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San Antonio Light (Newspaper) - January 6, 1935, San Antonio, Texas 1 a synopsis of preceding chapters. Looking about her Kathleen manners Clever Young Adver Tifin head of webbers a great department is convinced i at marriage cannot be a fun when she criticizes Cave Brent Weed s copy be advises him to put More heart and emotional Appeal into it and if necessary fall in love. Kathleen s Businesslike poise is upset when the editor of a popular new Magazine soliciting lie store s advertising account turns out to be Derek Carl Tom with whom she once had a heartbreaking love affair. Derek is now to Epi rated from his wife and Kathleen believes their Mutual distrust of marriage will enable them to pick up their old Friendship. Clive Brentwood resenting the fact tent so Young and pretty a girl As Kathleen is his Boss wants to resign. When Kathleen learns he is bringing up his step brother Gumps she asks him to. Recon Sider. Daphne Hastings Iri whom Cave is mildly interested advises him to ask for his Job Back. He does a 1 though the e for t Mako s him Mere than Ever antagonistic toward Kathleen. Lea Raj Burn Kathleen s Beautiful and spoiled younger septer Leaver her husband Hal. Kath Leen gets her a Job As a Mode in the store. When Lea meets Derek she makes a deliberate play for him. Clive writes a Good piece of but Kathleen s Praise Only angers him. Chapter Xiii. A timely warning. Dunning in his chair be fore a Blank Sheet of paper absentmindedly drawing circles and triangles Clive decided it would be better if women in business were forced to Wear some sort of uniform. A very Dull uniform a dark Gray costume perhaps with a Woolen Blouse buttoning up at the Throat. It was unfair very unfair of women in business he Felt to Wear the kind of dress that Kath Leen had worn that morning for instance. To had been simply though exceedingly smartly Cut of dark Green material that shone in the Sunshine and brought out All those red lights in her hair. There had been Amber beads at her Throat that exactly matched her eyes. Such very Clear Amber. He had t been Able to take his own eyes off them. Then was excuse for a business woman to use make up must she have made her lips no such a Brilliant red like a common he thought savagely. But it had suited her. With her rather Pale Cheeks and vivid Auburn red hair the Bright Scarlet lips were perfect. I d like to put her face in the hath tub and scrub it he resumed his angry reflections. It in t right that a business woman should flaunt her sex in men s faces like he was pleased with the sen tence though he was uncomfortably aware it was unjustifiable. The last think Kathleen did was to flaunt her sex in men s during office hours her impartial and impersonal Atti tude both towards men and women was exemplary. He glanced at the clock on his desk. He had been sitting there lost in these reflections for Al most an hour. Blame the to he muttered and wished fervently felons had t gone bankrupt. Felons where his Boss had been a genial Gray haired old Man getting on to sixty who was never disturbing exasperating left the sen tence unfinished. If Only i were Back at he groaned and knew in a Start Ling uncomfortable Way that he did t wish anything of tre sort. After Clive had left her office Kathleen glanced towards the closed door with a puzzled frown. These eternal wrangles with him were unpleasant and unsettling. After one of them she found it difficult to concen trate on her work and she was also conscious of an uncomfortable sense of failure. Re he had tried to win his Confidence and Friendship repeatedly the. Had turned the Othor Check As it were and just a smiled wryly at the had slapped it. Cd curiously hrs found her self unable to dislike him. On the contrary her feelings for him were tinged with real warmth. He was rude to her he almost insulted her yet strangely she Felt he did t mean to. As though something in himself Over which he had very Little control drove him to it. I wonder what s at the Root of the she thought. She remembered that Day he had stayed late at the office and seen her to her car. She remembered the rather threadbare Gray overcoat and the Slouch hat with the Hole in the brim that made him look like a gangster whom someone had shot at. She re no marred the glimpse she had Hud of the dismal lodgings at mrs. Nrman a and she thought of bin very real concern and affection for his half brother Gumps. 12 All the same she could t have him behaving like this in the of fice. Something must be done but what 1 on an impulse she decided to talk the matter Over unofficially with or. Daniel. Or. Daniel was a Genius at Healing breaches be tween various members of the staff and apart from that it was he who had introduced Clive into webbers. She phoned his office and after waiting a moment was connected with him personally. Well what can i do for miss Kathleen manners this he asked in his genial Hearty Way. You can spare me a few min utes to talk something she told him. Don t want you to consider our talk in any Vay official. It s a purely personal or. Daniel chuckled faintly into the receiver. Personal he. That sounds hopeful. Well it can t be too personal for me my he was t too old yet to indulge occasionally in a Ponder Ous flirtatious Ness. But As. He really had the proverbial heart of Gold no one minded. They rather encouraged him since he seemed to get such a huge jest out of so Little. She smiled Back you can judge just How personal it is once i be told let s lunch he suggested. I happen to be free to Day. Old Friend i was going to lunch with has developed flu. Do you mind if we make it Clarkes my dyspepsia you know. Fancy cooking does t agree with they made it Clarke s and met in the downstairs lounge. He preferred it that Way. He was old fashioned in that he did t like to be seen leaving webbers in the company of one of the female employees. They sat in the upstairs dining room in one of the cubicles and he seemed to forget All about his dyspepsia when the roast beef arrived resplendent on its Silver Wagon. He allowed himself to be helped liberally to the beef indicating several Rich Juicy portions which he particularly fancied. The sight of so much Good fare put him in a particularly Good humor he beamed across at Kathleen and said Well Well my dear this is pleasant in t it it s almost a year since we last lunched he Shook a Finger across at her playfully and added we must t let it happen again. Don t forget i re Gard you As a Prodigy of mine. Besides you re a darned pretty girl to take out to lunch and what s the harm in my saying so Nice dress you be got on it suits they chatted on about trivialities for some time without the subject of Clive being introduced. Curiously although she had come out expressly to discuss him she Felt reluctant to begin. Miss Watkins tells me your sister is going to join our he remarked conversationally. She nodded. To. M i s s Walkins was kind enough to find her a place modelling sport if she s anything like you i la vouch that Shell make a first rate he chuckled. He amended it would be a pity to waste anyone of your intelligence As a Model. Is she a Clever she sidetracked. She s very he remarked kindly i m sure that any member of your family will prove a credit to the Kathleen wished fervently that he might be proved right. It was awful to feel distrustful of own sister. But she was uncomfortably aware that to be a credit to the firm was some thing that did t interest Lea particularly. Had she been justified in persuading miss walking to take on yet what else could for have done with she won Derek said i be ordered me for an Orange and bed i Liea grimaced. Still in s Good for the while or. Daniel conferred with the wine waiter and decided finally on half a bottle of very dry Hock which should come first one s duty to one s family or to one s firm it was As it happened the director himself who introduced the subject of Clive. Young Brentwood been be having himself he re marked apropos of nothing at All. You must have been Reading my she smiled. It was about or. Brentwood i wanted to talk to he frowned. Was it what s he been up i d like this to he quite in she said quickly but i remember you saying you were interested in him. You might be Able to advise me How to Deal with this sounds he re marked. She smiled and Shook her. Head. She had a peculiarly Sweet smile. Or. Daniel thought so at that moment. It in t really. Had it been ominous i would have taken mat ters into my own hands Long ago and Given him the he raised his Bushy Gray Eye brows. As bad As is i m sorry. In t his work i had t thought it much she admitted. But this morning he turned me in an excellent piece of copy. I sent for him to compliment him and. She smiled wryly he almost bit my. Head or. Danie nodded thought fully. He did to curiously appear very surprised. I always knew he had a Peculiar Streak in he said. I think the fact that he s sensitive and intensely proud has a great Deal to do with it. And then he s led a very hard life. It May be Good for a Young Fel Low to be toughened Early in life but if he gets too Many knocks and too Little kindliness it s Apt to give him a Kink dive s particular Kink is an instinctive distrust of anyone who tries to be Nice to him. He s an idea they re Only doing it out of pity and his Pride resents that in she leaned her elbows on the table. She had ceased eating. But How did he come to be that Jar wanted to know. Or. Daniel Diri not answer immediately. He helped himself to nmn potatoes. They were Fried and on diet Sheet All Fried foods were forbidden. But the. More augmented than detracted from his enjoyment of them. He had a very unhappy child he said and his life since As far As i can see a been a grim struggle and Little fun. His Mother died while he was quite Young and some years later his father married again. A Beautiful but a most selfish woman. I think it was his step Mothr a who soured Clive on women. She did t care for h a Stop child. She thought him difficult Anil did t attempt to understand him. I believe Sho even resented him particularly Weir a presently she bad a son of her own. N of that she can have cared much for her own rail l finer when i was a lad of six Phe Clr Rod off with another Man a wealthy Boston merchant and washed her hands of the whole lot of them. Clive was sixteen when his father went bankrupt and shot himself leaving Clive the sole support of his half brother Robin who goes by the absurd name of Gumps. Clive certainly has my respect for the Way he s treated that b of always insisted that he have the Best or As near the Best As he could possibly give him. At had the lad on a new England farm and now he s at a prep school before Clive got his last Job at felons i Verea son to believe he often did t have enough food to eat let alone clothes to put on his Back. But All along he saw that Gumps did t suffer. That s Why when felons went bust i was. So anxious to get him into Webber s. I should t like to think of him losing his Job even now. But of course if you Don t find him satisfactory. Please the last thing i want is for him to get the she objected. If that had been my idea i would t have wasted time discussing him with i was merely he remarked with a slight smile if you would like me to Transfer him to another she considered it. She stared Down at the plate of food that had grown cold while she listened. What or. Daniel had told her had t really surprised her. She had suspected that some such Story Lay strangeness of Clive. But she knew now Why All along she had instinctively liked him and Why his manner towards her thai amounted almost to. Rudeness had t antagonized her More. She said quietly i Don t think i d like you to Transfer him to another department just yet. You she looked up with a Frank smile to have you do that would be to admit failure would t he laughed. He had an infectious laugh half laugh and half chuckle. And you re just woman enough to resent haying to admit failure with any Man i his Nice eyes twinkled. Poor Clive i m More sorry for him than k that in t very kind of she protested. In t it but when a Deuce pretty and Clever woman gets on the War path heaven help the Man but he added what Clive really needs is humanizing. He fall in she laughed outright that s exactly what i told him some Days or Daniel smiled did you indeed you d better be care Ful that he does t take your advice and fall in love with you for some unaccountable Rea son Kathleen flushed. Right to the roots of her Auburn red hair. I d be the last person in the world Clive Brentwood would consider falling in love she said quickly. Don t be too he teased. Men usually fall in love with the last woman in the world they would Ever have imagined them selves in love chapter Xiv. Something in common. Lea said making whoopee today i see. And Little Sis Ter i gather in t Kathleen laughed Good humor edly. No you re not invited. I m going out to dinner with a Lea stretched her arms arid yawned. She was lying sideways across an Arm chair in front of the fire. Male she commented. V Kathleen wanted to know think Lea kicked one leg in the air and shrieked with laughter. Be your age do you think you would have gone to All that bother about your complexion and your clothes if the Friend had been of the female gender not the fascinating Magazine proprietor i met in your office the other Day it is i rather fell for him love i in i. By Atryal in did Kathlee n returned coldly. Keep your shirt Lea advised. Not going to try and Cut you out so you need t be i assure Kathleen told her even Niobe coldly i would t be in the least jealous Lea raised her dark attractively pencilled eyebrows. That she drawled. Then you would t care if i did go off with the boy Friend Kathleen did t reply. She had almost said of course i would to but suddenly Lealund both with pain amazement that it would t be True. Standing there before the Bevelled Oval Mirror that gave a Clear reflection of herself she saw that her Hazel eyes were Blaz ing her Cheeks were hot. The Flimsy tulle bodice of her Amber evening gown was moving unevenly. She clenched her Small cold hands tightly by her Side. It was nonsense. It must be non sense. She changed the subject. Any Luck. Today in the apartment Hunting Lea nodded. Maybe. Not a bad. Little place on East fifty seventh Street. It s More than i wanted to pay but i guess i can Cut Down on the eats. Or maybe i can find a boy Friend who will take care of Kathleen wished occasionally that Lea would t speak like a Tough out of the talkies. You have

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