint that it contains facts a it Ftp i Ealing is character and Honor a we Here see proportion which our population bears to that of patronage the enormous patronage of the Federal j the whole Union for the consumption of such government in the territories. It is Well under j goods depends very much upon the general pros stood that the territorial officers have nol failed j parity of the people and no slate in general to use their patronage for the Benefit of the party. It Prosperity is ahead of Illinois. At this rate then for these reasons the application of the Jeffer we actually pay nearly a million of dollars into Sonsin principle of removal has been applied to j the general Treasury As our proportion of the tax. Them. Is the Register answered and when it is remembered that a tax of $100,000 the St. Lou made by or. Barrett to raise the january interest has been extended to october next. If so the state has $50,000 which can be applied to Tbs Reaa a Why lie denounces this use of Bis Cor w it it or interest which will accrue in july. The ind Why he endeavours to destroy the a remainder prohably�?T$300,000 must be raised on Sale of state Bonds. At the last dates from new Rork Illinois state Bonds were Selling at 56�?an Advance of 7 per cent within a few weeks. This must be a Gall and Wormwood to the state Register to sustain the state government led almost to Nul Era states that the loan 1 Lif Catton and rebellion in several counties taking a false Issue before the peo Despou Force of it a pie. We wish that Alt the facts in relation to the Aale of our state Bonds could be presented in the Glare Day of Day before the people conscious that it it were so some of those engaged in them would not dare to stand he and denounce thee. Poure of their villainy before our intelligent and betrayed and suffering citizens. Whatever we May wish in regard to Rowan one thing is certain that he cannot do himself More Honor or his fellow citizens a greater favor than in bringing out the a a secrets of the prison House a tearing the veil from Alrec transactions which have sunk our state into embarrassment and her citizens into despondency. John Reynolds has been one of the efficient agents in this disgraceful business. 07�?�we Are sorry senator Ralston or senator Pearson cannot be persuaded to enter the Field As candidate for Congress. We repeat that the people of this District would like the privilege of pasting upon their acts during the Jas go Estop of the 1 a rencontre in St. Louis on thursday of last week which grew out of some dispute respecting the Possession of Duncan a Island e. A Langhans shot James Adams through the head. Adams was living at the last dates but was not Likely to survive. A court of examination admitted Lang am to bail in the sum of $5,000. The Detroit free press says that the Bank of Michigan will go into liquidation. This was one of the Many pet Banks of the late administration and such was the extent of its Loans to the leaders of the party without Security that fail ire was the result. Late Philadelphia papers state that the Bank f the United states has accepted the Relief Law of Pennsylvania and that she has made assignments to secure tire holders of her obligations. One would venture to say that any thing like an equal amount of Revenue Ean be raised by direct taxation As can be indirectly by collecting a duty on foreign goods. And now when it is thus apparent that indirectly paying such an enormous amount to the general government does it not form a Strong plea and give us a just claim for any thing that government can give in return consistently with the written charter under which it acts when the states have thus abandoned this most valuable source of Revenue surely nothing Short of the most vital objections ought to prevent a distribution of Tho Public land proceeds which would in some Small degree return to the states a portion of what they have so freely granted. Do such objections exist i did nol intend or. Editor to write a Long article but while my pen is in my hand i feel inclined to say a few things More. I wish to say a few words to my worthy Friend and fellow Democrat the editor of the Register As he has advanced some ideas on this subject which i think should be corrected and As one of the family perhaps it would be As Well fur me As for any other person to administer the correction. The editor of the Register from his official standing May doubtless be considered the r non Cut of the True democratic doctrines. His last argument is that a by far the greater portion of the Money derived from the sales of the Public lands which would be wholly raised from the new slates and territories would be carried to the East for distribution consequently it would impoverish the West by draining from it annually millions of Money to be expended in enriching and building up the to this i reply it is untrue that the Money paid for the Public lands Quot is wholly raised from the new states and territories a a very inconsiderable portion is raised in these states and territories. The Public lands Are entered and paid for by emigrants from All parts of the world but chiefly from the Eastern and older Southern states. They bring their Money from the East to pay for the lands they enter and if the Money should immediately return East we would be no poorer. And in the Case of a Man who has settled on government land before it came into Market his labor furnishes the Money with which he pays for his farm and therefore in this Case the state no poorer if the Money should go East because the avails of his labor Are so much additional be added to the wealth previously existing in state if he had not come into the state that additional wealth would not have been created. When he pays it for his ineptly changing the form of his property. It a evident that he is belter satisfied to pay the Money let it go where it will and retain the farm than to keep the Money and give up the farm and if he is satisfied and benefited who is injured or impoverished Vious to every plainly no one and the state is benefited Inthav ing an additional inhabitant to till the soil and create new wealth by his labor and thus multiply the conveniences and enjoyments of life. Further the idea of impoverishing the new states by taking the land Money East for Dis Tribu a Tion May be answered by past experience. Under the existing system the Money goes to the general government. It could not go farther from the new states under Tho distribution policy and As the new states have flourished exceedingly under the existing system we have no Warran for concluding that a different effect would be produced by the same Causa under the proposed plan. Theories must Bow to facts especially Hen those facts have existed through Many years and All tending the same Way. In concluding these remarks i would Only say Isa thousand pities that a question which concerns the interests of Illinois to closely cannot be considered calmly on its merits and without refer once to past party action on the subject. It Seldom that a state in time of peace requires the vigorous and harmonious action of All her children More urgently than our own state now does under her present embarrassments and difficulties. A. B. Consideration of Wisdom and policy the Reco Mhead it which every candid Man will acknowledge. The journal apprehends however that Ike con improvements tractors cannot do an a honest business if they take the Bonds at Par and the work at proper estimates. How is this the contractors can now procure labor at $10 per month when our Bonds sold at Par in Europe they paid $20�?now they can Purchase a barrel of flour for $4, then they paid $10, and the sane ratio for potatoes Bacourt Corn. See. Does the state Treasury or do the banners and workingmen suffer at this rate tire latter most unquestionably As they always do under similar circumstances. But How can it be remedied if we suspend the canal until our Bonds bring Par then Lamorand produce will command much higher prices and consequently the state or the contractors will receive no advantage by the suspension of the work but the truth is the state will suffer As the capital invested i Maine i a Connecticut i i Pennsylvania 2 new York 1 Ohio 2 Georgia 1 Louisiana 1 Mississippi i Tennessee i eleven Loco focus representing whig state to one whig from South Carolina Maryland election. District in Isaac d. Jones a 2�?j. A. Pearce a gain. 3�?j, w Williams l. A 4�?alexander Randall a Gaia. John p. Kennedy a gain. 5�?w. Cost Johnson a 6�?j. T. Mason l. Of 7�?a. R. Sollers. A a whig gain of three members of Cir Greer in Maryland. Nobly do the people come to the support of tha administration of president to Ler. _ _ Tennessee election we have new full accounts from Tenn. In regard to Tho recent election for members of Congress. They show again of one whig member compared with the la a Congress. We take it for granted that governer Polk May hang up his fiddle the people is Tennessee will not have him to Rule Over them after August next. The delegation stands whips. Locos t. D. Arnold a. Mcclellan t. L. Williams h. L. Turney Campbells again h. M. Watt Orson Vav. B. Campbell a. V. Brown r. L. Caruthers c. Johnson a. M. P. Gentry m. Brown c. U. Williams�?8. 03�?ocongress convened on monday have made arrangements to furnish our leaders with copious details of its proceedings. N. B. The Loco Foco legislature of this state refused to permit their constituents to be represented in the popular Brantli of Congress at its present session up some undertake to say that our Loco Foco legislature refused to provide for a special Elee. No a dlr in Quot i Yir Tion of members of Congress to gratify senator work will remain Idle and the labor done left to m a suffer decay and Wadi pm ruin a Rem Roberts spite towards or. Casey a who suffer decay and Ottawa free trader. We have copied the above to show the manner which we Are misrepresented by an editor who the event of a special election might have been a Poi Zinent candidate for speaker j. Pearson claims to be a devoted Friend of the Canil to a Quot 1 bored hard to defeat this measure in the Senate. By the state Register introduces the name of col. A Saberin noticing the nomination of or. Casey for Congress in the second District and asserts that or. Casey is the state Bank candidate. If so be is the candidate of the Loco Foco party a for the state Bank is now under the control of that party a conclusive evidence of Irich will be found in the late emission under their direction of three two and one Dollar nates. Pro Schimon for opinions . K. Fell clerk of the circuit court of de Witt county has been removed by judge treat. Fit on tuesday at 1 of clock the Mercury stood 1 in this City f rent Cit at 96� in the Shade. Quotation made from our paper shows that it had reference entirely to the project of letting Quot new contracts Quot for which payment was to be made in state Bonds at Par. The Freo trader applies these remarks to the old contracts which Are not within the control of the state and which can be carried on if the contractors choose to do so a and receive pay on their contracts in Bonds at Par. We Are perfectly writing that they should soon and while they perform their contras is they have a right to demand of the state the fulfilment of hers. On this Point we have no objections to offer. Regarding the statement of the free trader of the prices of labor and provisions As Correct we see no reason Why the old contractors cannot go on with their contracts and secure to themselves the same profits As they did when the prices of labor were 100 per cent higher than at this time. The remarks quoted by Tho free trader were directed As we have already stated exclusively to the Point that a project had been avowed of putting a Large additional amount of the canal under contract the contractors for which were to receive payment for the work in state Bonds at Par. We take the statement of Tho free trader in regard to the prices of provisions and labor on the canal As Tho ground for a few remarks. We learn in that statement that the main articles employed in a trying on operations on the canal Are at half the Price they were when the est males for the completion of the canal were made. Now it Oeners to us that As hese old estimates were mainly based upon the Cost of provision and labor at the time they wore made a if Correct estimates were now made upon the Cost of that portion of the canal not Nandor contract the former estimates would be reduced one half a that in if that portion of the canal not under contract was formerly estimated at two millions of dollars just estimate at this time would reduce that mount to one million of de friars. Again if this portion of the canal should be let to contractors Ith the understanding that they were to receive Bonds at Par on the old estimates it must be of that the state would lose by this operation one million of dollars. We think this position must be Clear to the weakest Inte Lect. And again a if the estimates Are now made on the basis furnished by the free trader it must be equally obvious that Tho contractors cannot take Bonds at Par and carry a a honestly with them. We presume the free trader will not pretend that the contractors Are a the practice of Clearing fifty per cent on thei contracts. If they de not under this proposition they cannot sustain themselves. Should they make such contracts it will be apparent to All that they must either be great losers themselves or that the labourers those who furnish provisions or the state must be the sufferers. To an operation of this character we applied the term the free trader repeats that we Are opposed to the canal. We Are opposed to the project we have Here condemned. It would drive All the disinterested friends of the canal from its support indeed we shall be gladly surprised if it is not hereafter found that the conduct of the free trader and its coadjutor has already lessened the strength of that work with the people and their representatives. Orthe Chicago Democrat has been begging the Loco Foco Junto Here to permit Thos. Camp sell of Joe Davie to run for Congress. The Jun. To have had the matter under consideration but refuse the leave asked. The subject of a convention was also brought before them and their decision was against a convention a a was it would greatly reduce their vote and discourage them in future the conclusion finally arrived at was to continue their efforts to Divide the whig party and if successful to slip into Congress by a sly movement our Friend Murray Mcconnell. If that project should fail to suffer the election to go by default. We give these As the reasons Why tues. Camf Bell can to be permitted to run. A the Loco Foco Guillotine hat pretty nearly ceased its operations in Springfield for want of victims. Or. Morse the faithful and competent clerk in the office of Secretary of stale has been discharged. Or Moore in the treasurers office. Is now the Only whig employed in the Public offices. Of the Mcleod Case had been argued but not decided at the last dates from new York. Thi judges of the court before whom this Case has been tried Are All Van Buren men of Tho strictest sect. We state this fact that the Reader May be Able to give the proper credit to the clamor of the Loco Foco press on this subject. Whatever decision there is in the Case will be Given by Loco foe judges a fact which the party press has or tirely kept out of tight. Of anal Laniel Belcher has been reinstated ii the Post office at port Byron Rock Island county from which he was discharged because he would not procure subscribers for Kendall a extra Globe icon the 19th ult. Illinois state stocks sold in new York City at 56�?Indiana at 58. Summary notices. Counterfeits counterfeit one Dollar Bills purporting to be on the Bank of Cairo Are said to be in circulation. Vignettes on the left hand Indian with a locomotive in the distance on the right a female with Scales in her hand. Sex governor Dodge of a Sconsan has announced his determination to be a candidate for Delegate to represent that territory in Congress. balloon has been invented in Paris which can navigate the air in any direction desired even against the wind. An Experiment of three hours proved this fact As Well As the capability of the Aerial traveller alighting upon the Earth from this balloon with the same ease that he could from an Ordinary Carriage. Another British american Brig a. Copt. Driscoll of Albany lately on the coast of Africa was boarded and plundered by British Brig of War persian. The object appeared to be to break up the american Trade in Thal Quarter. This they declared was their d the Rev. Stephen g. Roswell of the methodist episcopal Church of which he has been zealous minister for fifty two years died at his residence at Lee Burgh a. On the 14th ult. The new York Tribune says that a the Superior court of Georgia in its last session for Oglethorpe county rejected the testimony of several witnesses on the ground that they were universalist and did not believe in a future St Etc of re Ards and a promising is a youth 19 years of re in Portland me. Who weighs 330 lbs., and stands seven feet three inches High. To says he can lift 1500 lbs. At once and with the Aid of a strap Over his shoulder 2200 lbs. He has a sister who can with ease take up a barrel of pork and carry it some distance. The Chicago american of the 24th says a Noons can travel along Tho Lino of this magnificent work even in its present almost desolation without regretting anew its pro sear untoward circumstances. But Confidence and Hope it appears have not yet deserted the people though the labourers have the canal. A few of the contractors having their jobs nearly finished Are going on to Complete them As with their Supply of provisions and materials they can do it with le89 expense new than to resume the work at some future time. And it makes net much diff Ference by hither the state increases its debt a Little or Dot. The Basin at Ottawa has just been let to an Irish contractor who immediately commenced upon it. Some of the citizens of Ott Waare of opinion that the contractors will go on to completo their jobs Between Ottawa and pern and As far up As Marseille and that the Twenty two Miles now Inlet will soon be put under contract. This opinion shows certainly rather a sanguine state of feeling. Or. Morris president of the canal Board West at Ottawa Tho Middle of last week and we understand that lie and or. Cloud Are to join Gen. Fri at Lockport to Day. We May therefore learn something about the course of the new commissioners in a few Days. Heretofore it has Alt been speculation and uncertainty. If the canal in the language of or. Morris a must go on at All Hazzards a the people Aro certainly justified in wishing to know How and when and we Trust they will soon be enlightened on these Points. Fr5�?�the Quincy whig speaking of congressional candidates says thus far there appears to be an unanimous opinion among the whigs in favor of the re election of John t. Stuart. He is very generally known to the people having visited most of the counties of the District on a former his sentiments on All subjects of National importance were explained by him to them in person when a candidate at the period we allude to and they Are Tho same now As then. To is still opposed to the system and in favor of those whig measures which the re Sun i or the recent presidential contest conclusively showed were popular with an Imon Ertic majority of Tho american people of Well As a Largo majority of the voters of this District. He has been warring for years on the Side of truth and the cause of truth having prevailed throughout the nation this District As a part of it will again sustain to have every reason to believe one of its strongest and staunchest advocates in the person of John t. Stuart. In the contest Between or. Stuart and a Loco Leo opponent let that opponent be to it May Adams county will to found where she was at the november election on the Side f the right a hard hit an old gentleman the Olshef Day n Board Tho same boat with the seven convict from Cook county on their Way to the Penitentiary mentioned last week observing that Thoy sat apart by themselves very innocently enquired Wolret gentlemen they were. One of our towns men who happened to be standing by replied a this is the Cook county delegation on their Woy to the legislature at those in hearing were highly amused at the comical and after All not so far fetched analogy Between the in rates of the Penitentiary and some of the gentlemen who figured last Winter in the stats House. Peoria Register. A Letu u00u0. The cultivator�?T3 almanac and Cabin to agricultural knowledge for 1841, by win. Buckom the Practa Cal Farmer and spirit of the Boston cultivator font naming a collection of a Abl essays on practical agriculture by we. Buckminster american almanac for 1841. The it Hove valuable works to Farmer and other have just been received by Birchall amp Johnson. A the Springfield Book store. June i 1841. Take notice. Or As committed to the jail of this county on the Sitf Ultimo a negro Man who Calla himself Henrt it a Baid that l. Levy Loco Foco is elected a Delegate in Florida. There were two whig candidates in the Field. They deserve to be beat. Copt. Lawrence of the whale ship Champion arrived a Edgartown on the 12th ult. Reports the United states Brig porpoise capt. to pita on the 27th of january to leave the same Day on a Short cruise and thence to the society islands ail Well. Capt. Ringold reported having discovered several new islands. The editor of the Liverpool Mercury Saya with much Justice that father Mathew the great Catholic Temperance reformer of Ireland with his three million four Hundred thousand followers sinks every Public Man into the Shade and when the results of his bloodless Victory Are contemplated he Well merits the appellation of the greatest Benefactor the country Ever knew. The Sioux and Galena a Quot Zette of the 21st May says a a the clerk of the Indian Queen arrived the Day before yesterday from Tho Santa Croix reports the following occurrence As happening last sunday a company of about 30 Sioux had crossed into the Chippeway country. Two chippewas learning this fact immediately put new flints into their rifles and started in Pursuit. They Canto upon the party and each brought Down his Man one of the chippewas was shot and the other escaped. The Sioux then broke up their Camp and de in a great hurry not waiting to Bury their read. The Chippeway killed is said to have born a son of Little Crow a celebrated chief. And who acknowledges himself to be a runaway negro is Sci Ween 25 end 50 years of see about six. Feet Leigh Carriage erect Well built anti has the appearance of a Stout Man of Good countenance Clear Pink in and appears intelligent Mouth somewhat prominent his color that of common american negroes. Unless said negro is claimed by his owner or of Hetwin legally discharged h. Will be sold a pursuance of Law of tuesday,thei3ih Day of july next of ten of clock a. M. At the door of Tho her ifs office a the cite of Springfield. William f. Elkin sheriff of Sun Eamon county. June 1,1841. Ts9 notice. I hereby caution All Persona amp oin Pur hating or trailing for two promissory note Given by the sub Scriber to Jacob Walter or order of a Witt county Iii. Of the following description to with the first payable in three months from Date the second Siz months from Date dated 6th Day of april 1841, each for the sum of thirty Fiva dollars. As the of it it res amp id notes wars of busted by fraud i am determined not to pay the Sarna Joseph stil Jutuan. Clinton 19th May 1841. 9�4w Sale of Rea estate. A notice is hereby Given that by Virtu of my order 11 of the de Witt circuit court on saturday,1 Ith Day of july next Between 18 Oclock a. M. And the netting of the Sun of the Samo Day. At the premises f shall Effier at Public Vendue the following described real est Sta to wit fifty five acres off the Rorth end of the West half of the North West Quarter of Section 1, town 19, Range 9 East a also the undivided half of the North East Quarter of the South West Quarter of Section 12, in the above town and Range lying in the county of de Witt. Said land will be sold on a credit of six and twelve months and bold and Security and mortgage on the premises taken to be ire the Purchase Money. Nancy Dye Admix. B. A Cundiff Ajmer. May 26, 184. Lit
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