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San Antonio Light Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1932, Page 30

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San Antonio Light (Newspaper) - December 9, 1932, San Antonio, Texas I a the san Antonio Light boobs Rehb i 1082. I Beatrice Burton dinner party broken up by Accident the Story thus far Mary Faith Young and comely franc in of Kimberley Farrell nand Home blend youth just out of school leaves her position As Secretary to the wealthy Mark Nesbit to marry Mary Faith receives a note from Kim s Mother inviting her to dinner. His Mother insinuates Kim a Sother inter Sis. Fay King urges All to do their part in speeding Christmas mails now go on with the Story chapter in. Well he was gone All Day May Faith. He got up Early in the morn ing and drove the car out of the Yard before i was really awake. 1 Why Don t you ask him where he was All Day and who was with him i m Only his Mother of course but you have a right to know what he does with him Mary Faith Shook her head. She had a Fine contempt for women who did not Trust the men i they loved women like mrs. Dan Bassett whose husband was ship Ping clerk at Nesbit s. Dan Bassett never looked twice Al any of the girls who worked in the building but mrs. Bassett gave him no peace. She was always popping in unexpectedly to see what he was doing and she kept the Telephone wires hot on the nights when he worked Laic. Ill be no mrs. Dan thought Mary Faith firmly. I would to want Kim to think i did t Trust him mrs. She said. And that s just what he would think is i started to Cross question him about things like that. I know he wants to marry me and that s enough for mrs. Farrell blew out the match she held and tossed it under the stove where there were a dozen or so Burnt matches. It flared up and Ehe set her foot on it. Has t any business wanting to marry you or any other girl just she said violently. He owes me a Little Comfort. Here we Are struggling to get along on what he makes Down in that Law and he s going to get married in two on what i d like to knowl on on his Mary Faith re plied breaking eggs into the sizzling pan. Sixty dollars a week is plenty of Money for three people to live on comfortably. You and i can do every bit of the work around in this Flat. We won t even Send the laundry out i Don t know Why he wants to get married Kim s Mother went on paying no attention to her. I m sure i Don everybody wants to get married sooner or later i Mary Faith spoke As gently As she could. You want to you mrs. Farrell turned on her suddenly her plump face full of color. Kimberley does t want to get married he knows he in t making enough Money to keep up two Homes and he knows i won t be Happy when he brings you Here to mine. Besides that he s running around she stopped talking us Kim pushed the door open and stepped Imo the Kitchen. He had changed his coat Lor a Brown velveteen Emo King jacket and b pipe was gripped Between his Teeth. I what s All the Row he j talked mildly. And How about a Chow for b hungry Man in Stead of All this i Hie Mother took a Pitcher of from the top of the icebox and thrust it into Mery fair he put that on the table. I la watch the eggs Mary Faith. And pour tie water. The Pitcher s on the Fot addresses Orl of Youk. Gift Box Sef Ofee Pine Eye s 5uc.h a. Small place l u put the name of the county in stat put Yoke Outt address on be to Yoo if n cannot be fashions from Paris room. Sixty dollars a week is a lot of Money if it s properly Han a German Silver Pitcher of water stood on the sideboard. When she i picked it up she saw that it left a j wet White ring on the polished Wood. There were other faint White rings near it. No one could Call Kim s Mother a careful housekeeper she found herself thinking As she began to fill the water glasses. I suddenly there was a crash and a loud scream from the Kitchen. After that there was a second of dead silence. And then Kim s voice Call ing her Mary Faith. Come Here somehow his Mother had Man aged to Knock the Coffee pot off the stove while she was taking the Fried eggs from the pan. Streams of Pale Brown liquid were running Down her arms and the front of her Gray silk dress when Mary Faith opened the Kitchen door. The Coffee pot Lay on its Side on the floor. My my poor she was sobbing hysterically. Of my she began to moan rolling her Large head from Side to Side. I Kim was trying to Roll her sleeves Back from her wrists. J she s scalded he with that red hot stuff it was t red hot thank Good Mary Faith broke in. She had set it on the fire just two min j utes ago. It could t have been very hot. I was afraid she d Burnt herself with the grease out of that pan. That would have been ter j Rible ill get some baking soda. There s nothing like it for she Flung open the door of the j untidy Little cupboard above the sink. When she found inc soda and swung around with the Little Blue Box in her hands mrs. Farrell was trying to push Kim away from her. No you Don t have to do any thing for she was telling him her voice shrill and shaken with i sobs. You be heard what she said i Coffee was t hot. And you believe her you think i screamed for nothing i suppose both of j she flattened both her hands against his Chest and freed herself from him. J i want you to let me she j cried pushing past him on her Way to the Kitchen door. I she stopped there an instant j looking Back at him with streaming j eyes. J this is the Way things will Al ways be now at this j word against mine i Tell you i won t stand it. I won t stay Here i la go Down to Lucy s and live 1 her words were lost in a storm of loud sobs. She slammed the door of the Kitchen As she went out. Then after a half minute they heard the door of her bedroom slam. Her face Scarlet Mary Faith Bent Over and picked up the Coffee pot. J m. You can feel it she said holding it out to him. J it s warm that s All but i m sorry i said anything about it. Only j i was glad she was t badly Burn j you think it would help i matters if i went Imo her room and apologized to Kim Shook his blonde head. Better let her he said shortly he stood. Ica inc the i Wall and Marv Faith i up in puddle of the coffe from i ikes. She does t want me to la keel s and having their dinner floor 7-Lih a Damp Gray ree get she found on a Nail under the Mary Faith knew that Pabis dec. Continue to cover the favorite Range of colors in Paris for the Winter season. They seem almost to have taken the place of the old Paris Black. Brown in dark cold shades is used for the classic afternoon Coats and suits that Paris wears perennially no matter what the simplified costumes with heavy trimmings of fur preferably Astra Kan or Fox. Lighter softer Browns make the sports suits for the younger generation and Browns of All varieties appear in evening dress and to fashion the costumes themselves or to serve As trimmings. Molyneux has a warm dark soft Shade of Brown As his special favorite. He uses it in Mariy from House Coats to evening dresses of lace. Keeps it in solid color or trims it with beige or some Bright touch of Green or red. But in any Case wherever Brown is used the dress or wrap is kept simple All the better to make use of the Richness of the color. One of the most popular of his Winter models is the Dresa and jacket in today s sketch. Lice Many of his daytime dresses the neckline is rather High the Blouse undecorated and the skirt rather straight. The Only trimming on the entire costume is concentrated in the Tri color fabric which la folded and rolled into Belt and beige and Ted. The Little jacket of the dress material is sleeveless end is Short enough to leave uncovered the col ored Sash. Sold was True. When she had finished she came i Kim s Mother had divorced i there. That j it was 8 o clock by the time they Jot there end the dining room was his Mary Faith carried the Pitcher into the coning room where a drop right with a. Yellow Glass Shade Hung Over the table. She set it Down on k. German Silver Irav that was flanked by a Cut Glass vinegar cruel and a bottle of meat sauce. People can t Call themselves poor Olio live As comfortable As Foj if thought. Blancino around the close to him and took one of his father when Kim was a Little boy. I hands in hers. She held it tight i with her Alimony she had brought his big fingers around her him up and educated him for the slender ones. J Law. He had been and still was Kim. When we re married and her whole life. I almost empty. It seemed very cozy i m living she said looking Dover. At them things like this won t when Kim was 24 his father died and the Alimony stopped. But by Anci peaceful with a Coal fire Burn ing in the grate and the hum of voices coming in to them from the Hall. On the other Side of the to be continued advice to lovelorn by Beatrice Fairfax table talks by Mildred Kitchen there seems to be a very rational trend in the matter of cookery these Days. It is the woman Dis likes to Cook has any desire to slight her family but there Are unmistakable signs of the housewife taking cookery As lightly As the seriousness of the Occa Sion permits. Time was when our mothers measured their loyalty to the family in terms of fatigue but the old order Chang eth and to the woman of today considers fatigue As a Poison to her family s happiness and a menace to her Beauty. For those who insist upon having Hynie made goodies for the Hus band and want also to keep that schoolgirl Charm it is necessary to study ways and Means of accomplishing both. Cake is one of the Means of pleasing the whole family. The laborious manner of creaming one after another of the ingredients is a waste of time for a simple cake where the ingredients involved Are inexpensive. There Are a number of lightning cake sort where All dry no relents sifted together Are combined with All liquid ingredients. I find myself coming Over to their adoption not to the exclusion of All others but from now on i expect to use them Ratker frequently. The following will give in Excel Lent cake if methods Are carried out and save much time for other hangs lightning nut cake. One cup sugar. One half cup Oil. Two whole eggs. One cup milk. One cup broken nuts. Two and one half cups flour. Three Teaspoons baking powder. One Teaspoon Salt. One Teaspoon mixed Elcee method. 1. Place sugar shortening whole eggs milk and nuts in the mixing bowl stir for one second. 2. Sift flour a Keg powder Salt and spices All together into the first mixture beat for three min utes and pour into Well oiled and floured bread pan. 3. Bake in oven heated at 350 degrees f. For 15 minutes. Reduce heat slowly and allow to bake Al together 35 minutes. Any recipe May be prepared in the same Way except where Whites of eggs determine the texture and Erain. Cover with this icing. Lightning chocolate cake. 11-2 cups flour. 1 cup sugar. 1-2 cup ground chocolate 3 Teaspoons baking powder. 1 cup milk. 1 egg. 1-3 cup melted butter or fat. Method. 1. Sift together three Tymn flour sugar chocolate and baking powder. 2. Add milk egg and melted but ter beating Well. 3. Bake in two layers in a mod Erate oven about 375 degrees p., 20 minutes. 4. When Cool spread with Choc Olate lightning icing variation milk can be used instead of Sweet milk if one half Teaspoon soda is added to dry ingredients. Variation together sugar flour baking powder b add to chocolate two Tablespoons boiling water Cook to paste add to liquid ingredients variation egg melted by Fay King Over Christmas cards were finally sent to the dead letter office in Washington d. C., one year. Some addresses could not read. Many were incorrect. None had the sender s name and address written on the Back of the envelope so that the card could be returned to sender if it could not be delivered. The United states Postoff Icea everywhere want to deliver your Christmas card or package but you must do your part. You must write plainly and mall Early to allow for delays from win ter storms. During the extra Rush and bulk of Holiday mall it is so necessary for you to do your part As willingly and Well As the Post office will do theirs. Don t be careless. Copy Lurhl 193 by Dally Blirer. Ira. Fat chocolate and milk Combine with dry ingredients. Chocolate is dissolved with two Tablespoons of boiling water chocolate lightning icing 2 cups powdered sugar. 2 Tablespoons ground chocolate. 3 Tablespoons hot Coffee. 2 Tablespoons melted butter. Method. 1. Mix ingredients in order Given. 2. Beat until smooth and spread on cake. 3. Rich hot milk or cram May by used instead of Coffee. Butter icing. 2 Tablespoons Grange Jules. 2 Tablespoons butter. 1-2 cup milk. 11-2 cups powdered sugar. 1-2 Teaspoons Vanilla extract method. 1. Beat to a Cream All the ingredients. 2. Spread Over the cake. 3. Nuts May be added if desired. No one to introduce them. Dear miss Fairfax i m a girl in my teens and he is a boy in his twenties and we live across the Street from each other. He has looked at me More than once and i have looked at him j More than that but neither of us has Ever spoken a word because we know we ought t to speak without an introduction. Please Tell me if there is any Way of knowing him. Ramona. Congratulations on your forbear Ance my dear in not speaking to the Young Man before you have been introduced. But As you live across the Street from each other certainly there is some kind neigh Bor who will have a. Heart and play the part of go Between. Do you happen to go to the same sunday school club Church or High school certainly there is someone that will be Able to pronounce the magic words of an introduction to make you both Happy. Give your stomach one hour s help thai Lump you feel an hour or i Filer eating is a symptom of Ali Irish i. This very ruin ii Iii a Miluin can by in Lii d. List and of taking Mijija or airy else you inns take the your life try mtni7 line Raisin. In lol saves half a hour s Dir Slifkin Llmer. If your Stu Mitch is one hour slow in Empl Yini. Just Dike two Ilik to of and nil int sourness find distress Flor meals will Ohe. One linux of hasten. I Roii t let them time he had a position in the i la make your Mother like Law offices of my Antrae and Kiasue a worried Over in the City Bank building you la have your he downtown and was earning enough said and then added she d j Money to keep himself and his ii Ift like this with any girl i want Mother de to merry. Ii in t you she Dos i he was still with my Antrae and j we5fover and he was making twice the salary that he had made when he started to work for them. His Mother was very proud of him. She did t want to give him up. She made no secret of the fact that the did not want Kim to marry for several years. She was ambitious for him and his career. Onoe or twice in Mary Faith s presence she had reminded him that he travels the farthest who travels in t it a funny thing that when two women love a Man they almost always hate each Mary Faith asked now her hands on Kim s shoulders. Not that i hate our Mother. I could love her be j cause she s your Mother if she d let me. But she hates me Ita Mii for r he Stu urged his i shoulders. Then he turned away i emptied has tobacco into the sink j Strainer and dropped his into his jacket pocket. J my appetite s he an Nonno de sullenly but i la take you somewhere a if you re Hun Kry. There s inc Barbecue Over on j fifth Street and the tearoom Down lit inc Corner. Where do you want to i Don t Hunt to eat if you Mury i Ului said q in Coly shaking her head. Please get my hut Anil coat Illey re in your Mother s room Kim und i m go Home you Here with no. I la take you they Flynn la wound up the two of Thorn by going Bock to mrs san Antonio Light pattern will lest your and Correct your time. Then eat any thing like and it will Difei so like or tickers and milk keep on will Dia pepsin a few Days until the stomach is doing ils work Wilh out need of help. When in slows Down Lake Dia pepsin it s Kozoil for the discs live. System and can t Hurt you. Tape s i Ian Etui All your Slomah and it be plainly Worth by Marian Martin girls you can make this pattern 9489 what Young thing does t love to be dressed up when there s i a party to attend or when the All-1 important graduation Rolls j in january this adorable frock will answer for both occasions. Ils j simplicity la touched off by a Dou i ble flounced neckline one of lace one of the fabric very flattering i to Youthful faces. So easily Maui too that daughter could fashion it entirely by lie self. Pattern 9489 May be ordered Only j in sizes 10, 14, 16 and 18. 12 requires 3 Yards 36 Inch fabric and 1-4 Yard 27 Inch lace. Illustrated step by step making instructions included with pattern. To get a pattern of this Model Send f i teen cents Isu in coins or. Stamps coins please write very plainly your name address style num Bem and size of each pattern ordered. For u Complete collection of the smartest most practical and styles consult he Marian Martin pattern Catalon. Its 32 pages include Beautiful models or Jun Lom and riddles As Well by the Best of the he amen s not Renoon Cven Lnu sports and House frocks line rfcs and dul muh exquisite Transfer put terns too. H k n 1 your copy Piuck of . Fifteen cents. 0 a t a l o o and pattern together Twenty five cent and drum to Antonio pattern department How to escape flu 1 2 and Grippe to avoid so far As possible the places where germs Likely to be spread Over crowded cars and Public meeting places Stuffy poorly ventilated rooms. Be careful of close Contact with others and beware of All Cougher and sneezes breathe through the nose get fresh air but avoid drafts or chilling. Get lots of rest. Drink plenty of water. Keep the bowels open. Take extra precaution to keep in Good physical condition so your sys tem will have Normal resistance against germs. Try particularly to avoid catching cold. Colds lower your resistance to disease germs. At the first sign of any cold take Bayer aspirin and remain indoors if possible until your cold is gone. Gargle with Bayer aspirin dissolved in water at the first touch of sore Throat As this relieves soreness and usually reduces the e inflammation. If you have any reason to suspect even a touch of flu Call your doctor at once

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