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San Saba News Newspaper Archives Oct 7 1926, Page 1

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San Saba News, The (Newspaper) - October 7, 1926, San Saba, Texas Official publication of the Bend Pecan growers association an by a Smith 8an san october 8 volume 52 40 wednesday 13 Earl y november f in p to All be cwt grower advertisers should will be illustrated will Many most ambitious Enterprise Ever undertaken by the san Saba be the special Pecan Day Edi ton to be issued in the Early part of this Issue of the carry special articles on the Pecan Indus try by a Large number the Recan enthusiasts of this this state the United these Arti Ojea will be illustrated with Pecan scenes and features showing the Dif Ferent phases of the development of the Pecan Industry in san Saba county and the entire in this Effort the news will have the Hearty endorsement and cooperation of the Bend Pecan growers As this is the Livest and most Active Pecan organization in especially from the marketing stand next week a representative of the news will begin calling on you for advertisements to appear in this spec Ial Issue and the cooperation of the business interests of Tho entire county will make this the greatest exploitation for the san Saba Trade territory Ever issued from tie news Pecan Day in san Saba this year is to be the biggest Day in the town for a Long the movie peo ple will have a representative Here and on this occasion the san Pecan will Brealie Rintz tre by byte world and be screened to the populace far and further announcements will be made next week and from time to Zumot Well 1 now past 500 feet there is not much noise being made about it and May be lots of people had forgotten that there is an of veil going Down near san the Drill is going daily except sunday in Ihnot 1 in the Rocky pasture and last saturday was past the 500 feet the Wall is making a Beautiful log and if the expectations of expert geologists come True there is going to be an Oil Well producing in san Saba before the new year resolutions Are to be made and the Graves of the unknown soldiers we do not have to go to washing Ion or Franco to see Tho Graves of the unknown because we have them Here in every burying place in Tho Moat of How Are in the new about half a mile from the due to of the last resting places of some of our Best citizens who have justifies their being called the Graves of the unknown their daughters and grandchildren now Liv ing have no Conception of the priya tons and hardships their parents endured for their think of it get and at All times subjected to raids of the when the Railroad came to it took Only a week to go and a week to come Back with oxen with horses or about half that of course the stage line did but that Cost ten cents a or More than Twenty dollars to Austin and in those Days we got mail Onca a the rising generation knows nothing about hardships their parents endured for that is Why i say that the obvious neglect of some of the Graves of those pioneers is shame and a i have attended funerals at All three of the san Saba and Al though not of Wood have seen my Best friends gone i respect them now and always we need More women like the Daugh ters of the late Jamea for eighteen Long years they have never failed to pay homage at the grave of their father and have kept the family burial plot Chevrolet 18 making career at sea not satisfied with playing a Lead ing Rote on the automobile motor has now taken up a career at away up on the of president which bailed recently from san Francisco for the is an Iron on the it is water watertight Ani strongly built to protect its contents from Rea and inside and the House is neat and shipshape and the chief Engineer is the Only person aboard with a key to this Cabin known As the auxiliary room houses an electric Power Plant operated by a Chevrolet for emergency use in Case of an Accident should every thing else on shipboard fail or be be Low water this motor generates electricity for the wireless set for around the it is one thing that passengers and Crew May depend upon in Case of for As Long As there is a spar above water the auxiliary will it is entirely ind Epen Lent of the ships regular machinery and will operate without interruption supplying current for distress Calls and Strong Light for launching the Small while in these Days the possibility of a disaster at sea is practically the auxiliary room gives an added feeling of chief electrician Armstrong of the president Lincoln opens up the Little Cabin once a week to test the emergency this feature of modern steamship travel indicates the degree of Perfec Tion to which automobile motors have been it is nothing Short marvelous that those faltering pieces of mechanism which first propelled automobiles less than three decades have been so perfected As to be selected now to serve As lifesavers in Case All else farm boys go to Dallas fair Satur 16 the farm boys of san Saba Mills counties will go to the state fair in Dallas next october there will be special coaches on the track at Goldthwaite to carry them All the Goldthwaite Cham Ber of Commerce will treat the boys to a banquet in the evening and be thru in time for the night the Small sum of will cover the entire expense of the trip to the fair and this will include a lot of the sights at the there Are still a lot of boys in san Saba county away out in the country districts who would be made Happy for a life time by this if the has never been to Che fair this is an Opportunity for a wonderful Borden Aylor has the thanks of news for a copy of the the weekly publication of the Borden is one of the Saba boys the the first year and he is liking the work and the brotherhood at Cherokee hitting it up Friday the Wesley brotherhood of the methodist Church at Cherokee is plan Ning a great entertainment Friday night of this the plans con template barbecued meats and All the accessories in the Way of ice together with musical numbers and this is one of the live brotherhoods in this which has the largest number of Broth Rhods of any county in the Lampasas District of the West Texas county going on hogs Zack Sullivan who lives on rough Creek bought two Brood sows from Carter last from these two sows he has sold Worth of hogs and has plenty left to furnish meat and lard for the family another one Day this week he brought a sow and a Bale of Cotton to for the sow he got and for the Bale of Cotton it is easy to figure which Cost the most to pro More sheep and poultry is the slogan for the san Saba county first presbyterian Church Sabbath school study of the morning worship com evening worship the kingdom of this is the first of a series of sermons on this very interesting and important come with us and we will do thee Risien and Richard Dix in too Many kisses at the Majestic theatre next monday san Saba men buy real estate on coast Rich and Walter Isham went to South Texas last just to see is messes Crain and Rich were so Well pleased with the country that they invested to the extent of some acres of As Fine land As a Crow Ever flew these men will still make their Homes in bounding san Saba and will speculate in the South Texas Florida storm Vic Tims visit daughter near san Saba Ben wife and arrived last week in the family car from and spent a few Days visiting daughter and of to this family is kindly remembered in san where they have Many these people were living in Miami and suffered the ravages of that most destructive of All Tropic storms in the Western they say the half has not been told in the news for it was impossible to give an accurate they were in one of the Large apartment houses of that magic some distance from the water those storm Waves rolled Over the reefs and made of Bisbane Bay a part of the rolling Atlantic Ocean and the Waves swept Over a great portion of the the roof of the House they were in was torn off and water swept Down the stairway like a mighty the rain foil in torrents and the wind blew destructive in 1898 Miami was a Small town and the Royal Palm hotel was the grandest and most pretentious tourist hotel on the Florida the news Man soldiered with the Camp in Miami during the summer of 1898 and was camped adjoining the Royal Palm that was a Beauty spot with the Boom it has been cultivated and made More the hotel was badly damaged and the Park was a Totaj some half a dozen Small ships being lifted out of the Bay landed in this Park Tho Beautiful Palm Trees Are said to be a perfect i guess that old Battle ground Camp is not what it used to i guess the old Park would hardly be recognizable now to Ben Worth an jus Pete Booth Seth Irvin Pool and some of the boys who column righted around there a Long time when we were trying to get off to attend the will Trent funeral at Goldthwaite and de Dickerson at the funeral service of will Trent in Goldthwaite last these two families had been close and inti mate friends for Many years and Dickerson reports one of the longest funeral processions Ever seen in that organization of san Saba City pastors association monday morning meeting at the presbyterian Church Mccall waa elected Mchenry and Marsh Constitution and by Laws were read and adopted and some resolutions this Organiza Tion have its regular meetings at the presbyterian Church on the 1st and 3rd mondays of each month for the present at Constitution adopted this organization shall be known As the san Saba City pastors Asso i the officers of this association be a Secretary and treasurer the term of office to be six the membership shall consist of the ministers of san who make application to become members of the association and Are elected by the association at a regular the regular set meetings shall be on the 1st and 3rd mondays of each Mccall chairman Mcinenry clerk Richland Blue jackets swoop Menard Menard crushed 23 to 0 beat by Long end runs and perfect inter Tererence by Blue jacket machine in a slow game the Richland Springs Blue jackets won their first game of the 1926 season from Menard 23 to the game was played in a Strong wind which made punting and passing very both clubs were evenly matched in weight and until the third Quarter it was a question As to who would win the Menard won the toss and elected to defend the South goal with a Strong wind at their Tomb kicked off for the Blue jackets to the Menard fifteen Yard the two teams lined up on Menard fifteen Yard the two teams lined up and Menard rained the Blue line for two first Downs before they could be Cox fumbled the punt and Menard recovered on the Richland Springs 28 Yard things looked dark for the Blue but Here they stiffened and held for the first Quarter ended with the Ball in Rich lands Possession on the Menard 35 Yard score Richland Springs Menard in list of progressive Community works w8 of club four school di8trict8 now organized with Good entertainment at Ever y no Are it in educational and entertaining another tree wedding about one and a half Miles North West of san possibly centuries from some unknown source Small Acorn made up its mind to to come More than a tiny moving around in the so he put his application in to the University of was and the god Given environments of Oak life were after its and the Little round Balla Cornegan to swell and Dio in order to be permitted to live again in a new experience and world of like every other thing in infancy this Acorn did not know either the Joys or sorrows which he should meet in order to reach the great goal to which he Many twisting storms were which should for the trying and making of the and Many thirsty and tired passersby would rest under his out spreading branches in the Long sum Mer Days of his great big this tree is one of the most Ful Oaks that we have Ever seen and it Haa a very romantic one of the chief duties of this prominent in has been to wit Ness for god the solemnity of the obligation of the holy Bonds of mat last sunday evening just As the Sun was making her Beautiful setting be Hind a Western Cloud a group of ser ious souls were gathered under her Coustry limbs to witness the solemn and binding obligation we will Cleave unto each other and to each other until almighty god separates us by the contracting parties were Turnipseed and miss Vera Mae of the Pecan Grove Mchenry pastor of the Baptist was the officiating the following group of friends at tended the wedding Harry misses Francos Janie Ter Azalea Mabelle Maggie Cook Goldia Ruth Ruth Snow Bussio Wiley Hamrick and after an informal Hearty greeting to the Bride and Groom they took their the san Saba chamber of com Merce has completed four Community organizations that will meet on the following dates second tues Day in each month China Sec Ond wednesday in each month Alge the second thursday in each month the second Friday in each the officers of the Bend Community Are Frank president Fred Roy the directors Are Bill Bill Ida the officers of the China Creek the Blue team opened up their offensive plays and rushed the Ball to 20 Yard on the next play Spurlock shot off right tackle for the first touchdown of the Toombs kicked score Richland Springs Menard the Menard yellow jackets were fighting hard and at times gave the spectators Many thrills when they hit the Blue line for Good the half ended with Richland Springs in 6 Yards of another both teams came Back at the end of the half with new Menard kicked off to Richland Springs who returned to their 45 Yard Cox Iii left tackle for four Yards and on he next play Glenn right half for Richland twisted his Way around right end for 20 Yards and first the Back Field was giving Good interference and As a re sult menards ends were circled quite Coffey at Center and Turley at end were playing a Good Brand of featuring in almost every at this stage of the game Richland Springs started a great offensive drive Down the Terry Spurlock reeled off Good gains which carried the Ball to menards fifteen Yard where they were finally stopped and tombs drop kicked a Field making the score 10 to 0 continued on Page four departure for a Happy Cotton ginnings increased Over last year there wore 1436 Bales of ginned in san Saba county prior to september As compared to 1414 Bales ginned to september Carl special Community Are press Dent Vic president miss Ruby the directors Are Walter John Huff Harper Perry and rain Algerita has the following officers Rua president Jim Vic president Sec the directors elected were Heck Leon Prather and Silas Shiloh Community has the following officers stump Vic president the directors Are Lester Raymond Holcomb and Victor the Algerita Community was organized october the meeting was held at the school horse and was Well there being about As Many people having to stand As those who could secure the entertaining features were the string the two ukulele solos and intermingled with talks from citizens from the Algerita Community and san Tho speakers on the program were Bill Secretary of the chamber of who presided and explained the purpose of the meeting then called on who further elaborated upon the value of the Community Baxter made an arousing five min Ute talk fully approving of the Community Bill whose whole heart and soul is for the Community Organiza san Saba featured in Houston daily paper last sunday the Houston pos dispatch for last sunday showed up san Saba county beautifully in the Phot Graveur Sec Tion of that it was splendid picture of Bass caught in Wallace where the fishing is one of the wonderfully undeveloped resources of this Wallace Creek is one of the most Beautiful streams in All the Cumberland presbyter Ian Church service there will be preaching at the cum Jerland presbyterian Church next morning and october and the Public is cordially invited o All the Brown of and Clint Low and miss Oln Grantham of Brownwood were visitors in the Home of and Brown in san Saba re turning Home monday after the Wood and Brown of the Richland Springs Section were in the county seat monday of this week and report a Good rain sunday explained some of the benefits that the Community would derive from some of these regularly monthly Tom Cummings of Alge Rita made an excellent talk in favor of the Cecil of the Cotton City drug Storo o san Gabai made a Short talk stating that the merchants of san Saba wanted to help the farm ers of san Saba county and Felt that after the completion of the ten Community organizations that the Mutual benefits derived from these meetings would be for the communities and san miss Edythe Rich expression teacher and director of the senior girls ukulele made a Short string composed of Houston cashier of the of the assistant City National Steve Tinner and plumber with the s Taylor hardware Hart Dunna Hoo of the Mayhew produce and Otto of Ren dered several excellent numbers Dur ing the the senior ukulele club composed of miss Edythe Cynthia Genevieve Nell and Flora Belle with Clementine Hendricks As rendered two excellent numbers and one of their numbers featuring miss Nell Oliver As a both num Bers were highly appreciated by the Bill gave a Reading and following this Cecil accompanied by miss Clora Pridgeon Sang two Beautiful Smith has a most excellent voice and her solos were highly appreciated by the the Junior ukulele better known As the Overall club is a continued on Page five

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