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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - September 24, 1891, San Antonio, TexasThe showgirl in Black. Thursday september 24, rs9l, for offer that s made by the proprietors of or. Safe s Ca Tarrh remedy. It s addressed to if you have Catarrh. It s a Reward of if they can t cure you no matter How Bud your Case or of How Long offer that s made in Good Faith by re pro Neibec Jvn. Think Vlot it Means absolute continence in remedy or they could t afford to take the risk. A Long record of perfect and Perma nent cures of the cases or they could t have Faith in it. It Means no Kioto Catarrh or if you fail to be cured you Wor fail to be paid. But perhaps you won t believe it. Then there s another reason for try ing it. Show that you can t be cured and you la get it s a Plain business offer. The makers of or. Sroge s Catarrh remedy Viil pay you that amount it they can t d you can readily see what harm would r s lit. and rounders who come in in to every Day to test their Power to . Vivid at once know in directions to tiny in their Gilly therefore that All May be pro an compelled to dress in sub Dued colors 1 this Rule against dressing in anything it Black is generally enforced. One Argo dry goods store on Market Street upon Black dresses in Winter but the Rule is relaxed in summer so Ilia the girls Are permitted to Wear waists or jerseys but the skirts must be Black. No Lively colors Are Al Lowed not even a Rose. Young la lies sought to break Over the barriers he other Day by appearing in pretty Heliotrope dresses but both were at once it Home to change their dress with the Stern admonition to not let the thing occur record. Of Airth m a vents Are of cent and n the Book. A delightful Day spent on Tho r is remembered by a Small Jusich of dried seaweed a particularly old seashell and Tho of Charley Dick or Harry who has helped to make the Day such a charming one. A ramble the nigh taif i by. To mind by a piece of Birch bark with a Little sketch drawn on it. Some time a Tennis tournament has especially interesting. Then there May b a sketch of the court the of the Wii a is an 1 perhaps the Date of the Content it is d Medly interesting to glance h one of Litile books Al ways and inevitably every is adorned with some masculine name. S Thuc same name appears All Csc rough the Book. Bat Rufien the summer girl is , and the numerous and to judge r by the 00 the different youths varied Ench one plays his part Ari i it is needless to say that masculine ej1 ii a Ever had the p Iii a diem Ory boo v Voru Twenty soar hours Imam t m n the pk-kk-6 from the Wash them Well cover them with boiling vinegar Elding a piece of Alum t a Wal nut to every gallon of Vin Gar an of cloves. All Sahf. A of car non i and a Snail n m in int c is. At the t lid of a k , the y will be stand aug month will a. P All put hire Cool place. Tribune or bup Enora girls it is Iii the Best that none of i re ire take women travelling Ajoue. Never in Twenty five years experience have i overseen so Many women travel a alone As there Are this Al half the pass enters in the beeping cars on my last live trips were women unattended were Ili going i f sonic Wiere to spend their Vacalis is did were As Independent As you most of the women carry those infernal oink cameras and were too much occupied taking snap shots out of the car windows and of the i in the car to care Tor the uie ii. I have n for the last three or four years that women Are gluing to be More inde pendent and Are travelling about Aloizie As freely As or Mun ois trouble most of win ii. They avast for their Money and arc too inquisitive the old hands at trav area Little less exacting and 1 know two or three ladies who easy to along with As a Man. They go All Over the country alone and a hot in to run at Rall in the d in California As alone in the do not know i do not appear to want to any new a of i a of in evry Hig show in by. From the native in Caiji to the in new Orleans tiie Charity Oal in new York. She h about the hotels in the Man 1 r met. And seems Tomiji a Lii in Tut own Peculiar Way. I always see i to t of i Iii a Vire. a in St. Lou. Ctet. Titei Hook. The popular fad is the memory a and every girl the Book be Niv a Book which can i f r the Small sum of t Jils. It can be a much More affair bound in tit Issiaka with Silver. In this Are put the Little a Sam mar s Campai irn. Ii Rory is particularly one Bremem Breed the Book is opened with the Auto graphs of the friends made on the train a dinner menu a few a Flowers picked at s Little station that has with it a pleasing recon Ltd Tion. During a Long summer Many pleasant in Grancea and High makes no r Lubier Twenty Odd years ago i . With a list Ili Rill i usurp indignation. Of a woman who led or you co cd Uriot be us licit Thrpo Are children in the you As by nth of her la Sills. Thu i ital Chil her assertion. He join d Juide in her hour and tastes and Lii his Bant Lings Bis Library his Deligt jts. Of by in imy. The Lawless baby t be clutch Smirch of lingers would convert it into an sift is and Able the swing of society creates a bit or wind that blights baby Hood. Poodles Are encourage to children condoned alluded to. As they arc in Vari Ous inflections of Good Humoured Patron age and contempt. In the crowded Day that begins with late breakfast literary or Scien Zijic lecture a Imi Rheon two or three of a j v if i Era Ter heading the in Czoref Blos tied v. Pin ii ribbon to each Mitil Jpe Mvi in Lite e tri1 i chives a Var Arrivi in and a the Cadi Titpon the to decorated with h leaved Luck. Was 1 Frith Pink White and Crimson i Lov i find the priz.1 in the line which was a part of the u Llie of a with big Gamma i he male is iving t 1 favor of women or. Be Montefiore has need a at in Honor of his late wife Psi n m in Honor of t it of -.000 year to the girl a first class a one us who in to t us in Indiana to office on a by sin a und is a devotee thevnis and a in Moti Ripon which i of View t us ii Alaraj i i in the it Vii to limit try and to look just Sweet for Ary thiner. Buy a sir. R Viii. Havi i i your own direction the sunbonnet is built on the Pian of of our v i with a difference have of Chiton. Ai this is either it. 1 s is Eter so full that the wire Frame work entirely of bilk is sewed to the of the and ens Are used to tie the Clun. These bonnets Are fill Well As decidedly becoming. Your protected from the Sun and your skin does net get or freckled. While a pretty face looks a thousand tin prettier when s in in the Depths f a title air. New Yuri advertiser. A Woumnm. Bero is a pretty pro Rabag. Seen in Piazza und Union. It was Sili handle chief. Or ratio a a in Isth t. Tiie of one outlier is. , and there is a Dic p Border of a i persian pattern tiie shades Hein Olive Brownsand allows. Alnut the edges of the Muffler Are Lonija tassels. They Are made of Iid hade from i yellow to the Brown. The conc is have that harmonize with Trimmins of the Baij. Halt Way he tween Ilu Center of the Muihor and the a sewed in a Circle. This Are drawn narrow ribbons of Browns. These i obon Sare enough to tie in Large bows and silly up a wit i i Ltd u i is perhaps the fire . A Roicca in St. L soil who not creation i by of the stir in is i Vennes and Upen the toss of her husband instead of Siti by Down to become a Large tinn others sh-.4 assumed control of his s which she is no w ably Lias set an example it is Tiki Huftil if Many women will i lie courage to follow. Her Pluck res 1.1 in another exec Vidiri i of the truth of the adage where Tai re s s will there s i or. Louis no for in i a Linle dish Efi Are no mop. Of Yon have any consign them to ubi Ivi. A and Lay of plates is n 1 in Iii. They May be Lar Joe they be Small they be of Cut Irla Sorof Fine China but plates they i or s of Cut i is. Are used while for pm nil i is or the dishes Are and May of or Rijina. Sex i a new table decoration and one which will he greatly in demand this Wint Alied the grinder. It is either of Silver or and a Edifee in Minia . In the top of the grinder a p. Per. When it is tone you the Pepper by a k and t Aen the which is a Clever woman Lias converted the unsightly alas ii movable f her Home into summer t l of Beauty by having Jonesr. Made to stand a juju them. These she keeps filled with a few Low plants veral Vine r whose reaching tendrils of Freen far toward the floor in u Gnu Cefulu Sway ing fringe. The lines of the English clerk seem to have fallen in goodly places. The eng Lish postmaster general is tilling up ail the vacancies in the male clerical staff of the general Postoff Iee with to. 1jj of whom passed girl _ a r i Viry at in he my i i i Limey Ancy a i i Hie Are to a . 1 lie Hartly him Fuciu n i i r in in great 1 to True Tjit to ii hit it of a in like business of making b and Chintz i i ring on of v have pictured the 41 a i i fall Iii in timer. Avirl Eru Uil in Ziazon of an Abl fun -.ia1 on Vulcan has invoked Mai Iii and fat Ruisard tiie j o a political Traile i i ruins to and civilization invade sued a by in 1 i to a Gfa it inc be told the Tuii Azoca of Black country i. Sea Ura and its i is the s i Reeni to e do i i in l. Male Eppl y ment in Snell a am making spikes and chains. The no place for a ivorian. But it she Tossini a Hammer we he it it May bean abnormal predilection by no Mealii. I int ident with Llie acid piano idea Rodero but in -.u? Thipa and i government of Law can annul the of the Btl to make the shoe or i Eiyind the la. I hat Tipiere Are two of Thisie Tion of female no longer be Doti bied. Since a delegation of lady waited on imm Esero into Feruce in i their to Ere was it savor of atrophy or in if dry were i lit poorly re rce and i were in conditions. One of the reached age of hit is san Jii Ite fifty had i it hammering with relates during which she had bequeathed fourteen Clil to her care and the census of the nation. A lass of Yiirs who wielded a Hammer weighing eighteen pounds pleaded her i health As a reason the a should not interfere with her justified Lier logic for she had the nerve of a lion Ess the shoulders of an 01 31 face Massage is More and popular. This is the process As Given by one she begins by Tho fac i Oft tepid water a Bone coi age Well soaped with a White

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