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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - September 18, 1886, San Antonio, TexasMadam yer glib doll Doh s treble medal hop san Springs sap. 10. 75 san Antonio daily Light timer Dpi Offil my Lityn Heath s minstrel. J hires. To Puziak tkice8 volume 2o9. San Antonio Texas saturday. September 18, 1886. Only a year Joske Bros fans and parasols. Our immense Nassor finont of summer dress goods is Voo Kly during Tho Boitson by now Abii Mouts mid the latest novelties ire netted to our Stock of we into goods Nain Sooks mus Hub lawns Organ Dies Porc los Porca Linos it Anninos and Canvas cloth. Places and we carry the largest Stock of Toigo ool Rod egyptian Orion Tel in White Chesui and beige coloured in Flonn cing All Over and narrow to in Attoh at prices lower than Fine goods generally Are fac Aro Bead of Hll us re Gards prices Mimi Italy Annii a Tyler. In hosiery Ullert Lic arc altar i fancy goods an Well As in the fit ple limit d. Southern hotel main and Hil Larj plazas san Antonio Texas James p. Hickman jr., proprietor Congo clout to bib Lucas cd nor. With boat a. A. If a. Brooks. Robert . To interests and j at ionize the Poplar Cor. Military Plaza and s. Flores St. L. Orynski co., by or nests and Dos Makk no mistake tub fopula1 co11nkh duo i l we Softli Sijo ill mryl Lilyn Corner Flores Street fruits amps Anil Fco cold Man Cryll Walcha Cou stantly on drough St City t store. 514 Commerce Street san car Roca Tho Stock of Figuni India China and Japan teas Houyao in and Loada of incl purchases . Trio Ayr ii unix so mocha Maracaibo Rio Etc. Twila of Rcd coast Oil sthi5noth nil Klavohn . All co Foo Boh ism Atod and ground on Tho Hift i cum normor. Telkah Hong no. Fitl. Cd. T. Hanks five a miss. P t. Johnston of Johnston Vort Smith Ark. H. N. Wilkinson Wlk Naon rirog., in Crimando i fuss. H. , Lulo of llros., Mcrann non Johnston Wilkinson co wholesale grocers and commission merchants Southeast Cohnke main Plaza French solicit shipments of Cotton Wool his Eland . San Antonio Tex. . Kampmann president Otto Koehler Sec. And manager specially brewed bottled Beer. Latest Telegraph news Krom All Parta of Tho Globo Cou Don Sod and Sohail Dawn. Bus too Inoh reaped for Tho Bible to thumb it Over in thu Public of Chola. Porker county report Over decreased Nai Cononi since Irbit your. A Wilto Barber Ahot it negro at Tyler last night for to a6certntnnble it Cusp. Tha murderer Novens is in jail. Terror a aim Toiuo citizens of Lumpa Mexico Mot mid killed til Coyote and even of Lila men Boater any. Man us Vela fens was one of Tup killed. The mexican it it w Jan redo Yea Torrny was released through the intervention of friends Ulm Reni Riml to this Aido of the River. Tho dal us undo no nomination Force egress. There la a very or sprinkling of in Dies uniting Tho 134 students enrolled i the state University ills term. Lri ind Colum Reasoner blocks Luger decides that Tho lion Steno claim of an Indian to inns occupied by my prior to a land Grant for a Railroad being issued is Good he against Tho Railroad company. Tills decision Colora great Many Simi Lar in Washington territory. The this promulgation of the Constitution of the United Solnica will to held at i Trupti Winbur 17, 1w7. Thu spouting a Pronga of cubic Are be coming Puangc Tousand with Tho Lute Hurricane no causing great depression quid uneasiness. Another negro caplet was lynched rear for Toruno committed to lire weeks ago. Three Hundred and eighty live Chim Nabua Kudlaus have Beun sent to Flor Ida where will be Given a Reserva Tion. New York pane Euger Ruiea will tie reduced Froid to on nil Southern and to Yokota to agrees the Pool. Joliah Reou Oll Ming to be u son of the mayor of san Antonio was arrested it Waco charged with Etc Long the Green fool did not know his own father s name actor Dong to the above. The mayor of this dry la by no menus Green. Dome Secretary Matthews in the ii Ubu Osco Luiona this fit noon denied that Joseph chamber Bald thu Radical secede by any Jio Licu a pc Torri during his trip on the continent. It has Luen resolved to prolong tin state of Diego in Iliili Garlyn also to court a Mellul Rimml panted in Kidnap Ping Prince Alexander in Ordor to re store the ail morale or tin army. Colonel o. H. Stiv Vert of the engineers corp of Tho army by Dreu Loci of Tho president and it Iii own request a a Licon put Ted upon thy retired list. Cd weird c. Buskirk of ind Lumi and Danol c. Wutchie of Ohio have not tinted for principal examiners in the Peua Iun omoo. The comptroller of the currency rms Auchin sized the first National bunk of to begin Buei Nega Ivich a capital of Tho annual Congress of Morinan sober. Tests opened in Perl i Yea Lorduy at thu ammo Placo Tyml the Jorunn silent Ilia exhibition was inaugurated. Two thou Sand Boven Hundred professional scientists attended tit opening session. Gen. Schmut Toro who led the celebrated charge of Bismarck h Cuirass ers at a Turville is Doad. There were six Dealis from cholera during the 21 hours ending yesterday in Toronto and 16 new cases. In All Trio other infected districts of i Only there were 37 now cases and ,15 deaths. The democrats of the tenth Diat let to Day nominated Jas. Omielan proprietor of the Memphis Avul Ance for Congress by acclamation. E. A Ojertson was nominated Lor Congress by the democrats of the sixth District Over a. B. Irons Tho president incumbent. The democratic convention of the fifth Louisiana District to Day Nomina Ted c. Newton for Congress Over King the present incumbent. A number of suspicious Over cases on Board the British Steamer Boon Jin it new Orleans Are pronounced malarial not yellow fever Sullivan and Learld will Epner for science and Sheok ets at to night. This to no bloody slugging match but a Semi pious Florien Elfio 01 Angl Lialiou skill in tic interests of physical humanity. There was a Row on the Louis v ky., yesterday the Western agent of Dwyer Bros attempting to shoot Crannon the owner of Boot blink the was adjusted. There la reported crookedness of not Little extent in the Pine uld go Agency Dakota and the Indian commissioner u going for agents scalps. Hereafter agents Nuat attend strictly to business and not travel outside thu line of their prescribed duties. The bulgarian Naa Embly votes 000 to Purchase Alexander s property. Efthia amount liquidates Tho reduce s indebtedness to the National Ank. The becomes his person ally. Anti jewish riots have broken out in Rouru Ania. Houses were plundered and bootes of rioters have been arrested. And attempt was made to assassinate the bulgarian prime minis Ter Bra Leano Kaufman on thursday evening. A member of the chamber of deputies was wounded. The would be Nee again was a created. Boycotting a Cigar maker working under United Ottea License is interpreted Aaan of Tho United states u 10 Yeara imprisonment and Fine. Mra. Delia Tarnell Kas sailed for Queen town Ireland. In an interview with Bismarck de Glera Hula Iii foreign minister distinctly promised that Russia would not occupy Bulgaria. Kusala Haa demanded for the Corban government to Harbor of Kanyek for a naval station. Inquiry at the Oua Toma department elbows that the american la Shang Schooner Pearl Nelson Wai seized at Princetown landed 2 men dialog the night. Tho total vote of Iho Bunto in Iho sep tember election was u3.uoo. Democratic the legs Slauro lands House g7. Republicans and we Celeri 23 Senate 27 democrats and b republicans and wheelers. The Central committee of to United labor party composed of members of the knights of Ujj Fabor Central Union and used h Call for a convention to us held octo her 7 to nominate n fill City ticket for i St. . Accompanying Tho Call in n declaration of principles and alms. The fourth Ward club. Brief moating1 for pure sessions decided upon. The Republican club of the fourth Ward met evening pursuant to and our nuent. In umschied s Hall which my been kindly placed it their disposal. To the popular celebrations at Best s Gordon and san Pedro Springe but few were in Otto Nonnce. Not More ban Twenty five members taking their Fenla. Thu president of Tuc club was in Ila Bent us we also Tho Secretary. The re armies of thu previous meeting were approved. Tho committee on Organ Len Ion of clubs in other warily reported one club in Tho third Ward and other visited. Tho Ruport via accepted As one of Progress and the committee continued. Committee tin 3onrtitutlun und by Suva was presented rend and Laid Over for action until next Egi Ilar meeting. Tho thanks of Trio slab wire Teilh red to us Schlud the Hob of their Hall. A proposition vols also Mude by them tendering Iho club the use of their Hull for permanent ipad Quartara without charge Tuo club 0 pay thu kits Bills incurred in their meetings. On motion Tho proposition vib accepted with t brinks nod uni offed s Linell web undo the permanent club Headquarters. Saturday night was chose forthe regular club meetings and 1 o clock p. I. Thu hour of meeting. Next regular meeting will be held on saturday night Tho 25th inst., and nil members of the club Are exp noted to put n . Afer adjournment Tho club Roll waa Laid on lie table and some additional names in ered. Tho club enters upon its work energetically and or neatly and will Imd Nulin its organisation until after the Campaign. Bug nil at Tho wrong end. Imit or san Antonio Slitni common Bunje and sound judgment dict Otto that tic streets which constitute the min of in Chiusa should to la fit improved by Tho City "alherr11 Anil next the streets of second into importance to the general Public should to put in Good condition. This common sense Rule has bean disco Ganced by Tho mayor and Council and Streeta of Little or no importance Hugo i improved ill a very heavy expense. And Treul is of for lose importance i Alamo und press Streta yet Thon Aatila of dollars Ivo Bunn expended upon it. Tho same in Truo of Nve Nuu d. The main thoroughfares should to a proved ii rat that u ibo dictate of common so non. Tonky. Somo of Tho delegates. The following named gentlemen will a tilt our City As delegates to the a Liui Ial con i in Ion of brotherhood of lira cinch that will meet Here oct 18tli pros or. Of. Axley. Will represent Oak land Cal or. O. 1c. I Tilmer Loa Ange los Cal. Or. Vav. I lab Sun fran Clico. Col. Ill. J. Ii. Warner. Tut arc. Cal or. W. I. N. Ill. Guy o. Leone fun Sylvania. Ard a Leadville Roc order a court it. A. Holland leaving team alone lined ii. N. Mil grave drunk and Down ?5, Garza. Currying Lirk Cuifo Eugene Villena drunk and Down Dempsey. Lighting s5. Maggie inn in John Moloney drunk and Down unfounded Hargro. Justice Crawford after fully examining into the facts told a reporter for to Light that there was no foundation for the of Hergt that a certain woman living on holed and Street had acted an a pro Curess in enticing away a girl of ten Der years from her Mother n Honicki girl Waal years old and legally cup Ablo of acting for herself. The muses. Interesting Point bus upon a Jab Tubat Vioal guaranteed absolutely pure san Antonio. As. Rotl Stato Tran for. Aril me Scheldt to August Lanyonn undivided half intercut in lol no. 1, Range 2, District 1, containing Ioc 1-k acres in Block no. A of talk lotto. 1, by Guntert in the pity o san Antonio. Price notice to Tho Public. Dear having been Trio recipient of your put Ronnie for Tiebe visions in private eos Zooi conducted in the a Liuro Elihoe of St. Paul s in. E. Church i now tender Ron this card a Token of my sincere Oppre Cletion. As 1 retire from said school after procuring for you a Man of ability experience to stand excellent Nalitt options Bank you respectively for the Confidence thus imposed in to find sincerely Trust Isle null Ever live deserving the same. We opened his school on the Glrst Day of september with 13 of my old students the number a creased Toa by lies Ali it which time turned the some Over to pro Feezor o. To. Temple Wotli till unpaid accounts for when paid be will duly to Seipt them. Prof. Temple is 30 years of nge was born at Reading a. He graduated at Reading Academy in 1870, entered the new England conservatory of Jiu Alc at Boston mass., from which he graduated in 1881. He taught music in new York City one school in Arkansas and Mississippi and was musical director in Philander Smith College at Little Kock Ark. Lie having received applications to come to Goliad Texas the late storm preceded him to that place and demolished the school House. and i caused him to come to our pity. The a shool now num Bers 30 students. We bespeak for him much Success and Trust parents who de sire to have their children thoroughly trained will not fall to Avail themselves of the advantages Here offered. Webe Lleve the educational Force now at work in our pity will find in the person of professor Temple a worthy accession and an Earnest Xola Borer. He will teach Minsio both Voong and instrumental on piano and Organ. I am yours respect fully he sos. A marriage License has been issued to j. Of Harwell and Alullo Allbri fit. A curious Accident. Yesterday afternoon As a Wagon Decd with Wood was turning of Bunje Street the Driver turned too Short and As s result he was thrown of lathe Wagon and Tho vehicle turned no Side Down. Neither Tho Man nor team wore injured to any great extent though both were very much shaken and scared those horrid baby Squealer were in demand at the Springs Lut night and the tinkle tinkle of the Chett Rutbell wag frequently head. Emma Abbot a in lava now plays and to per Honnol of Tho Jolon Doldon que lotto. There Onn a no question hint for Luany the Pic Buical season in san Antonio will be of interest and i porn acc and it should he remunerative Taall concerned but whether it will or not depend upon contingencies. Turner opera House has been redecorated and As Aumea n Moru artistic Appo Aranco. Its Togo ban Chen enlarged fort Liu Pur pose of admitting Trio out Enslo Guu nory carried by some companies for Tho More Efler calve preen Laton of their plays nil which has hitherto Hoen excluded for Wanton necessary space. Other arrange mulls for Comfort and convenience uus been made and to Linell Lias Chen placed in Chargo of in Ablo nud experienced Siam Tiger. The season opens ont Imlay the inst., when a Loath s minstrels appear. Beu Tho fun of Iho season commences. Tho now opera House is progressing rapidly and the contractor says h will to ready for occupation about de Cember 20. It will by a Bijou theatre Cuciti Pivot und convenient and will Eiml nuyt Liutik hint exists in Tho or. Koscho has Cli arc of it tid u la stated lint to is doing All in his Power to make the new venture in artistic and Tlynn Clil Success. T t t one of the Clouds that bang around us Are managerial disputes. It is in open secret that whilst ill. Al Clio la still a a teem d member of Tho Turners there a serious split be tween him und that body which has its Rise in circumstances attendant upon ill. Uloho Al proposal to re least tur Ner opera House. Or. Hla Clio claims that too Turners made a contract with him will pm Tho Turners deny. Lion Tho Turners motto other arrangements for the occupation of their opera House or. Koscho brought on injunction suit hug list Ishuin on Tho ground Tomt such action was a violation of his contract with Iho Turnera. Tho court decided against or. Koscho but now ill. Its be proposes to sue the Turners for Dama Ges caused by Tho violation of Trio said contract. T t t Lior o la another Cloud hangs around with a threatening aspect and that is n misunderstanding to Uso n mild phrase Between Trio Turners and or. Urc Enwall. When Kroon will arranged to Book companies for Trio Turnor opera House it was the impression if not Tho distinct understanding that or Conwall would act in Tho interest of Tho Turbo a and Book for Tho entire season. It Seorina now hint or. Are unwell sudoku legs no intended to Piny at Tho Turner opera Iio Ubo until tie now opera Bouse is built and then they will to transferred to this new House. There is u lurking suspicion that running with the lure Lias been holding with Tho hounds and this fat it Lias created considerable . Steps no being quietly taken to circumvent imposition finny Oil san. Some favor the Lnu of closing the House until or. Greenwall hands Over Tho contracts for Tho in Taro season. This would Force or. Oren Wal to 110 code to Tho demand of the Turners or to stand Tho rajkot with the companies who expect to Piny in Tho Turner opera House. Miss Emma Abbott is a popular artiste und always has a warm Welcome in san Antonio. It has been stated that Aho Svall visit san Antonio and will open tic now opera House. There arc Many reasons for her doing this and Iho trusts that she May perform that pleasant talk but it la stated that her management inia cancelled All engage ments South of St. Louis and intends the company to proceed to California via St. Anil Kansas City. T t t j Attl Rosa Tho Patty that will play in san Antonio has purchased from Jotta the rights to produce her plays zip and Bob and will Prodico either one or both of to plays in this pity. T t t the Mendelssohn quintette club con Cert company consisting of John f. Rhodes Solo violin Frler Thebado violin Thomas Kvan Cla Lonette and Viola William Sonnic Olulo and Viola Louis Bluemberg violoncello and miss Alice Ryan i Roma Donna Soprano announce that they will give a concert Here during the season. Hui turn. We cannot Tell a lie we did t with our Hatchet when we knocked the lids off of a lot of cases containing the great est bargains in boots and shoes Ever brought to this City. Our men s Button of Ira Assort flt of Are i tie City our cheap counters Are full of the greatest bargains Ever offered in san Antonio. Alliyah 249 West Commerce St., Corner of St. Mary san Antonioi Texas. In filthy and Well at ninety four years. Or. Sam Jones of Medina county la in the City on a visit to his Here. Do in ninety four Cara old bleat and Active in his movements is Ablo to read without glasses acid bus no Grey hairs in his hair which is worn Long. Or. Jones settled in Tox a in 1836 and served throughout the mexican War in. Which he Una quite severely wounded. It in n first cases slander to Eay Texas is not a healthy state. Changed the Venus i Huntsville who was charged with having poisoned Ufa wife applied to judge Kursell for Bunge of venue on Tho ground that he could not get a fair trial in Idun Taville. Messes. W. Usi my s Aud j. A. Coy were present us attached witnesses. After hearing the evidence pro and con the judge ordered a change of venue to Madison county setting the Case for the 17th of novem ber next. Serious runaway. The steam roller caused a Hook team belonging to Alfred heaver to become frightened and run away on Avenue d this morning at 10 o clock. To Driver was thrown from the Hook and badly Hurt while a lady and gentleman in Tho Hack were thrown out and bruised though not badly. Y. . A. Gospel meeting at the Yonne men s Christian association rooms 464 East Houston Street to Morrow at 4130 p. In., for men Only strangers in the City Are especially invited to drop in and pass a pleasant hour and have a Cool drink of ice water. Tho Fata of Tho indians. Notwithstanding All that u said pro and con respecting the plans of the government concerning Zero Elmo and his Bald his Fate is Tearly settled11 Stid department officer to the Light reporter. It was understood that at the time that Zero Elmo and he companions sur rendered their lives were to be spared and protected am the government can not break the conditions of to surrender. The department is expecting orders Dally to Transfer Tho Indiana to i Jolda and they will go Here guarded by com Pany a of the Lgth infantry who i arrived Tho Post ended lit Foll a. Tho crowd to we Tnyaa Tho Kent end of Tho mexican Celebration was unabated last night. Tho throw Roku were much enjoyed the theatrical performance More to and the dance and free Raulle for n Hora were also features of the evening. The Best order prevailed speeches Woro made by Hon. H. Courland b. 1 will Linin and k. U. Us Shook. Tho Cele bration in red at 2 o clock this morning. Narrow Kaupo. A Carponter employed by the Arai ibets pass railway company in Hull Hig Tho now depot fell off a switch engine near the depot yesterday Jio was coming from his dinner. Lie was no Cost under Tho engine and would have been killed outright had not Tho Engineer bravely risked his life by shoving Julia away from Tho wheels lie Esosa Ycu a Lii Tho loss of two lingers which w crushed under Tho prompt Reform of bodily evils Tim air Nuitt Reform of those on for Gilfil act Lily of this la Var Klimt styx Milij lil Lilu Well As or Tiu Ike Zoub a Holcli t no Niotta no promo to in Koi. L to the use of Hosteller s slow Icli Ili tors n incl club by Prothin Tinl try a nil Oil tie utly who Donio and . Skrelj Hiil i u real Armivo Anil inti Kiml do us uns Anc ten Natl thu not Lam it in go Cully thinks of Juil Gintof by to up rec demand for the Art Lalo from Mitno to cilia a demand now try 1m me us orders for it received from prof Jana amoral Cut Morico Tho British and Spanish l of Ontal Post Stona and Clow Micro. Wotli n Homo abroad it is Recotr sized a a pin Milan remedy Ami drove Nilvo Tho Decat Voni a of in ult old it Coal Coal 11 j. H. Carr co., 205 St. Mary Street wish to in form the Public that they will during the Winter months have con attn try on hand a full Supply of nut and egg Anthracite Coal which they will be pleased to Supply their put Odb with Itsvo now also hand one Marlond of Superior Blacksmith s Cumberland Coal Telephone 53. Removal. A. Schoenert hereby Noti Tolci i friends and customers that owing to re pairs on his store to has temporarily re moved to the store next door to d. A a Oppenheimer opposite Twohig s Bahk Deni Orest it fall and Winter pattern hav arrived. 0-Il-jm satisfactory evidence j. W. Graham whote Anto of a. Ten Texas or Stoa i have Boon Handlon do. We. Hate s Salsa ii i Xii rite Runcis of id have found it Tho to i in my Sioui oven Coufou Rapilo entire Sah skotion please Tho past year and have found it Tho mos Alamo Meol Cunos i in my Lious colds Ovon Couburn Honta important to the sick. When Tho system becomes one blod Elthy through Long ill Cha or Lual nutrition who Iho functions Aro impaired and o org Hijra Tytko a Coia Pound of Tho which has no equal in to treatment of co sumption bronchitis general debility a nervous diseases during convalescence it of Cape ctr value giving tone to Tho blog to Lunil in Purling vigor to Tho system. 4 co., Bole manufacturers an proprietors no. 8 last Commerce Street a Antonio Texas. Lints to i newly married Man Han t contradict. On to Emora Oti for Money. Your old Lulora. To to Morson for. A hcs. Your Tmur Cut Short. Do to Cirson fur pistols and cartridges. He Pru 011 1, to of to incr 11 for a Cordona. Ucuncu Koldon Elmo. Goto Monon f or rules Luc. A Rinello in Trio Lionso i truth Silicon around Trio Corner. Goto emcr-1 to for Banjo stud violin strings. Sava aame Litif for n ratty Uny and Poa Soblo of. for Mali lines. Avion you Giro in Kin in i fruity lit la lie own up u to knit run . Keep a ton of Coal in Liuo a Nivea o to Lymui Bou for House ii retelling goods. Orly i univ Trout the and club saves y a Blair Hub Hub. To to Emerson for Flut a Hearty kiss at Tho door is Volo sooth by Rupfer u temper. If angry. Fountono i an Ulrch and act Cen. If very any Goto knit ration a and forgot your trouble. Oti t think you can Pisa Ott on your Wilo b Nin Ichii Hijii old Styla drunk for an not ask. Uny sort of la Icse. Loan or Mars us As lie Liol Dtho Bridge und trill help of Over. When you Llanil you Tiro Glrst in which my to submit Ricc fully. To can t nil to comma riders i i if. Goto Munson for blvd Snoor Dower. Gnu Uvo Moro than two a if a in Fly it Ono time. 1 Hirow you can t orderly in the him Tler of i a i n Nian e in lure to be Tut you can try. To o i i Creon for guru tons. Of hear ii Ulso in we Citurs in Tho Kad Valal and Middle of thu or lit Doii task up Aud Liui the 9uo. Pis bought of Kin Oreon Aud. Go out in Trio Al Hayand bar com while Oil try to pacify 10 Lilor Pii Archt. Emerson keeps cvorj1 thing no you will find it u Good Phipp to get Nonoy r spend it. by Kkt next to the _ that cough 1 or it May kill you a Elk lit cough fits ii runs into Amott Hanff More Carlous Viz conium Patjon bronchitis Etc. Hon Ackor a Kif Flefil i Tomidy Una invented was conferred tills Valu Ulo remedy Curca Hoara Enesa Bruu fico Oping co High. Conan Motlon . Lc., and can to had of Hagland it co., who lire Iii Agnela for san Antonio Texas. Advice Molieri mra. Win follow s soothing syrup hould always be used for of Hildren to thing it Booths the child softens he Gums alleys All pain euros wind is the boat remedy Tor diarrhoea. I5 cents a bottle. 7-ii-Lyr Bucklan j Arn Lasalva. The Best Salvo in the world for cuts a Ruiea sores Lucora Salt Rheum fever Horca Tetter chapped Itania Dhiti Blang corns and All skin eruptions and positively euros Puea or no pay required. Jt1s Gna ranked to give perfect Satie faction or Money reloaded. Price 25 cents per Box. For by a. Driess. Commercial travellers and others arriving at Richmond. Should inquire for the new National hotel. Free Bues to Aud from depot. 8-tf an old Cuizhen Speal. Or. J. M. Norris on old resident of Home go. Bava that to had been badly troubled with kidney complaint for a great Many years and with eczema Tor three years at Moa could scarcely walk and had tried Catuy to Modles with out Benefit until to began Tak ing electric bitters Aud annotating his bands and feet with ii Ecklon a Arnica Salve. Thea treatment Aito Rcd him. Great Relief and to strongly recommends Electrio bitters to All who Auter with Kanoy com Plain is or need a blood pus Lucr. Sold by a. Urcla. 3 Host excellent our Saloon this now been opened to morning. Tho management asks for Ash of patronage from their Frinda and Tho pub generally. It will to superintended by Ous Koa Helov and Tho Chilcoat liquids in Tho mar acct will to had at its counters in Largo or email quantities. Afono lunch will to kept spread for Tho patrons of Tho establishment at nil of the Day or night. Be Zombor 401 East Commerce Street Corner live Oak. Uovino and Igor list King s now discovery for consumption ing found it to to that you claim for it de Elro to testify to its virtue my of foods to Rhom i have recommended it Praise it at a very Opportunity. Or. King s now discovery for consumption is to cure colds Bronco Lufa asthma croup and every attic ton of Throat cheat and Luck. Trial bottles free at a. Roiss drug store Slazo a Saloon. under Tho management of messes. Fred san Pedro Springs find j. D. Karl of of formerly of Tho two Dothora ii ant Nunt in popularity ovary Day. Iloth Gentl Mon Wolf be Arity of used in t Hoart of the gent Torlak to Iho Public to tit and will leave nothing undone to Slowo their a Sattora for Lenila. Tho very boat qualities of Winoa liquors and cigars ail popular brands of users ales Bottor and Mineral Waters native As Well u the beat imported brands always on hand. A Fine hot lunch . 1-26-Ly caution our Ign unit buying Caro Aua remedies purport in to euro All Tho ills Wiloh Bosh to Purchio on v 8h of re inert Ato Rel Llano a Coloca for Fortuin Olasava of Tor instance what Man. Endowed with i ii Inu. To. Would think of buying a coir go i euro syphilis yet there arc Hirx Are in of Nolan run j Thuat upon a Dally Tush c alms. Tho manufacturers of a Kofi blood Klut Rdo not culpa but it will cure Telny list Pojl Lively it to cure a of to Holch m Tofu la olo. Tho Well known Man rely tote for atom Flenno. No. 8 but Pooai bore Strart. Antonle Tosh

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