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San Antonio Light (Newspaper) - March 1, 1914, San Antonio, Texas Sunday five leading Southern universities Are now in line. Constitution prepared director Belmont of Texas u. Strongly in favor of organization. Pro posed Southwest athletic conference to. Be an assured fact. The organization will include the. Larger colleges of five Mississippi Louisiana Aranskas and Oklahoma director of Theo Belmont of the Lleni Versley of Texas Early in january sent Tio Naire to the larger institutions of requesting an expression As to their attitude toward the formation of a Southwest conference in response to this inquiry the University of Texas texan a. And m., Oklahoma University Oklahoma a. And 1l, the University of Arkansas he University of Mississippi Louis Iana state University and South Western answered in favor of an organization of such a. Conference. To Lano and Mississippi a. And Failed to express an opinion. C. A. Gantt Ference yet but would be glad to see it organized As suggested., no school should to omitted that has t the Money to keep itself going end be Able to play tha embers of the association. This we could not the san Antonio Light Holch there would be a spirit of fair Ness sportsmanship and Honor director Bennie Owens of okla homa University replies with Char Acter Lastlo Brevity in favor or most o the questions and states that the members should be limited to Thos who could come up to certain Stan Darda. Director James c. Snipes o southwestern hold that member ship should be open to All who de sire to come under the rules of such organization. Otto Jordan the newly appointed manager has Many Likely recruits. Dallas feb. Cloud of Young pitchers and catchers on Nan d for the opening of the train ing season Otto Jordan new Polo of the Dallas pried the lie off baseball activities for 1914 Dur ing this last week. Nothing can b told yet As to How the men Wil show but speaking generally the material is the Best the local club has had in years. With a new manager and a Ney policy it must be said that Dalla faces a new Outlook in things base Ball this season. Otto Jgr Dun grab bed from the Empire state league of Georgia is by far the Best mate rial for the place that Dallas has boasted for Many years. He needed Young players to do work am told Joe Gardner so. That a nog agreed with at and sen Don Curtis Lon try and Jim Boul am scouting through the North Ani West for men. The i our gathered More than Quall cd for results and it is going to be a hard matter to pick a team from them. Those Here Are catch Felt Holt. Gordon Manatee Hel Ward and Basham. Put Chen Johnson Scott Betzing Selman i Lowsky Duy Epick Soyler Quattlebaum. Volte Smith Kroc son mul Huenke Hornsby and Schwenck. D i v e in Cluj Deal. W tit names institutions and whether the thre year Rule for such an organization , and lastly should Mem instr lated to th8 larger in by. For first Harry Torch is slated of for Centerfield while dutch Keller Man will Battle for shortstop a Tab a number of recruits. The infield re k e an opera. T Tut on or. Be opened to All in Outfield Mccarty a Obinson John Tut ions that desire to come Start and Mlih _ Law All ill Sti Tutins that desire to come under the rules of Auch an Organiza Tion. Every College addressed which replied answered in favor of a South West conference. The majority o opinions with reference to the Tor Mitory to be included in the con Ference included the five states Nien alone d. The three year Rule was als Tav Refl. The general consensus o opinion was that the members should be restricted to the larger is Tutu tons in order that the conference might be pitched on a High plane from the beginning and each Mem Ber be Able to contest with the othe members of the conference. Invt talons. Director Belmont has sent out an invitation to the colleges favouring the _ conference to a meeting to a held at Dallas on april 30, at which the conference is to be organized. In the meantime a Constitution base in the Missouri Valley s. I. A. A and big nine conference will and submitted As affording a basis for discussion at the Dallai meeting Dallas was selected As of Accomma. With reference to the report which Nas Hocti _. Of such that the or. A conference 4 Tillat Texas would meet a and In football next year ath jello authorities at the University de Clare that such cannot be the Case last that th6 sched ule for the longhorns has been com signed and that the Adril flon of another institution to the this. Terence general manager of athletics Rob Ert j. Potts of Texas a. And m., is very much in favor of the proposed conference. He favors the one year residence i Rule and the three year Fame. A says. I would prefer at the outset in the limited to these including Tulane and Mississippi a. And m., order thai schools above indicated we could raid. Ana. Other similar or. Potts is not in favor of taking in the Small institutions the organization is perfected he a Yors taking them in. After that if they Are willing to subscribe to the rules already adopted. C. G. Carroll chairman of the Atli car Kant free the Unk Ersi Arkansas favors a subsidiary Ference taking in the sea 11 t ions and base Ball Gas Atud it the two conferences. As Merarda favo that in the conference should be open to he larger institutions Only. Director a. And of. Mitory the Gulf is tact the Missouri con or made a after satisfying the f their worthiness. With Airon others could be Tanir of Safe race director that the Rule works0 won Ders in keeping clean athletics in wipes he Are Kcf Aslo i of the University off one year Lesl Dence for fresh etl Bihl in the rules of i men to receive Money so link As they have not professionalized them selves entering College lie on y the larger in Stltt inst. Director Driver says 1 in favor of a conference that will and better work than s. I. A. A. Is doing one in Are Harter Davidson Parnell and Rodgers. The Oton and Smith. Manager Walter Frantz plans to develop ambitious youngsters in 1914. A tex., feb. The league season opens Austin will prob ably have More new faces in the line up than any other team on the circuit. Walter p. Frantz who played first base with san Antonio last year manago the senators this season. He started a Likely Hunch of youngsters to work at the Ball lot this week. Jiana Gei Stantz plans to develop a Ball playing machine out of ambitious Young of Frood size and has a Bunch of 25 recruits Here around 6 feet and 165 pounds in weight. On March 2 the squad will be divided and two games played one at san Marcos Baptist Academy and the other Ginat Billy Disch s Texas University team. Pitchers Lewis and Larson. Catch or Haigh infield Hille and Outfield ers Jesse James and Ilover will re port Here the 10th of March arid around these men will be built Thi Austin team. Dusty Rhodes one of tha Best known pitchers now working the minor leagues has been signed by Granta and Piggy Page has expressed a desire to work Here Al though contract Hod not been received up to today. With six recruit pitchers two of them left handers the pitching staff will be Well looked after. Nothing has been heard fro a rom Heinie Hinn Injurer Catcher and it is thought that he is flirting with the feds. It is More than Likely that Halgh will do most of tha Backstop Ping this year with some Good youngster As Relief Catcher then being four of them trying out now. While it is. To Early to forecast unless some of the fast youngster beat out Hille and Brownlow it i possible Austin will open with the following line up pitchers Lewis Larson Rhodes Lohman. Rives Ana is Eill. Catchers Haigh j. Frantz first b Aso w.-. Frantz second base., Brainard third base Hille shorts top Dupuy or Brownlow left Field Jesse James Center Field of cover right Field Mulholland. James Danberry who was Zalfa gear s ground keeper during the time he managed Austin will look after the Park this year and now has the Diamond in Good shape. Tho clubhouse has been o la Rcd and a of improvements added to the grandstand. Eddie Summers formerly with the tigers is contemplating a come in Back. Eddie has gone so far As to write president Navin of the Detroit club asking for a trial ail of which was granted . He will be sent to hot Springs and should he make Good with Providence hell get wish. Jesse Tannehill the old left hand or who went from hither to Yon is Earnest in demand to secure a position with the Virginia league. Tannehill was a Pitcher some Twenty seasons ago a lengthy period. Claire Goodwin a coast player who signed with the Kay see fails and the los Angeles club says he will report to the feds. Hen Berry own the los Angeles outfit says he will apply for an injunction. Birdie Cree mainstay in the Yan Ceca Outfield for some time has drifted into the minors being ship de to the Baltimore International eague Ink in at base bail intermediate series ends in a tie necessitating a play off. Intermediate .17 11 6 .17 11 6 .64 7 Jaq .41 6 12 ,j9 c b by the intermediate Basket bal league Camo to a close Stu Raj afternoon at the y. M. C. A with the league leaders vat the Tiger and cubs each winning a Victory and being unable to break the tie r leadership. The games that ended the regu Tion season were of the sensation a both being exceptionally Elds ind interesting from whistle to whys to. Tie 1. Ing the. Thop Lai the opening net to Between the the hyenas was full o action and was the most keen fought contests of the series end in a for the tigers b j is close margin of two Points the Nal score being 16 to 14. The tigers who were playing to in Pennant fairly Shook the Hyems from had to toe in their in to gain a big Lead in the Enung half which ended in favo the tigers by a 7 to 3 tally. In the second half the Hyena ame Back at their adversaries h treat style and seemed about to col r the tigers when the tigers took turn at the scoring end. Winning jut As before stated by the margin f two Points. Alley and Comstock were the joint contributors for the winners Philo Crewe and Sherrill both guarded their positions Well. Roemer led the losers while new by and g. Green each contributed to the scoring somewhat. In the second contest not to be outdone by their rivals the tigers the culs went into the game with .1 vim but found the buffaloes read for them with a big r. In the open ing half they gave the cubs about the warmest set to imaginable the open lne half ending 8 to 7 in the cubs favor. The second half was where the fun began. The tigers kidded the cubs about losing out and they Wen after the buffs for All there was in u. And had the buffs jumping Side ways trying to avoid the fierce Slaught of their antagonists. The final scoring ended 21 to 15 Myers Tuttle King and Browne All threw Field goals and fouls for the winners while Broon gouger was the whole thing for the losers making two of their Fly Teeth Points Anderson played a Clever game Al guard and tossed one Field goal. As the regulation season finished in a tie tha tigers and the cubs Wil stage a two Best 1n three series to Ceclie the Pennant Winner. The firs game of this series will be played tuesday. Captain Leidy and squad will begin Active practice monday. Beaumont tex., feb. The Camp the oilers everything is in excellent shape for the Call to play Ball and the team has never entered a contest with greater enthusiasm than now obtains. Manager Lely directing the Prepa ration of the grounds and has the Park in tip top shape. A majority of the players have reported and Active practice will begin monday. While a majority of the team will in familiar to the local fans a num Ner of new faces will appear in the Leno up to strengthen positions that mowed a weakness last year. Among those retained Are Goldie Betts o he receiving line Ducky Swan Ana Nefty Moore of the pitching staff to Cooke who performed in the Tor Mitory around the initial sack do Bard at Short and Mcmahon the for Mer third baseman and William and Maloney who played in the Oule. Gardens. Martina was retained by the management but he Lias not at yet. Signed the contract for this year the new members of the team in elude slats Bobo who caught Foi Austin last year Mcculler from aus tin Taff from Waco and Brandt i Farmer member of the local team. Is to the staff of twirlers Dodd fit Galveston Durkin and Albu for infield duty and Burgess for the outer Garden. Wilbur Smith and h a. Smith will also be Given a try out for places on the pitching staff. The enthusiasm Over the Outlook or a successful season is not con ined to the players. The fans Are a howling an unusual amount of inter St and this promises to be the great St baseball year in the history of he game in this City. The new York americans will be Here March 7 and s for exhibition games with the Beaumont team. Waco manager has Only a few Sand Lotters among new recruits. Illis Hardy of the Usy these Days. Besides having n unusually Large number of new Nen Irving out for places on the Cam he is breaking in a new Tresi Cut of the club. Charles r. Turner who succeeded r. Davidson when thru magnate came president of the league so a looks promising. He can t exact y be called a recruit magnate As e has been in the monetary end of the game some time having been a March 1, 1914. 15 rmct0v the Atlon for some years. Among the new faces to the Texas league that will put in appearance monday Are not Many Sand looters. Most of tha new men. Have played professional baseball in smaller Clr Tiv enly seven signatures have been attached to navigator contracts and the signers Start battling for places on the team monday. Spar a Classy outfielder Pur chased from Henderson ky., in the k. I. T. League is the curly holdout. He has far refused to sign up. He batted .342 last year. Robinson and Ingram Are two big Eft hand twirl Ere from whom much in expected. Murphy an outfielder Cornea recommended by Jack Ashton. Jack has been a College baseball coach and has the Knack of picking Good ones. Ashton ogles Jost Helm Hill club y a 3 pitchers St with the others who have signed Are Row land Baker Donalds Robinson and Ingram pitch Era Beckham Rennard Murphy Crichlow Wohlleben Tanner Yardley Malmei quest Grubb Dawson and Alken Iri Neiers Kellly and Golden catchers. Federal league president meteoric climb Little Short of sensational. Has shown gametes fights american leagues appeals to new Leader. New seems t be hats off. Just now to James a Gilmore club Man Coin lion Leader and Happy go Lucky we a trifle More than two months a risen from obscurity in the Sportun world to be the biggest figure i baseball. Gilmore s meteoric Rise in face o seemingly insurmountable obstacle not Only has surprised and be Al leered organized baseball and threat army of fans throughout the land but it has amazed life Ion friends in Chicago. Gilmore is Little More than he s Only 36 and never unt took charge of the Federal s figh Ivas he called upon to show the Stul that was la before a he been pitted against real foes we could furnish a. Real fight. True us he Marie a Success in the Coal an gang nation in batting in runs last vont Ilat no business in which he i season but he did set but in both thes Quaker outfielder was alone in the Century class in 1913. Jake Daubert of the superba who the aka lets car offered to the National league player most Calu Able to team led the old or la nut tin or tvs f i ii 1151111115 Eiji Rii. G0" skonoofth0 the Var it the cubs of the league culled on Gil i Job jury of Nowa Nuiry Nim Lanoil 1911. Cravath atone alone was in the Century gang Patlon Inte class in driving in runs last season things along the league who previously had batted in amount to something in 1914 or Shore Tallinn 1 out i n o i run ii Jurij Jiuu in 100 tallies from 1907 to 1912 inclusive wore Hans Wagner of the t rates. With 10s in 1908, 102 in 1909 in 1911 a Uyuki a Inonu Conui a Pioma the National wonderful righting spirit. It a. So work which was rust by but assured Gilmore that some one could get Back of the or gang Patlon interest capital and pus the league Olgh u n 19u f the 129 tallies batted Home by Cravath in 1913, 114 came in on site no i s flies and seven on indie d outs. Savvy s biggest Day s work with the stick was on May 21 in a game with Cincinnati Johnson Harter an Harter and Smith being responsible rown to red Williams and Heinle Elm stunt in season the fielder Cirive in six runs on August 5 against Brooklyn Rucke and Curtis pitching and the infielder Home half a doze Coant Ond August in. Against Philadel a 111 Ian. Studied the proposition. Gilmore studied Over the propose inf in a on Kenna a fan Over 8lnc Iua in 1911 m1ke Donlyn of the he was a kid. Baseball afforded wants with 100 in 1908 Sherwood oi16 of greatest pleasures. By with 116 in the business end of the Garno we Laiu a rank Schulte of the cubs new to . He slut Atli Wilson voc " from every Angle and then 108 in 1911. Against the advice of friends we told he was crazy to attempt a fight on the strongly entre Che forces of baseball to gave de Cislon. Ill get Back of the federa league and make it a h pitching he then said he got Dack of and Pushe for six of the so hard that he has shove the organization to the Point when it stacks up right now. Is a More for moldable foe of organized base a than was the american league a flt it made its fight on the nations then the baseball Power about 1 years ago. I knew that the first thing the league needed was men who a said Gilmore. In telling the Story of the successful fight of the federals. The first Man i took propose lion to was Charles Weeghman the Chicago restaurateur. I knew tha he had tried several times to get Hole of a minor league franc Hale. I up the proposition up to . He spen n Long time figuring it out and final to announced ill take the Chicago Francisi and Bach the league to the limit o Bank Roll then i jumped Over to St. Loul and talked with Otto Styfel the millionaire Brewer who like Weeghman an ardent fan and who hat yearnings to become a magnate outlined plans for the federa league told what i expected to do and then As a clincher i Tola that Weeghman. Was in with that decided Stifel and he agreed t take the St. Louis franchise. From there i jumped to Kansa City and when if was Learned ther that such Good business men asst life and Weeghman thought the federa proposition Good enough to invest in i had Little trouble interesting Suffi Cint capital there. It was the same in Indianapolis and in Baltimore. The interesting of capital in Buffalo an Pittsburg was not such an easy mat Lor but it finally was accomplished there remained but one More club to Complete our circuit and listening to the pleas of certain interests in Tor. Onto i decided to award a Francils to that City. But i made that decision Only be cause it seemed that i would fail Ray plans to put a team in great j Nill Ingr i Reakie big cub being credited with Drill no 97 counters. The third most opportune Clubber among the National leagues of 1913 was Vic Sater pittsdur1 Miller of Philadelphia the sixth. J fir of Brooklyn these a can j. Owen Wilson Vort a n nth Fred new the team leaders in driving in runs were Cravath for Philadelphia Litzel for Cincinnati 68, and con York and the tenth de Konetchy these men excelled of use icy for third ba5emcn 9 Center fled Loyle new York for second by York for . 14 null nor Maduro Centt by Treasury department. A ruling was made last week by cd that cd will be allowed under Narn of 4 or the 13 Ana Fea Surj regulations h Al cry As models a he fractured by the p 01 car of Detroit o Detroit her of Bill Bear is and aluminium castings Mado rom imported aluminium for out by the Columbia casting Cornel and company of Detroit exceed ring to each motor car exported hed Dooin manager of the poll Lea. Claims he does t care whether like Doolan jumps to the federals which 1 merely baseball Alk. There would be a big Gap in he position Between second and Hird should Mikey vacate Short Topping duties. Players and acuity at Georgetown University of the leading Cath Lic. Educational institutions of the East come out Strong for sum Mer baseball. They cite two Rea on inability to Stop the alleged and the right of players to turn their talents to the Best account during vacations. Pitcher George Suggs is the latest acquisition to the feds but Only via talkative tilde. Suggs is a member of the cardinals having been sold some time previous but reports have it that he has been conferring with the outlaw band Only recently. In a to put a team in greater York. I had secured an option of grounds both in Brooklyn an new York City but i could t get the necessary backing. The latter part of january. I Wen to Toronto in an Effort to straighten out affairs there. I did t like the Toronto situation but the time for Tolje opening of the season was Drair or near and it seemed to be to onto or nothing. Looked hopeless. Be i was in Toronto and just a a time when it seemed that the Toronto situation was hopeless and i was feeling mighty Blue about the matter i was introduced by a Mutual Friend o Robert b. Ward the new work banker. To got to discuss lne baseball and i told Ward How Tous i was to get into greater mow Sork with a team although it never dawned on at the time that a would come in with us. The next Day when i met want almost dazed by _ Gumore i la go into the Federal league with you. I la Back a team in. Greater new York Well you might know How de lighted i was. I raced Back to Chi Cago took care of a few details from hat end and then hustled to now Sork where i again met or. Ward. The option i had secured on the old Brooklyn Ball Park was almost up. But we hustled matters through and exercised that option just a few hours ahead of its expiring time. That s the history of How capital was interested. The 19h season will be our first season As a major league Organiza Lon. But Well show that we Hove he goods. And when the 1915 sea son comes around the fans will find hat we will have As Many Slars in our ranks As the american Anil Naonal leagues. Well get the play contract expire at the end of the 1914 because Well out bid the organized people. Past two months have been mighty strenuous for All those con in the fight the federals have made. But it has furnished us a lot of fun and pleasure and we re mighty glad we got into ii. Thi the first real big business fight of life and i find that i like fighting. And so i la keep it up we Are not anxious about going into organized baseball. We can stand out alone and win and make Money. So what a the advantage of becoming n t keen about this Federal Wue As i am. Since i took charge of the Federal affairs i have been compelled to make three trips to new York three to Toronto one to Pittsburg two to Kansas City one to St. Louis and two to Buffalo most of time while in Chicago has been spent in. My. Office holding conferences you see i have had Little Chance to be at Home with mrs. Ill looking at Gilmore s physique cite gets the impression that he would have Mado a rattling Good White Hope had the ring Forlis of Endeavor. He s something Over Sis feet tall weighs around 19e and seems to be made up of Bone muscle and Energy. Yet looking Only at. His face h4 e presents a appearance. My appearance the lines of smooth face Are Al most Boyish eyes Are kindly Ani gentle and wears spectacles that further soften has looks and almost make one lose sight of powerful j Law. Frank g. Menks. W Bat Beirer it s a matter of record that undertakers supported. Johnson poorly. It is a matter of comment during the on and off seasons of baseball that certain team s Bat harder and held better certain pitchers than they do behind others and it would naturally be assumed that the major league hurler who emerges from a season with the greatest total of victories to credit would be the Man who had obtained the finest on the offence and defense according to Ernest Lantgen. Inspection of the records therefore should reveal the fact thai Walter Johnson of the Washl nylons the Man whom the Chalmers jury of newspaper experts voted the player most valuable to Hon team had a great number of runs procured for by associates no ought also to be reasonable supposed to have Given nearly air tight support so that he could live led the held the senators neither heavily nor fielded very accurately when their Star Artill Erist was Labouring at least they did t in the 29 com plete games he pitched 23 of which were victories and 6 of which were defeats. In these games the undertakers obtained 81 runs to their of poriets 42, 824. Hits to their opponents. 179 3j errors to their opponents 68 sni 22 double plays to their opponents 16. Thirteen of sir Walter s wins Complete games pitched Only considered were by a one run margin two by a two run margin three a three run margin one by a four run margin two by a five run mar Gin and two by a six run margin. Sir Waller had no reason to com Plain of the nerve displayed by associates in rasping finishes for they won five games for a the ninth inning and one overtime Battle. Christy Mathewson. Whom Many fans would like to see oppose John son in the world s series was furnished with an average of four runs per game by the glands or 1.21 More than Johnson received from the nationals. An Odd thing about big six a showing in the Complete games he pitched was that the opposition made eight More hits than did the giants but 44 fewer runs. An Artill Erist who had just cause for complaint about the weak Ting behind was Reb Russell of the White sox. He was furnished with an average of 3.15 tallies per conflict and frequently had to deny adversaries a run in order to pull through a Winner. The Phillies did not heavily behind their Star Grover Cleveland Alexander getting or in each combat Only a Tri fling More average of runs than the sox supplied to Kussell. When Nap Hucker twirled the superba were not in the Fence breaking class Hough once they did make 20 hits behind can Gregg got an average of 4.30 runs per game from the Ivaus Al Demarce an average of 5.08. From Rie giants Joe Wood an average of 5.50 from the red sox Eddie Plank an average of from the White elephants and Bert Humphries an of 6.46 from the cubs. Of he ten Star us idlers named Alexan Der got the Best support and Gregg he worst while Rucker had the most double plays behind and Yood the fewest. These figures give further information on the subject ave ave. Ave. Ave. Runs. Hits errors . Cubs a Chlara Humphries 10.03 1.23 1.6 ill Cylc behind .5.81 or West grab Victory in final inning of fast 2 to 1. The pupils of the West Texas Mili tary Academy and the pupils of Charley Carr s school held an inter none inning matinee out on Wells Diamond saturday afternoon the Curr s school team win Ning out by the skin of their Teeth in the final moments of play by the score of 2 to 1. A Little head work on the part of Vernon Spencer Carr s Star Pupil at the school being the main cause of the Academy s defeat in the ninth inning. With score 1 to-0 in favor or West opened the ninth in Ning a with a single to left and promptly stole second. Johnson by anted Down the first base line and had n head on collision with the for Stacker and before he could recover the Ball Spencer scored with run a la to Cobb. Johnson going to second on the Piny. The Ball was relayed to the Home station and Catcher House threw ills e pc at the Pellet and hitting it was allowed an extra base As per the new rules. Moon ended the matinee by sending a Long sacrifice Fly to left Feln Johnson scoring after the catch with the winning tally. Twas a great Climax to a brilliantly fought game and both sides were Given Hearty applause by the spectators. Taylor who caught part of the game for West Texas led with the Willow grabbing three hits in four times at Bat and he was spec Falls disconcerting to to Vurler Walby who was on the Mound for the baseball school. The score Carr s school West Texas batteries Walby and Moon Houston Post and Baker and Tay Lor and House. Americans give demonstration As. White sox and giants sail or u. A Liy Erp 0 of feb. 2 s enthuse Astle demonstrations of Farewell were Given both in this its and London when the members of the Nevy York Chicago White parted Lor Home. Manv us. In were., at the depo when the players left London on the boat train and when they boarded the lust Ina they found that a num Ber Horid some gifts of Flowers to their apart ments on the ship. Europe is a Fine said manager John j. Mcgraw of the new York club but new York is Choice Farlin Springs is not a bad place either. All the boys As Well As myself will be glad to got Back Home. The men. Are in Good condition and our Long trip has furnished us with both pleasure and in on the other hand members of White sox disputed part of s statement by claiming that Chicago Lay it Over any other Cluster Ercus of buildings in either hemisphere. A Finis Coroner compiles Ristics showing ratio to be 2 to 1. -.5.50 ------5.09 Plank. Teci sos. Mind Wood Lnla. Behind it Nrec Gregg-.4.33 in nth. Behind Ila Tienson -----.1.00 behind Tucker .3.s2 h ii lies is hand Alexander .s.17 the Ltd balt Jeri Krissell senators behind Johr Tail .2.73 s.s3 s.75 1.25 in nil of the discussion of Street Irod Highway accidents and fatalities hat has appeared in Public print during the past year except the statements emanating from Automo bile interests the first fair and fan statement on the subject comin rom an authoritative source is made y Peter Hoffman Coroner of Cook county hi., which embraces he City Chicago. Automobiles now average 2 to i safer per mileage than horse drawn says or. Hoffman. It is Clear that comparisons made As to he Dan scr Between horse vehicles ind Power vehicles must be Estima de on efficiency is the number of Niles travelled is the Only rational lasts on which to declaration is based on the re ult of a study of this subject by the Tat Lestician of the Coroner s office Ai Ker 15. Sercombe who has Organ a Complete synthetic system of that remains of wigwam is the stump of Chimney. Fights Are recalled famous pugilist trained there for historical Bat Les of the ring. San Francisco Cal. Feb. Who has not heard of Croll s Gar Dens Alameda in its Day the most popular training Camp for pug Litou within a score of Miles of Saa fran Cisco the place referred to had Vogue however before it was known Croll s. It was called Neptune Gar Ileus 30 years ago. And it waa a favorite sunday lounging place for people from the san Francisco of the Bay. There were stating rinks shoot ing galleries dancing pavilions an4 what not attached to it in Thorn years and not the least of its Atric tons was the ice cold Beer that was drawn in steins from a thousand kegs the Alameda folks resented the idea of catering to san Francisco s thirst and love of frivolity and by a vote or Church wardens or sore , Neptune gardens was doomed. Donn through the years the build Ings and the fountains and the stat Nury disappeared piece meal and Croll took hold just in time to save few stables and n Garish Structure Anil angles known As the a few Days ago a Crew of car was Busy dismantling the wigwam and when the old Una sports heard of the fact pugilistic memories of the Long ago were re Vived Why fight fans of several generations have crowded into that i warn from time to time to watch. Champion ring men prepare them selves for ring struggles that Are famous in the history of the game. Have passed away by the same Token Miny of he irs of the boxing Arena who amed. In the wigwam have passed so beyond. Let recall a few a knew a boxing ring As a billiard Champion knows a Green table but Here were oodles of things he did t know. He had to make weight for Duffy and he decided the Best Iray o accelerate reduction was to starve himself. One Day oven at Joe Dieve s where in trained he boasted that an he Caton in 2i hours was an Apple. Don t you believe swered. If t can Only make the weight i la lick the Apple diet did for who after a few rounds was too eeb to to keep up. Both Meadows and Duffy Are dead now. Saw Mike Conley the Ithaca giant rain at Croll s for match truth big Joe Mcauliffe and i saw Peter Jackson train there for Boot with Jim Jeffries. Jackson was on he Down Grade then although Vas still As Lucifer and re enter any suggestion that he waa scarcely the Peter of old. At settling time up at the Orem 9.s1 s.56 0.91 1.35 signing with the feds is a com non every Day occurrence these ays. Bill Louden who covered second base for the tigers a part of he 1912 and 1913 seasons has Rifted into the outlaw band. John Colllns. White sox outfielder passed p the feds in favor of Callahan s 1.2s c.50 tables for municipal Isles and is engaged in coordinating the 0.161 Accident statistics from the police i records of Chicago with the fatality tables of the Coroner s office re j Garding the results of this work the Coroner says i can guarantee its accuracy although much of the in is from material gathered Oij outside of this office. Accurate compiled from 1.19 the records of Chicago and Cook county show that 191s is the first year that the number of Automo bile Accident Ever surpassed horse vehicle accidents and the mileage percentage of Power vehicles As compared with horse vehicles shows that automobiles now nip race two to one safer per mileage than horse silent John Hummel who has Cen Many Summers with the Brook dodgers has come into the fold Ummel has played almost every potion on he Diamond being the Lief Utility expert but last season played second base on most Occa on. The Chesapeake motorcycle club f bal More has decided to Purchase a nine room clubhouse. Drawn veh Cleff. The Rand increase in the number of in use during the past four years and the corresponding de crease in the number of horse vehicles is definitely shown not on v in the decrease of horse vehicle accidents and fatalities but in the in crease of Luto Mobile few changes if any will Mark Connie Mack s Outfield the coming Damn Alan. With Oldrini struck and Murphy As regular gardeners with Pete Daley and d. Murphy in Reserve the athletic Leader is not wanting much of time in this part of the National a stems. Nine up at trym in club Gene Vancourt a Friend of Jeffries grabbed Peter s hand Ana Aid Peter Jeff told to Gin of Best and Tell you not to b Jackson snorted you Tell Jeffries to mind he retorted. Just let gun a return match and he will to one that will be downcast i saw Jim Corbett train the old if team for san Francisco match with Jeffries. Jim after Maspeth experience with Jeffries figured that Liat he needed Mort of nil to successfully Cope with the boilermaker weight and muscle. At Croll s he had exercise room lifting nil the rest s fitted no like a professional Man s Den. There were Kirs and by Eiehl e of it they did not help Jim. The funny pan of it is that while Corbett was training for brawn Jef Fries was training for Speed. At Jeff training when the tight was near he said to the writer i want to watch closely and Tell honestly if i outbox coming away from the ring at the press benches Aad Well did Tou certainly t answered. It was at tie Blyn that Joe Walcott rained when they had to Koch in the bolter room o the ferryboat coming across the Day of the fight. This was Tom scheme for removing reluctant round of weight and saving far Felt. Bob Fites Ramons trained for match with Jeffries cons trained there for several Dixon. Abo Attell. Tommy Elran. Huso Kelly and army of pugilist whose names i can. Not just now , also pitched Camp there. And now All that remains of wigwam arc the plump of a and few splinters of painted red and Irreg w. W

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