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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - September 14, 1891, San Antonio, TexasMonday Bette Muir 14, 1891. Cotini Trei Mik Auu in by i Wadi exceedingly it limn Rativo by intelligent management. Yesterday stood upon i sort of Tower looked Over tin1 landscaik.-. If miss Chenier could have seen it Shu would have been Iii love More than Ever with the supposed Birthplace of her ancestors. It is an old neglected Garden of the Rosalie read and reread Tho letter lingering Over Tho descriptive sentences Ami striving to get at what was not of pressed. She tried to make out from tin writer s elusive touches an outline of the chateau and its environs. The Effort was futile. Her imagination took Light hold of Tho sordid part of this Provencal heritage. It busied itself More vigorously with the Fine poetical Romance. Rosalie was not impractical however and one of her first thoughts was of Send ing this letter or a copy of certain parts of it to her father. To would be inter ested if not benefited. Anything concerning Provence captivated Liis Atten Tion at once. In this he was a typical southerner of flip highest order. After she had finally done with the letter and had prepared excerpts from it for her father Linsalta went about the House for drive with sunny visions of Provence blending with Sweet memories of the Little Valley of North Georgia. She was preparing for .1 party her aunt had arranged to give. There went Many things to trifles of course but necessary. Between duties she played the Banjo and Sang the old simple Sousa with a Power and tenderness of expression that charmed or. Roosevelt. Colonel Talbot called quite frequently and his attentions to Rosalie a source of trouble to Anut Marguerite who could not even remotely contemplate the possibilities suggested without the keenest pangs of selfishness. Rosalie was her treasure her life. Of course As for colonel Talbot he was a most honorable Man of High family and ample Fortune. The connection would be a desirable one in Many respects but the thought of losing Rosa lie was Mure distasteful than death itself. There is no love so foolishly selfish and Strong As Tho love of the old for the Young. Chapter in. A Genius from the up country. In her extreme and somewhat childish solicitude touching the proper manage ment of Rosalie s affairs mrs. Roosevelt found herself in pm to a dilemma Young Ellis had begun to Call at the mansion and Hud managed to make a very Favora ble impression upon or. Roosevelt. To say the truth this dashing eloquent Mountaineer had brought with him from Tho up country just enough of the atmosphere of adventure and daring to have i romantic i Tiet. And he had won rapidly. His Iii a ners were a truer than the conventional Law aristocrats of fru Tud but Ili was proud and fico a i extremely agree Abr. Liis one Ever hear 1 it without 1 oiling its persuasive As n for All his claims upon . Or. Elii crime of an old and famous family. His ances tors both paternal and maternal had distinguished themselves in colonial times and in the floridian the mexican find the late wars. They had been a race of office holders Rich powerful hospitable renowned Finch antecedents held ,1 magical Power which would fling wide the social Gates of the aristocrats of the Low country. The Mere matter of Hia having broken the United states Revenue Laws was not to he considered against him especially since the affair had been Witni Ubly adjusted. His bold Ness cleverness and dashing bravery were set Down to his credit he was a True example of chivalry. There May have been just a touch of the Brig Andish in his character As Semi in certain lights and occasional Chance Points of View this served to enhance ins by adding the fascination of Romance. Given youth Beauty grandeur Fine personal and lives Ilie on. Liaise ii touch that remains be gift of Defiance of Law which is to be Al ways present with the sultry imagination of Tolje Smith a Var enc Eskue in Iii Jiuu it is no levelled at the old institution of racy and this parti Cinarli relishes anti Moinian Tun Deih is in tile of contempt of Imp Torii Nih a. Which Aru tiv Revenue Laws in some Way or. Kilius this irrepressible Southern Defiance lie looked it and past career had with it. On Tho other hand to gentle Sweet voiced and almost Ai ii ask. He had of of greatness not the least of Winc i was tenth Miason and1 perfect Solf i i Mico. Operation in illicit distilling had been on a Rathe grand scale and his profits had Cor responding heavy bin iii3 tact and 1 Khawn to Best ail Vantage in his is i of the Whol matter with Oziri vials in .1 Way As to his Fortune and his lil erty As Well lie had to Savanna with the reputation of u Brilliant fellow n fact he was private a hero is Achiu Emiil Mil kias ii ure Louiso of frequent telling. To was Well of his prestige and very quietly in per inc d the advantage it gave him. In had determined to turn his energies o strictly legitimate pursuits but while Loni dually a broker in Cotton his noughts were fixed on Large schemes in Mother Channel lie saw the Broad Field hut thu South offered for Railroad build in especially Southern 7e-.irj.riii and Lorun. To which i id Savannah hold to key. I. Once to study the of All tin railroads of Florida Mil to relative to lines. It was not Long ill he Lia-1 such knowledge As Promise in Liis tie planned by foil or was aware of my move the in his own in he Gol firm n Nitro of three pro n mils with land Grants it nachod. N negotiating with i Pitalis s for pricing the and Money Anil Iron for milling. It had a can in Elevi Ray cd cutt d thai or. Roosevelt was compelled o Admire and respect i to Genii us of the Nan who had Criminate it. But it ailed for Promp action. A Telegram sent to or. Largely requiring him o Coina to Savannah at once. An ont Ine of tie Dan cretins break in the plan hey had Sinaik Chicago caused by his in Illi Siut of Ellis was embodied in t no dispatch. The answer was Hort but it i Good Deal. I Sinai tort by. A Eduar Luli Aii will in ii. Or. Roosevelt saw at once that lilies lad in him the Ltd i j of Success mid la viewed him As All tin More dangerous on account of his and . Nius is of ten train ii experience fail it is tile Succi is of Luuki in Liy i . The Teti Livim from or. Largely was he first intimation received at Volt pics of Edgar Julian s return to Chicago. In fact lie had just arrived rom new York and calling at once on or. Largely Hail found tin latter quite excited Over the dispatch from is Avion i. To or. Largely this opportune in till nol his lawyer and adviser vast a great Relief. It lifted a heavy responsibility and yarn a mighty impetus o his Energy. Or. Roos Volt himself Felt that a Good Leal might justly be expected of Julian .11 the Sharp struggle which must soon Login which would ultimately involve Tho ownership of the most Valn Ible Railroad in Florida. Sir Kane to distinguished English baronet and the representative of Large London capital had arrive cd in new York and would soon be at Jack Sonville with a View to capturing a por Tion of the system projected by messes Roosevelt and largely. There was no time to lip lost. Vigor is action Sud judgment were called for. Uniat be a com Hijii Ilion of and interests. It i. Roosevelt suddenly that his rail schemes were liable to burst at my moment. Or. Frank Ellis went right on once lie Hai started in is Railroad operations. L ii began to be full of his he culled i Southern Jim Fiske. A Kinin Vanderbilt and his Power Aii l influence increased Profili i. Hud Gaiu a the Confidence in l of , and his i Iii by Mii i d Wii Imin limit. i i a tonn h struck the sting Wati is Sii Viiu nah s Lin Ancia the my Ull to s writ it could mean. is on ii ure of or. Though he Iii ver i. Kim. Shu read tin Tibot often in High Pri disc of Hie Young rail King Fumii la. Thu Ricee who was internal improve ments in Sonti Iurii she could a ii Lii up Cert air Pride in . The score that to was from like of course his Success yet of Mere movements Waichi out his Aims t Ortii Ere Hill it a aay think Mure. His had just in Sun but his was Astin Ishing. Tho effect of his rapid Opo Ayiotis immensely by Tho some accounts far ii Placo him v Andisi Mcd control it All the rail roads in Florida. Rosalie s imagination found food in the idea of this Young Mountaineer coi Kiuchi i a Low .coit.ptry. She Oij Sech Liat is operations Wero nil legitimate. And without Liny color of fraud or deceit Sho perfectly understood that Tho Young him had brought Down upon Uno int of Public on account of his Moonshine business and she Felt with Pride Tho Imine Diato value of his present High course. In some in Leli Nite Way she had u sense of Rispou ability for his actions As if he had been Ler brother or other near Kinsman. She Vas not aware that this feeling was an outgrowth of that Clannis Ness which always exists among Mountain Folk "1 am proud of your she said 0 him one Day As they sat together in me of the spacious Roosevelt Parlours. 1 do Hope All your great plans will prove his dark Faco flushed a Little As he Iii Sweryd it to so kind of you. Miss Chenier to wish that. If 1 can always count on such feeling from you i shall succeed in pile of ail Sho s filed. And not catching Tho Cov Ert or repressed sentiment of his Lassen tence. Said you do that. Tho business you in now in has Tho approval of every of. Well the other business was in famous but i did t realize it till it was ill he quickly interrupted. Yon now tin War had demoralized 113 up Here in Tho we were sit out from a knowledge of what was doing in the she Aid. I did not of what u Strong Lii Imari Lif Ocan in till i went up into fins current might be just As Strong i i tin South if we would Mako Tso. U s 1 in use of All this retrospection Una brooding and despair on soil is just As Good As Ever it was we have our nor Zaylig it. Our m go time. Is it the sort of to tiie of his voice thrilled Leray to Ami he lifted Liis head Iron ally. As if of his strength. In a very a Tidor tone ii added miss Jyh Emiitt 1 am not going to be a Rone and a do you of collect thu Timu i hint you up in the dark Little Lell by flip Spring above Tho sin simply raid. He a moment. His face was that of one who ponders n dear and Ploub Tinl prop Ilion. Something like a Pale heat under Tho Sld of his Lark Clu is. Lie made a slow sound less in Ovenu it with his lips is if atom to Antler some precious and weigh y sentence but lie turned and looked through the window and did not speak. You in an evil mood that Day in added. V. A i had hoi Juick Lyn plied. Those Yankees were track in mias a Hunter track a wild Ince the War All northerners Are called Yankees in the South Well they did not Hurt you. At least she said smiling archly. We fire and 1 our scores Are he smiled also and poking up her Banjo which chanced to near him. Began idly thrumming on us strings after n moment he passed it to her. Play for he said it will recall the pastoral so be Fucks of the pocket it will drive away those in Welcome recon sing the Little French song your father used to about flying away a Sho immediately struck Tho preliminary notes and then throwing Back her head is a Bird does began singing. She gave infinite sweetness to the expression and there wan a charming Dis Cord Between Tho Light lingering Ca Lenic of i be i reach measure and the sudden Blunt notes of the Banjo. Her Altitude was careless and Graceful the merest Trace of infantile abandon in it suiting perfectly the spirit of the song. Ellis stole a glance at her face a soft dreamy Light gathering in his eyes. Her voice was like a Call to him from a higher and Maer atmosphere and he Felt As if she had really wandered away in her White Robe of innocence far beyond his reach. Yon have changed a great to suddenly said interrupting. Of. Have she exclaimed with a Little Flicker of self consciousness in her face. Do i not sing so Well As 1 used you sing better. 1 did not mean that. 1 had Rev Renco to it s my she sail. Casting a Quick satisfied Glam of Over Iier simple but Beautiful apparel. Not at he re Nekr Ortheil. Yon live Learned i Gro Deal and Yon have grown Havo she excl lined her eyes re covering their old sincerity and her voice its childish Freedom. I have always wished to be you Are very very he said in a Way which seemed to suppress a world of emotion. It was As if to were saying it from a great distance Ami did not can not her to hear it. Whither their talk might at last have led them. May say no More than surmise. Just then or. Roosevelt entered the. Hall with Roro one and voice that startled Rosalie reached the parlor. You shall make my House your Home while you Aro in Savannah she heard or. Roosevelt say in his Hearty hospitable Way. When did you or. Ely will _ to to continued. The san Antonio daily Light the Only daily Republican paper in Texas it is a live paper containing All the latest telegraphic state specials and san Antonio ocal news. It is thoroughly Independent and does not owe allegiance to any clique corporation or combination of office holders rings. Its editorials Are fearless and without Avor and its opinions Are not for Sale neither o politicians or schemers. It is the cheapest daily paper in the South. Terms in Advance 1 so Send for Sample copies. Having subscription is makes it Cne of the Best advertising mediums m the South. Give on application same to every advertiser. The weekly Light gives More live original any weekly published Money. Only one Dollar a year. Send us your name Ana ten cents and we will Send it to you for a month on trial printing we also have a Fine Job and prepared to turn out first class printing on Short notice at reason Able prices address All communications to t. B. Johnson manager san Antonio Light publishing company

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