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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - September 18, 1886, San Antonio, TexasIsse Railroad time table. N. U null Orul. Lettl Auto Kos t Kroniss. Ulm Al mob soul Pacific-.10rw from St. In Janis via Roii Muu Lahi dim from St. Louls. Vitt Missouri it from g., u. S. A. Railroad. Tka1n to nutty of trans c Tell Tuair Ixl Kess Kast daily j la Avo for now oru Job Houston quid i n. N a Iuva from tub arrive from univ Orleans Houston 5 and g it Vest on. P. N Riih Yuuji West. fur sail fran Cost of. Al l Asoka a f arrive from ban Francisco Al i Aso Uttz Eagle n a a. A. P. In proud. aki1 Dkl a turks. Until further Biol acc our trolus will Rui of Cpl sunday As follows Soutsi Uund . Leave san Antonio. N. k leave licevillout.4.4.1 m leaves p. In a arrives at Corpus . .-15 p. In tiia1xs. Leaves Corpus Christl Junction. In i mofifluital.7.15 a. In Iieana a in Arr boat san in m. Us smut. Irks. A Kukk two Brothers Saloon Corner Commerce and Alamo streets keep to o float pm Porter Wolni a Cham pin Elf in Tho Toluca or Dom cello nil Knipl Ireci Cleft is co nip and boo first class Cutlo Init b to sort. Aldo lunch daily fat 10 o clock n. Id. Society disk Story. Elmo of Meltln for and name of principal of score. Each u Ion i p. In., a or Hull. , Nichols ecu rotary tit avid a. Of no Mocta very tuesday night it. It Juko Linell Ixo you treat. K. Of a no. Meets every Friday neg he i Josaku Liah. of l., scots every Tiu Reilly jo3ko Bull. , in. In no 4440 meets Ivory monday night it Josaku s Hall. Al aug col a. Of No. Quota ovary it it. Of b. Hall. Moduli no. Us Kluj Frulla of Honor Mcelfi Ivory Blu ugh urn Fourtly u Tours Days Noach month in old followa1 Hull. Olio songs Dju Talor j. Irtoli let Kirti a. A Inton meets flf6t Kumian in Noti Eor Nur la Tsiun Annj Laredo a Trocola. A. Timil a. Lune near Tavui Tury. Meela in Hull no. 3 Trio of Cash in mob it w p in. Ahful. of Ihms Oloti vib Kilt Kahn Davy Croo Kut no. Usury Ufler noon at Ivel Lilb or j Atli he Talt. John Iii Etc jul Iii s. Ujust Tjahi-kntkus1 Iii stand thud Oki month at p. M., til Man a Roll. W. W. I myth up shunt . i oar no. A of a. Mint of Iii on Market Street i thief Listii Hiu third Fri try u each upon Ali. J. I. Nowano Kiili . Fit in Oil acc Ond sunday Lii Orth month in Hall no. Ii main i Jaza. K. A Cut Doti. Etc Nauru. Herman hons Haku Oma in i mods every i liar Day us. H leu urn s Quill no 1. Nice turd i Usk it Jutin Wolfram Roi Arv. Jan Antonio Ujiie , a o. Nice Taybo first Jodi quaday in every a Mnich Firo Iuan b Hall to i on Stark it Treut sob rein or Foreman Ait. Iloan in Enoh month it engine Muse to. A. One duo Flor Rodl Doit h. Miller seorelnrj1. . 21, it. A. Second tit Friday night in each Guntli. A. Bony Fata it Oil 0 Coll Zuibi Ider no. 7, meets last saturday m each month. J. B. Hamilton recorder. Pau Antonio no. 11 Nail. Hona Uin Tercel every Tii Obday night. A a. re Inazio til score airy. Ski ans or Lodge no. 35 Meeta at Castle Hall Corner Gommaire and Alamo prevots every thu relay night. Not atm. Chreti Zeilor. George n. Dumbly Kronor of he cords ads Cal. b Jiram ii c. K. Of at Meyer s Hill onto eco nil mid fourth tues Days of each upon Ali at so Clook p. In. Sci Loyiel Elmer Otia Edwa Ixl urn Dou a. Acc relay. _ to Rifca Silmon a Chi ustian rooms Jouston a treat. Socik Tih at Moyer s Hall every second sunday or Tho Inonu i k a found men s be mauls second and fourth in each s Hall Avenue c. William Jio oing j r. Proa dont. Mikanik Ivory Nigil Itji All Over o 8 Bauk. Tuialii National be Voitk Diun ii meets it motor a Sallr on Losoya Street first and third saturday in each in Only. T. F Raily preen Eutz Jota Gallasher Sooro Varv . Al Karl Sci b Hall. K Froio pc Slont. mixed once a Welc . A it. I Luellor Prosi Doit. San Anionio min every . . President u. I Lingo Secretary. Rory wednesday at Krysch h All j Nicou Weber preside it f. Grell score tar. Thursday night at Scholz Suall. San Antonio twice a s Hall. A. a. San Nelcar jew age. No. 53, Violda meetings Ivory wednesday at 2 p. M., at knights of i it hid if full. 1. Look Crockett Lodziro no. Hoopla Ovoy wednesday night at knights of pythias Ball. Joun such inn Mas Tor. Mcola every Tucson a p. In Yth lab Hall. E. K. Motil , k. Once a week in Odd fellow Imlej Houston Street Tillas Iliou Estrad and loan first wednesday in each month opposite courthouse d. P. Dol a hear Bdil Diho and loan association Meta Reno. 27soledad Street third thursday or Cecii Johne. Olliso sorrel try i nibs Ildiko a n p t-0 a n a 3so meetings Mccond thursday in. Owh month at Library Loeoy i Sec rotary san air Virid real estate and Oral thur Davin each month at 228 Kaat Houston Street Jiin Iii Tiam a cometary look dust thursday in every month. W. A. Bonynge score tar of co in Soledad Block. Casino every Mon Day evening at Casino Hall. Guslav a room ammo la Tiok Council no meets at Odd Hall first and third saturday month. George u. A Small. Scr our. Re Kego no. Lisa hah second and fourth monday in each month. 0. , re Corder in dependent Bajtai Lodge no. Meeta it Odd Fellows Hull Sec Ond and fourth brinday in each month. Jid Tuai Aid out p m in Ocolor s off co Juan. . And fourth wednes ssi Ixo. The haunted chamber. 1iy "t11k author of clc., Etc. Iidro arms Ironim her Nock Anil Kosca softly. As brio Ilia so 11 tear from lick eyes i torn a Click. J liboro is so inn Cli sweetness mid abandonment of self in Liia null ii that Rii for Trio Nom civil is Tun Cecil by it. Tiu puts up Iii and. Wiping away Trio tear from ice Click As Trio Isikli it Burna Lii a save lint indeed my Dpi Itzi i to. You most not imagine . A is Vaa Iio. 1 Iii fill know Liat it is to Lii Eli 1 am alluding i Rill a list As Ijiro float Ali Rouglin my brain and glad Den to in Spilo of my common suns Lucli that they menu not i Iii. Do not Burlil castles for to Trtat May have to Iii existence Only Enes Alliey need very Iii lit observes Florence wistfully. A bad Omen. All that s Bright must sings Trio poet. Ami now to speak of yourself. Yon enjoyed of mechanically. A yes i was Gail to Sci you bad in ado it up with poor Arthur Dyne con Rel Dema ils a Lorezco. Turnip air upon her quickly. I saw you dancing with him dear est i was with sir Adrian at Tho time and from something he said. I think to would to rather pleased it you could bring yourself to Reward poor Arthur s Lone sir Adrian said that to discussed me with _ just in passing you udders Tomt. To. Told to too that you were some what unhappy in Tho end lick part of Tho evening and that he had to stay a considerable time with you to restore you to calmness. He is always so kind dear Adriana lie spoke of demands Flor ence in a tone of anguish. If to had Milo her emotion a subject of common talk with Xis. Malliot All indeed is it an cud Between them even that Sweet visionary Olte of Friendship to had made to her. To she could not Suli nit to be talked about by him and the Hainan he loves of Tho bitter Pani it costs her to Sny those words to her Bolf i that he now loves Dora seems to Hor mind beyond dispute. Is she not his confidante Tho one in whom to chooses to repose All Liis secret thoughts and surmises Dora regards Lier Cousin keenly. Florence s evident agitation makes her fear that them was More in that to Etc ii me with sir Adrian than Sam had at first imagined. Yes Why should lie not speak of Dora goes on coldly. Iii inky his manner Ymir want of sell control shocked him. Yon should have a i eaten command Over yourself it is not Good form to betray Oiin s feelings to every Chance passer by. I think sir Adrian was both surprised and there was nothing to cause him Oither Surprise or says Florence haughtily Anil i could Well ave wished him out of perhaps i misunderstood re loins Dora artfully. Slut certainly to spoke to my of unpleasantly de Ayed by impossible those. Were ins very words and really Alto 1 May to wrong i believe to in lidded to you. Of course i would riot Rollow Tho matter up Ocean set much a like sir Adrian 1 could nut listen to Lim speaking so lightly of of Nii forgot yourself doral cries Florence with Pale lips but head erect. Of mul Shu Rej cats. Young men Are often careless in their explains Dora Imp feeling Sho had gone too far. Lyle meant nothing unkind Yon May Kyj surer i firmly. Then no harm is smiling brightly. And now Good night dear est go to i bed instead of Siung there coking like a ghost in those mystical says Florence icily. There is Sumeth ing about her that causes mrs. Talbot to feel almost afraid to approach Anil kiss her As usual. Want of rest will spoil you Lovely adds the widow airily and your complexion faultless As it always is will not he up to Trio Mark to Morrow. Of sleep foolish child and gather roses rom your 80 saying Sho kisses Hor hand gayly p the unresponsive Florence and trips nightly from Tho room. It taper v. Florence after Dora has left her its motionless at her window. Sho has Brown open Tho casement and Jio sleeves of Hor dressing gown fall no Back from her Bare rounded arms cans out so that the descending night Daws fall like a Benison upon her Burn be brow. She is wrapped in melancholy her Bolo soul is Ini Denoil with thoughts ind regrets almost too heavy for her to support. She is harassed and Ner flexed on All Silies and her heart is lore for Tho loss of Tho Lovo she once deemed her own. Tho moonbeams cling like n Halo round her Lovely head Hor hair Falls in x luxuriant Shower about her should ers her plaintive face is raised from Irth Hor eyes look heavenward As Hough seeking Hope and Comfort Here. The night is still almost to oppress Veness. Trio Birds have Long Sinco their song the wind hardly stirs the foliage of Tho stately Trees. Tho perfume wafted upward from Tho Leeping Garden floats past her and mingles with her scented tresses. No found comes to mar the serenity of the night All is Calm and silent As Tho grave. Yet hark what is this a footstep n Tho gravel path below arouses her attention. For the first time since do a a departure Sho moves Ami turning Ler head glances in the direction of he sound. Bareheaded and walking with Liis inns clasped behind him As though absorbed in deep thought sir Adrian comes slowly Over Tho Sward until a hands beneath her window. Hero he auses As though almost unconscious y his spirit had led him thither and brought him to a standstill where to would most desire to to. Tho Moon spreading its brilliance. Ill around permits Florence to see hat his face is grave and thoughtful yes As she gazes even closer she an see that it of pain and vain omering. What is rendering him unhappy on his night of All others when Tho woman she believes to loves has been his willing companion. For so Many hours when doubtless Sho has Given him roof 3 of Hor preference for him above 11 men suddenly lifting his head sir Adrian e_eome3 conscious of Tho face in Tho endow above and a thrill rushes a rough him Asho recognizes Trio form r Tho woman to loves. The scene is to Calm so hallowed so nil of Romance that both their hearts seat madly for awhile they Aro alone by one still Iwako within the House is a Distant. Never has she appeared so spiritual 0 True and tender so full of sweetness hat is almost unearthly. All Pride corns to Havo Gono from her and in its lace Only a Gonzlo melancholy reigns to looks to far removed from him Ait Una Thuro in the purity of Hor Whito Roik a Emu at no pcs eau a 10 undress her. To Thoos Ellod imagination who Islik an Angel resting on its Way to Tho realms at Hwy. However. Ids lie Ait compell ing him he aloud. Florence you still awake when All the world is rills name falling from his lips touches a chord in Iii Inual and Waken her to passionate life. You slip save in a who sir that readies ills Straini d ears. There seems to her a Subtle Joy in the thought that they two of All the household Aro awake Tiro hero talking loj Melher alone in the Pale Light of hit Nii Iun. I it she is wrong in imagining that 110 others Are up in the hons As his next words Tell her. It is not a matter of wonder in my to responds a few Fellows Aro still in Tho smoking room. It is Early you yet three. But Why Are you keeping n lonely Vigil Elko Trio Moon tempted me to the win answers Florence. See How Calm she looks Riding majestically up there. Out her Faro White the beams fall full up on it and seem to change it to purest it not make one feel As if All Tho world Wei being bathed in its subdued a Pajo tremulous smile widens Hor lips. Sir Adrian plucking a tall Pale my growing near him filings it upward with such an eager aim that it alights upon her window Sill. She sees it. Lucr fingers close upon it. Fit Emblem of ils says Adrian softly and unsteadily. Do you know of what Ami remind me sitting there in your Whilo Robes a Midi Aivil Saint Cut in pure no gel too Good ton far Ali voc All earthly passion to Oiler into it or understand it and Tho grief hat must Ever attend ujan to Speaks bitterly. It seems to him that Sho is indeed cold not to have guessed before this the intensity of Liis love for her. However much Sho May Havo Given her affection to another it still seems to him inexpressibly hard that she can have no pit for his suffer ing. To gazes at her infantry. Dottie Mystic moonbeams deceive him or Aro there tears in her great dark ayes his heart beats quickly. Once again he re members her emotion of Tho past even ing. To hears again her passionate sobs. Is Sho unhappy Are there thorns in her path that Are Difili cult to Florence once again i entreat you to confide in to says after a pause. I can who returns sadly but firmly lint Thero is one thing 1 must say to of me As Yon May for saying am not cold As Yon seemed to imply a i Anent since i am not made of Steno and alas Tho grief you think to incapable of understanding is mine already Yon Havo wronged to in your thoughts. 1 Havo Sho explains with Somo Vulic Nusco laying the hand in which she still holds Tho drooping Lily her breast what i would gladly to Suys Adrian hastily you for get. It is 110 longer Vours Yon Havo Given it for an instant she glances at him keenly while her breath conies and goes with painful quickness. Yon Havo m right to say she murmurs at last. No of course not i Lieg your Par he says apologetically. It is your own Thuro is no she declares nervously. of Havo offended Yon. I should not live said that. You will forgive to entreats with agitation. You Aro quite and As a Token leans a let to Fin her out of the window and looks Down at him wit i a face Palo indeed but full of an unutterable sweetness. Ilor Hennly conquers All his resolutions. Of he who sign Sill an impassioned tone if 1 Only dared Tell you she starts and lavs a linger on her lips As though to enforce silence. If isl she says in trembling accents. Von forget the hour the surroundings have momentarily led Rou astray. I ought nut to Havo Keti with you. To Limo is nothing Yon dare to Tell is nothing i would wish to hear. Kenic her your Luty to stay 1 implore Yon fur one to he cries but she is Linn and presently the curtains Are drawn close and to is alone. Slowly he walks Back toward the smoking room her last words ringing n his your duty to what other to is puzzled nit. Reaching Tho window of Tho room in dismisses these thoughts from his mind and determines to get rid of his to Costa without delay so to to Able enjoy a Little quiet and Calm for re Lection. They Are All noisily discussing a Sui cide that Luis recently taken place in a Long Liming county and which had rom ils Peculiar circumstances caused Moro than usual interest. One of the guests to night is an army surgeon and to is giving them an sex Ila ipalion Aslo How the fatal wound had been inflicted. It appeared at the in quest that Tho unfortunate Man Hud shot no self in a Peculiar Mannier ast Causa considerable doubt As to whether 16 had been murdered or had died by us own hand. Evidence however of a most convincing nature had con firmed the latter theory. Captain ring Wool Wilh a revolver n his hand is endeavouring to show hat the Man could not Havo shot him self just As Adrian re enters. To careful with that to exclaims hastily it is loaded All right old follow 1 know v e urns ilium Wool. Look Here doctor Low could to make a wound Why not sir Adrian take the re Volver for a moment will says he surgeon anxious to demonstrate his Cory beyond the possibility of doubt. I want to convince Lingwood. Now stand so and hold the weapon lacing it with the muzzle presented in rather awkward Jiosi Tiomi almost Over us heart. I thought Fellows always put the of their revolvers in their months and blew their brains out when hey committed it Ingwood re Marks lightly. This fellow evidently did says to surgeon calmly. Now sir Adrian you Seo by holding it thus you could Quito easily blow yourself before he can finish the sentence hero is a sudden confusion of bodies a jostling As it were for Arthur Dyno Purt who had been looking on attn ively with one foot on a Footstool close o sir Adrian s had slipped from lie Stool it this opportune moment ind had fallen heavily against his there is a shout from somebody and a is Lonco Tho revolver in Tho Cuollo had gone off through the Louse the Sharp crack of a Bullet tines loudly rousing Many from their slain ers. Lights can to seen in Trio passages horrified faces Peep out from d doors. Dora Talbot to Riding into he corridor in a Pale Pink Cash Moro Russ maj gown trimmed Wilh Swan s own m which Sho looks Tho very por Onia location of innocence and youth creams loudly and demands hysterically to to informed As to Trio cause of noise. Tho servants have rushed from their quarters in a Larry. Ethel Villiore. With Talo scared face runs to Florcne to the Rosa us the Ebbat Southern remedy per Kurt . Rosadalia cures scr Fula. Rosadal1s cures rheumatism Rosadalia Cusco syphilis. Kos Adalis Curos Milln la. Rosadalia Curos nervousness. Rosadalia cures debility. Rosadalia cures consumption rosaual1s i h .1 u i pc. Of Foll All . John f. Henry co. 21 College place hew Tore. D. Quasso merchant tailor 26 ant 25 Kiln plan Neir French building. Huil one i Neof i Ica of suit i Auttia which wll Boas Aea Rcd. Bulls Aiulu in on scr it new verb prices it . For or a a new inel Licul of Rem us Fajr clothing Junr fun lug the color promptly to ii. . Frommer practical. Book Binder and ruler solt5da1 Street Opp. Courthouse san Antonio la kinds of ill Dunc i lulling Jono n Illi inca Lucas durability Natl dip nth in prices eld co. J. Lemp s extra Pale Beer 13 a 1ikalt1iv . Ico Alouso non Iho 1. G. N. Nowt. Lio delivered lit Niiya to hint or Uto Oliy Iii in Ortli a Elk la he j Day. Telo Liono no. Lif. Hugo Schmeltzer which to liver. Told Tow Jurer Sci toys t inn. Til the Hom const Jyh fit u Loncy. Crutti tors of Ito sonic i Hieatt lick Miasma malaria Cloudy fluid. Ont Al Anil Faroe. Farr Kiharu Jjlia Mara or after Voi ors Claro no dlr Ylioja. Pm of foul breath. of canal Staniger s ii inva Lumblo. It i not Lanka. Of do Eusea of Iho liver stomach a bowels Tow from Way. Jell or u . To a roil ily. He tit liar cols. In re Mimi flu Tony Ftp Irilda it la of ten Al to motives Anil purifiers of the re loot and is a a Jahule . Stadiger s Aurant c. F. Stad1ceb, i apr Otar so. Trout St., . In. Pest s Garden Softli Flo Rob Street near a Aimai pm it All Way depot. Amuse Omenta of All binds during we of Ltd on sundays other . Dantoc Ivory sunday. The Public . N. Cotton. Louis a. Ponnut Fol. Tel Ohono no m Cotton Hornung Excelsior planing Mills contractors and builders manufacturers of Sash doors blinds Lyl alzo Mflwc on . Scrol ski Wiidik turning ktc., to incr. Siloro am of Lico filling a specially. Office and Mill Travis St., Cor. Aves c and a Santantonio. Texas. Infirmary remedies and thro at. All Whoso of bloc dial to a Kean or tto yes. Noah or Throat can find Trio great oat and Quick of Rollof and cure at Tho Ham Anctonio Eye and ear infirmary Cor. Of Houston and St. Mary s sfs., of filch in Iho Moat Thorou Rhor fitted in of any Init Turon of Tho kind in Trio elate. Banks and Bankers. Teiasso Dacumo san Antoniq vainly. a general banking 8usiness transact cd. Lvpl tort in nor Rontu Nhun in tin ally Wrt in flu l Lucyll. J. A. To Kenton i act j. W. Olar v. J1 . The trades Natal bal of san Antonio Texas. Trine acts a general banking business. Leonidas p. Dibble attorney at Law and notary Public. Com kick or ton to Texas. Hagy Brothers contractors Alt work Ion Lili us will receive prompt attention. Eat inti a furl Smithl leave orders Sun a Urfis Street _ a Ana Bell Bro s no-381, comm Nero cutlery Ifni shop mul a rivalry Repnin a. Char Tea Rasoi Ihlen. I a he in Cli Olrik our tolds and i in Reh users Aro invited to cell. Irizar Anicod. Lih or patents for inventions ill Kikeh nil irm1o-mark8. Claims Eidl cycled Misch Inoc thu Cir. Cind Irett Brantn Buck my in dimly Ami mull run i mole i -1omn k. Nil Fik. 11. Al. All Ernoy Al d. U., inulin h. Nipa Antonio . Coqui Cicil with Toto wlm Ivich rur Nenei Blanks Nti . We. Lavska cd. Munki a Fixl notes Iii nos Csc. hut Ida rom on monthly Jay Zients. Sooil Tor investors. Kelli Ilju i Iii Ppd Ulells address W. Foster banker no. Mimi dirty new Vork. Has no equal. Perfect satisfaction m Laclive co. -orange., 3d ii. A St. Mitt to. Go. Satyr Andico cat Alamo brewery Lone Star bottling works Heer in Kcal Neil Lio .tlefl.nnrttho. New Berliner Weiss Beer Ort Lara Timve test and prompt Otto Ilion. William Esser 313 Avonzo b. Telephone no. 273. San Antonio Texas. Hotel Val verde. Del Rio Val verde co., Texas. All Tho year health Kesort of Trio Smith West new manage Cronl. Court wins attention and special care to invalid a. A Tats Rand to to ago com Morcall travellers and stoc Tinori. Mrs. E. V. Close proprietress 210 Alamo Aio Garden j. A Fry manager. Bar room restaurant and ice Cream. Preparing of Public Nurt Rirl Vato ill nors and suppers forpnrtlm.tmlls.ote., Aliw Cinley. East Side Alamo Plua san Antonio text 183611 11 s s s s s s s s a Bej cedi hot toe a Dat but Joe Jar half a Oeh Tubisz am interesting treatise on blood and skin free to All applicants. It should be everybody. Address the Swift specific co., Atlanta a. Hejlo Singer 310-312 military Plaza san Antonio Dili Niia Lull Cru until Ware Olla null Butler a agent for the Dain. Automatic Hay ii Tacker and gatherer Trio Ufa Elilio for i . I Volb Moil Cook a Toto Chen Plain vital hrs Khonn Lonten Mill Lii tool i Clil Lucil 1 low., sulky Polowi. Yuul Vitori klc., to. 8 Qai Iuka 8kkds, Pence wire of every description and at lowest prices Jas. D. Devine druggist apothecary 24 Soledad St., one door North of courthouse san Antonio. And Crosb Plockot a Trisa. Ilium Linle tolled Art Loiel no Simm Vance hotel c or. Lynn Semi and by. Friank Stalm .1-Iioi-1iiktiim of european plan. Fish mid dislers at old prices. The i erf Nils Les Rinir to Pur Clejo n Raul or Hrnl-ulu8 Meh no Iho inst on Ito win last a con Ury. Lining work Aliu wild no Tia Hovaki Wilh lie Tinnil la kill running urn i no Nuisl Nofs Clem. Nii Nhor Iii Ehlin will do 10 i lilo n Raniro Mill so find n let Nelly Iii lip Hariu Lorain Itin. In ranch Oft Maln tin1 Pron Ciunel cell lab a Truro it May 1m Neon. Limiti mfr Ili Milo or ii Uro in no meat Trio Pluto. Texas and in Mexico. 4ikjt.rj. To of hrs in Thorh. Will positively Turc l of Box is Tea time to Cost the Mir Alnus Power of out pills they would sail 100 Milts to get a hoi if tace a it to h s Hout. Scotby mail for25 in slip up. pamphlet free Send Forit . 1. S. To Huijon j 22 Cus Loai Blouse Street Boston mass. Wok u _ new Rich i wll put up that i can take or. John Tripp s blood purifier and Curt any ease 01 syphilis or scr Fula on Eaith anti Guaran tee a perfect and permanent onre d. P. Barr Solo agent for.tjie8t4ito, Northwest Corner main Plaza san Antonio. No. 6 Commerce Streer bogs leave to announce to the Public and Many customers 1ms made a reduction of 2o per cent in prices to close out his Spring and summer goods. He has a very Largo lot of piece goods left and they mus i go. Call Early and secure your Choice of goods. Opinion os1 a3 expert my. Or nor h. Welth o Koan or it stau Gnu Ermler of Iowa. Ilell berate Milgi Rint Liat lilo oven of Iho Kunic 03 compared other is is Nat Only More equally heated in. Every re Well 03 but As r rein of ils Superior Trio is co Koil will Ltd sweeter a at 113 juices. I i mob mind consumption of fuel in the o roil pack act to Amo Siut of work la nmcliless1thaa co. Of mi13, Maity a Ewh Cosgrove. Duruh hardware 8001 to it. Rat san Antomio

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