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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - September 15, 1886, San Antonio, Texas 3? san Antonio Light publishing company. T. B Johnson Secretary a treasurer and us weal. Manyoki. Advertising hates i Spack Inch. $ i to $ 5 00,1 8 of $18 uo30 of f.54 of subscription per year. $5 of special rates Given on larger space and Long tune advertisements. Legal advertisements f i of per Inch first insertion 76 cents per Inch each subsequent insertion trustees sales too per Inch first insertion 26 cents each insertion afterwards. Heading matter editorial Page 26 cents per line cacti insertion. Local columns 20 cents first insertion Ocenta first week scents after first week. Special rates on 50 and Hoo Linos running for month. Home advertisements payable on first of each month transient advertising payable in Advance Only Metal cuts printed. Subscribers not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers Are warned not to pay their subscription except upon presentation of a properly receipted Bill from this office. All communications for publication or it or Taining to the editorial or Faical news departments should be addressed a to the editor of the All contracts or Bills must be approved by the Secretary and manager. To correspondents. All communications for this paper should lie accompanied by the name of the author riot necessarily for publication into As evidence of Good Faith on the part. Of the writer. Write Only on one Side of the paper in a Plain hand. Anonymous communications will not be noticed. The Linier will not lie responsible for the statements of its correspondents. Knt kid at Postern cd at san Antonio Texas As swoon if i. Ass Mattick. Agents Fok the Light. S. C. your n. W. A Vbk amp son. Philadelphia Nelson . Louis go. P. Rowell amp York is on file in Phil Lodi Nhia Auerr this papera us newspaper a i f a i i i ii it Agency of messes h. Of. Ayer a so our authorized agents. Hutto t i t pts wire of on Dent Oso. I Hio or air Iii a p. Howell Vinni Wop Iii. R advertising Bureau 10sl, , contract May to Usu brio tor it e.3i it a Louttit wed e r15,�?T86. Have the Light called. Subscribers leaving the City for the summer or anytime can Timve the Linter sent shy mail to any Point for 60 cents u month. I lie address will be changed us often us desired. Russia and Turkey have United in demanding the evacuation of egyptian territory by the British troops of a complied with Chis May Lead to further English and russian complications. The a mistress of the seas evidently has a hard time of it in the East. The idea and practice of personal government which afflicts san Antonio to Day is so wide spread and general As to deserve Public rebuke it crops out in every meeting of our City Council and thrusts itself into Tho eyes and face of every citizen who essays to interest himself in Public affairs. Attempts to fairly and honestly criticise Public transactions Are resented As personal attacks any reference to a Publio officer in connection with disapproved Public acts is denounced by the personal Aioli gusts of the individual not the official As malicious and the personal attack upon the critic is pushed to the farthest possible limit it is High time that san Antonio discarded this personal idea in her municipal affairs and conducted the Public business of this City in the interests of the City. Olyce is too largely regarded As personal Possession instead of a Public Trust by some of our City officials it is so regarded exclusively and As a con a a Nence favouritism is the Law of All appointments. Measures in themselves Good Are rendered worthless by Tho instruments of their accomplishment and the whole patronage of the City administration is prostituted to this personal idea. The service that the appointee can Render the person who appoints is the first consideration what service lie May Render the City is an after consideration if considered at All. The one thing above All others that the City needs to Day and must have to save it from municipal damnation is a Man it its head who is above All personal considerations in the conduct of the Public business. Almander though dead Otic rally be speak eth and his voice will always be a Welcome one in the ears of the beloved bulgarians. Russia in compelling his abdication has done More to make Bulgaria anti russian than she could have accomplished by any other course. Parnell s Bill concerning evictions will most probably pass to a second Reading. Many conservatives Are of the opinion that some such measure of Relief would be beneficial and the passage of the Bill in some modified form is now looked for. _ Ai l eyes turn toward fort Worth today where the anti monopolists of the state Are in session for the purpose or putting their political declarations be fore the people of Texas. They will find a first class anti monopoly Plank in the Republican platform at Waco. The Galveston news is after the Scalp of the Young Man called Crain who assumes too much personal Power in the distributions of political place to please the Island City Oracle. Lay on Mcnutt for Crain is Tough. The Waco examiner having exhausted the possibilities of its Ross Horn before the Galveston convention has been silent As the proverbial Oyster since that event having a hello eds Ross into a Nomina Tion it considers its Good work done and rests upon its oars occasionally murmur ing 150,000. This is a pretty Good figure whatever it May mean. The republicans were not hilarious when they carried Vermont by 20,000 majority. The democrats having pre rioted a Republican defeat in Maine the grand old party had a right to enthuse Over a larger Republican majority than the state had Given in any off year since 1871. The times mistakes the cause of the he Larity that is All. Russia is undoubtedly fooling Germany and Austria into a belief of her compliance with the provisions of the Berlin treaty so As to More readily Complete her military preparations. Nothing less than an armed intervention of the great Powers will prevent Russia s descent into Southern Europe. Her motto for the past thirty years has been a a w a or the the election returns so far As received from the states already holding them and news of the situation in Ohio Indiana Wisconsin and Missouri Lead to a reasonable Hope that the Republican party will regain Possession of the House of representatives this fall. A consummation most devoutly to be wished in the interests of Good government at Home and Protection to american citizens abroad. Press comment. The Biloxi quarantine has been raised and that Little City has resumed its wonted activities. It is still an open question from the reports of the medical experts whether any quarantine at All was necessary but the quarantine has done incalculable Good in restoring Public Confidence and preventing any general alarm which might have operated against an influx of Northern visitors this Winter. The episode has also aroused the sanitary officers to the need of More perfect measures of sanitation along our Gulf coast and in this respect also will be productive of future Good. The material difference in the figures Given by tile National Bureau of statistics and the agricultural department As to tile Cotton crop prospects is utterly irreconcilable and no conclusions can be based upon them. The National figures show the condition of Cotton in Texas at to per cent of an average crop and these figures Nave been Given again and again despite the reports of a great shortage from so Many quarters that it seemed impossible to accept the figures and equally useless to deny them. The reports of Tho agricultural department recently published put the Texas crop on the first of the month at77 percent of an average crop a failing Oil of 13 per cent from the National Bureau estimate. This it seems to us is much nearer the Mark and yet if anything higher t hat the actual condition of the crop warrants. The acreage this year has been much larger than in any previous year and this will tend to keep our Market returns abreast of other years despite the comparative failure of the crop in Many sections. Cotton rules Low and the quotations based upon prospects must allow for a very largely increased Plant As but few of the Cotton slates outside of Tennessee show any marked increase in yield Over last year. Texas will probably Market As Many Hales this year As last but it will be solely on account of increased acreage the condition of crop being from 15 to 20 per cent below last years yield. A a a a a the real inwardness of alexanders abdication has come to the surface. His reputed cringing to the Czar is not substantiated and no such Telegram As was Given to the press As his was Ever sent to the Czar of Russia. On alexanders return to Bulgaria he announced his determination to court Martini and execute the conspirators who had driven him from his throne Anil was immediately notified by Russia Germany and Austria that if lie did so a russian Force would immediately occupy Bulgaria. Justly considering the stability of his Rule dependent upon the prompt punishment of the revolusionist8, and inhibited from doing this by the Fiat of the three great pow ers mentioned he abdicated sooner than plunge Bulgaria into a hopeless War with Russia. These facts were suppressed by the Powers directly interested and a false impression of the whole matter Given by the russian press and bismark a Organ. The whole course of the exiled Prince has been dignified patriotic and such As to make for the peace of Bulgaria and the federation of the Baltic provinces. Evictions having been ordered under the new tory administration of Irish affairs the shooting of landlords follows As a necessity it takes the Dull eng bsh intellect a Long time to get hold of the sequence of this thing but they will soon learn that the dead landlord follows the evicted tenant with the unvarying uniformity of cause and effect. When the lesson is thoroughly mastered evictions will cease. The Able bodied liar is abroad in the land. It is now authoritatively denied at Washington that any demand Bas been made for the release of British vessels caught sealing in alaskan Waters. Things do get awfully mixed under a democratic administration. The City Council have again utterly ignored the demand of the Central business portions of the City for the improvements so much needed and our plazas with Commerce and Houston streets Are to remain in their present disgraceful condition another year. Not one word is said about South Alamo Street which is in a really dangerous condition and along which there is As much travel As on any other Street in the City. Sorne Oue will be seriously Hurt on that Street yet and the City will have a Hill to foot that will aggregate More than the Cost of the proper paving of the Street along its most dangerous part from Alamo Plaza to South Street. The original $6,000 appropriated to the plazas and with which it was hoped a beginning would have been made that would have necessitated the appropriation of a de cent amount for their improvement has been withdrawn and the whole matter relegated to the tender mercies of the next Council which May the i Porfi Grant will establish a Board of Publio works for the whole City and not pull and haul the appropriations to satisfy Ward jealousies irrespective of the pressing needs of the Center of the City it is the bus Ness of san Antonio that keeps up the City finances and yet there is less Atten Tion paid to the plazas upon which the bulk of our trading is done than upon those outlying roads which accommodate no one but serve to enhance the value of certain properties. Indianapolis journal the underlying Issue of this Campaign in this state is whether the people of Indiana Are to be practically disfranchised in order that the democratic part May control the legislature and Send ten of the thirteen members to Congress. Boston traveller or. Bayard can never be in a better position to declare himself than he is to Day. He found no difficulty in expressing his views of the cutting Case. The country wants to hear from him As to the fair end just claims of our fishermen Detroit Tribune it will be particularly the Triumph of american Industry if the fiftieth and fifty first congresses of the United states Oan be mad clearly Republican and tue Victory supplemented by Republican Success in the presidential Campaign in 1888. St Louis Republican Home Rule will be won peacefully or not at All and the irishmen who advocate murder As a political expedient will find themselves in a contemptible and cowardly minority without respect for their own race and without. Sympathy from America. Buffalo courier a what we want a says red Cloud the Sioux chief a is White men to Plant our Corn Hoe it and put it into the barns which they build for us. Warriors done to anarchists and a a professional labor reformers Are said to regard these sentiments As Noble and timely. Philadelphia press the records of Congress show that the democrats As a party Are hostile to the principle of Protection to american Industry and republicans de Well to impress this fact upon every Man who As head worker or Haud worker Lias a stake in the Industry and Prosperity of the country. Kansas City times mrs Parsons had the sympathy of the country in such phase of her As womanly. But she mistakes the people if she thinks their naturally great chivalry toward women can not be strained to a Point where it will snap. Her latin blood is running riot with her reason. St Louis Globe Democrat this country once had a Secretary of War who when called upon to furnish tents for the people in the great distress like that at Charleston would have not said that his Stock was exhausted after forwarding a few dozen. His name was Stanton. Under him the tents would have been forthcoming even if they had to be made to order. New York Tribune the rapid growth of Temperance sentiment has been shown in Massachusetts recently by the organization of a new nonpartisan prohibition movement by a number of republicans who hold that the Saloon evil can be overcome without abandon the party. The anti Saloon movement seems Likely to demonstrate the prevalence of the View even More clearly. New York world or. Arthurs Belef that a labor capital and should Rason together a and that a the employer As Well As the employed should observe the ? Olden of employees would oftener Ollow this Rule labor difficulties would be few. The workingmen by paying More heed to the Arthurs and Powderly and less to the ignorant demagogues and anarchists among them Are greatly strengthening their cause. Minneapolis Tribune miss hate Field whose lectures on mormonism Are attracting wide notice and whose study of that subject has been thorough is endeavouring to interest tile grand army in the removal from this country of the a twin slavery fell by the Baun of the Union volunteers Why should they not employ the Power of their grand army organization for the extinction of the treasonable and loathsome practices of the mormon conspiracy even if miss Fields idea should seem far fetched at first Blush its pertinence will grow More and More apparent upon reflection. Annual meeting of stockholders. The regular annual meeting of stockholders of the san Antonio it amp Arkansas pass railway company will be held at the offices of the company on wednesday october 6,1886, at ten of clock a. In. Lott president. B. F. Yoakum Secretary. 9 3-td Republican Quot platform. With Morrison on the ragged Edge Randall increasing his following in the House year by year Protection democrats returned to Congress in greater numbers every session it Doe look As though free Trade democracy was nearing the beginning of the end. There is a fair Prospect of laying horizontal William out very horizontal in this coming election and this done the free traders would be truly Acephalous. The demo racy made protective to any general extent the solid South would be divided and sectional government at an end. The Outlook for the future is very promising and from present indications it May be that even in Texas the Republican party will not be doomed much longer to sit upon the Fence and see the democratic procession file by. Republican state ticket. Miscellaneous. For governor a. M. Coch Kan of Dallas. For lieutenant governor lock m Daniel of Grimes county. For associate Justice of the supreme court w. H. Burkhart of fort Bend. For comptroller Frank Cleaves. Of Cook county. For commissioner of the land office a. Z a deck of Navarro county. For attorney general c. M. Johnson of Young county. For superintendent of Public instruction Henry c. Cline of Harris county. Chairman of the state executive committee John la. Rector of Travis county. Member of National executive committee Wright Cuney of Galveston. Interesting experiences. Hiram Cameron furniture dealer of Columbus ga., tells his experience thus a for three years have tried every remedy on Tho Market for stomach and kidney disorders but got no Relief until i used electric ritters. Took five bottles and am now cured and think electric ritters the rest blood purifier in Tho major a. In Reed of West Liberty kv., used electric ritters for an old standing kidney affection and says a nothing has Ever done me so much Good As electric sold at 50 cents a bottle by a. Dreiss. 4 la adopted by the republicans in convention held at Waco Texas August 20th, 1880. The Republican party of Texas in Convell Tion assembled does reaffirm its allegiance to tile National Republican party reasserting its approval of the platform adopted by the National Republican party at Chicago in 1884, and desiring to go before the people of Texas upon state issues with no Uncertain sound resolves As follows the people in a Republic boing Tho source of Power we believe it to be the duty of Tho legislature to submit to the people for their ratification or rejection such amendments to our org Pic Law on any subject thut they May ask such submission upon when petitioned by a sufficient number in accordance with tile Bill of rights. That we Are opposed to the leasing by the Stute of Large bodies of land thereby shutting it out from immediate Aud actual settlement that we Are opposed to the present Law requiring the citizens to work upon the Public roads of the state but believe the roads ought to to worked at Public expense through an us Valorme tax on property. That we Are opposed to occupation taxes on trades and professions. That the Republican party having Ever been in favor of the education of the masses to the fullest extent within Tho Means of the government and the ability of the people favors Tho largest appropriations practicable by the state for that purpose and that we do further endorse Aud approve of that educational measure known As the Blair Bill passed by the United states Senate. We Earo also in favor of county superintendents of Public schools. That we affirm first our Confidence inure acceptance of the principles set Forth by Abraham Lincoln in his message to Congress in december 1881, in which lie defined the relations of the Republican party to american labor and affirmed its superiority to the Mere capital itself had created. Second that we Bland to and abide by Tho principles set Forth by the limit j red president a Quarter of a Century since in which he affirmed the dignity of labor and Tho right of Tim labourer to legislative Protection and that we will do All in our Power to make these Princl pies effective in our Stato and National governments. Third that we recognize Tho right of labor to share in the profits of the wealth itself has created and thut we will do All in our Power to harmonize t he interest of capital and labor Aud Ziuko the legislation of teds state and nation As equally protective of the one As of tin other. Fourth that we Are opposed to the pm ploy int of convict Lakhoi upon the Public works of this state. Filth we Are opposed to the leasing of con Vici labor in any form and that we favor the passage of such Laws As will confine the convicts within the Walls of the Penitentiary of the state. Sixth that we denounce that system of employing convict labor which compels the free labor of american citizens to Homo into Competition with it in the Public Market. Seventh that we Laver the passage of sue Laws for the arbitration of All differences arising Between corporations and those employed by them As will most effectually prevent strikes and secure Industrial Harmony. Eighth we approve the existing Laws milk ing the importation of contract labor u crime Aud demand their enforcement. Ninth we favor such legislation As will most effectually prevent the oppression of the mercantile and Industrial interests by monopoly. Encouragement for the feeble. So Long As the failing embers of vitality capable of being rekindled into a warm Aud Weidai glow just so Long there is Hope for a weak Aud emaciated invalid. Let him a. Therefore despond but derive encouragement from tills Aud from the further fact that this a restorative most potent in renewing dilapidated Powors of a broken Down system yes thanks to its unexampled tonic Virtues Hoe Tetter s stomach bitters is daily reviving strength in Tho bodies and Hope Iii the minds of the feeble and nervous. Appetite refreshing sleep the acquisition of Tafesh Aud color Are blessings attendant upon the reparative processes which this priceless invigorate speedily initiates and carries to u successful conclusion. Digestion is restored the blood fertilized Anil sustenance afforded to Kaeti life sustaining Organ by the bitters which f inoffensive even to the feminine Cufeto veg Tat do in composition and thoroughly s use it and regain vigor Are is 30 e. Special notices. Notice. Office san Antonio St. Ray co. \ april 21, 1886. / during the summer last car on the san Pedro line will leave the Springs at 10 30 p. Rn., except saturday and sunday. On which Days they will run regular till p. In. Extra cars can be had at All hours by parties wishing to remain later. A. Belknap president. Leaf for everything needed in the lumber line Call on f. J. Beitel at International and great Northern depot. In paint your roofs. By having your roofs painted Well they Wil last three times As Long and stops up All the flaws and Small holes thereby preventing leaks during the storm and Rains of the coming Winter months. Orders left with me at the Corner of Avenue e Aud Houston Street will be promptly Aud satisfactorily done. Also All kinds of House sign and Carriage painting Best material used. Charges reasonable. 8-24-2m f. Pasche. Miraculous escape. W. W. Reed druggist of Winchester iud., writes a one of my customers mrs. Louisa Pike a Artoria Randolph county ind., was a Long sufferer with consumption and was Given up to die by her physicians. She heard of or. Kings new discovery for consumption and begun buying it of me. In six months time she walked to this City a distance of six Miles Ami is now so much improved she has quit using it. She feels she owes her life to free trial bottles at a. Dreiss drug store. Ii new advertisements. De outs a is Kru son nearly every one needs t o use Beme tonic. Run enters into almost every Phy it in to Ripton for those who need building up. Best tonic weakness 1.1111 and a Lark on err., it has no equal and is Only Frau Medicine thai is not injurious. Ii i Iris is the blood inv forntes the a icon i store appetite aids i ,.nx not to us Ken or injure the Teeth cause had a ii induce constipation Ahur fro to mril Irine to ii. , a loading physician of Spring i 1 the l ays Levno i. Lion bitters is a thoroughly Good Modi i use it i my , end and it a action is. other form of Iron. In Stu Aluera. Or it Low Conin of the ays Teui drown Iron Bittern in usually a sit Ive new fixity. It in All in claimed for Al. W. N. Waters 1219 thirty second Street rat town. D. U., a egg Iron bitters is inf of the m top Netter. It creates Ivett strengthen . In it it has above Trade Mark and crowed red ii net. Rapper. Take be other. Made Only by i Usu in ii Apical co., Batch Ohl us. Bargains a for Sale for Bent two Fine building lots for Sale. Size 110x170 i foot in Block 1.17, West of san Pedro Creek adjoining Krish property. Inquire of t. B. Johnson Light office. C All on the Light when pan Are or need of any kind of printing. W the healthful and nutritious baking powder. Restores to the flour the strength giving phosphates that Are removed with the bran and which Are required by the system. No other raking powder does this. It costs less and is healthier and stronger than any other powder. Home testimony from George h. Kalteyer chemist san Antonio Texas san ., july i 1886. I purchased in this City a package of prof. Horsford a self raising bread preparation and submitted it to a chemical examination and find that Tho same is composed of pure and non-poisonou8 chemicals. The idea of prof. Horsford was indeed a grand one in supplanting the indigestible tar karate of soda which is always the end result of All raking powders composed of Cream of tartar and soda by the soluble phosphate of pm and soda the very nutritive value of Broad and the Bone producing elements of nature. It is certainly Tho Host and most healthy bread raising preparation Ever offered to the Public and every Mother that has the health of Hor children at heart should use no other. I can Only join in the endorsement Given by the late celebrated chemist prof. Baron v. Liebig to this preparation in saying a i consider this invention As one of the most useful gifts which science has made to a for Sale by All grocers. Try it. X 7" anted five Collis of Good spilt Oak Vav Wood. Inquire of t. It. Johnson at Tho Light office. I a aaa subscribers to the Wesely Light ill Usu wanted at Only $1 a year. Anted a Good meat Aud pastry Cook at Central hotel Brenham Tex. 8-30-tf Khz it Sale hotel furniture at a bargain c building for rent centrally located doing Good business. Address Central hotel Brenham Texas. 8-30-tf sixty dollars will buy four Nice building lots Iii Block iffy on Alazazi Creek. Inquire of t. B. Johnson Lieut office. O you want to 8ell?-lf so advertise in the Light d Job printing of every description it Lone at the Light office. Satisfaction Given every time or Money refunded. Fir rent a Nice by furnished office suitable for land or comm Liston office centrally located. Inquire of t. B. Johnson at the Light office. O-3-tf f pm Rek Fine lots for �76-lots i 2, and x 6, in Block by original City lot no. 8, Range 3, East Side of san Antonio River. T. B. John son Light office. »-2-tf a a Baa Wili by a five room House with $/q0uu two galleries out houses and Large lot House bran new Aud nicely finished waterworks in House a number of Young fruit and Shade Trues centrally located. Terms�?$1600 Cash balance in 12 months. And Lin a t. Johnson Light office. 9-3-tf for Sale rent or Exchange. A 800-acre ranch with tanks plenty of water Good Frame House and barns 260 acres of Hay land six Wiles from City. Would prefer to Exchange for larger ranch not so near san Antonio. Also 60 Hents of Fine land four Wiles from City fenced Aud ten acres under cultivation also 131 acres Good Laud four Miles from the try. Apply to t. La. Johnson v23-tf Light office. We. Neumann. Geo. 1ckk. Neumann amp Icke wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods and groceries. Highest Cash Price paid for country produce. A goods delivered promptly to any part of the City. All we ask is a trial to convince the Public that we sell goods at Rock Bottom prices and give them the Best articles. and live Oak its. Telephone no. 177. 4-6-6in Alamo Iron works. Engines boilers gins and Mill machinery made and repaired 2-25-tf Spring and summer the grand opening at to Plain stripes Surrah Tricon tines Pongee Irish Poppins and satins in All grades both Plain and Burrah. Woolen goods nuns veiling Batiste Dainise buntings Etc. Staple and Domestic goods. Grenadines and lawns in striped and Plain Check ered and Plain. N the millinery department All the latest styles and patterns for Spring and summer Wear can be seen Aud will in trimmed to suit the most fastidious taste. Lofting and furnishing goods is the finest and largest of anything Ever seen in West Texas embracing All the latest patterns Aud styles. James Murphy architect office no. La Devine building. Correspondence solicited. San Antonio Texas Hunt amp Booth Hay Hay flee on Hoard at the following stations san Antonio Kyle Taylor Hockley Waller Pike go Junction. Fine Johnson grass a socially. City orders promptly filled and satisfaction guaranteed. Telegraph or write for quotations. Telephone 228, office�?24 West Nueva St., san Antonio the Little Bee hive Boot and 8hoe manufacturing. Ail the latest and modern styles of boots and shoes on hand and Wade to order on Short notice. Custom work a specially. Menus boots Soled and heeled for �1. Ernst Lange proprietor 218 East Houston ht., Han Antonio Seffel amp Herwick Scenic artists ornamental Plain sign and House painters Alamo St., Opp. Schwiz Hall. All work first class. Charges reasonable give us a trial. Loans promissory notes. Wanted notes of Well rated business men for one month to twelve months a mounts Hur to f i of too. Strictly too Fidel Mal Aud Safe. Bonds Given settlements made correspondence wanted. G. W. Foster. Banker 9-11-Ly 40 Broadway new York. Or e. Thue Mayer physical and surgeon 214 a Commerce St., an Antonio-.--. Texas. A Job printing in every variety at Bottom prices done at the Light office. L. Wolf songs in8the dress goods Depa it my in gloves laces and fancy goods he exhibits the largest Stock Ever brought to Wester Texas. Nain Sook and mull in both White and coloured. To the largest in san Antonio,1 selected from the Best factories. Furniture and carpets the furniture department is Complete with household goods and he will suit everybody in this line. Among other goods we find Plush parlor suits mohair parlor suits Walnut and Ash bedroom suits wardrobes chairs body Brussels Aud ingrain carpets rugs matting curtains window shades Rte. Country orders filled promptly and satisfaction guaranteed. Send for samples. I do not give goods away but will sell at such Low figures purchasers will not go any further when they once Price my goods. A Call is cordially solicited. L. Wolfson main Plaza and Acequia Street san . Eugene staffed. Alexander Kuhl. Staff Al amp Kuhl general commission merchants Cotton Wool and hides. Agents for Weir sulky plow steel Riding and walking cultivators Corn and Cotton planters Deering mowers reapers binders and harvesting machines. Littles chemical fluid and powder dips. No. 19 Navarro St., san . J. H. Marquart opposite courthouse. Gents calf boots from �4upward boys boots of All descriptions boys shoes calf and Grain in Button and lace. The seamless Oxford Patent leather dancing pump nicest shoe in the mar act. Elegant opera slippers just the thing for a Nice present. Full line of heavy by kits Hest in the Market Price �5.00. Come and examine them a Complete Stock of gents Fine Button Laue and Gaiter shoes. They should be seen to be appreciated. A fun addition to my Stock of boots and shoes i carry All kinds of shoe polish for ladies and children a shoos and the celebrated a it. M. Blacking for gents snoes. Is orders for any Stylos of boots and shoes will be promptly executed. A Noe fit and general satisfaction guaranteed. Missouri Pacific by system International and great Northern r. R. Division. Solid teai1ts with All modern improvements through Between Galveston and St. Louisisna Antonio amp St. Louis via Texarkana. I via Denison. Without change of cars of any description and Only one change to Chicago Cincinnati Louisville Baltimore Washington Philadelphia new York Boston and other principal cities in the North and East. To is train leaving san Antonio at 6 30 a. In. Has Pullman hotel car via Denison through to St. Louis. Train leaving san Antonio at i cd p. In. Has Pullman Palace sleeping car via Denison through to Kansas City connecting at Denison with through Blooper to St Louis. A to passengers booked to and from All Points in Europe via the a a american is 8. Line but Woen Philadelphia and Liverpool and the a red Start s s. Line be tween new York Philadelphia and Antwerp. For full information Call on j. S. Macnamara w. F. Simmons. Ticket agent 285 Commerce Street Kampman building. Ticket agent j. St i. N. Depot h. P. Hughes b. W. Mccullough p a., Houston Tex. G. P. Amp t. A., Dallas. Texas san Antonio St Arkansas pass railway Mission route. Until further not Loo our trains will run As follows. Dally except sunday a in effect sept. 3, 1886. A Kava san Antonio. 8 00 a. M. Arrive at blk Villa. 4 45 p. M. Southbound trains a Kava blk Villa. 4 45 . Arrive at Mph quintal. 8 45 p. M. Northbound trains a Kava mks vital. 5 40>. M. A a a a blk Villa. 9 55 a. M. Arrive at san Antonio. 6 30 p. M. Connect at Sari Antonio with Missouri Pacific and Southern Pacific railways at Floresville with stage lines for Sutherland Springs Pleasanton and Lavernia at Kenedy for Helena at Pettus for Mineral City Aud making close Hack connection at mesh Altal Fey Corpus Christi. In in i u. Lott b. F. Yoakum president and general manager. Rafflo manager. Rice amp Dallas late with Rice born amp co. New Orleans la hardware paints oils Glass Etc., stoves tinware. House furnishing goods sole agents for Cotton Plant stoves and ranges the Best on Earth new York enamel paint company s mixed pain Best in the Market. Large line of heating stoves at Low prices. 33 amp 35 a debt co merge Street. Drop in and see us when you Are in town. A a i Martin amp Schryver of All sorts kinds and r k qualities i building material of All kinds shapes or sizes. A targe assortment ornaments goods always in Stock. We keen constantly on hand Largo quantities of the never yet us passed j. Halboh 9 Barb and Pence wire. We Are sumo Essny competitors in Price and goods. Come and Beloon Loed. Office South of Sunset depot san Antonio Texas
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