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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - September 30, 1891, San Antonio, Texas She Gailija sight. Wednesday september 30, �?T91. And she was a gird and the Young Many a trouble came too Date. In Princeton Gibson county iud., an incident occurred during Quot annual Institute week Quot that will soon sink into oblivion among the unfortunate participants and the Good people of that educational Centre. In this sensation two Well known instructors were Central figures. The facts briefly stated Are As follows Brown Lester and Hayes secured lodging with a private family during the week and were assigned to double rooms. Everything ran smoothly till thursday evening when a popular lecturer at the City Hall took the occupants away for a time. At a late hour Brown and Lester tired and weary returned. Finding no Lucifer at hand they retired in separate rooms without illuminating. Soon Brown was apprised of the fact by the Light of the Moon that he was not alone and after discovering the sex of Bis fair partner he cautiously withdrew to Lester a Couch to keep him company but with his curiosity ready to explode thinking perhaps he was Only the victim of some huge joke. Morpheus soon got in his work and the occurrence was forgotten. An hour later records the arrival of Hays who had been out with his Best girl and he too quietly retired without a Light in the same room and in the same bed recently vacated by his co labourer. Sleep soon overtook him and strange As it May seem until aroused next morning neither he nor his Gay companion were cognizant of the awful breach of etiquette or that they had been peacefully resting Side by Side since Browne a exit earlier in the evening. On realizing their dilemma the scene enacted can better be imagined than described. The household was soon informed of the episode even to details and All were forced to believe by the innocence displayed that the Accident was wholly excusable Evi gently this was t n u Leo ii item occurrence but no harm was done other than gently tampering with the dignity of the pedagogues. Just the reception this unusual and amusing departure will receive in their respective social circles when this is submitted for perusal can scarcely be predicted. Later investigations deduced the fact that that apartment was previously occupied by the Damsel in question who in the absence of the family had returned unexpectedly Aud made herself at Home repairing to her customary quarters Little anticipating such a novel Climax. That the female aggregation was completely dumbfounded Aud embarrassed goes As evident that explanations Aud apologies flowed freely is beyond doubt mat More care and caution will be exerted in the future and Madam gossip thereby derived of another pedagogical Case of misplaced intentions is absolutely certain. The Anatomy of the Oyster not so simple As he seems. A Clam is considered As the Emblem of stupidity and callousness. But you will make As great a mistake if you put the Oyster in the same category As when you class a chinaman and a japanese together. The Oyster is so Strong of muscle As we All know that no human augers Are Able alone to open the doors of his domicile if he chooses to keep them closed liver and stomach and digestive organs As complicated As the human lungs machinery for obtaining his water Supply and for preventing an Over Aow and wondrously contrived mechanism for the trapping of his food. Finally he has a heart whose pulsations May be seen after his House has been torn from him. With this very limited understanding of the Anatomy of the Oyster it is not difficult to comp ret and How cultivation Aud care May hot Only improve its outward appearance and augment irs lines of Beauty but How they also cause the Quality of its meat to surpass that of the natural or uncultivated Oyster As much As Grain fed poultry sup sees the product of the barn Yard. When your Host places before you oysters that Are plump Aud round and thick Aud deep and Light Elored and mantled narrowly by a fringe quiet thick to the very Edge then you May be sure that they have not Only lived with a few disturbances but under a High state of Quot the biography of the Oyster by Edward l. Wilson in october Scribner. Origin of the postage stamp. From the Book keeper few people perhaps realize of How recent origin is the postage stamp. It was Aret issued by great Britain in 1840. Brazil was the Aret nation to follow the example which they did in 1843, and in 1817 the United states began to use the postage Stamps. A there Are now 211 stamp issuing countries. It is estimated now that every year some 50,,000,0 0 letters Are posted in the world. America leads with Over 25,000,000.000, and England follows with 700,0i 0. To Japan now mails annually 95 000,-000 letters Aud the canal led Stamps on these letters Are Worth on an average of to each. Last year there were 26,000 letters posted in England without any address on them. In 1600 of these Gold Coin and Money were enclosed. The cancelled postage Stamps of Many countries Are Worth quite As much As unused specimens Aud Many Are issued solely tor collections the Revenue being an important item. Monaco was the latest to Issue Stamps but Hoffa land with its Quot atty houses and three stores Quot is probably the most insignia East even More so than Heligoland or the Virgin islands. Bhopal has the oldest a a stamp. Nicaragua the Auest Siberia the largest zealand the smallest Guatemala the most striking and Sarawak and great Britian Divide the Honor of having the cheapest and meanest much in Little. Jamaica exports 15,000,000 Worth of fruit yearly. Every seventh person in the British Isles is a londoner. The average weight of a Many a Skeleton is fourteen pounds. The Sun gives 600,000 times that a full Moon does. There is Only one sudden death among women to eight among men. A 110-ton gun can Are two shots a minute each discharge costing $1,209. Salmon Pike Aud go dash Are said to be the Only Ash that never sleep. Consumption is prevalent in Ireland than in either England or Wales. One third of the crime committed in London is perpetrated on saturday nights. Two Hundred and thirty Miles have been Ridden on a bicycle without dismounting. The average englishman would live Twenty years longer in j Idia than in Africa. The Violet was the Bonaparte Tam. By Flower and the red Carnation that of the stuarts. It takes about three seconds for a message to go from one end of the Atlantic Cable to the other. There Are ninety nine different banking companies in London. Nearly 50 per cent of tile property of England is insured. In a mile of English railway there Are about 2,112 sleepers. Blacking is generally made from treacle Oil of vitriol and sour Beer. Woman is a subject never mentioned in Morocco. It would i e a Terible breach of etiquette to ask a Man after his wife or wives. The godly group consists of forty islands ave Only Are inhabited and they contain about 1,800 people. Daurelle Oil. Prevents tendency to wrinkles or ageing of the skin. Prevents withering of the skin or drying up of the flesh. Natures wonder for preserving youth and restless i1.c3 Large bottles at druggists. I diarrhoea dysentery local Market report. Cholera inf Antum and affections of the bowels. Gentlemen we have used your by cordial in our family for some time past and Are perfectly satisfied with its effects. Would not willingly do without it. Respectfully j. K. Robinson. Sold by All druggists. Price soc. And $1.00. Prepared by i. L. Lyons amp co. New Oriel ii. La Marmaduke military Academy. High Grade education for Young gentlemen and boys. Superior Hygiene Salt Baths Gas electric Light steam heat. Add let let Ai. Cudlike Sweet Springs Jio. Printing. When you need letter note or Hill Heads statements card drafts receipts or any thing else under this head Call on or write in fat a h Tuples and estimates. Maverick printing Xii wbk 9-2-im _ Hail Anton to. Five lots in Grandview. Nata bargain. Finest located propert the . It. Johnson Dight Kokic a a a a Quot vendors Lien notes. If you want to invest Money on interest i will sell you some not in secured by vendors Lien on improved or unimproved properties. 95tt Reagan Houston Assignee. Die Mast Elanda Siliko Oft to mexican liar Dudley h. Norms of the new York oar Amas Licko to his counsellors at Law. Mikado do la Alaux a no. 7 i a City of Mexico. The got the Diamond fling. Life. Quot papa Quot said Penelope turning suddenly from the piano with pretty blues playing on her Check. Quot do you think i am too Young to been a a engaged Quot Quot of Courso i do Quot growled Lier father Quot now who in the world has put the idea of marriage into your head what a his name Quot Quot of he Hasni to asked me yet but a a Ell you Quot yes i know ail about it Aud warn him that hell know More about it if he comes fooling around you any More. Now what do you want to Biuk about each things As that for Nellie Haven t you the Best Home in the Wor id Quot Quot of yes papa but it would be awfully Nice to be engaged i Quot How Nice Quot Quot of Nice to have a Young Man com ing to see you every evening Quot a Humph id like to catch him coming to see Yon every a vetting. Quot and it would be Nice to have pretty Diamond ring a a a Havus to you enough rings a Quot Well i Haven to a a open said her fatties seriously if i buy you a solitaire ring will you Promise faithfully to give up All thoughts of this Young Man Quot a a yes papa Quot she answered. Quot very Well then remember your Promise. You shall have your ring cd Morrow although its a sad piece of extravagance groaned the old gentleman walking painfully out of the room. Quot Well said Penelope to herself As the sound of his retreating footsteps died away i May not be very smart but i think that a the easiest Way to get a Diamond plug i have heard of yet. I must Tell toe other the Standard Ware House co have just received the largest and finest car Load of vehicles Ever snipped to this City ladies Phaeton speeding Phaeton buggies carriages Etc. We have the ugliest surveys in mag world also six car loads of Hacks carts express wagons Etc. Agents for Racine Wagon co. Old vehicles taken in Exchange for new ones 24 West Nueva Street. 9-10-tf location a of the san Antonio Tiro alarm boxes no. Location. 12 Cor s Flores and Gilbeau. 13 Cor s Flores and Arsenal. 14 june s Laredo and East. 15 june Laredo and s Pecos. 16 Cor s Flores anti Arkansas. 17 Cor s finnesand Lachapelle. S p r la crossing 18 Union Stock Yards. 19 Cor s Salado and Vera Cruz. 21 a g n or Stock Yards san Luis. 23 Cor Medina and w Commerce i amp g Erk 24 Cor w Commerce and Pecos. 25 Cor Pecos and Matamoras. 26 Central office military Plaza. 27 Cor Houston and s Flores. 28 Cor Houston and san Saba 29 Cor Leona amp Morales City Hospital. 31 Cor Morlaes Aud n Salado. 32 Cor Leal and Comal. 34 Cor Hidalgo and East. 85 Cor Acequia Aud Rodriguez 36 june san Pedro ave and Camden 2nd Ward Hose 37 Cor san Pedro ave and Elmira. 38 Cor Warren and Jackson. 41 Cor san Pedro ave and Laurel. 42 june Laurel and Fredericksburg Road John fests store 43 Cor san Pedro ave and Locust san Pedro Springs and car stables. 45 Cor Poplar and main ave. 46 Cor main ave and Macon. 47 Cor Lexington ave and Augusta. 128 Cor Soledad and Salinas. 12t Cor e. Houston and St. Mary a. 125 Cor e. Houston and ave a no. 2 engine House. 126 Cor Martin and Jefferson. 127 Cor ave d and eighth. 132 Cor ave b and ninth. 134 Lone Star brewery grand ave. 135 Cor grand ave and Austin Sunset Hose. 136 Cor Austin and Duval. 142 Cor Austin and Carson. 143 Cor military ave and Grayson. 145 Cor Austin ave arum Grayson. 152 Cor military ave and Crosby. 153 Cor Olive and Burleson. 154 Cor Olive and Nolan. 213 Cor Burnet and Walnut. 214 Cor ave e and sixth. 215 Cor ave l and fifth. 216 Cor e Commerce and Alamo. 217 Cor Nacogdoches and Nolan. 231 Cor Crockett and Bowie. 234 Cor e Commerce and Walnut 235 Cor water and a Mill 241 Cor water and Goliad. 243 Cor Goliad and Santa Clara 251 june water and Alamo Mission Hose 253 Cor Camargo and labor. 261 Cor Presa and Pereida. 812 Cor Alamo and Villita. 314 Cor Quinta and Nueva. 315 Cor Market and Yturri no. I engine House sic Cor Garden and Villita electric Light station 321 Cor Garden and Mill. 324 Cor Mill and Adams. 325 Cor Beauregard and Mill. 412 c orking William and Turner. Hides. No. I. Western Shade dried 22 Rand Over per 8x@i>c no. 2, Western Shade dried. Noel country Butcher perlb.7j@8 no. 2 a a Quot a a. Light under 16 . Fallen free of mud. Damaged and bulls. Dry salted. Green salted no. I. No. 2. Skins. No. I Short hair. Goat per la. Improved Goat per la. Damaged and kids per la. Fancy Angora each.1@2.00 Deer skins prime per la. 22 a a a a second Quot. 18 wild hog Large each. 40 Small Quot. 20 sheep skins each.10@50e furs. Season not opened yet beaver.2 d>3.50 bear.$1@4.00 raccoon.5@>15c Fox. 5c�15c Wolf. 5�20c wild cat .5>m5 skunk.5 010 opossum. House cat. 5 Badger. 5 beeswax per la. 20 .3 h 20 la .12 i to .30 la. Tallow mohair Choice per off Grade Quot. Horse hair per la. Cow Tail a a. Eggs per dozen. California fruit. Pears 40 la. plums 20 Quot Quot. Prunes 20&Quot Quot. Peaches 20 a a Quot. Grapes 40 la. Crates. Elpaso to la. Baskets. Apples Northern per barrel. Bananas per Bunch. Tomatoes Bushel boxes. Lemons Messina fancy 360. Extra fancy Maiori 900. Raisins cal.l.l., 3 Box. 25�?2 40 25�?1 40 25-1 40 40�?1 50 -2 25 a 75 50�?3 75 50�?2 25 40-1 50 �?6 00 800 2 50 across the san Pedro. Open every Nishi. The place for Gen Lemen to pass a pleasant evening. Admission Ioc. 15,25c Bella Union theatre. Coiner Laredo and Dolorosa Street is the place to spend a pleasant evening. New attractions Eversweet the bar is open Day and night where the Best of refreshments Are served at moderate prices. Call and see us and we Promise you courteous treatment. Villaneuva Newton proprietors John t. Leer manage dates 60 la boxes per 07�?.07 4 Citron 25 la boxes per a 18�?.20 nuts peanuts extra Nancv. 6hc�?7c almonds Tarragona. 18c�?20c filberts. 13c walnuts. 12c�?13c Brazil nuts. 10c coconuts per too. 6 00 California Sweet chocolate 12 lb., boxes per la. 18c cabbage per crate heavy weight. 2 75-3 of horseradish per la. To potatoes California per too . I of onions California per la .2hc garlic new Loose per la .10c a Quot per string .75c in rout k bbl. 3 25 cheese Wisconsin full Cream. 13 4�?14c Young America. 13 4�?14c butter Creamery fancy .25c Dairy butter. 20c pickles k bbl. 4 50 la gallon kegs. 3 50 Chile per Pound. 20c�?22c cider. N. Y. State per h bbl. 4 50 Beans mexican per pounds 3%@ Beans Lima per la. 6 Beans Navy per la. 4ii Bacon per la. 9 4@10 Ham Quot. La we lard Quot. He Corn per Bushel. 05 @ 70 Oats. A a m40 @ 42 Hay per Hundred. 05 the Worth of your Money. Go to Piggott a and get Tho Worth of your Money in wagons or carriages. Horse shoeing and painting a specially. Cor. F Aston and Soledad streets. 8 3 3m the ranch Saloon and Scull Flores Street. A gentlemen a resort Post office department. Week Days. Stamp window opens 44 44 closes general delivery opens 44 44 closes registry window opens 44 44 closes Money order window opens 9, a. In. 4 44 44 closes 4, p. In. General delivery and Carrier windows open on sunday from 8 30 to 10 30, a. In. S. M. Johnson postmaster. 8, a. In 6, p 8, a. In. 6, p. 9, a 5, p in. In. In. In. Southern Iron a wire works 31� s. Flores St., manufacturers of ornamental wrought Iron and wire fences Iron bedsteads and cots. Architectural work a specially. Give them a Call. 9-4-lnr.o lithographed office station Ary is All the go with business men now. Keep up with the times by having a Cut of your building special design or Vignette on your letter Heads cards Etc. Samples sketches Origi Nal designs Aud estimates cheerfully furnished upon application write or Call on Maverick printing House 9 2-1 in ban Antonio. Heavy losses sustained by not buying Tea at Hollands now is the time to make Money in buy ing property. The following list is Only a Small por Tion of the Many Fine bargains now being offered by Jno. T. Hambleton amp co real estate agents office at no. 4 East Commerce Street three very Large lots on go Verumen Hill one half Block from car line. Three room cottage on Austin Street lot 57 1-2x145 feet. Five acres on san Antonio River Suita Hie for subdivision. Convenient to Street car line. Seven room House on Elmira Street stable water works Etc. Two houses on Blum Street renting for $40, per Mouth. House of six rooms with Bath. To 52x160011 Monterey Street House almost new. New House of six rooms on Chestnut Street. Lot 66x140 feet. Fine piece of improved property on North Flores Street. Lot 120x1s0 feet this is a bargain. A desirable piece of property on Avenue a can be bought cheap. A Fine corp Era on Avenue c near hous ton Street. Two lots on Buena Vista Street con be Lieut to Street car. Fine Block of 12 lots of Tobin Hill. Large lot 8072x340 feet on ditch Aud Rock Quarry a Road. Elegant two Story House to rooms with All modern improvements first neigh of Hood Aud centrally located five room House stable lot 150 fett h few Steps from car line. 170 acres Fine land ii Miles irom san Antonio on Goliad Road 70 acres in Cul Civati in Good House 4 rooms 200 Bear ing it each Trees. 422 acres farming Laud in Hays and Comal counties 10 Miles from san Marcos 4 room House never failing Spring 40 Yards from House school and Post office half mile from place. J m a a a a a a i the finest of Domestic and imported liquors. Wines Ani cigars. A cordial. Welcome to All. Crawford amp Brown proprietors. James t. Bradys. Opp. Southern hotel office bar is Headquarters for stockmen and other gentlemen who know Whereat get something Good in the Way of . Drop in to Bradys once and you will be sure to Call again. 8-12-ti if you want a drink of the Fine old Woodland of 1882 drop in at the Silver King Saloon Comer of Flores and West Commerce Street on the East Side of military Plaza. He Tuttle proprietor. Also the finest brands of imported Aud Domestic wines liquors and cigars. 910 Excelsior steam laundry no. 33 Alamo Plaza opposite Monger hotel Telephone 600. Collars Anil a nos a specially clothes culled for and delivered free of charge work guaranteed first class. D a Vidi urk to o d7 sanitary Engineer and plumber lab Alamo by. Telephone 440. Modern sanitary plumbing a specially. A. Fly or. Kirkwood employees Only experienced plumbers and consequently those familar with All the requirements of modern plumbing for this climate. This is a sufficient guarantee of first class Ork. 5-25-3m done to die Intlehouse Quot rough on clears out rat mice flies Roaches and bed bugs

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