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Sandusky Register Newspaper Archives May 20 1923, Page 1

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Sandusky Register (Newspaper) - May 20, 1923, Sandusky, Ohio It -1 f Clu Skye associated press 1 service by leased wire. ? ? ? Sandusky s oldest business institution founded 1822-accurate Stock produce Grain and live Stock Market reports vol. 10 1. . 12 0. Sandusky. Ohio sunday May 2 0, 1 9 2 3 final de i t i 0 n ? ? p r t c f.  three cents daily r 1 u a i. Eight cents St Ebay to banish traitors n Turkey act will safeguard Christian in Asia minor is belief. Illy the associated press Njau Sank May 19-Ono Hundred and fifty prominent turkish Uros lems including probably Fortnot Sultan Mohammed i will become men without a country under u decision the near last conference Ali Ituk today accepted a demand from it lev new turkish government for a protocol authorising the  banishment a no Molkar political leaders and confiscation their property As traitors.  a hat the men to be ban a lulled is to be delivered to the conference by is met Pasha head the Angora delegation. Allied spokesmen declared they agreed to the protocol in order to safeguard the whole project amnesty for the christians in Asia Miner. The Al Lea As a further conces i Ion agreed to liberate All turks arrested up to the opening the conference. The question the status foreign religious educational and charitable institutions in Turkey which in special importance to the United states because the numerous american schools hospitals and churches turkish soil was definitely settled by the conference today. The allies agreed to accept separate letters from Ismet Pasha the turkish foreign minister to the Heads the British French and italian delegations recognizing such foreign institutions and the special character the foreign schools. Is net refused to insert his recognition in the treaty itself As he deemed such a step incompatible with turkish National dignity. I met is expected to give Joseph c. Crew american minister to Switzerland who represents the United Stales Here a similar letter Assurance this subject when the present informal con not buttons Between the americans and turks Are transferred into official negotiations. Ismet s letters will recognize the institutions founded before october 1914, and express Turkey s intention benevolently to examine the status institutions established from the outbreak the War to the signing the treaty Here. The Greco Turk reparation crisis in the conference in continuing but the allies seem to be lessening the tension through efforts to find a solution. Americans face death unless brigands demand met tuesday county s Best Grade speller jilted by Washington Belle wedding Day British officer sails build diesel Auto engines run 50 Miles for 2\ cents is claim. By the Anoe to cd prent sax Francisco May 19-a miniature diesel engine for automobiles has been perfected by engineers the Bethlehem shipbuilding co. Here Joseph .1. Tynan vice president and general manager the corporation the coast announced today. The Engino will propel a Small automobile 50 Miles 2h cents Worth fuel Tynan said. It is already in operation at our Plant. One so horsepower was installed in an old automobile Standard make. We have run it several months and have eliminated All the difficulties that originally appeared. The fuel burned is a Light Oil the same As that now used in naval submarines. Such an Oil has far More heat units than gasoline and our devices enable the use these units. An added advantage is the elimination the gear shifts till the associated vet i new York May 19. Forsaking the olympic which he had reserved a honeymoon suite for his intended Bride Lieut. Frederick Wiseman Clark r. N., sailed Home today the steamship Orduna Declar Jing he still loved miss Nancy Hoyt Washington society Belle whose engagement to marry him was broken off last wednesday a few hours before the time set for the wedding. The olympic passenger list still carried the names . And mrs. F. A. Clarke but it was j explained the reservations had been cancelled a Sheet time before the breaking the engagement was announced. Lieut. Clarke said he had changed to the Orduna because his parents who came to attend the wedding had passage that ship. I Don t think we will Ever be he said when asked if there was an likelihood a later wedding. Are you bound for Home broken hearted he was asked. Broken hearted Well it s a terrible blow to me he replied. My folks always knew about that to said. Asked is miss Hoyt had returned his ring he exclaimed its a Damn Rotten show All life Wermers Are freed by two slayers released from Penitentiary upon order governor. B r the associated press cold Mill a May 19-two life Wermers were released from tin Ohio Penitentiary Here today upon the order governor Donachy who commuted their sentences to expire immediately. They were Rover c. Baker 39, Butler co convicted the murder his wife s Stepfather in 1013 and John Wheeler 60, Jackson co imprisoned for the Jilling a Man who accused him being intimate with his wife. Baker s term was commuted by Tho governor to 15 years and with time off for Good behaviour it sex p red today. Baker who had the distinction being the first prisoner Ever allowed to leave the state unaccompanied when he went to Lexington ky., to his Mother s bedside walked to the hate House unguarded today. He was told that he was free providing he stayed away from Butler co and abstained from the use intoxicating liquor. Recommendations for clemency in Baker s Case by former boards Pardon and parole were rejected by both governor Cox and Davis. Baker was received at the Penitentiary May 20, 1913. Mud Bank saves 5 from going Over Falls at Niagara by the associated press Niagara Falls n. Y., May 19-Only a mud Bank and Luck saved a party i i t Jom Chicago from being carried Over Niagara Falls in a Motorboat this evening. Tho Motorboat the Sunbeam is wheel by the Lasher Iron co Chicago. It was formerly a sub Chaser and was bought in new York recently refitted and brought up the Barge canal to Tonneau a. Captain George Murphy Chicago wast in command. This evening the Captain decided to make another Lap to Buffalo and spend the night there. I Don t want to say anything i the Motorboat was taken into the ing. To the Crew but they interpreted the signals As a Friendly Hail and continued their course. Lust below the intake for the Queenstown Power House Channel a Broad mud Bank stretches several Hundred feet into the River. The Motorboat grounded and stuck her Sharp nose into this mud and held fast a scant half mile from the Cataract. A Motorboat was rushed out from Chippawa and the Crew the Sunbeam taken ashore. A line was attached to the Sunbeam to prevent Ber Drifting away. About Tho controversy Between j our parents. It was a Complete Surprise to me. The wedding was to have taken place the 16th. We saw each other the lath end had luncheon together. The wedding was postponed at 6 30 j that night. J still love miss Hoyt. I would do anything for her and j i would give anything rather than to have had this 1 Lieut. Clarice said he wanted to deny emphatically that the matrimonial affairs miss hoofs sister mrs. Eleanor Hichborn Wylie who eloped several years ago j with Horace Vysie each leaving i behind a martial partner had j anything to do with the break. River and the Pilot being unfamiliar with the Channel proceeded North along the Canadian Shore in the direction the Falls. At Chippewa workmen the Hydro Plant piers waved a War sidewalk benches ordered removed As women object by the Antoci itch press Oxford o., May 19 mayor j. S. Hughes today ordered benches removed from sidewalks High St following a deluge complaints from women. These protests declare women the Village should not be compelled to pass a 20-foot filled with male two merchants recently installed new benches in front . Their stores. The protests did not mention whether students Miami University located Here comprised part the rubber neck $50, sies to appear in movies by that oct cd press j Clave land. O., May 1d-the face and general description John Leonard Whitfield hunted As the Slayer patrolman Den Nis Griffin will be flashed the j screen moving picture houses All Over the country before another week passes. This step was determine. Tonight when the Cleveland local the a voting picture machine operators Union ordered Glass slides this information and made ready i Day after he slashed both wrists to consider merger Auto companies Cleveland. May 19-directors the Winton co. this City automobile manufacturers will meet monday to consider merger with the Haynes Auto co. Kokomo ind. The merger if ratified will it is said include the Dorris automobile co. St. Louis. The Winton company has an authorized capital $2,500,000 which $2,3500,000 has been issued. Chinese to kill 4 to Speed negotiations threaten to shoot two americans and two britishers unless assured demands will be complied with. Fly the associated press it King May 19.-fifteen foreigners six them americans some Plieni ill Uli Beni weary bruised foot sore poorly fed and worse clod to no Gas Aso looking death in Tho face in Tho fast Zulu Lillis Shantung province As they approach the end their second week As captives the bandits who raided Trio Shanghai peking express near sue How May b. If the foreign and chinese governments Are unable to satisfy the brigands by tuesday that their Terma Tor the release the prisoners will be met and the Rob Ben chieftain makes Good his threat two the americans Ana two the britishers have Little More than 48 hours to live. They will be shot As a warning that the marauders mean to Force compliance with their demands steals babies just because she likes them Aan St. Paul. Mtan., May 19. Mildred Warre Nutt a 14-year-old girl has been arrested hereon charges kidnapping a baby from in front a department store where it had been left b Ita Mother in a basement where she lived the police found two other scantily Clad infants. She told the police Sho stole the babies because she loved them and they took the Placo a younger brother who died. Sandus Kian just Back from Europe believes another War Likely under their chief s ultimatum sent out saturday. Waro pleading for our lives and unless peking Washington and London realize that the Bandit Are ready to sacrifice then own lives and those All their cap1 i w in their fight for reinstatement in the chinese government immune from punishment to Are surely doomed is the statement made by Loo Friedman Ono the americans. In Shanghai tomorrow a mass meeting will be held to pass resolutions demanding the american and British govern rents guarantee the promises the chinese government to Tho outlaws. Two the chinese prisoners were thrown from the Cliffs this wee because their promised ransoms had not been paid and five others were shot in cold blood for failure to obey orders. Marcel Berube a Frenchman Shanghai yesterday was Given his Freedom with instructions from the Bandit Leader to go to peking and Lay before the chinese government and the foreign and diplomatic corps the desperate plight the 15 others. Advices from Tsao Chwang state that Mutiny is feared among the troops policing the Bandit zone. They have not been paid for Lis months and Are reported to to fraternizing with the outlaws even to the extent Selling the brigands the government ammunition they Cany. Today it was announced that Wuyu Lin minister communications who headed the Cen a trial government s delegation at i Tsao Chwang had abandoned his conferences with the outlaws when to received their latest dictum that All troops be withdrawn from Shantung province and that the Bandit forces said to aggregate upwards 8.000 men to constituted the provincial army. Attacks Day movie at meet / presbyterian committee report flays sunday movie. By the associated press Indianapolis May 19-presbyterians the United states America today received a report from the committee Sabbath Observance demanding that the movies clean up and Clear out the lord s will ii. Hays president the motion pictures producers and distributors America who is attending the Assembly As an elder the Church was absent from the Hall attending a committee meeting when . Harry l. Bowl by president the lord s Day Alliance attacked the sunday movie shows. The controversy Between the Ultra conservative and progressive factions was quiet today due to the absence William Len rings Bryan Leader the fundamentalists. Bryan is coming Izick to make two addresses evolution and the fundamental interpretation the Bible tomorrow. By the associated pre Boulder --col., May 19 damages totalling $50,000 against the order railway conductors and Tho brotherhood railway trainmen were awarded r. F. Jones conductor the Denver and interurban r. R. By a jury in District court Here yesterday. Attorneys for Tho railway bodies gave notice Appeal. Jones alleged that Tho railway unions had been instrumental in obtaining his discharge eight years ago and had prevented him from obtaining regular employment since. " to life by adrenalin Fly the associated press Baltimore. Md., May 19 adrenalin saved the life a Newborn baby physicians at Franklin Square Hospital Here said today adding that Tho infant was dead for 15 minutes after its birth five Days Aero. When the baby was born last monday physicians tried every usual Means encouraging the heart action but without Success. An injection adrenalin web made close to the heart and in a a few minutes the flush life overspread the Little body. Today the child is declared to be Normal and has every Chance for life the child is the daughter we j. Jacelin Baltimore. Cincinnati men were graduated from the Cincinnati Eclectic medical College at commencement exercises j tries to kill self by slashing wrists Dayton seb Mietki 31, in in Miami May 19-Emerich was reported by Valley Hospital to to Forward them to Union Headquarters in new York City whence they will be distributed to every Section the country As Talice direct. Baptists endorse Seminary for negro Kansas City. May 19-the Southern Baptist convention in session Here today endorsed the establishment a Seminary for negroes in Nashville term., and approved plans for the erection a $2,000,000 Hospital in Stew Orleans. Marathon dances were characterized As the latest form nauseating Clara Phillips is identified Tegucigalpa. Honduras May 19-the woman being held Here As Clara Phillips Tho California Hammer murderess has been definitely identified by Deputy sheriff Walter j. Hunter who arrived Here from los Angeles. She will be taken Back to los Angeles where Sho escaped from jail last december the Steamer Colombia leaving Mapala May 30. With a pocket knife while in the Wash room a downtown theater. Schmeitzel was discovered bleeding profusely from the wounds by two boys. To refused to Tell Why lie tried to take his lilt. , . G. Leek has entered the race for the Republican nomination for mayor in opposition to mayor c. C. Curtis who is seeking re election. Escape with payroll. Philadelphia pa., May 19 two unmasked bandits today held up an automobile containing three employees the Nelson valve company at Wyndmoor and robbed them $8,800, the week s payroll the company. The bandits escaped. Midd1jstown, Cora b. Anderson for the last five years superintendent the Middletown City Hospital has re a free Canning Booklet is waiting for every woman who will take the trouble to write and ask for it. This department agriculture Booklet explains the modern improved method putting up fruit and vegetables so that they will keep perfectly. It also gives tested recipes for preservers Butters jellies conserves and marmalade. During the Canning season no Kitchen should be without this authoritative help to housewives. Send for a copy today. Enclose two cents in Stamps for return postage. Write your Narne and address the lines the Coupon. Co Frederic j. Haskin director. The Sandusky Register information Bureau. Washington do i enclose herewith two cents in Stamps for return postage4 a free copy the can Ling Booklet. Name. Street i. City. State. I is the hate Between Franco and Germany would make that Between Tho North and South Ireland look Ike a Side Tho speaker was j. R. W Alton 514 Hancock St who returned w Sandusky last week alter his seventeenth trip to Europe since 1914. Another War Between France and Germany is inevitable in Franco continues the policies which have guided her since the. Singing the armistice. Walton believes. Tins belief is borne out by the mass germans he says who admit that they were wrongly led into the last War but who feel that Tho course France will Lead to a repetition past horrors. Patriotic speeches Are heard All Over Germany wherever a person May go Walton said. Antagonism the German people is no directed at England and America for towards them they have the warmest feeling. Toward France however1, a deep feeling enmity brought about by hostile acts since the armistice is observed every hand. France is alienating the Friend fhe weather Kok cast for Ohio show cry Ami probably sunday i monday generally fur and cooler. Washington. May 19-weather oui look for week beginning monday Region great lakes considerable cloudiness occasional showers moderate temperature. Highest temperature yesterday 74 same Date last year. 55 lowest temperature pesto Rudy 52 same Dale last year. 53 precipitation yesterday. 0 same Date last year.0.g7 humidity 8 . A noon. 03 Sun rises today 5 08 Sun sets today .7 46 observations taken at 8 p. M. A d a be a 0 h 5 . wind and weather station. Abilene a clr____88" 6_64-Io 0 Chicago a clr____76 78. 56 22 Denver be clr74 78 50 14 0 Duluth be rn.48 50 38 36 .20 Galveston be Clr.78 82 74. 0 Huron new cly56 62 co 16 .02 Jack Vqllese cly.74 82 68 10 1.2j8 Liness England by her course action. The ill feeling began when France threw her Down Tho Turkey question and it give.-, Promise going still further unless tha country changes Hei plans. Although England cannot to said to be exactly sympathetic to Germany there is a feeling sportsmanship and a desire to give the Defeated country a Chance Walton said. Britain feels that France wants to dominate Europe just As Germany tried to do. It is not the reparations Money that they want but their object is to hold Germany Down. When great Britain wanted v. Conference with France and Tho United states in an Effort to put Germany in a position to up her obligations France would not Walton said. Tho most common question continued Page 2, column 4. " a one exciting night at the Plaza theatre sunday May 27-limited engagement seven pairs tickets we d be Given away free to see this picture. Turn to Tho classified Page for further details. The Best method the wonderful result fullness the wants has led thousands people to make use them when it comes to seeking a position searching for people to fill a position every body turns to the wants. The wants likewise Are very result Ful for buyers Sellers landlords tenants losers finders and those who would Exchange. The wants have proven to be the Best method accomplishing Many things. Memphis. Be cly7g 82 6g Miles City. Be. Cly.64 64 00 Phoenix a clr92 94 62 Portland a cly62 62 go St Louis a pc by. .78 82 04 14 3 l City be cly.76 78 64 Iii due a -. A cly00 74 82 4 Frisco a Clr,56 60 2 32 s s Marie be cly.58 72 4j 14 0 0 0 .26 0 0 0 v v. Register ads Are read the first thing in Theon orning and work All Day Long. You Eon ran a classified and in the Register for As Little As 18c.  phone your want ads to main 12 raise fund to Aid orphans school tragedy by the associated press j Camden s. A May 19-funerals the last Tho victims . The Cleveland school House fire wore held today at and Antioch churches near Here and after a a final Check county authorities placed the death list at 75. T. M. Humphries one Tho injured succumbed during the Day and it was announced that 74 persons were killed outright. Citizens the county began working in Earnest today to Earo for those made dependent by the disaster and the first Day s Campaign brought in a fund $5,000. A plan for insuring Tho education children left helpless was worked out and farms left in their hands by the death their parents will be supervised by men employed by the Relief agencies. Grocer shoots self Springfield o., May 19 albeit Atchison 41, grocery keeper shot himself through the left lung this morning in an attempt to take his own life. He is expected to die. Atchison told Hospital attaches that he had been in 111 health and was worried by his business. Akron the Akron chamber Commerce will leave May 23 in busses for a Trade tour neighbouring cities. Heretofore Tho trips have been Mado in special trains. Photo by Bishop. Jean fish. Jean fish pictured above won the Erie co spelling contest held May 12 in the High school auditorium and was presented with a Gold medal by the Reg Ter and a valuable dictionary by the citizens banking company. Jean is the daughter mrs. Ada fish Milan a Memmler the Erie co Hoard education. She went into the contest to win and spent Many weary hours studying for the spelling Bee under Tutelage her Mother. Jean is 10 years old. Oil company s officer held is arrested upon opening office in new York. It Tho associated press new York May 19-agents the department Justice today arrested Gordon Ingalls and his brother George Edmund Ingalls the Oil Fields corporation Dallas Texas for removal to Texas to answer an indictment charging them with using the mails to defraud investors. Gordon alleged to to president the Oil concern arrived Here with his brother last week and opened offices Madison a. The frauds which the Brothers Are accused were said by the Federal agents to involve valuation various stocks. The complaint signed by Federal agents alleged that the Brothers knowingly had misrepresented the value the stocks Richard Leader s Mineral deeds Robert Edmond s Mineral deeds and tre Kosso ownership poll. Kill Auto St in dry raid take Day agents in custody after shooting. By the associated press Toledo May 19-Theodore doughnuts Myers 35, was shot to death at noon today by Constable Moore Manclovia when Meyers resisted arrest while Mon Cloven. Constables were conducting a series raids Here. Myers occupied a Coupe which is said to have contained a gallon whiskey. Constable Moore accompanied by George Betz was n another car when he shouted to Myers to Stop. Myers is said to have ignored the commands the Monclova constables who opened fire. The Toledo an collapsed after a Bullet struck him in the Chin. The dry agents were taken to Central police station by City detectives. Hunt for Whitfield fruitless tip comes Slayer is seen near Warren in Woods. Cleveland May 19. The nation wide Hunt for the Slayer patrolman Dennis Griffin swung into its second week saturday with Little apparent Progress made the Trail John Leonard Whitfield his 14-year-old girl companion in flight and his Blue Jordan roadster. Even the manifold tips which have reported the appearance the couple and their car in widely separated sections country each Day since Tho search began had diminished and police were pinning their main Hope the persisting theory that Whitfield May be in new York state somewhere near Syracuse heading by a Cir curious route for the Atlantic Seaboard. Marie Price the girl who accompanied the Slayer his departure from Cleveland is Only 14 years old. Seeks slip police think. Police regard additional tips As establishing a fairly Well defined course flight. They believe that Whitfield May have fled Westward first As far As Toledo and there changed his mind doubling Back sharply in a southeasterly direction to Nelsonville And Homer City. A. Then he might have gone North into new y Ork state travelling mostly by night and resting by Day in an Effort to gain the sea coast and a. Haven safety aboard an outgoing vessel they think. A squad police from Warren o., was searching the roads Northeast that City saturday following a report from a Farmer that he had seen a Man he believed to resemble pictures Whitfield drive out a thick Wood in a mud spattered Blue car with a woman. Asked Way to Cortland. The Farmer told a police desk sergeant that he saw Tho couple first at about 10 30 a. M. And that they stopped a few minutes later to ask him the direction to Cortland. Both looked unkempt and dishevelled As if they had been camping out for several Days he said. When he told them the Way to Cortland the Man in the car pointed in the opposite direction and said that s the Road to Warren in t it the Farmer replied that it to. I Don t want to go there be quoted the stranger As saying Cortland s a Small Village in t it the Farmed answer in the affirmative again and the car started off in the direction Cortland. Reports received Friday said the Blue car and its two passengers had been seen in Syracuse and several neighbouring villages in new York state. Other reports had come earlier from Nelsonville o., Homer City pa., and Cedar Grove w. A. enemies in Spanish War will West Point Fly the associated press Washington May 19.-the names Frederick Funston United states at Large and Emillo Aguinaldo philippine islands appear Tho list successful candidates for admission to the military Academy next Juno. Thus will Tho son captor and Cap Alvo in to concluding. Dramatic Sceno Tho philippine insurrection to classmates for four years at West Point. Young Funston son and namesake the late major general Frederick Funston was appointed by president Harding according to custom with regard to Tho sons High army officers who seek to follow their fathers into the service. The Young filipino son Don Emilio Aguinaldo Leader the uprising the filipinos first against the Spanish and afterwards against the americans received his appointment under the Law which permits one filipino to to sent to West Point each year to be trained for service As an officer the philippine scouts. Plan to nominate judges non partisan ticket to " be discussed at bar meet he the associated press Colum bus May 19-a plan for Tho nomination judicial candidates a non partisan ticket la expected to to evolved by Tho state bar Assoc tuition at its annual meeting at Cedar Point july 10. 11 and 12, it was announced Here today at a meeting the executive committee the association. While judges now Are elected a non partisan ticket they Are nominated partisan tickets at the primaries. Redrafting the Laws disbarment at attorneys ton the bar ass Claton also will to taken up at Tho july meeting Tho committee announced. Tho reorganization plan the association would make it similar in its general makeup to Uio state medical association under which any action taken by the state association would rep resort a summation Tho action the local associations in the88 counties the state. Sub commit ties will Craft the new disbarment Law and the plan for Uio nomination jul editor score Justice Taft \ _ socialists ask impeachment for accepting annuity. I0y the associated press new Yorac May 19-a demand for the impeachment William h. Taft. Chief Justice the United states for accepting an alleged annuity 510.000 from the Carnegie corporation and an attack upon the Lenine and Trotzky Brand russian communism by Alexander Cahan editor the jewish daily Forward featured the opening the National convention the socialist party today. Cahan declared that Trotzky was a big bombastic windbag but be believed he was sincere and that Lenine s physical breakdown was duo in great part to his moral incapacity. Tho Resolution aimed at chief Justice Taft was adopted unanimously but none the delegates expressed views the subject. The committee resolutions was instructed to obtain co operation trades unions and other bodies in making the demand for . Taft s impeachment nation wide its scope. Stave examiner finds Irish is Short $1j38m  inv the Jelste Chalul press Columbus o., May 19-a finding $1,138.90 against Frank a. Irish former recorder s Deputy Lorain to representing fees which he is alleged to have personally retained was made today by state examiner Irvin Young. Tho examination waa made for the period oct. 26 1921 to May 2. 1923. When advised the finding by. State examiner Young according to the rep i Irish promised to turn the amount his shortage into the Treasury but failed to do so and later disappeared. Deputy recorder William Moltu a Ell paid the amount due into Tbs. County Treasury my 7. Irish was covered by a t2, Bond. 50,000 Marks for $1 new York May 19--Gernjany Marks fell to a new Low figure., in Tho foreign Exchange Market Here today. Be ing quoted at ,o019s7r cent apiece Otozo than 50.000 for $1. Today s figure was it new Tow for All time Marietta. Convention a r mi0m to. I 77

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