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San Francisco call (Newspaper) - November 19, 1899, San Francisco, CaliforniaA tote social evil in san of Taney 5 a Francisco is confronted by a most Graze problem of social Sci. A it considered and erty owners an business infer residence in the interest in the should Munda in Francisco its. In that must be Law in conflict with them should be repealed. As for nymphal Eft or. That of court a a Houm to suppressed. 11 a can. It 1 ivc ancient 1�?T it Mph brought to cur <1i is under the gulag of a modern j ,. Corporal n. The police should a Given pm a of thief of ppr Fiirst the won in in Fth. Pat scat to have leu Lars n which t by Are a am to Havo Hoen teh a advantage of in the nymphal a Romeo. With the i it nor of the police the health inspector stretched Over a his evil. It May at least he kept within i Lounds prevented from becoming a permanent a fact the a invoked my the it of san a Queses be in forma state Cei moral of is the Large cities of the and of the world. The time immemorial a ered the proper moral Laze of the to her ministers in it n _ Ltd / the whole a heart the Cir metro Tain i the eyes of United states a Church from a a As been consid exponent of the Community and Falls the duty of menace to the Community. Per. William Rader. Pastor third congregational Church the Ryli is 5n 5 Nior spa it the neglect-.1 prot a n the Economy. To it of a a i a either supremely indifferent a a ably intolerant a to met to j it has Leen punished by death Corfi it a Dorment. Flogging and Oil it the a a Verity of Judaism was almost equated by the penalties of the Thor t son la and sixteenth centuries. It has been prohibited segregated and ref at l. To a very pint extent All of tics policies have been stupendous failures. The attempt to suppress pros tit a to i was As 1 a a failure in the jewish theocracy and Rome As it is in san Francisco. Segregation with it strip t conditions has net been a Success. Fallen women were relegated to the Skott a. But the ghetto became a hell of lawlessness. To regulate this evil was the ambition Man the right of moral Law and the wrong of social evil. It becomes of Gator x with the press As servitors if the people it it it of municipal Greece. And in in Vogue to. ,., a. In i arts. A Quot run. Vienna. St. . Before their try words of the pit a r6 and other it a t it in clergy upon this present question in order that the Cit Sens Max better understand the evil with which they Art threatened and take Steps by which it May be averted. Rev. Robert Mackenzie . A pastor first presbyter Larj Church. Tom discuss an of such a theme a the a Odal a it is not to my liking but there it occasions such As the one at hand Sertier. It becomes tha duty of Cne in the ministry to contribute to the general illumination of the subject what Light there is in him. 2 close my eyes to the fart that the clergy Are in a Large a enss the moral As Wei a the spiritual guides of the Community and when a question which stalk strongly at Public morals Sutey a r it the Ore a m n1t#�r of the Goa Pei like mgt of it requested to Render the Aid of Hie View by a Broad minded and Public spirited journal such As the Call there is no Choice but to acted Hen 1 reflect it a a n that the Dis a x avoid co degree r of into the Wro on among the Dttoma Corrm Regar it i for this social c tit Pii i k t to a Pon Siule for its pres Rabie growth. In que i Fli a Tishee upon the ii people to Rice and int it status Silor ably difference of the Community. It would exist to nothing like the extent which now characterise it were it made odious by agitation. Agitation a the product of indignation of a of outrage and with Thia feeling rampant through the Community directed Agunat the evil it would certainly become contracted to much smaller Compass in the sphere of san Francisco life than it now oco Piea. Ban Francisco is now and will continue to is a great Corinth where Commerce will reign and where ships from Many rations Wir. Come and go. In thee vast a Marta to whatever time or stage of the world a Progress they have belonged prostitution has always been an attendant parasite experience Seema to Snow that in such it cannot be suppressed if we bad Here an unvarying body of Cit Lena. If pan Francisco were com prime.1 exclusively f Par. Franciscans we might to thoroughly or a Ltd morals no the Community that the foul class we told to Neeven out. But the fact la be arc be that san Rran Deeo a to be to a Largo like a River. Who Banks a Maln constant but Whoso Waters Are cont Jun a Eusley changing. Mer. And Womer. Gather Here daily from the ende of the Earth form for a few Days or Weeka a part of our population thee Paas Cut and a Way. 6uch people Church and Ita moral making effectually reach. Tet Theta Are largely the sustaining factors of Proa Tufton. In the presence of such a . Gov. A Sci rent a the Only thing to a Ible the Ope who sustain thie nuisance Lould be identified and held firmly in hand Polloe and the health authorities should Divide the reap visibility Between them and the places should be r#1��gat#d to a ail of has much in it favor. The evil itself it or. No More be crushed out of existence than murder or stealing or leprosy. The sooner people look Upen it in this Way the better. Your ardent supprcssion-1st lit know what he is talking about. His theory a Good but the hard facts of dec turtles Are against him. The testimony of the blood of six thousand years sweeps away h logic. Nobody in san Francisco pays much attention to the matter. It is driven from Street to Street and from locality to to Allty but the evil is not lessened. There is no Reform in this spasmodic Effort at of Oslig up the Dens of vice nobody expects the Laws to be enforced and they Are not enforced. The police laugh at our statutes. Uliey talk and write and occasionally make arrests but nothing is accomplished except the redemption of certain localities. The whole question of the evil is immeasurably More important than any of these local phases. It la a problem which is social political and religious it must be approached from the Domestic life from the standpoint of the Church and from the state. 1. us have Laws which. If enforced would it a Exve regulate the evil Mexico probably affords the Best example of re i Letlon if the mexican provisions could be faithfully App of in american cities or Good would be accomplished. 2. A More Christian attitude of Good to a toward their unfortunate Sisters. Women look with disdain upon of amp Len women Homes schools and often churches or socially closed to them. They Are indeed a abandoned a like wrecks upon the sea. But my a Are not. Christ put both on an Equality and taught the possibility of redemption to the outcast. If the Christian women of this City would Rake As much interest in prostitutes As they do in drunkards the problem would receive some Light. Causes and cures should be traced Back into the customs and dangers the Domestic life and to the increasingly weakened marriage Bond. As to this nymphal. I have never seen it and know nothing about the place except from hearsay. Men who run such a building for Money should be punch a. Cuch a Public rendezvous of vice plainly a violation of our Laws should be destroyed but its destruction will not affect the great evil beneath it. And this after All. Should be the object of our Reform Rev. Jacob Voorsanger rabbi congregation Mariuel. Tite a in stench of a Quot hotel Nymph la is a i a Vic Nch of the unsolvable character of certain problem which Enita a the Bertlon of �1 moral communities. Evil 1� a part of human nature and it is a question la a its whether restrictive leg Isle ton can wholly suppress it. Many of our social institutions Are restrictive in their character tending to educate society to a belief or a conviction that the indulgence of nature 1s unbecoming our higher ideas of and an offence to the ideals which govern the majority of the Community. But personal viol the indulge Noe of the flesh. In fact even characteristic that recalls Man e Pagan nature and his alienation from the standards of a civil moral society. Is conditioned by the responsibilities which the Community selects to assume legislation can control vice legislation has the right to determine that it shall be neither a sore la they a nor a stink in the nostrils of polite society. Legislation has the right to say that vice if it be absolutely impossible to uproot to. Shall o Aldo its face and be not seen of j those who Aro offended by la sight. That is not hypocrisy it be precaution if i admit my inability to uproot certain phases of vice i have at the same time a constitutional right to prevent my children from seeing it. Vice that is specifically the business of Tbs Bawd and the Beer bottle have recently increased in pan Francisco. It was unavoidable. If san Francisco Pride is stimulated by its position As the Gateway to the Orient it must be prepared to stand the consequent sea of an influx of population military and civilian that for the time being looks to vhf thestal morality of our people. The Quot nymphal Quot of a by Senesc Enterprise is the result of the influx of a transient population. It suggests something of the prok pm of the relation of War to pub to i Lafty. Tag and at the Samo time quickening into ample proof of this. There is abundant action a Long suffering Public sentiment Mcauth in this City for any such work. The work of the press in this connection and abundant disposition to use however. Is by no Means Complete. The it wisely and worthily. San Scarlet woman of san Francisco is not Francisco could raise a to be disposed of by the closing of a p Refuge fund of ample of her haunts in a Given part of the City. Of course what Public sentiment has done it can do again but the trouble with Public sentiment. _ is that when it of per. A indulged a Quot in a gush of clergymen of tr1s 70 to. Rev. E. A. Woods . Pastor first Baptist Church. The social evil has Long existed and still exists in All Large cities. It has not been perhaps cannot be fully eradicated. The same is True of Many other evils. But Laws against these evils have been enacted and should be executed As far and As fully As possible. To localize and attempt to control the social evil is in a sense to legalize that which is 1m \ moral and illegal. Laws attempting this have u been enacted in some american cities but they have failed to control All but the More open and shameless characters and not reach the Root of the evil it followed that the outraged moral sense of the Community demanded and secured their repeal. Euch legislation la itself a degeneration and belongs to Darker centuries and an unchristian age. An attempt to localize and protect crime is itself criminal. Such legislation would encourage evil by encouraging and maintaining a Public example of it in our j own City under Sanction of Law. The very a. Fact that such sins Are illegal and that their v Pra. Lice poses to arrest and punishment is a a great restraint esp ally upon those who f Are beginners in such evil ways. J that such sins result in disease is a loud warning to those who Are tempted to commit them. God has declared that a the Way of the transgressor is and to is not tot Man to make it easy by Legal enactments it is Law of our nature that he Quot who sows to the la in shall of the Llesh reap and to attempt to reverse this Law is both irreverent and foolish our Laws against such evils Are imperfect and inadequate but every arrest and punishment under these Laws Stamps such practices As disgraceful and criminal and is a safeguard of virtue. There is need of better and More rigid Laws for the Protection of the purity of society but until these can be secured the press and the pulpit of our City should unite in a demand for the execution of such prot eos to be Laws As we live. A Amuel Slocombe. Pastor fourth congregational Church. In recent Var the to Majied a Octal evil has come to a relearned As one of the Iochai problems that the Pree of san Francisco no longer fear to cuss. This is amp a should be provided the whole matter can be fully and Feeo it la understood that if the lie and unlawful project of the nymphal promoters is ultimately condemned by the courts they will seek Protection at the hands of the next state legislature of California therefore the leaders of local Public opinion in the line of goo to morals will do Well to prepare them a elves with Coplea of those abortive ring Gilleh statutes together with the history or the Public agitation which led to their ignominious abolition. San Francisco repute among Ner sister cities of the East has suffered because of her toleration of the Scarlet woman. But that is a thing of the past. Sleeves Are tucked up the Broom is in hand and the cleaning process has been vigorously begun let the goo#1 work go on. And let those who affirm prostitution to be a necessity he sternly thrust aside. Vice propagates vice and it is the duty of the body politic to suppress it. To this end should both legislation and administration he steadfastly applied. The policy of those who would pet and pamper the harlot secure her police Protection. Install her in gilded Halls endowed with All a j the seductive appliances of temptation. In treason against the Public weal and deserves the strongest reprobation of All decent citizens. In our prayers we say. Quot Lead us not into temptation hut deliver us from an l even the least a Elliou. If Good citizens will say a amen to tha prayer. For the mor a f our boys and must he reduced to a minimum and the sordid wretch a a we a Money by providing facilities for crime must Lee treate of civilised society and Good government. The place of a Public prison until they learn something of the Mot of outraged Public sentiment in a Christian woman and her bettors must be made to feel that govern this City. Who a 1 As enemies fell such is in be and Force. The Scarlet they cannot i. W. Lees chief of Folice of san Francisco it is neither my duty Norm province lation to meet the exigencies presented b As it obtain in san Francisco. My office Laws not to create them and in this disc refer to what has been done and con cute the particular locality Nance should be passed it a a a r a be changes and a Oral the Fly passionately dealt with a occasion a quires. Society suffered much and Long suffered in its very fiber and la for in obedience to tho mistaken sentiment that this question could not properly be handled by the Dally press. But in the closing erf Morton Street end other pestilent quarters infested by the Scarlet woman the press has taken a rigorous and honorable part to to Preis enthusiasm or a spasm of indignation it is quite Apt to a rest and be thankful Quot for to Long while. Later it May Wake up from a protracted slumber to find that the results of its previous virtuous efforts have b Een undone by the fear ton of a vigilant enemy. The present is a time when the Best moral sentiment of the Community needs to be kept a fake and on the watch. Illusive articles and plausible paragraphs in certain society papers arc just now circulating the rank est and most perilous heresies upon this question. It is said for example that such is the severity of our code of social ethics affecting the relations of the sexes that the Scarlet woman could not Reform if she would. A her whole life is forfeit by the unwritten Law of society As the dire penalty of her it is broadly intimated that she is not Only a victim of social conditions but a necessary evil and that even if she could be exiled her place would soon be filled by other victims of human passion and weakness. All i this and much More of the same kind Inte larded with such exclamations As a alas for the rarity of Christian Charity Quot is made to pave the Way to the ultimate suggestion that fallen women shall be confined to a Given area of the City and there kept under municipal guardianship and police supervision. The mischief lurking behind All this is twofold. In the first place the plausible ideas referred to profess to emanate from a lofty sentiment of compassion tor fellow women combined with a virtuous regard for the Public Well being and in the second place it is assumed not Only that the evil under discussion cannot be eradicated but that therefore in direct violation of statutory Law. It should be permitted sanctioned protected. Boms of the fallacious assumptions referred to May be sufficiently met in terms of Pointblank denial. It 1s not trash for example that there la no Venn of Retreat by which wayward girls and woman May return to a tvs of virtue and Honor if they desire. The history of what is ginned Refuge work to Large oittes affords proportions in a very Short space of time. Neither is it True that there is anything Peculiar or uncontrollable in the conditions of life in san Francisco tending to Force our youth into vicious ways. Girls virtuously disposed do not need to sacrifice their virtue f or bread and there is probably no Large City in All the Broad area of thai great nation in which it is easier for a Thrifty Young Man to marry and maintain a wife in Comfort a hat in san Francisco. It 1k a libel upon our fair City to affirm or imply that any of our boys or girls Are forced into vicious ways by the hard conditions of existence Here. Vicious training and environment deliberately fraught with temptation by vicious persons Are the social conditions to which our Young people Are victims and for these the body politic is largely responsible. An essential truth to be recognized in this connection is that what is termed the social evil is peculiarly sensitive to encouragement or discouragement. It shrinks before oppressive agencies or grows rank upon indulgence. Considered in the Light of this truth our Laws bearing upon this matter Are essentially bound in principle and spirit in that they frankly treat this evil As a crime against the Public Well being a crime to be discouraged. Punished suppressed. Low. Soulless men. Impelled by motives of greed plan Dens of vice and give them Gaudy names in order to ensnare the Young to whom they Promise indulgence in vice with immunity from its natural consequences. But the Promise is an eternal delusion. The shaded Side of human history everywhere and always. Is one Long tragic illustration of me a wages of sin Quot in this regard. From the deep recesses of Africa or. Livingston sent Forth his plaintive Wall about a the open a Ore of the and the silent lesson of Modem francs with her debauched sense of Justice her decadent Energy and her dwindling population tells of the same thing. The laxity and indulgence of the French people Are gradually but very surely sapping the Power of France and inevitably destroying her historic status As one of the leading nations of sur Ops. In truth nature is a Sovereign who will not Brook either neglect evasion or Defiance of her Laws 8ome years ago the sorts of people who Are Ever saying that the Scarlet woman in a necessary evil gained the ear of the British parliament and succeeded in getting certain Laws passed granting her Protection medical and police super vision and All the rest of it. Within prescribed limits adjacent to military and naval stations Many Good and some Wise men among them Gladstone were allured into that legislative Blunder. But they were speedily a deceived. The Experiment and its results provoked a National agitation which involved All political parties and All classes and Condi i tons of the people it grew in intensity and Force until it swept from the statute books every vestige of the offensive Laws the history of that agitation is full of sound moral and social instruction suited to the present conditions in san fran to suggest y the social is to ext to Salon i # an Only aider the obvious sequences flowing from the operations of the police department. It has been necessary upon the complaints of owners of property adjacent to premise occupied by pros Titus Ltd to remove them in a number of instance from the for titties which they have inhabited and when they have sought to Settle elsewhere i have by timely notice intercepted their doing. The hotel not Niph a matter is an aside for m this in that Case it was not until the premise became actually occupied in the purposes who the Law forbids that it by me subject to interference by the police while the build ing was in process of construction although i had Ruple us cd coins of its intended use. Yet it was not amenable to. Interdiction. If it had never become us a the building itself would have Beer. In no sense a violation of the Law. As soon however As it became applied to the purposes for which it was design#�1 it d the interposition of the police Arm of the government and the Case thereupon commenced a not it be a settled. These women. By Fng stirred from their abodes Are it of in the air. Like particles of dust. No one As its or pretend that the a characters or pursuits have been changed simply by being forbidden to it conduct their business upon a particular site. The discussion which has been inaugurated by the Call goes deeper than a meeting of the social evil problem through up the <1 ors of the Dens. If it were possible to Nail of every den door in the City to acquire knowledge of the existence of such Pla a instantly upon their starting up. To identify every woman engaged in the occupation. However covertly and drive her from her web immediately it were spread would prostitution be less in a an Francisco or would it be greater would the contamination to Public morals resulting therefrom be Slighter or More pronounced if they Are driven from the alleys do they not take to the streets and Long As there exists a disposition Between the sexes to conduct this vile traffic. So Long As there Are men with minds and Money and women with minds who want Money can it be expected that the Mere denial to them of Sites or particular thoroughfares will defeat their vicious end ter pulse it has never done a in the history of humanity. Prostitution is not a enter to be blotted out by the stroke of pen of him who signs an ordinance it is a problem of v social and political Economy it is a product of the general arrangement of things. Grant it is unnatural. Violative of the free instincts 4nd dispositions of Mankind abhorrent to these who have not become perverted can it be changed by a municipal regulation it a become the Wisdom of exr it Eric ice that the most possible of being done with prostitution is to it control it. Government can control it and thereby curb it. But it is nowhere pretended that this can be done tinder Laws which define it a a crime to be abated. I do not know where this subject has been More cogently discussed than in the report of. Re a or o Mara superintendent la \ s.?ucew0f a hts Burn. And i i a think the conclusions he /111 i reaches might be endorsed by Hill Quot nil right thinking per is a declares that there Are in Pittsburg a certain number or houses of prostitution and that these could he closed in Twenty four hours but he denies he polity of doing and elaborates his reason Over Many pages. Pittsburg is not a greater City than is san Francisco and the elements sustaining prostitution a re not there potential As Here. I do not pretend to say. However that an unlicensed wide open system or one in which the Law even pays no regard to the evil is tolerable. In a numb r of governments it is regulated and there can be no doubt. I apprehend that these Law would work of surges fully in san Francisco As they do in Mexico or in Copenhagen. Ask the average person where the Central Point of area is in the United states and he will fax it somewhere in . Tell him it is nearer san Francisco and he will by incredulous until he re memoirs that Alaska is within the boundaries of Uncle 8am a Edward Bok in the november Ladrea horns sunday Cauli

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