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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - September 29, 1891, San Antonio, Texas La a still sight. Tuesday september 29, 1891. Kept up for years the offer that a made by the proprietors . Sages Catarrh remedy. Its addressed to Yow if you Nave Catarrh. Its a Reward $500, if they can to cure you no matter How bad your Case How Long standing an offer that a made in Good Faith by responsible men. Think what it Means i absolute Confidence in their remedy they afford to take the risk. A Long record perfect and permanent cures tile worst cases they have Faith in it. It Means no More Catarrh a $500. If you fail to be cured you wont fail to be paid. But perhaps you wont believe it. Then there a another reason for trying it. Show that you can to be cured and you la get $500. Its a Plain business offer. The makers . Sages Catarrh remedy will pay you that amount if they can to cure you. They know that they can you think that they can to. If they re wrong you get the Cash. If you re wrong you re rid Catarrh. On Shakespeare s passing Bell. As now thou Mourne at didst thou mourn that sad Day when he was borne through the Green aisle honeyed limes to rest beneath the chambered Chimes. He heard thee not nor cared to hear another voice was in his ear and freed from All the Bonds men he knew the awful secret then. A William Winter. A very Peculiar Case. Rail Road time table. I. Amp g. N. Railroad. Departures. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain m., k. Andt. 5 45 a. M for St Louis via Iron Mountain it 00 p. M for Laredo 9 55 a. In arrivals. From St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. 9 35 a. M from St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And to 10 00 p. In from Laredo a 5 35 p. In Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leaves for new Orleans Houston and Galveston 9 35 a. In. And 9 p. In arrives from the East. Arrives from new Orleans Houston and Galveston ? a. In. And 4 10 p. In through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass 4 40 p. In arrives from san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass 8 55 a. In s. A. Amp a. P. Railroad. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville Dally except sunday.5 00 p. In leaves for Galveston Houston and i Cuero daily 9 to a. M leaves for Corpus Christi Rockport and Beeville daily i p. In arrivals. From Kerrville Dally except 00 a. In from Corpus Christi Rockport Aud Beeville daily 2 30 p. In from Galveston Houston and Cuero daily0 20 p. In r Mallory Steamer sail from Galveston every wednesday and saturday. Quot a Buckless Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for cuts bruises sores ulcers Salt Rheum Tetter chapped hands chilblains corns aaa All skin eruptions and positively cures piles no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box for Sale by All druggists. Dreiss Thomp son amp wholesale. Cut l 9 13-Ly Piso a remedy for Catarrh is Tho Best easiest to use Aud cheapest. Sold by druggists sent by mail. T. Hazo Leloo Warren. A. I cure fits when i say cure i do not mean merely Pastop them for a Tim and then have them return again i mean a Radical cure. I have made the disease fits epilepsy falling sickness a life Long study. I warrant remedy to care the worst oases. Because others have failed is no reason for not now receiving a cure. Senti at once for a treatise and a free bottle infallible remedy. Give express Aud Post orhoo. Ii. To. Hoot Ai. C., 183 Pearl kl., n. V Gale Hemery a English Diamond lira. Pennyroyal pills i Hen. Original and Only genuine. Safe alway reliable ladies aah druggist for Chichester a i Nash Ina a Mund Brand in lied Aud hold Iii Eta Lien ibo Xea sealed with Blue ribbon. To no other. Refute dangerous _ ton and imitation. At druggist end 4a in name by particular testimonial auf a a belief for ladles in Otter by return a mull. 10.000 Tei Limont Asame paper Chich eater chemical t o., Munoo Squar. air Variata i Hillado. A �e1d by Alf Atlanta Cia i and whiskey habits cured at heme without pain. Book Par i lieu ars sent i re. Irm v Ooi lkv.u. Office Lori Whitehall by the daily Light a is a Only 50 gents a month delivered like Many people in this world who in apparent health and in the full Possession All their faculties have yet unknown to themselves anybody else the germs some dire disease lurking within them i was totally ignorant that there was anything the matter with . I had never been ill since boyhood consequently had never consulted a doctor. Whether if i had he would have discovered malady before i did i know not but it is doubtful seeing that it certainly must be a wholly unusual if not unique Case at any rate the Way i found it out for myself. This phase it alone appears so Peculiar and incredible that i conceive it must have opened a new Field for speculation among the pathologists psychologists whatever the special ology its Are who study these matters. At the time it happened thirty years ago i was a Bachelor living in a drawing room communicating by folding doors with the bedroom behind it not a Hundred Miles from tile Regent circus. None the furniture was own save one two easy chairs a writing table and a rather shabby dilapidated old Bureau Escrib Toire a relic great Grandfather a i believe and preserved by As representing pretty nearly All the property i Ever inherited. It stood in the darkest Corner the sitting room though near one the two Long French windows. I Seldom went to it using its numerous drawers pigeonholes etc., Only As receptacles for old receipts Bills papers and a few old accumulations no value which for some reason i did not wish to destroy. The key to its circular top i had with reprehensible carelessness in such matters mislaid for weeks. This gave no concern. I could look for it when i wanted it that was enough. Other lodgers were in the House which was kept by a retired Lin tier and his wife who with three servants attended the inmates. A Young Man s life in London without being tile least unsteady frequently involves him in late hours when lie has a Large Circle acquaintances. It was so with especially during one particular season. Operas Heaters suppers and dances crowded so thick and fast upon each other that for nights together i never had More than three four hours in bed�?a1 ways having to be up Early. Then by degrees when i could turn in in reasonable time i could not sleep Aud this account even tile thought a Long night in bed gradually became a terror to . The fact is nervous system was becoming thoroughly Unstrung though at the time i did not know what that meant certainly i never thought it As an illness and equally certain should have scouted any idea seeking advice about it. I know better now but let not anticipate Only it should be added that i periodically had some very voluminous and important private correspondence to attend to. By that perversity which frequently seems to regulate these affairs this often fell out when i was most Busy Iii the Day Aud when dinners and parties were most numerous Iii the evening. Never choosing to sacrifice pleasure for business but always striving to Combine the two i would go at letters when i came Home however late tired if not sleep a then to screw myself up to the work i would tie a wet Towel round head stick a pipe in Mouth and brew myself a cup Strong Tea. Thus i often wrote far into the night. As a matter course after to bout this kind i never went to sleep it All. I Rose a refreshed feverish nervous irritable. A cup Tea and a slice Toast were substituted for the Hearty breakfast Yore. I could not eat until luncheons Only toward evening did i feel at All myself and so late hours became habitual. In addition another thing was worrying greatly. For the last month More i Felt convinced i was being robbed. I did not possess much jewelry but i was constantly missing certain Little trinkets and Small articles. Among others a Silver Matchbox a Large Crocodile leather Gold mounted Cigar Case a pair Gold sleeve links a Small locket containing some mothers and father s hair a set studs a Pearl Breastpin and the like. Also a pocket letter card Case which i Well knew contained two i i scotch Bank to test unusual Motley not easily forgotten. I Felt sure that with every allowance for careless habits these and Many other similar objects had vanished in the most unaccountable Way. Search High and Low As i would they were not to be found anywhere in rooms. I had lived there nearly two years whap this vexation began and i knew not whom to suspect. It was horribly awkward and most unpleasant. The landlord and his wife bore unimpeachable characters and i could never have looked either them in the face again had i breathed the faintest suspicion their honesty. Three other men two whom i knew slightly were lodging in the House us i have said but As to sus next Jar them this Netty larceny the % idea was out the question. No it must be one the servants. But which one the three was a lad sixteen. He was a newcomer truly. The two women were in the House when i took up quarters there respectable a elderly i did not know what to do for the Best. To lock up the rooms was impossible and even to do the same with All drawers writing table wardrobe etc., now after never having previously turned a key anything would be at once to cast a slur the establishment. Besides i never could Tell exactly when i missed this that article because As i repeat careless ways had often led to imagine that i had lost a thing when i had merely mislaid it. Presently the idea occurred to that i would set a trap. I left a Small Sovereign purse in a Corner drawer the dressing table whence i could declare Many trinkets and valuables had been purloined but there it remained. I shifted it partially covered it with other things As if by Accident As if it had been forgotten. Yet it was always forthcoming whenever i looked. I put a solitary Sovereign a Corner the mantelpiece the housemaid twice Drew attention to the fact that the Coin was still lying there. No nothing that i Ever placed As a bait disappeared. The depredations were confined to such objects As i Hadnot been thinking about until i wanted them. I hesitated As i have said to Tell landlord so i now determined to consult Scotland Yard for during the sleepless nights which As the London season waned grew longer the subject assumed far greater importance than it did in the Day. It became an intolerable night Mare and i would sometimes get out bed und search for any object i might suddenly remember i had not seen for a Long while. Sometimes i found it sometimes i did not sometimes i never set eyes it again it was clean gone indeed at last it was in this Way and at these untimely hours that i discovered most losses. Thus what with them and sleeplessness i grew quite dejected but i entirely refused to think myself ill. It absolutely never occurred to so i walked Down to Scotland Yard and confided troubles to an inspector in what is now called the a criminal investigation this resulted one sunday morning in entertaining at breakfast a certain gentleman named bunter. An Odd looking person who had a strange propensity for peering and prying about and appearing to take a great fancy to the House. It was just the sort place he wished. On this pretext i introduced him to the landlord with a View possibly Mak ing it Worth that individuals while to hand him Over the lease. In this Way he managed to go All Over the establishment and Converse with everybody living in it everybody except the gentleman who occupied the top Story the one per son i did not know. My Friend from Scotland Yard was particularly inquisitive about him since he could not see him and when i told him that his habits were irregular coming Home very late and occasionally not going out at All for Days the official looked grave finally winked it and said he would Call again shortly. But he never had the occasion to do so for it was during the night following the visit this distinguished guest that i discovered who was the thief and arrived at the secret the mystery. The month was August the nights hot and sultry and less than Ever Condu Cive to sleep. I had nothing to do that even eng and although i turned in Early it was with the usual result. The clocks had just struck i and i had been in bed since la without closing eyes. It was the old Story i was accustomed to it. Suddenly amid the Host perplex ing and often Awe inspiring thoughts whirling through ones brain under these conditions i remembered that pocket letter Case containing the two �1 scotch Bank notes. Where was it i had not seen it for weeks. After restlessly Petriv ing to drive away the desire to get up and search for it it mastered and out bed i sprang. For fully in hour i carried the quest but All in vain. Every conceivable and inconceivable Corner drawer Aud pocket was ransacked. The key the Escrito ire had been mislaid so i could not examine that but i knew it contained Little else than papers. At length entirely exhausted irritated and fevered and with the chamber Candle expiring with a sputter i Flung myself a Couch in the drawing room. Dawn had not yet broken but in a few minutes As i Lay there coiled up in dressing gown i unexpectedly fell asleep a a restless dreaming sleep full fan tactic Weir like indescribable shapes. When i awoke it was Daylight though the room was still shadowy and obscure save in one spot close to the Long window where the venetian Blind was partly raised the window nearest that dark Corner occupied by the old Escrito ire. The head the Couch was toward the mantelpiece but almost facing the door from the lauding the farther Side the Wall. At the moment i opened eyes with a feeling Relief at having just escaped some visionary peril to amazement i saw that door slowly open and the figure a Man stealthily entering by it. It did not make the faintest sound its hinges nor did he with his footsteps not so much As the creaking a Plank. The too fix to allow seeing what a Fie was like. His face was slightly averted also and except that the general look the Man seemed to be not altogether unfamiliar i could not in the least Tell who he was. The first impulse course was to sit up and Call out but for some inexplicable reason i restrained it perhaps because the thought instantly crossed mind that Here was the thief and upon that i suppose i rapidly concluded to watch him and pretend to be still sleeping. However this May be i did not move As i observed him creep noiselessly across the room to the end the mantelpiece farthest from that where i was lying. He appeared not to notice and after feeling with his hand for a moment be tween the Edge the looking Glass and the Wall by the mantel shelf he took something away and instantly crossed Back to the window by the Escrito ire. He passed the Little Gap Light so quickly into the Comer that i still failed to recognize him. Then i could dimly make out that he was apparently unlocking the lumbering old piece Furni Ture though still without making the slightest sound. A who How thought i a Fine fellow now i be caught you have i you have found the key and Are going to exercise your calling in that direction he Well narrative As x not doubt one there s not much that is Worth your at Tention there you won t find that a prof Itable Hunting ground a i was not Long you May depend coming to a determination. While he was still fumbling at the est retire i Rose and stealing softly up behind him suddenly seized him by the Back the Collar. He endeavoured to writhe out grasp but i turned him around so quickly that we both St gered and fell the floor in a huddled Heap together a he under most. In the fall i struck head severely against something probably a projecting chair. For the moment the blow seemed to Blind but As we had rolled Over into the Gap Light from the window i had caught sight his face turned up As it was toward mine Aud i saw whose face think you Why no other than own yes very own As i Well knew it in the looking Glass. That one instant amazement and consternation in which As by a Flash i made this recognition was followed by a total oblivion All surroundings. The face and figure seemed to fade away beneath and to vanish with consciousness. How Long i Lay prostrate face downward the floor i know not but in that position i found myself when bewildered senses slowly returned. For awhile course i could remember nothing How i came there what had brought to such a pass. Only very slowly did the circumstances recall themselves. What Earth did they mean forehead was unmistakably Cut und still bleeding indeed there is a Patch congealed blood the carpet plainly visible in the Broad flood Early sunlight now streaming beneath the half raised Blind. Had i been dreaming More than Likely i had had a fit anyhow i was so utterly bewildered that it was some time before thoughts became coherent. Then alarmed Aud fully atm scions for the first time in life that i must be seriously ill Labouring under some mysterious mental aberration. I Rose from the floor and sat Down in an adjacent chair. As Eves wandered vacantly around they fell upon the circular top the old Escrito ire. It was partially open. Some one had been at it thou that was Clear that was no dream no fancy scarcely due to a fit one would think at least not the sort i had trembling by thought . Yes and there was the missing key in the lock. When these facts had fully broken in upon co webbed brain they led to but one idea. Acting it i pushed the lid full open and with the rapidity thought pulled out one drawer after another and there in most them were deposited a lot the articles and objects i had so Long missed there in this neglected useless piece furniture i turned them All out in a confusion worse confounded than thoughts. But there they were almost every one Cigar Case Silver match Box trinkets locket Anil pocketbook containing the scotch Bank notes. Then How Earth had they come to be in this place a thief would hardly have stolen them to conceal them thus in own apartments unless unless und then very reluctantly slowly and at first but vaguely did i arrive at the conclusion unless the thief was myself verily this was an alarming supposition Aud confirmed worst dread. I must be suffering under some frightful inexplicable brain disease for that i had done this thing i was wholly Aud totally unconscious. For Days and Days however i took no action. I hesitated to breathe a word the extraordinary affair to a soul. Who would believe it everybody would say i had gone out mind i thought so myself. I doubted if any doctor would accept As veracious this wild account dread Awakening to the truth. Yet As i knew it to be Tho truth i set this record it Down while it was All fresh in memory Aud eventually being unable any longer to Bear the horrible suspense and perplexity in which the strange experience had left i put it before a medical Friend. To unspeakable astonishment he believed every word it. Then after answering his endless searching ques goos an when Lay ind listened to such verb it additions to the could give him he did single Point. A yes a he said a among other complications you probably have been walking in your sleep and yourself secreting the various articles from time to time. The key to wit the Escrito ire which you imagine to have been the object taken from behind the looking Glass by the figure you fancy you saw had been placed there by your own hand. Your brain retained some dim perception your having done so and the disordered condition your nervous system accounts for that perception assuming the shape a figure resembling yourself and in a state partial unconsciousness you dashed upon your imaginary burglary your own ghost in fact foil and fully restored your senses to their equilibrium by that rap your head. However it is enough for you if i Tell you that your nervous system is wholly broken Down and that if you done to take a Long Holiday go into the country and for the next two three months Lead a perfectly regular quiet life i wont answer for the consequences. No i shall give you but Little Medicine fresh air quiet and regularity Are the Only drugs you stand in need .�?� his advice was followed to the letter for i was thoroughly frightened. Thirty years have passed i have been Long married and i have never missed a single piece property Large Small since that extraordinary August the year round. Two wits meet. A your memory is As Short As your form is lanky a sarcastically remarked a Perky Little barrister to a tall Yorkshire Man who was rather slow to remember a particular Date. A and the extreme length your Tongue sir and your tall opinion i yourself perhaps compensates for your Legal insignificance a was the retort the witness taking instant London tit bits. Memories. A world fair and Golden Light a soft refrain upon the Breeze a Little Bunch roses White and All around Sweet melodies. One Hummer Day. I a Balmy Yoou with Sunshine fair a few Swift passing Twilight hours a love word whispered the air a dreamy silence Tho Flowers. One Hummer Day. Pale nines dying Ling a tingly a Leaden sky one Bright warm tear. And dead to All save memory is t hat which once was passing dear one Hummer Day sunlight glad Liow ret Gay two thing songsters Blithe and free. Though Golden Bourn shall hold their Sway. You Neer can give again to to that summer Day a Lousy Jackson in once a week. The jew us a Numier. Among tile great masses who must toil for their daily bread certainly Many have not yet devoted themselves to tilling the soil. And this account their enemies have devised the charge that jews Are no use in agriculture that they Are averse to All hard work. Here also experience gives a refutation. In the lands where jews have been permitted to acquire landed property where they Iutva found Opportunity to devote themselves to agriculture they have proved themselves excellent banners. For example in Hungary they form a very Large part the tillers the soil and this fact is acknowledged to such an extent that tile High Catholic clergy in Hungary almost exclusively have jews As tenants Mort main properties and almost All Large landholders give preference to the jews account their Industry. Their rectitude and their dexterity. These Are facts that cannot be hid and that have Force so that the anti semitic movement which for a Long time flourished in Hungary must expire. It will expire because every one Seal that so important a Factor in the productive activity the country especially in agriculture cannot be spared. My own personal experience too. Has led to recognize that the jews have very Good ability Iii agriculture. I have seen this personally Iii the jewish agricultural colonies Turkey and Tho reports from the expedition that i have sent to the Argentine Republic plainly show the same de i Roe i in forum mindful sounds Aud noise. It is a curious fact that musical sounds Fly farther and Are heard at a greater distance than those which Are More loud and noisy we go tile outside a town during a fair at tile distance a mile we hear the musical instruments but the Din the multitude which is so overpowering Iii the piece can scarcely be Hearth tile noise dying the spot to thus who Are conversant with the Power musical instruments the Fol lowing observation will be understood the violins made at Cremona about the year 1 1 10 Are Superior in tone to any a later Date at seeming to dispossess them their noisy qualities and leaving nothing but the pure tone a modern violin is played by the Side one those instruments it will Appeal much the louder the two. But receding a Hundred paces when compared with the Cremona it will scarcely be heard. New York Ledger

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