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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - September 5, 1891, San Antonio, TexasSan Antonio daily Light. Published at san Antonio Belah county Texas and registered at the Post mail matter. Volume 197 san Antonio Texas saturday september 5, 1891, Price a year local roil Vional Bank san Antonio Texas. J. S. , tres. J minis cashier. Safe Deposit vaults Mallory line new York time hit twin Blip Coo to Newyork direct steamers leave in Lorston est to wednesday and saturday the cheapest and most delightful route to new York and Europe for through tickets staterooms apply to Tho mall ont line office i Commerce St. W. J. Young Ben l South n pass r agent. The Washington Lite insurance company new York. Assets if you contemplate insuring your life Reserve decision until you have examined the plans methods and practices the Washington live. J. B. Day manager southwestern riept., san Aulo Iii Texas late Telegraph. Associated press dispatches and state specials. Minor Kij Egham. Pk11tinknt pauag11aphs. Usu special . A. Woman with a parasol umbrella acts As though lie has a right to the sidewalk. Up to the time going to press be publican nomination. Chattanooga sept. T. Wil Liams was nominated by the Republican City convention last night mayor. Assessment Kalsted. Indianapolis sept. Com missioners raised the assessment Gorman s racer Axtel to Floc you thousand dollars. Died it sea. Sikhs Don sept. Steamship Teu Toulo at reports that. Lieut. Wilson a passenger died congestion the lungs monday. The teutonic encountered terrific gales the passage. Old not see the show. Vienna sept. Kalooky and Chancellor von Capri Al held a conference today several hours duration. They did not attend the military manoeuvres. Typical French Duel. Paris sept. Humbert editor be Gil bits and m. Laurent editor de Jor. Fought a Duel today near this City. M. De Humbert was wounded in the face. A Tor the Sewins Macbane. New York sept. Attach ment for has been issued against the property in new York the Demorest fashion and sewing machine company Williamsport a. Pahis Bept. The Eiffel Tower causes electrical and Channel climate sore. Florence Ala sept. Eather has reduced the Cotton crop 20 per cent. Atlanta sept. Of 4rady Monument set Lor oct. A woman can manage Twenty bundles better than a Man can even two and it really looks As if she was not Happy unless loaded Down with bundles. If plug hats were worn generally people would stare at any other sort a hat. Forty years ago claw Hammer Coats were worn daily by Rich and. Poor and frock Coats were Seldom seen except very old timed old men. Were a Man to walk Down com Rue rce now in a claw Hammer coat he would very Likely be greeted with laughter jeers jokes and gibes in showers. Horace Greeley declared the Only Hope civilizing the Southern waste induce them to Wear plug hats and the shape the hat apart from the decree fashion is immaterial. It is the heart the wearer the hat that prompts the conduct that wins esteem and imparts usefulness. The new Ito ail opened. Savannah ga., sept. 6. The first train will be run Over the South bound Road monday. This is a new Road just completed Between this City and Columbia b. Work Wiloh was begun just one year ago. The War Clond dispelled. London sept. The times says the dispersing the Balkan Cloud is a Welcome Relief. The meeting the German and austrian emperors will now be merely congratulatory. Euro Pean peace in not Likely to be disturbed at present. The juries must shoulder most the blame the failure to enforce the Laws. They sympathize with murderers and go All lengths to acquit them. The oaths they take Are never thought by them. It is a sickening bight to see How shamefully Law is trampled under foot and Justice is outraged by juries if they happen to be in sym Pathy with the criminals. I Public opinion must compel juries t respect their oaths and themselves. The history every Spanish Amer ican state has been a rapid succession revolutions and civil War Witti pillage and devastation. The army is the Only prop and support their ephemeral governments. Alifi Uhi Ial ii. 11 Madrid sept. An express train collided with a Luggage train near Medina Del Campo the Northern railway today. I eight carriages were wrecked and forty eight people were injured. Government not in it. Ottawa ont., sept. 5. The recen census the Dominion showing the extreme smallness the apparent in crease in population during the Pasi ten years formed the subject want Confidence in the government moved by sir Richard. Cartwright in the House commons last night. Monday s wind by. Viska. Sept. 5. The conclusion the Aust Aiu manoeuvres will to Nali Zed monday by a grand review the Heights opt Ritz before the emperor Germany and the Euper Austria both forces enga Pec in these interesting operations. Dues France port it Sedan. London sept. 5. The Standard referring to the magnificent feat recovery from disaster 1870, asks France whether in seek ing a military Alliance with Russia which she admits in the Only interpretation the recent Rapp Roehe ment she intends to throw away the Lessi n Sedan. The recent civil War in Chili is but another exemplification the fact that the Spanish americans Are in capable maintaining a Republican government. They Are As prone to revolution As Sparks Are to Fly up Daril Nellea question. Berlin sept. Is reported that count Kalnoky proposes sending a joint note to the Forte Dardo Nelles question. A Hitchi to the London sept. Is a hitch in the russian loan negotiations in Paris. Turkish appointment. Constantinople sept. Bey turkish Ems Asbador at Vienna was appointed minister foreign affairs the new turkish Cabinet. Heavy losses sustained by not at Hollands t Short treasurer. O. Sept. Doug lass the township treasurer a Youngstown o., was arrested Iab night the charge embezzlement in saving been discovered that he was Short in his accounts Douglass has held the office Fon terms and was just entering Hii fifth. New pub Henser depot. Chicago sept. Definite understanding Haa been reached by the Illinois Central and Michigan Centra people As to the Plana for the new passenger station which the to companies will build Here. The but id ing is to Cost about an will not be the elaborate Structure that was atone time contemplated. Tho militia want. Pay. Tacoma wash., sept. Papers Are being prepared to bran. Suit against the state to pay Mill for services in late riots. Total expenses incurred by the militia i placed at Forest fires in cae Kude mountains extending Twenty five Miles have destroyed much Valu Able Timber and Are still spreading suffrage Bill a snort will Intok. Sept. New zealand House representatives has the Hill granting women Reni rental suffrage and qualifying them parliament. A u he i nine Bolt. Little Rock sept. Be roes and a White Man were struck by lightning near Waldo. The negroes were instantly killed. Tho White Man was injured but will recover. The flood b in France. Paris sept. Recent water pout caused immense damage to Lue Yard in this Vicinity and caused he loss two lives by lightning. Many houses invaded by driven it the by the floods. School for scandal takes. Paris sept company produced school for scandal for the first time in Paris last night. The vaudeville was crammed in spite he counter attraction Hobert be at the opera. Miss Rohan s acting was much appreciated. Money minus interest. New York sept. G. Cannon vice president the fourth National Bank the report this mor Ning that the Bank had in Nind to to unto the example Sot by european Bankers last fall and lend Money without interest to importers Gold while the Gold is in transit. The Greenland expedition. Philadelphia sept. Mem Bersot the West Greenland expend Tion. Who travelled with lieutenant Pearly part the Way North returned yesterday and say unless rescued by Relief expedition the Pearly purty May never be heard again. He is about six Hundred Rullon Noite upe Navick. A Mccrel Trouy possibly. Vienna he it. Is suspected that a secret treaty has been concluded Between Turkey and Russia with the approval Ranee and to into effect in two years. The change in the turkish ministry is due to the Sultan s fears an attack Hig life due to the sudden extinguish ment owing to the storm and an explosion fireworks. Cremated Trie Corset. Kingston ont., sept. Is a religious excitement and Sydenham a Village near Kingston. The actions the free methodists in the Village have created 80 much disorder that they were put out he building they then retired to a vacant Field where a Corset meeting was held a Bonfire was started and women threw their corsets Tho Blaze crying we Wilt die As god Quad Tib cossacks kill natives. St. Pet Hseung sept. Party officials sent to kill animals Weri attacked at Makiba by a crowd natives. A detachment cossacks ordered to quell the disturbance a received with a Shower stones the cossacks then Forert a Volley killing seventeen persons and wound ing Many others. Kona Libre guide. Laredo sept. Mer chants in cities in the Rio Grande country look upon the late addition to the Zoua duties with Peculiar Satis faction for besides placing them nearer a competing Point with thei rivals across the River they think they see in it the beginning the pm the free zone. The latter was tabs eyed not for tical but politics reasons the idea being to build ii prosperous and therefore contents cities the Frontier and no allay an slumbering revolutionary spirit. The political consideration no Louge weighs and the commercial result Hai been a comparative failure. Water As a pain Lendener. Berlin sept. Rather remark Able discovery has been made by . G. Sleich this City. He was conducting experiments with a View to determining How weak a solution cocaine would prove efficacious As a local Abb thetic in surgical operations when he stumbled upon the last that simple water injected under the skin with a syringe renders the flesh at that Point insensible to pain. Tho effect the water is to create a slight swelling resembling that caused by Tho sting a gnat. The space marked by the swelling remains insensible to pain for some minutes so that incisions can be made without Caus ing the slightest pain. Editorial correspondence. A Safe seaport. Vel co better than a locked Security in Side the Knoll tics for rail connect vast tributary country wonder fully Fertile. Klasco sept. 3, 1801. Daily Light most rapid Are the changes that even one week brings Forth in this Center activities. This great state Texas and Alstor states As Well seem suddenly to have realized that the deep water port so Long looked the Gulf coast Texas has at ast been i pm i. In this realization All kinds and conditions men have Home Here desiring to see and deter mine for themselves. Of course the speculative spirit is rampant and some by Only to Boll again Whilo Tho Groat majority thoroughly con Vinced the permanent nature the port improvements Are making investments for future business and shrewdly calculating where the Best business streets and the Groat City so soon to grow Are Likely to be. It is not these things that this letter is to treat but rather the conditions surrounding the sea port itself. Previous letters have spoken specifically deep water As a Mot the volume River flowing through Tho jetties to the sea and the facilities for handling Commerce. In tills letter attention is directed to the seen Rily afforded vessels loading and unloading at this port to its advantageous at that Point where existing lines railway can converge most readily and in the Center a vast Region unsurpassed in Hie natural Fertility its soil. The locution this port five Miles up the River from its Mouth and Banks never overflowed by tidal Waves River Rise located a Stream unaffected by Gulf gales for Ever insures the vessels trading Here from damage by sea storm while receiving discharging cargo. Velasoo is not a Hay Shore Over which sweeping gales raise heavy seas nor is it situated an Arm the Gulf a wide Mouth opening to Tho sea and exposing it to the violence the Julf winds but some Miles from the Mouth jetties them selves by feet apart up a deep Channel Between Well defined Banks in no place much farther apart than the jetties themselves. Once a vessel reaches the Mouth the jetties and enters she is Safe and thin in trance is As easy and Natur Al As possible Tho jetties opening in the direction the prevailing Gull winds. All that a sense absolute Security can do to induce shippers and ship masters to Clear for any port will Lead them to this newly created deep water port within the Brazos River. Once within the River Miles commodious docks stretching Inland and along both sides the River will await ship master with every modern appliance Lor rapidly Dis charging freight and transferring it without breaking bulk to the Remot est railway station this great West. The location Tho port Velasco reduces the difficulty making port to a minimum and affords absolute Security to ship and cargo once the Mouth the River itt made. When commercial agents Are a 3uainted with these facts and have demonstrated with what ease Anc safety port can be made and cargo Dis charged and received hero these very will speak loudly in its favor. Facilities Fok bail communication. Out Iho world As those who have never studied the Lay the land May consider Velasco it is none the Lees at the very door the railway lines the state As the following facts Ali show. Velasco As yet without any railway communication with the out Side world though it will not be in sixty Days from Date is Only Twenty Milea from the tracks the International and great Northern Mataiva a construction h2 Miles would bring Tho Santa be Road to the Mouth the Brazos. The Southern Pacific lines Are Only 42 Miles away at Pierce Junction. The Arkansas pass lines Are about 75 Miles Distant and Survey route is being made. The m. K. T. Is one Hundred Miles off at bog by and at Houston Only fifty five Miles Distant connection is made with thirteen different roads Oft Erin Choice routes As far Northwest As Seattle and into All the great Grain Region the country. The country from its natural conformation within a distance one two Hundred Miles from Velasco is admirably adapted to railway construction at minimum Cost and connection with the Union Pacific and Rook Island systems up the Valley the Brazos would be very readily made. East Northeast North Northwest West and Southwest lines communication could be very naturally established without any lengthy construct ions it is True some these lines would be indirect but they would answer All purposes present com Merce and As that Commerce increased would naturally give Way to More direct and Shorter rail routes. No Ort the Gulf coast could be opened presenting As great facilities for rapid Ionne Tiou with the existing railway lines the Southwest As Melanco pre sents. Tri Futaky country. The richest Cotton and sugar lauds n the world lie within easy reach Velasco. The whole Brazos Valley unsurpassed anywhere for the Rich Ness its soil naturally pours its treasure into the Lap Tho port opened at its Mouth. This Stream could be made navigable for Over 200 Miles from the Gulf and All along its Way an Zuj Meuse Commerce would be opened. The great Grain 11 eld r Northwestern Texas capable in them selves supplying the nation with read will find their natural Muiloc through this port. The two million Cotton Bales annually exported from Texas would reach jew York mud Europe through the seaport this state instead some other state were the facilities presented and these facilities Are hers at vegas in. Texas alone in her Cotton wheat Wool meat and Corn shipments will astonish the world within another decade and these shipments Are to find their natural outlet at the most centrally located safest and cheapest seaport the Gulf coast. That seaport is certainly the one now opened at the Mouth the Brazos. With the advantage water freights secured millions acres now lying Idle account Retro tones from Marker yet within from one to two Hundred Miles this port will be brought under speedy cultivation and the products this Region marvellously multiplied. No Richer held is opened to Tho agriculturist anywhere than throughout this whole Region up to the very Gates this seaport itself and these lauds Are today As cheap As they Are Fertile. A few years More and their value will be increased ten fold. A Correct version. Editor Likit last night i saw among the Mem Bers my congregation to Short hand reporter lilo express and i immediately know that As the Long it wan yesterday two expansive the Short it would be today Brief. To have a full ver Matlou As report my prelude last night i beg you to insert this copy. My friends a purported interview in this Moraine s paper Muse have irritated you no Leas than it does me. I was my Way to tie office that paper when i met a reporter and to save myself a walk i gave him a notice this evening s Levico signed my own name requesting him to insert it at the head the personal column and offering to pay if there were any charges. This he expressly promised to do and then cae Aully questioned me my departure. I need not say that i who avoid Strong language trivial occasions was hot guilty the expressions lie ascribed to me. Rut. Other remarks and statements he has reported falsely and invert edly. However let me apologize for him. During the Cincinnati Rota the mob falling to catch the murderer who had just been lightly sentenced turned toward the jury and first sought out a Long tall personage an ignorant grocery Man if i remember however his escape. A Wise acre in the crowd to appease their disappointment exclaimed what do you want with Long Tom anyway he is too tall to have any any one who knows my reporter will understand the application. Idiocy is inexcusable when it has an Organ to inflict itself upon the Public and the idiot and the Organ Are then Crimin ally responsible. But what can you expect a paper too Tiggard to pay a respectable amount press Dis patches which fills its columns with the Meriest cheap Plato mat Ter notoriously steals its and whose Only lucidity in time Lino is an occasional shriek like to the Liano to the i make this mild and dignified reply Here knowing that that paper will publish Only sterner if any reporter is Here present who wishes to publish this reply verbatim Tho whole lot know nothing him meet me out Side and giving him a copy in thanks to him for the service he renders me in the publication by showing that though weak in health i am still Strong enough to fight my own. I shall gladly sign my name to thin. Yours very respectfully Moses a Jacobson. The drove Valley secure. Vienna sept. Days Sunshine has averted the threatened disaster in the Valley Tho Drave. The Progress the land slide bus sea opened the rocks blocking the current have been blown up by Dyna mite and the channels which have embarked Are carrying off imprisoned water

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