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Sandusky Register (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Sandusky, Ohio The regts founded april is 18si published every Price three cent Idro tag except Mon per copy daily eight a by the Register cent sunday. By car Publ Hong company Rier 12jc a. Week. Register bid., san mail in Erie Dusky Ohio. Entered to second class matter at Sandusky Post office. Act of 1879. By Huron Ottawa Lorain and Bandusky counties 6 months $2.26 1 year $4.00. Elsewhere $6 a year. Mail orders will not be accepted from foreign advertising localities served by de representative Robert livery a8"entd e. Ward inc., Bruns members of the As Wick building 601 Socia Ted press select fifth ave., new Tork list Ohio Dally news mailers bldg., 6 s. A papers audit Bureau Bash ave., Chicago. Of circulations. The associated press is exclusively entitled to the use of republication of All news ice patches credited to it or not otherwise published herein. Speak Well of the dead but not of a dead one. Of none of these memory courses Ever helped anyone to Rem Ember last year s idol. You can say this for 1923. Strawberry Shortcake got through its experimental stage in remarkably Short order. All a bridegroom Lias to dig up in Germany to get married is seven cents. All a would be Bride has to dig up h a Mark. You Are going to Wiear from new Jersey before i finish my service in the United states Senate says senator Edwards. Well no one can say that he rvs not warned. By Arthur Brisbane. What about railroads tracks were blocked with loaded Coal cars last Winter while citizens lacked Coal because the roads could not haul it. Is that successful not american territory one of the striking things about the supreme court s prohibition decision is its statement that american ships Are not american the popular View has always regarded them As such and has taken for granted that there was Legal basis for the belief. The court dubs it a Mere fiction and figure of strictly speaking it appears a vessel of american registry can Only be considered american territory when it is within the three mile limit. And even then the phrase is Only figurative because it is really the three mile Blet of water covered land that is american territory. The ship is not territory at All. American Laws it appears do not apply there unless they Are explicitly made for ships. This is sadly disillusioning. The court has Iono its duty but a certain poetic Quality is gone from the sea. No longer can the homesick passenger in far Waters or in an alien Harbor look up to the Flag flying at the Masthead and say to himself in a quiet rapture this is my country. Here i am at to has no country beyond the three mile line. Of William Jennings Bryan is As usual enjoying a Success fid lecture season no scientist having risen to announce he Lias traced the commoner s ancestors to the branches of a Coconut tree. Of " murderer is. Murderess. Despite precedent against imposing the capital penalty upon a woman and in the face of a wave of protest against such a step the Canadian government carried out the execution of mrs. Florence Lassandra 22-year-old Slayer of a Canadian police official. Executed with her was her partner in crime one of the most daring bootleggers in the do1 minion. Whether capital punishment is justifiable or not is a mooted question although sentiment of late seems to be swinging to the lamp of the opposition. So Long As capital punishment prevails however sentences must be married out and there is no reason Why a woman should be pardoned simply for the reason of her sex. In Teyf United states there has unfortunately been a Large number of Murde resses who have escaped the death penalty when a Man would have been sent to the chair or the Gallows without hesitation. Woman Are equally responsible with Man for their acts and when a capital penalty is to be inflicted the sex of the criminal should have no weight with either judge or jury. While capital a punishment remains it should be impartially enforced. John d. Rockefeller expresses the same idea in connection with the Rockefeller fight against disease. Rockefeller jr., says. My father is not so much interested in curing individual cases of illness As in making such cases impossible. To make people Well by destroying disease in my father s or. Webster a scientist of great ability and Valuo kills himself because i am a fail Uro As a physicist and my life has been a How Many would survive if All failures killed themselves How Many would go a whipped if All that deserved it got a beating the world s Success and Progress Are Mado up of partial failures. And the Ablest men have most underrated themselves. Newton one of Earth s five greatest men compared himself to a Man picking up a Pebble on the Shore of the Ocean of knowledge with All the rest unexplored before him. _ the government is going to lose Money a Largo sum and everybody will be glad. Thirty seven million cartridges Are offered for Sale by the United states ordnance department As scrap Metal. The government loss will be heavy 90 per cent or More of the original Tost undoubtedly and so much the better. . Had not the War ended when it did these cartridges would have gone into human bodies instead of going to the scrap pile. That kind of loss is a big profit. At St. Augustine before he was inaugurated president Harding told this writer that he intended to make or. Mellon Secretary of the Treasury. It has proved a first class selection. Or. Mellon who understands Money has handled United states finance Well. Now although president Harding did t think of it at the time or. Mellon represents president Harding s Best Chance of re election next year. A everything depends on continuation of Prosperity and High wages. Prosperity and High wages depend largely on or. Mellon. He can make Money tight or Loose. If he Mana Ges without dangerous inflation to keep Money Loose and plentiful building and other work will go on wages will stay up or go up higher. And in november 1924, president Harding will be Able to say to working people my opponent is telling you that he is your Friend. All that i can Tell you is that while i have been president you have been making More Money than you Ever made in your lives. If you want to change that vote for. The other Man a to i oat . E Register. Sandusky. Loren s stories by Blanche Silver. Copyright newspaper feature ser. Inc the foolish Little Doodle Bug my but Sadie Doodle Bug was proud of her neat Little Home. She had chosen the spot under the old dead log on purpose. She thought that her doorway would be somewhat hidden by the Shadow of the log and would Mako it harder for her enemies to take her unawares.  Sho scooped out the Sand very carefully to Tho right depth taking every precaution that the Walls surrounding her doorway were just the proper slope. Now i know that no ant once starting Down will Ever be Able to get Back up again and besides they la never think of looking for to in this lonely spot she said to herself. Then she smacked her tiny Mouth at the though of the dinner she would soon be hav inf but one should never count her chickens before they re hatched and that s just what Sadie Doodle Bug did. She was so sure Sho would have a Good dinner that she would t even go out to look for anything before going to bed As most Good Little Doodlebug always do. So foolish Little Sadie Doodle Bug crawled into her cozy bed and tried to go to sleep tomorrow All the neighbors will be flocking in to see my new House. For there s none in this neighbourhood quite so Lovely As mine Sho mused. They la wonder How i built it All by myself and ask All about it but i la just laugh and keep still. Why should i help any one no one Ever gives me a helping hand. Maybe i m selfish but i Don t care i la tap tap tap sounded on her doorway and Sadie Doodle Bug almost jumped out of her rough Little skin in her excitement. In Papua North of Australia they fight birth control As follows when an Island lady has four children her husband is free of taxation very comfortable for him for the four have not Given him much trouble. The lady receives a Bonus of five shillings a Good Deal of Money Down there and an extra allowance for every additional child. Onco it was a Dis Grace to have a big family in Papua. Now it is highly honorable. The Earth needs population. Bonuses for children would be better than birth control if mothers could be made really comfortable and children Well cared for. But it is hard to answer birth control advocates who say that thirteen children of whom seven die in a family Able to support Only three is not Ideal. Lun a h or ear nonsense and then some by e. F. To. Liner and in state times Baton Rouge la lost Canary Bird with identification tag on left leg also branded on left Side of neck finder will please return to owner mrs. G. Kureger Baton Rouge sanitarium $5 Reward.   has anybody questioned the cot there Are cats and cats. Some cats Are fond of canaries. Then again there Are cats that Are fond of other things witness the classified and from a Stroudsburg a. Newspaper for Sale Beautiful pedigreed Angora cat 9 months old Housebroken Price $15. Inquire. 808 Wallace Street Stroudsburg. A million s food boy. H. W. L., in judge a news item tells us that 8-year-old tackle Coogan is Worth $1,-000,000, and his second million is on the Way. To can imagine Jackio s Homo life. Papa says Jackie i Wanna Sec the wild animals. Take me to the $zoo,,." a no..," says . A yes says Jackie. I Haven t been there in $0,000,000 Long so they go to the zoo. "po,000,000" says Jackie look at the big Baboo,000,Oon in t he Feroo. ..cious" yes Jackie says papa. In t he but we must go Home $00,-000.Oon." and after feeding some Green $100 Bills to the elephant Jackie and papa go Home by the Light of the Moo,000.Oon. In another few years he will probably be known As Jackie Coo..Oogan," with the accent on the Imp Sherstin a to Mit a peaceful school for maimed vets the railroads complain of labor unions but dealing with scabs and wholesale strike Breakers is not All profitable or pleasant. Tho new York Central Railroad accuses or. Ascher who supplied and boarded strike Breakers recently with overcharging from 500 to 900 per cent padding his Bills and swindling the company. The Ideal system would include Well organized prosperous employers Well organized Well paid employees All differences submitted to fair arbitration. But in Industry As among nations me n would rather fight than arbitrate although it costs More. Your health by Royal s. Copeland m. D. Copyright. Newspaper feature ser. Inc a new continent is being formed in the Pacific Ocean scientists say. It s a Little Early to plan an excursion however As it till not be visible for 1,500 Yeara. Cannot help themselves in its preliminary report issued Early in the Winter the Coal commission outlined the More or less familiar ailments of the Coal Industry there being nothing particularly vital in this work or rehashing old facts the commission thereafter set out to formulate a program of constructive Aid for our most disorderly quasi Public service after listening to a prodigious amount of invective hurled by miners at their employers and by operators at unions the commission became intensely weary of the debate and has lately issued an unmistakable rebuke to the factions involve for their unwillingness to help themselves. The operators aver that Many of the major evils attendant on Coal mining grow out of Tho exaction of the unions. The miners de Claro with an extensive array of arithmetic that Tho operators Are by Way of being Rob Bera generally and in a sort of unspoken conspiracy to conduct their enterprises As inefficiently As possible. Tho commission has Learned by now that Thero is no foundation for any Hope that the elements that produce Coal Are capable of their own salvation. Factions that quarrel for six months and end exactly where they began Havo no apparent capacity for self Salvage. A great mass of old method in cumbers the Industry and there is no one courageous enough to Cut his Way out. Economic mistakes such As an incredible surplus of miners Aro permitted to flourish and become More acute and impossible each year. The situation has reached a joint where those involved Are patently Terri of by the Mero magnitude of the operation .7 vies sary to attain a Standard of Ordinary efficiency been a stranger to the Wal Fields Here s the latest advice about myasthenia Gravis one of the rare and Little heard of diseases is myasthenia myasthenia is a big word but in Plain language it Means muscle weakness. The whole name Well describes Tho disease because there is serious weakness of the Muscles of the eyes face neck and head. In the lowest portion of the Skull is a part of the brain called Tho Medulla this is Tho upper continuation of the spinal Cord. It is sometimes spoken of As the brain Stem because it is narrow As compared with the much larger and globular brain i oper and is not unlike Treffe Stem to a Mammoth Apple. Tho Medulla is also known As the it is Tho nerve Centre of the highest functions of life. The breathing nerves and part at least of Tho heart nerves Are entered and controlled Here. The nerves that Supply the Teeth and jaws Tho nerve to some of the Eye Muscles the nerves of hearing of Throat and voice control the nerves to the Tongue and neck As Well As nerves to the Muscles of the body and limbs begin in the brain Stem or bulb. When this part of our Anatomy is diseased Thero results a loss of Power in the Muscles supplied from this Region. This effect is called Bulbar paralysis when it is extremely bad and you can see the appropriateness of Tho term. In myasthenia the trouble is in the Medulla or bulb. At first there is not an actual paralysis of the Muscles controlled from the bulb but there is such weakness of them that they Tiro very very easily. Every Effort exhausts Tho patient. His eyelids Droop there is difficulty in breathing chewing becomes almost impossible swallowing is a painful ordeal. If Tho Arm is lifted several times the movement you dear Little creature. There i knew it she cried. Some of my neighbors can t wait until morning. They twant to see my Lovely House this very and she hurried up to peek out. But dear me like an earthquake the very ground under her separated and five Long White things gathered up foolish Sadie Doodle Bug House and All and Sadie Doodle Bug found herself gazing into a pair of Blue eyes and a laughing face. Why you dear funny looking Little Crea Ture laughed the merry owner of the pair of Blu eyes. No wonder they Call you a at this Sadie Doodle Bug began backing off As fast As she could go. She was never Quito so excited in All her life but she backed Tho wrong Way and fell into the other hand and before 6he could gather her senses to Gether she was whisked on her Back. Now if there was one thing Sadie Doodlebug hated it was to be thrown on her Back. So she kicked and flopped right Side up and like a Flash scooted away Between the first Finger and thumb of the hand that held her. My How she did Burrow in the Sand she kicked so fast and so hard that the Sand flew into the air higher than she had Ever thrown it before and the last thing she heard As she buried herself in the Sand was the Little girl me right Sadie Doodle Bug sighed when she Felt herself Safe. If i had t been so silly i d have stopped and thought before kicking up the Sand. Of course i might have known it was an enemy for an ant never thinks of knocking. Of Well there s no use crying Over spilt and in a Jiffy she hurried out found a stray ant and began building a new Home. Next time i la be More careful she promised herself. Just folks by Edgar a guest. Bridge and Golf Brown is a shark at Bridge but he cannot swing a club and when it comes to playing Golf he s nothing but a dub and Green can shoot an eighty game his Mashie play is Strong but it spoils Green s fun the afternoons they carry Brown along. Bill Brown s All right pays old Jack Green but hell never learn to play and i hate to spend an afternoon with a Chap who shoots that Way. It in t a Olf when he s along of it in t Golf at All it s counting up to nine and ten and Hunting for his when evening and the Bridge game starts then Brown begins to Shine and he says of Green of he s All right but i Don t want him for mine i la take most anyone else round Here for a partner when i play but poor old Green he is a Boob at cards and he throws the tricks away. It s a curious fact but hell never learn to follow his partner s Lead and he s always doing some fool Ash thing which costs you the trick you need Why it in t Bridge when Green sits in though he May be a golfer Good it is wasting time to Deal cards to him he s As dense As a Block of the moral s As Plain As the rising Sun. Don t sneer at your fellow Man and Don t imagine that he s a fool when he can t do what you can. Though he May be poor at the game you play the balance of life is grim and when you tackle the game he plays you May to a Boob to him. A prehistoric City has recently been discovered at the foot of the Volcano Ixta Chi Natl. Tho City is apparently four Miles Long and three Miles wide. It is sur rounded by a Wall and Thero Are 28 pyramids. There is a possibility of the ruins being As famous As Teotihuacan. S More and More difficult and finally impossible until after a period of rest. There Are Many ups and Downs in the condition of the patient. It usually affects persons under 30 years of age and even under 20, and of course takes a lot out of one of the Best periods of life. While the disease is Dis tra tingly slow lasting for years and years there is always the Hope of just what effect Tho Ductless glands of Tho body May have upon this disease is purely speculative. We Are not fully informed As yet regarding All the functions of the so called internal Ove Vork physical or mental in the High school Days and College age or at the age when Young people go to work May have something to do with the trouble. Youth is always a critical age. It takes a Little time to get adjusted to life s harness. Tho enthusiasm of this period or the painful necessity that drives so Many to the grind Stone of existence May urge to greater activity and longer hours than the muscular and nervous systems can endure. Good sense must prevail and Observance of Tho rules of Good living will forestall the dangers of a breakdown. It is better to avoid myasthenia Gravis for instance than it is to carry on the Long fight necessary to. Conquer looking backward forty years ago today. Marshall Field and other noted chicagoan in Sandusky in route to Pelee Island to fish. And in Tho Register " Marblehead Lime for Sale is the caption article in a Glendive Montana paper. Sandusky s products go around the world to bless Tho Register says yesterday s wind Hail and rain storm was one of unusual severity for this time of the Twenty years ago today. Petitions for Street sprinkling Are put in circulation. Emil Schmidt resigns As director of Sandusky yacht club. Robt. Denig passes examinations and is certified for admission to u. S naval Academy. Five years ago today. Eighteen Sandusky boys in Rainbow division meet Fritz for first time and come out of engagement unscathed Twenty pass from grades to High school at Castalia. Soldiers Home baseball team loses to port Clinton. This Date in history 52g-earthquake at Antioch by which 250,-000 persons were said to have perished. 1732-Thomas Boston a scottish divine died author of the Well known Book human nature in its fourfold 1735-Tho turks Defeated by the Prus sians and More than 60,000 killed and wounded. 1775- articles of confederation and Union agreed of by the american colonies. J Ever hear this by Strickland Wilan. A democratic student Billy and Charley were members of the same family. Charley always stood at the head of his class or in that Vicinity. Billy always stood at the foot or As nearly there As his competitors for pedal honors would let him. One Day the father of the boys was demonstrating with Billy for his position in school. How come you am always at Tho foot of the class hey Fly the Aito stated attn Camp Sherman May 19. Camp Sherman five years ago. A great Mill through which Ohio s youth was passed to be turned out As trained soldiery and sent to fight in France today has reversed the process and from the veterans of the War broken in health or maimed by wounds an attempt. Is being made to create citizens capable of. Taking up their parts in the Normal pursuits of peace times. All of the old War time aspects of the Cantonment Are gone. The Long rows of Bleak Barracks buildings which stretched across its wide expanse have been razed Dusty Drill grounds upon which visitors say embryo sold Erb driving bayonets through imaginary germans have been turned into Fields of Grain and giant warehouses which onco sheltered vast stores of the materials of War have been turned into school buildings in which veterans who paid the toll of War Are being taught to Start their lives Over again in pursuits in which they May successfully engage in spite of their physical defects. Already Mado the country s most important rehabilitation Center through establishment by the United states Veteran s Bureau of the government s first venture in the Field of education of former service men vocational school no. 1, the facilities of the Camp Are to be augmented by Tho construction of a Large Hospital in which veterans still suffering from the 111 effects of the War Are to be cared for and brought Back to health if possible. The Hospital which already is being built in the Northwestern Corner of the old Camp site will Cost $1,800,000 and contain Beds for 350 patients. With its completion the reservation located on the outskirts of Chillicothe probably will rank As the greatest Enterprise of its kind in the world. While the Hospital is to be conducted As an entirely separate project from the school it will form a part of the veterans Bureau scheme of caring for the sex service Man. Established by the government in december 1921, with Tho idea of giving direct supervision to the work of rehabilitating the sex service Man the vocational school has had a total of 1040 students who came from All parts of Tho country. Slightly More than 70 of these have been graduated while approximately 100 More fraying completed Only a part of the course have accepted positions in the lines in which they were instructed and in which they had no pre War experience or knowledge. The present enrolment is approximately 520 of whom 120 or More will have completed their training within the next three months and be sent out to accept positions in their new work. Beset from time to time by internal difficulties declared by the management to be incidental to a Largo extent to Tho establishment of such a governmental Agency and due in part to the mental state of its student body All of whom went through the demoralizing experiences of the War the school has undergone several changes of administration and the training of a num Berof students has been terminated on charges of Lack of interest in the work. Under the present administration however of which or. Edwin g. Dexter is Tho head those connected with the school declare there has been let to of the former discontent. Mon who enrol must do the work prescribed and make an honest Effort to profit they declare or they will not be permitted to continue. The curriculum of the school embraces a wide Range of practical subjects designed to prepare the sex service Man in various degrees of disability to engage in the business of making a living. He May study agriculture in its various phases with Large tracts of the Camp s More than 4,000 acres under cultivation to give him the desired practical experience ample herds of blooded livestock available to proct Leallie his course in animal husbandry and a Large acreage of Orchards at his disposal if he is interested in he is of a mechanical turn of mind his interests May be developed through courses in automobile mechanics machine shop work electrical wiring plumbing or Sheet Metal work All taught in the shop buildings where Complete equipment and material is available to make the conditions of study approximate those which will be met when the trainee accepts a position outside. Laundry operation shoe repairing Cabinet making carpentry sign painting Are other lines in which training May be had. Courses in the various subjects Range in length from nine to 18-months, depending upon the degree of technical knowledge re. Quire. All Are taught by men who emphasize the practical aide of the work rather than the theoretical. The school with facilities for. The housing feeding and entertainment of its students forms a minature City of itself. Buildings which formerly serv. Edas quarters for the officer personnel of the Camp have been converted into apartments of five rooms and a Bath each and in these Are quartered the married trainees and their families. A nominal rent of $12 per month is charged for the apartments and an additional fee of $10 per month is paid for Hent. Men with no families Are furnished with rooms in other buildings at a Cost of $5 per month with janitor and maid ser Vlco furnished and at a Large mess Hall Tilch formerly was the main canteen of the Camp Board May be had for a monthly rate of $30. A of this is paid for by the trainees from the government allowances which they receive monthly. Each single Man under going training receives $100 each month and those with for Hies Are granted this amount with an additional $35 for thl wife and $10 for each child. Besides the Ordinary living accommodations recreational and athletic facilities Are furnished. What do you want to know Wall paper Sale ceilings free with any Price Wall purchased during Sale. Art Wall paper co. Wayne and Market name winners in misspelled word contest the contest for wednesday and thursday closed saturday at which time tickets were mailed to the winners. The words for Cor Section in wednesday s contest Wero under business cards Transfer and trucking and corrected they Are As follows sold estimates and Complete. Sclia to tickets awarded. Ther winners were mailed a pair of tickets to see Environ rent which is being shown at the Schade theatre sunday monday and tuesday of this week. Those who won tickets Are As Fol own mrs. J. Berghofer mrs. John Bauman Jeanetto Ernst miss Henrietta Mohr Josephine Heidegger mrs. Emery James and miss r Reefa Hissong of san Dusky. The words for correction in thursday s contest were under the for rent ads. They Are As follows suitable restaurant laundry modern and Board. L tickets awarded. Tho winners were each awarded a pair of tickets to sea Garrison s finish which starts today for a limited engagement at the Plaza theatre. Here Are the Lucky Onea this time mrs. Otto Breither. Miss Ada , or. Kenneth Yontz mrs. Arthur Mischler and miss Florence Foley of Sandusky mrs. Fred Krueger Castalia and mrs Albert Knisel Huron o. Readers can Xet answers to and question except on Legal medical or financial matters. Write Register information Bureau 1120 n. Capitol St., Washington d. C. Give full name address and enclose two cents in Stamps for return postage. Do not Send questions to Bandusky office of the Register. Tho folklore of what country did the original of Jur Gen belong f. E. P. novel Jurgen by James Branch Cabell is said to be a creation of the author s imagination and is not based upon folklore. is Tho derivation of Tho word kiwanis m. E. O. is a coined word derived from a Cherokee phrase meaning we is meant by Black ice and Blu ice m. D. B. A mountaineers distinguished Between ice formed by the freezing of pools and streams calling this Block and the granular Blue ice made of compacted snow., Alvo a recipe for pop Nofort dressing. J. D. T. 1-4 Pound of roquefort cheese into coarse Crumbl and stir into the following dress no 4 tablespoonfuls Olive Oil 2 tablespoonfuls vinegar 1-2 teaspoonful Salt 1-4 teaspoonful Pepper. Put Salt and Pepper in bowl add a Little Oil and stir Well gradually pouring in remainder of Oil. Add vinegar Little by Little beating briskly. If allowed to stand this dressing should be stirred again before being added to the salad. is empiricism i. M. C. is the philosophical View that experience is the source and the criterion of All knowledge the theory that All knowledge is derived from material or data existing in the form of particular states of consciousness give a recipe for japanese Rice cakes. M. E. R. following recipe for Rice cakes called Kats Nochi is taken from a japanese Cook Book moisten the Rice flour and allow it to Rise of itself Over night no yeast or baking powder being used. Add Salt and Roll into thin crackers. part of the country has Trio heaviest snowfall for the season o. B. S. heaviest snowfalls in the United states occur in the Central portions of Tho Sierra Nevada of California. It is impossible to state the exact locality having the heaviest snowfall but amounts for a single season above 700 inches have been reported from the station at Summit on Tho line of the South kidney trouble becomes serious suffered with severe head ache backache and paths in my legs and under my shoulder Blade. My kidneys and bladder were in bad condition. I was weak and nervous and Felt tired and worn out. Walking Mado to Short of breath. Every morning my face and hands were bloated medicines failed to help my condition and doctors advised an of oration writes Maggie Nelson Moss Dale Fla. Fortunately i about Foley kidney pills. Ern Pacific Railroad running Between Sacramento calif., and Reno Nevada. The heaviest snowfalls recorded there occurred in the Winter of 1879-80 and was 783 inches All by bards sterile a. S. V. the mule and Many other hybrids Are usually sterile there Are some known exceptions. Hybrids of hares and rabbits have continued fruitful for generations and also hybrids obtained from the wild Buck and the she Goat. wrote More popular hymns Isaac Watts or diaries Wesley d. S. A. a list of one Hundred widely used hymns Charles Wesley appears As the author of nine and Isaac Watts As the author of five. Many Heaters arc there in London a. T. G. has 45 Heaters and 38" music Halls and variety theaters-83 in All and also hns 790 other places motion pictures Heaters and Public Halls that Are licensed for Public entertainment. discovered hypnotism h. H. B. has been known and practice for Ages but the word hypnotism was originated by or. James braid of England who gave Public exhibitions in 1841. is it that has no shape but docs have size m. A. G. much Force is exerted by Waves when they Are i a nning High or. T. Tho construction of breakwaters where they May be assailed by Waves from 10 to 20 feet High it is estimated that the Impact of the wave on Tho Structure May be As High As 6,000 pounds to the Square foot. In not nearly so great. liquid has size but not shape if poured out on a level table is covers the entire Bur face and will fill All depressions but its upper surface will be Unur form and level. In a Large body of water this level conforms to the curative of the Earth. it True that a mad dog will not touch water i. 1. so called water test of hydrophobia is nonsense. The mad dog is often very fond of water he a thirsty and rushes into water thrusts his head into it but he May have great difficulty in swallowing it the act of swallowing usually bringing about severe convulsions. N0m0ney Down simply Cut this Advt. Out and Sand it in with your name and address. A will ship you Thia Sweet Home electric Iron and stand promptly by express pay Only express charges on delivery. Then if pleased and delighted if convince that you have the beat electric Iron made a any Price remit $1.75 in ten Days and is a month for four months,-$5.75 in All Leai than the Cash Price of inferior Irons in stores if you Are not entirely satisfied return Irot and stand within ten Days at our expense qua Kfir Valley mfg. Company Tho open sea the Force exerted is Odom a St Aurora Illinois Norma reduces High blood pressure then you can sleep Soi ind and dizzy spells and nervousness disappear. If you have High blood pressure it s mighty comforting to know that you can reduce it to Normal with a harmless and purely vegetable remedy called Norma now sold by w. H. Graham and Good druggists everywhere " thousands of men and women have High blood pressure and Don t even suspect it but that it is a serious condition is proven by the fact that applicants for life insurance that have it Are rejected. Perhaps you Tye one of the Lucky ones with Normal blood pressure but it you have dizzy spells shortness of breath hot flashes headache

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