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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - September 5, 1891, San Antonio, TexasStar Drav 5, cubes dysentery cholera inf Antum and All affections of the bowels Oxford. La. July 7. Isis. Gentlemen have used your Bro Dir s Cor dial in our family for some tune past and Are satisfied with its effects. Would not willingly do without it. Respectfully j. H k Obinson. Sold by All druggists. Price 50c. And 41.oo. Prepared by i. L. Lyons co. A Grade education Lor gentlemen and boys. Superior by Pine Salt laths Gas electric Light heat. Did dub by tvs m jul mrs to. S i r Jet v i making tour divisions Cen mount Hon and Pacific which of course at fifteen decrees Lor one hour would bring the first of these meridians live hours water than Green wich and hence the division depend ing of it the others were respect ively one hour later than the Meri duster was Dulau and division next Easterly. Or. Flower even introduced int Congress a Lull to the adoption of Standard time throughout the United states in accordance with the Meridian system and to accept the meridians which form a multiple of from the Ciree wich prime As sub standards for the local reckoning of time. Thene substandard would of course be the our meridians Al ready spoken of. The time sections to embrace the country on each Side of the substandard meridians but the constituted authorities of any state City town or Village could a Dot such a substandard for Reck ing time As should seem to then most convenient and this was then to be Legal and recognised by the courts. In addition the hours of the Day in any locality might be numbered from Zero to Twenty Lour and this was to be equally valid with the Ordinary donation of two series with twelve hours each. We Are not to expect that the decision of the Berne co Giess will determine the Meri Dian question yet it May be influential. The same Bax in has declared that great Britian ought to adopt the metric system. The two things Are not necessarily related. About him. Utomi thei Oathro he was an elderly Man probably his whiskers grew in a Little tuft like Uncle hauls straight out from tie Point of his Chin his in n evidently the same he had purchased to attend the state fair several years ago. He came out of the front end of the depot gazed around in a bewildered fashion up and Down and and across the Street and half a dozen Cabman rushed for Oil. Prevents tendency to wrinkles or aiding the skin. Prevents of the or drying up of the Tiesh. Nature s Vonder for preserving youth Aud Tresh Oss i Vee bottles Aidi Wirg its. 1 Ihk so Tim of the Strong reasons achy May be selected. From the York Sun. A Resolution a been adopted by a Large majority of the geographical Congress at Berne that the Green wich Meridian ought to be universally accepted As the prune. This gives a noteworthy Sanction to the View area in the Washington International conference of 1s84. Al though the interval of seven years Between these two assemblages has seen Little Progress toward carrying out the earlier recommendation yet it is Clear that it there a to be a Universal first Meridian for the measure ment of Longitude and the division of time the Meridian which passes i Rouga the Royal Observatory at Green Leta has by far the strongest Chilli to selection. The Rii Oice has always been chiefly a question of convenience and suit ability for reckoning. Oue of the primes taken was that of Rhodes then that of the for to a ate it ies wan a a used As they were the farthest land accessible in that direction. The Peak or Teneriffe was Tor a Lona Lime accepted a the first Uteri Diati. A coi Gresk of men of science assembled Richelieu in selected rhe stand of Ferro for the purpose Aud this remained Auau Hority for u Long time although there were reckoning Tom other Points such As Sau Miguel one of the various countries have used their own capitals like Paris for example Lor the reckoning of for Many year however the supremacy of Greenwich has been apparent irom the fact that Many nations which fix upon a Meridian with in their own domains also accept the British prime. This May he seen in the maps commonly used in the United states. Even when they reckon Longitude Froais Yvo by figures marked at the top of the map they give the reckoning from Greet Wien at the Bottom. It has Long been evident that various us Ofiu cages would result from having a Universal first Meridian including even More in navigation in some conceivable instances. It in further evident that in order to bring about this universality nation Ai prejudices must Marl feed. In such a scientific matter there is no proper room Lor patriotic oils great Britain is the chief maritime and commercial Power of toe world a. Power too. Whose colonies in both hemispheres constitute in some cases great and growing empires of them selves naturally has the prior claim to the adoption of her prime Meri Dian but Wien one is also sup ported by country territorially and commercially a great As the United when the Greenwich Meridian is already adopted on the Encarta of Many other countries the argument is overwhelming in its fiver. Other things belong equal a Hau Geof this character should be a noted in a Way that will Render obsolete As few As possible of existing maps and charts. The question is practically reduced to that of the Greenwich prime or no Universal prime since it would be unreason Able that the majority should yield to the few. France supported by one or two latin countries appears to be the chief obstacle to such an agree ment. The difference in time Between Greenwich and Paris is nine min utes. In the Meridian conference at Washington the recommendation of the Greenwich very decided the delegates from France and one or two other countries declining too cur and on that occasion also a Universal Day was recommended. Afterwards Tor Railroad purposes in this country came the regulation of clocks and time tables by the four Standard meridians the 25th, if 5th and 120lh West of Greenwich bargains in pianos and organs. We have is second hand Square pianos that will sell at prices ranging to we Alto have 12 second hand organs that we will sell at prices ranging from to All these instruments Are in Good order and Are bargains. Will sell them on easy payments. 9-4 to Thos. Jan Bros. The French Cook at Home. From the . There Are a few privileges which a Domestic considers hers by right. Oue in her allowance of wine. Just so Many bottles three and a Hall quarts per week of the Vin Ordi Naire must be provided or there would be a strike. A the b is the pure wine of the country costing from 75c to per dozen most Likely watered but not there is no fear of intoxication with this Small Quantity. A second privilege which is Here a hers is the per or the com i s Ion of 1 Sou on every franc granted to the Cook by All the trades men with whom her mistress deals. The Coal merchant the grocer the Butcher Aud the Milkman All grudgingly Dos Tow this Money the Cook Whan the Bills Are paid the end of each month port Tenor Pratique. 8he is then supposed to interest herself in behalf to direct the Tuit Iii to their this a quite a lucrative Nusl Ness for her for in a family where the living expenses come up to a Mouth her gains would amount to which Means much More in France than America. The morning meal of the Domestic consists simply of Black Coffee with but a and bread without butter but it you should give her a dinner with out soup and a salad of some kind she would feel ill treated. The. Will make this same salad for herself out of almost anything that a Over a few slices of beet the outside leaves of the lettuce cold boiled potatoes or even a few dandelion leaves bul salad one must have. Fannie c him headlong. Cab sir cad sir this any part of the City Ennice take you to a Good hotel sir for a one had his grip the other the umbrella and a third had him pinioned by the ample folds of his duster. Just then a Well dressed Man who aaa been watching the occurrence approached and waving the Cabman a Side said where do you want to go sir he recovered his grip umbrella Aud breath first glanced up at the Man grinned a sardonic Rural spasmodic Grin and As he gripped ids belongings Aud hacked Oft re marked sarcastically. That s none Othour darned Busi Ness. You d like to know whar i come from too would t be an of my folks is All Well an How the crops Are me be you know some body Down in our town a use to play on my farm when yer was a boy speak out an t i right an t my name Smith an Don to i re Mem Hiram Johnson a his boy Dick that Runoff to Californi an Don t i recognize you yes i guess i do a of you Don t git right out n hear tarsal Quick i la Call the Pershce i will. I know your Didos. I an t been in Indianapolis five times Fer nothing an Don t take the papers jest Fer the crop reports. You git now but i assure you bit you Are mis taken. I Don c know you and Don t want to. I Only i d like to Cash a Check or play a lottery or buy Green Gooc Seh whar s yer Gardner. An t in pretty near time for him Ter show up i Tell you sir you Are mistaken. I am in the employ of this railway and just thought a might save you some trouble with those Cabman. Now go of and if you do get bunched Why Don t say it was t your own t and the irate Young Man re tired up stairs to the company s Omee. The agriculturist winked the other Eye in admiration of his own shrewd and railing a Cabman said Young Man you take me to them building that s War the Universal investment company is an to they advertise to pay in six Mouths n 51 a week put in a Begosh i m Ter buy some shares. Ther Etter u county to parents. We Are overstocked with school . Great bargains to every Booy. Hosool bags at 240 w. Commerce at. Moss reams 8-31-lm Early breakfast Ove Wood Cord Wood or kindling Cor. Isan Fernando and Medina 8ts. Telephone 456. W. B. Taylor. 8 72 1m old new Orleans society customs. In new Orl earm said a lady from Louisiana Wiio accompanied congressional party that visited Detroit a Short time , theold traditions of French society prevailed. women never went out ii Ito the streets before they were 16 years old without an escort. They never went without their mothers the theatre nor Riding nor were they allowed to sit with Young men in the parlor unless their mothers were present. I remember a Young fellow from Baltimore invited a young1 woman to the opera. She said she would be most Happy to go. When he came in a Carriage her father and Mother came Down stairs Aud Grot into the Carriage with her. He was surprised but supposed they were going on Turnr own account. Of arriving at the theatre he found that they did intend to pay for their tickets and he had Dot Money enough. Luckily he saw a Friend from whom he borrowed hut you can imagine Bis mortification at being caught in such a scrape. He invited no More Young women to the opera. He could t afford to take whole family. Another Northern gentleman asked a Young lady to ride and went around the House with a horse and buggy. Where s your Carriage asked the Young woman. There it said he. But that won t hold us she and you and me to he had to Oto and get a Carriage and a Driver. As he had a salary of Only a year he found this sort of a thing too expensive besides he never got any fun out of it with the Mother sitting by and listening to every word heavy losses sustained by not. Buying Tea at Holland s. Tion transcript. For several weeks a question has asked of Many Boston women girl s living in and out of town. T is question is one which is of Par tic Ilner Iii Terest now that a pocket Book Suat tier has j ust been arrested. Why do you carry your pocket Book in your the answers Are of More interest still Here Are a Baker s dozen of with the pointed Yoke them Given by women of Leisure and women of business school girls and girls who have half forgotten school Why do i carry my pocket Book because i have no i48o that i can get at because i have no i Don t because i have no i like to have something in my hand when i m because i have no pocket so that i la be sure i lost because i have no it s the place for i carry nay pocket Book in nay baud said a girl who a tremendous heiress simply to please the Young men who think my heart s in my the Nape of the neck. Cleveland Leader very Tew women know How important the Nape of the neck is. If there is one Point of rhe body that the aver age girl neglects and the Wise Beauty Cires for it a this spot. Why there is said a k regeous example of the sex that finally completes a Beautiful woman s Triumph As does the Nape of her neck if the line is Gruce tul if the skin is pure and the Small accidental Lings of hair that fall there Are artistic ally managed the spell that this part of a woman exerts Over a Man is tremendous. I must say that few women have Good naps8. A girl who always wears her dresses Cut High to her hair will usually be dark in i unattractive there. There s nothing like the air to purify then and the More a girl neck catch the breezes the fairer it Wili get. This is not generally believed but let any woman ask her Selt if the few dark spots on her Are not just where the skin has been constantly hot and covered. Well the Nape of the neck is Peculiar in this regard. To be White it must be kept free from woolens Aud the hair. Ouse Given a Good skin the rest is easy. Of course the Ueck shows to the Best advantage when the hair is brushed up and away from it but there should be some tiny Little stray thistledown of falling away frown the rest. These must be natural mind or at least just separated and curled with the fingers. Of the horror of the girl who has curled that part of her hair with an Iron and of the crime of the girl who has made a hang there if the hair is skilfully managed and the skin White then the Only thing desired a the Good line. A woman who presses Chin Down and holds her head stiffly can not have a Good line at the neck. The Chin must be raised a Little and the head somewhat up and pushed for Ward. This gives a perfect Angle from just Between the shoulders to the hair. Because i have no was the last answer As it was in so Many other cases. Now there is no need of Riding a fiery crusade against the state of things which the frequency of this reply and the arrest of the pocket to k snatcher indicate. He poor was but the natural result of the prominence of the pocket Book a condition which must right itself and can never be righted from out Side. Brave indeed with More then Chautauqua bravery would be the reformer who should attempt to right a pocket irom the outside. All who have Ever attempted to find a pocket n a lady s dress will acknowledge that. But a careful and Ethi study of the pocket less dress of the period proves to any sane mind that some kind of a halt must be called Stop been called time Aud again to no purpose. Dresses remain pocket less. In Days of scant Ness when our Yards of double Width goods make a dress for the modern women of moderate size there is no place for a pocket. One pro found observer says that pocket has disappeared with the Petticoat in other words manifold skirts afforded Coy recesses for the hiding away of voluminous pockets now when petticoats Are Tew there is no place for the pocket to conceal itself and shameless indeed would be the packet which would assert itself or gape in the a draped seams of the modern dress. True there Are chatelaine and there Are pocket Book bags that a intr from the Arm but either of these is More tempting to the thief than the pocket Book clutched firmly in firm in tie fingers. Before the Power of custom science and prophecy must wait. The girls Are going to carry their pocket books in their hands until they get to carry them other Wise. There Are Many Noble exceptions to the Hau carry ing majority there is nothing in love s Young dream More Sweet than the proud consciousness of superiority of the woman who can say to herself my pocket Book is indeed a pocket Book and goes about in my pocket Aud not in my by than i could were i burdened with the Long skirts about my feet. I think the secret of becoming dress for Stout women is a look of Comfort and smoothness. Of course there is just so much flesh. If you squeeze it in one place it must stick out in another and this merely Calls attention to the surplus. The pret Tiest and most becoming dress i Ever had was a Tea gown arrangement with a pointed Yoke. The general effect was that of a Mother Hubbard extending Al most to the Waist line front and Back. A Sase of sewing silk Grenadine was drawn around the Waist and knotted about one third of the distance Down the length of the skirt id front. I wore that dress one Day when some friends dropped in and they immediately asked me what 1 had been doing to get thin. Soft clinging Light weight fabrics without Luster Are unquestionably More desirable for ladies with too much avoirdupois than any other material Black and dark Blue Are the most desirable colors for Stout Quick meal stove Wood any amount you want. Cor. Ban Fernando and Medina 8ts Telephone 456. . 8 27 1m old dry Post Oak and Mesquite Cord and stove Wood Corner san Fernando and Medina. Telephone 456, 8-27 1m w. B. Taylor. To printers and publishers. I have a Campbell two revolution Cylinder press Brown folding machine Good lot of Type for a six column daily which i can sell at a Gen Niue bargain. Write me for particulars. B. F. Johnson 8-2l of Cranston press Man. A Chance for builders. For Sale thirty four shares paid up Stock in the International build lug and loan association. 9-4-Ti t. B. Johnson. Bill posting in All its branches done by first class workmen. Kill boards for 1, and sheets and plenty of hoards for any of Bills. All work honestly and prompt none. Refers by permission to Light office the Washington theatre and Brand opera House managers. Rivkis Are

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