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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - September 14, 1891, San Antonio, TexasMonday september 14. 1891. I lain enough Uio Way to a Clear complexion Freo from blotches pimples eruptions yellow spots and roughness. Purify your blood and you have it. With pure Rich blood an Active liver Good appetite and digestion the Hue of health follows. Doctor Pierce s Golden medical discovery gives Yon All of them. It is the blood Jiu tier. There s no Lack of them but there s none like this. It s guaranteed to accomplish All that s claimed for it. In All Dis eases arising from torpid liver and impure blood it benefits or cures or the Money is refunded. With an Ordinary Medicine it could t be done. But this in t an Ordi nary Medicine. It is the cheapest blood purifier sold through druggists because you Only pay for the i Good you get. Can you ask More the discovery acts equally Well All the year round. Rail Road time table. I. G. N. Railroad. Departures. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain or m., k. Alt. M for St. Louis via Iron Mountain for Laredo a. I Akki Vals. From St. Louis via Iron Mountain andm., k. Imit. M from St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And to p. M from Laredo p. M Southern Pacific Railroad. Thou ii express East. Leaves for now Orleans Houston and Galveston a. M. And 3 p. M a Kives from the East. Arrives from new Orleans a Onstot Ali Galveston 7 a. M. And p. To through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso Ami Eagle pass p. M arrives from Sau Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass a. M s. A. A. P. Railroad. Depati tusks. Leaves Cor Kerrville dully except sunday.5-.00 p. M leaves for Galveston Houston and Iacueo daily leaves for Corpus cd Mali Hook port and be Orvllle daily 1 p. M arrivals. From in Orville daily us cup a. M from Corpus Christi Rockport an Beeville daily p. M from Galveston Houston and Duero daily Mai Lory summer sail from Gal Vest in every wednesday and saturday. Makii quite i Trio Vinent in oui streets and to had risen while spanking and was now stailing before her As if in the act of going his tall singularly erect form in Tineil against tiie clump of banana stalks. She Felt the effect of his per Sonal magnetism in Ohio indefinable Way without the slightest thought of what it was. He was regarding her with grave clouded eyes. He Felt bewildered by her rare Beauty. She seemed to him As fresh and pure and simply Sweet As suite Dew dashed Mountain Violet. But Savannah does t appear Dull to she paid rising to say Goodby it is quite interesting. I am going to like it Ever so that is very kind of Yon miss he said bowing Low Over the exquisite Little hand she gave him. Come to see us she naively added. You know aunt Lias made the mistress of Roosevelt place and i intend to be exceedingly "1 have been coming Here Einice earliest lie said Lam glad i shall have .1 cont Nance of the Privi Raj of. Tills House has always had a is Range Charm for quite apart from the social and hospitable aspect.1 it is a place one grows attached to at once a son of dream Palace. I have really found myself half expecting to come jul toss the old lamp of Aladdin among aunt s she said Lii is very lightly but colonel Talbot s warm imagination seized the suggestion and lie silently wondered if this simple child of tin mountains would not indeed find some source of magic Bidden away in this vast Twilight place to glorify her lit u withal. He went away bearing with him a of n Sweet influence caught from her. The Light of her Eye the Low Melody of her voice with Ita slight up country peculiarities and the gleam of her Pale Gold hair lingered in his mind. He walked along in the Shady Street under the China Trees and Trio Moss Hung live Oaks with his eyes Bent upon the ground. He did not see miss Fain and her Mother As they slowly were driven by in an open Landau. Chapter x. A sub crass Dollive. Is Iii to Atung she Lias decided opinions of her own and expresses them with a sincerity and readiness As refresh ing As an no country of is she not in the sense you suggest. Shu is not obtrusive. She is charmingly naive and original in conversation taking one unaware with her questions and suggestions Liko a child. 1 suspect that she s a genuine Mountain Violet fresh Sweet Don to colonel cried lire. Farley keep some of the adjectives for future use. 1 can interpret your feel Ings without any further waste of your interpretation would to 1x3 far from Correct As any guess of the prag a lists who pretend to explain the Beautiful myths of the old lie said looking Uway and stroking his Long Mustache. Should not turn poetry into pipe at she added softly i should Yive it a very deep and tender mean Bucklen s Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for cuts a irises sores ulcers Salt Rheu i tet Ter. Chapped hands chilblains corns and All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded Price 35 cents per Box for Sale by All druggists. Dreiss Thomp son co s wholesale r----1 r re front tin mini not Ion. Al re the conversation set Furich in lie chapter. Rosalie Teyf tier with a number of her new friends was driven Down to Thunderbolt and f id an afternoon Jymiil the in Tibet and Lovely scenes of t iat fan. I . It is a diva of live or six along a smooth x i rond. Wifi us Lime und hard As n Ami . A. Cured it out twin. Hook Ticu ars e . Office Lim Whu Biak is. F p.1 when i Gifty euro i Rio not mean merely to atop Ortii for time to Beni Havo Thorn return , i n Radicki Louie. I Havo Marto Tho disease of fits Epi Lepsy or falling tonne Ady. I Renu Clyto cure Trio others lava failed is in Rosna in f or Xvi Tiuis cure. Sena Nuti for a Ard it Runi uly. Girl impress r.n3 i is Olacue. H. I. 1coot, C., 18" i Sirl n. Y. Pchlcht.-. Eik Lynh Nuno ail pennyroyal pills Ortet Nul and Only sen nine. A a Lible. Ladies far t a Nyllis id Rantuso cd and pc aled Kwh Blae re Boti. Or lick. V u cite Ai to Roggins or i far i Zellef tar in by All. 1 h.4100 Tut Mahli. Klc sit a the daily Light is Only 50 cents is month delivered the Ituna venture through i wide , passing at once an atmosphere of in Solem nity. Huge live Oak. Spread their arms above the. Road and trailed their Long rivalry of Fame real Moss to within n i feet of the ground. Is any weather and a Musil or of snowy Cenotaph Wero scare d throng la the dark Grove. The from Over White brought breath i mfr a i and s Iuni t lie clumps of Unic a growth and tin sleet Mierson air Plant. A broad1 Croc a cd Arm of the Rich in which the tide was the loud. A ii in. In sight at Tho end of Long vistas. Shilling with the gleam of Silver. Here in Liis heavy Shade with washing through there was a hell a current of Fervour which thrilled Tii rough ii Oil like nning wine. Rosalie o it of Tho Carriage and for a to ii int Tallini. From his place in vehicle. Lier Bright Luicir an nit Hor by Trie wind Banny face by merest a re him. The next motion out tin vision. He his nearest companion a mrs. Tall Digi Iii in and a and ills miss chf-nie.1 i i singularly be anti i quite pretty and mrs. Farley replied and i daresay colonel Talbot smiled As if he thoroughly understood the. Guarded phrasing of his speech. He added she s extremely Clever too or Intro Niaud mrs. Farley. Yes. I should that but she cilia Are does and he repeated those Are adjectives i believe. You May Reserve them for future use. I imagine miss Chevier has a Mountain Eli for a Lover a Strong bold Young fellow of the True North georgian of no doubt of it but Shell soon for get him she replied. Girls usually he said dryly. They All got out of their carriages and were soon scattered about among the tombs and Bower Beds of that incomparably Beautiful old place. Rosalie sat Down alone on the verge of the Bluff in the Shade of a tree. She who from childhood had revealed in wind was fascinated with this steady Breeze from the sea. The Broad areas of Silver and Emerald spread out before her Tho Bright sky above and Tho picturesque chimps of Palmetto Trees in the distance suited the mood into which the drive through Tho cemetery had led her. It chanced that her friends wandered away from where she sat so that she was quite alone when a tall Man approached and sloped within a few feet of her. She in stantly recognized Frank Ellis notwithstanding his changed appearance. He was no longer a Mountaineer or a Moon Ehi Iier in dress being fashionably and tastefully Clad lie bore in his hand r email Cane. It seemed that he did not at once make sure of his right to speak. Had not changed much it in True but she hardly looked Liko the coarsely dressed Miller girl of Tho a sue kit arrayed in the latest and most elegant Sty Loof walking dress she Rose it once and a Quick hush came into her Cheeks. A. Miss to said in those old fluent tones so persuasive and Lodious you have not forgotten 1 Hope of no or. Ellis i am glad to Seo she responded taking a step or two Forward and holding out her hand to him. Are Yon directly from Tho said "1 have been Here for some time. 1 am a resident of Savannah now. Lint you were the last person 1 was expecting to meet today. You Are not he incl taken her hand and was hold ing it while he looked Down into her up turned Beautiful face All Rosy with the emotion of thus unexpectedly meeting a Friend from the pocket with news from Homo possibly. Then Yon Haven t seen pupa she inquired without noticing his own question be answered "1 had trouble with the Revenue men. They destroyed manufactory and 1 had a close struggle for a she paid i saw it in a it s quite settled he added. I compromised i Villi i them in Oiler words and so am quite free again i have opened a broker s office Here in he spoke with the confident Freedom of a Man Well grounded in us own estimation and full of Assurance that tie should got on Well with others to stood defiant handsome his eyes had lost the old restlessness and watchfulness. As they stood thus he holding her hand they made a very striking picture und a very strange one to the eyes of miss Mildred Fain who just then approached them and stopped As she noticed the stranger. Rosalie quickly withdrew her hand and turned All flushed a she was in Liin to jew the look of half Surprise half deprecation which passed across the face of Mildred come Here she said quickly this is a Friend from the pocket. We met Here by the merest a self consciousness of manner rather than self consciousness in fact put Hor in a wrong Light before both Ellis and miss Fain. It was As it she had been discovered in some compromising situation when in truth she was wholly unaware of any improper appearance connected with what her Friend had just seen. At this moment aunt Marguerite joined them. Her Sharp Little recognized Lillis promptly and a gleam Al most malignant shot out. From them. She stopped Short close to him and with a Quick glance from head to foot took in the great improvement in his personal no Bearunce. Her mind worked Wilh that swiftness and certainty so valuable in a sudden crisis. The 6rst impulse was to ignore him and hurry Rosalie away from his presence but caution whispered her that this might arouse that perversity for whih Yong Giuria no Rancy Trio selves to love Are noted. Then too miss Fain was pres ent und there might be a Bueno. Bho changed her manner in a moment. Why or. Lillis this is quite a sur she said in that cold half careless tone which is used toward one who is n Mere valueless acquaintance. Sho gave him her hand however and turned to Ward miss Fain but she had walked a Way. "1 am glad to see you looking to Well mrs. He said throwing into his voice an irresistible music. Your summer sojourn in the North must have been pleasant. Is or. Roosevelt yes. Quite thank she dared idiot Trust herself to say More. He ready however and went easily Forward into Graceful talk draw ing her out in spite of herself and after a manner winning upon her interest in not her respect. He was a charming talker in every Way and his knowledge of human Nutbro was Broad and accurate. Colonel Talbot and mrs. Farley seated themselves on a log the Bole of a tree Cut Down in the course of some improvement of Tho grounds and Wero surveying the wide expanse of water is Hinds and marshes through an opera Glass. While mrs. Farley was thus herself she chanced to bring the Glass to Bear on the group by the River of most tie and Young Ellis to was holding her hand and gazing in Dontly Down into her face. It was a Verj suggestive situation mrs. Farley i not know who the Young Man was. Busing could lie up he was a Lover she thought. Ater looking for a Tuonen she handed the Glass to colonel Talbot nud polling in the direction said Seo if Ynn can make out Tho Youn Man with miss Chenier on the Blui yonder.1 he looked and when to had succeeded in tiding the proper line of vision he started not perceptibly to any one but himself and watched the Little tableau develop As has been described. It is some Friend to miss he presently said As mrs. Roosevelt Carno upon Tho scene but i do not know him. He must to a visitor to Savannah i think n northerner but he is not a said mrs. Farley. Ilia face and manner deny the possibility. He May to a North geor Gian colonel Talbot lowered Tho Glass and looked at his companion. He would be her Mountain Lover then be said smiling complacently Ami turning the Obiera Glass Over and Over in his hand. Well neither you nor i need care As to she replied but i do won Der who he she took the Glass und looked again. A mrs. Roosevelt has joined them she exclaimed. To is no stranger to her that is Plain he is military Man Possi Bly 1 wish 1 could hear what he is say ing. No doubt it is vastly mrs Farley was a Clever woman and she rarely did or Siirid anything no Mut Ter How apparently Light and unstudied without having Rome Well defined object in View. She Hail begun to that colonel Talbot Felt some sort of tender interest in miss Chevier and she. Was now endeavouring to Surprise him Inu something Liko a confession of it. But to was too reserved and self poised to he caught in slender net. He knew Hei better than she thought and he pity dec with her webs without seeming aware of their existence. Ellis did not remain Long at Bonaventure after a Short conversation with mrs. Roosevelt and her Niece he went away but not before Rosalie had invited him to Call at the mansion. Chapter Al . Lii Vail Lur one Dikiy Rosalie s Banjo came by express. This in to a Reques she had embodied in n letter to Hei father after she had striven in vain to make the Tine old piano in mrs. Rouse velt s parlor banish her desire for the simpler instrument. No doubt it was n very foolish act u the Banjo in did it with genuine passion. Had i not been her Helo cd companion from her childhood Svith it not one of tin old Mill s inmates throughout her Sweet crude life in the ought i not to Sharo her happiness in this am pier life at the Roosevelt mansion Kab turned its keys she swept ils strings its pure Cut through air Iver Feiore Naa pair Latcu with music o plebeian. The sounds brought Quick ears to her eyes and her lips quivered. It would to unjust to say that any fool ish sentiment caused her emotion. A very natural homesickness had preyed upon her mind at intervals coming to Savannah and of course every letter from the pocket and every other Spe Cial reminder of Tho old Mill aggravated the malady and it was with n feeling of Relief thai Rosalie turned from the Banjo to read one addressed to her Uncle from or. Edgar Julian. Here is something that May interest sir. Roosevelt had said As he handed her this missive postmarked at some town in the South of i Nice. The latter pail of it is really meant for you to read. I judge you will be charmed with it.1 is from or. she exclaimed almost joyfully As she glanced at Tho signature lie is in tin South France sine enough. And snob a Long sin kissed her Uncle in thankful Antici pation of some news from be chateau mid ran off to the nearest win Dow seat to read. Or. Roosevelt stood for a Luowik it Conte pint ing her. This was the time his fascinating adopted daughter had Ever kissed him. Lie was a thread old fellow lit suspected thai is be ing meant to go Claar across the Atlan tic. To thought it not Worth Lii la to make any remarks however and with a Bland Smili on his Semi jewish he went Nway his Fonro. Its Ilio s hand Treml led As she held the Zetlor. Her eyes ran rapidly Over the Clear rather Small writing scarcely of which had to do Wuh or. Run Suvi it s business. Evi Dently or. Edgar Julian had done Val and valuable work in icel Milf of the in Iliad schemes of his employers for had sent Hack the contract of the dutch Syndicate duly sealed. A matter flu coins Lovely Fin shed needed very t us words of explant Ion. But turning from Railroad Diplo Nacy to something which seemed to in Erest him pleasantly he wrote Ful own i pro Misiul miss Chenier that i would ook up the old estate in Provence to which her father thought air might have ome it May to said Here that los lie could not Leine inner such Iron inc i have seen be Chii Tiiu Che still hears the name a most a Cly old ruin in the midst of vineyards Tud i Goral rimmed round with Olive crowned Hills. The Chatelin itself h not inhabitable save thai one Tumble Lown Wing a been kept As a pretend us of shelter for a family of peasants of a very Low order. 1 should but the place has been n grand one. If one Hud lived i Lew Hundred years Ngo Ono would have loved such a Home for it was then a fair Castle in the Center of the world s most charming Region. The estate is quite valuable even now and its ownership seems in doubt. After All. Miss Chenier s father May to the right Ful clip mint. If lie could establish title r few thousand dollars judiciously us peeled would make the whole place a Garden of Beauty. This climate is enchanting. 1 should Liko to Settle Here with a Colony of own picking thu wind and the Sunshine and the Fra Grance of. Tilings fill Olio with a sense of the value of there existence. But the people Are dry ii nil stolid in Tho one hand or in Shier mid monstrously inclined to on Tho other. 1 lipid thai no Conniry whose Labouring Wear sabots Safe to live in. It Hin the appearance of decay in its last Stago. Sandals Hare feet and wooden shoes Are not the accompaniments of Progress. In walking about among the Prinle and i i buildings Here i am con stantly reminded of ashes. Indeed i no not but that the fervent Sun of i hid climate bus slowly mimed no every Lairsy. Such Energy As we have in our great might not to Able to resist it through Many generations especially if fall into this wino drinking habit. Everywhere one goes hero Ono sees wine used like water and a great Deal of it slnfi1 unfit for hogs drink they Tell us Itiat this Region was once i to Center of european literary culture that Here the Fivi tyrant Dregs of roman civilization and. Through the roman Tho greek artistic refinements were left Over after Italy had become a cinder. Lemon Groves Ami vineyards these old Chateaux these Stony Hills and drowsy ought to be the Ideal Region for tiie but it seems they could not stay Tho climate made dust of them by a dreamy process of slow coir . Somo of the old picturesque things of the poetical customs still linger and there is a sort of i Jose us fro i fire odor and Dewiess on the night air which quite compensates for i he Day time sul triness. If Yon deem it Worth while Yon May let miss Chen r read this. Shy spoke to of Provence Anil her father s attachment for this particular Region and while 1 hardly feel at Liberty to write to her directly i have hoped that this method of Liev a Mere sketch of tier country might not to thought impertinent. Chateau Chenier seems to to the oldest place in this immediate neighbor Hood not Only on a truant of its , but from Char Acter of its . The landed to is of cont Uudo sixth Page

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