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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - September 4, 1886, San Antonio, Texas 3fe Gail if flit. San Antonio Light publishing company. T. B Johnson Secretary de treasurer and my Narrai. Manaseh advbbt1h1nu Katich i m Sis space 3 it 9 i o i a or 5 j Inch. $ i 50 $ 500 $ 8 00 $18 out a too f54 of subscription per year. $6 of special rates Given on larger space and Long tune advertisements. Legal advertisements la of per Inch first insertion 75 cents per Inch each subsequent insertion trustees sales la of per Inch first insertion 25 cents each insertion afterwards. Heading matter editorial Page 25 cents per line each insertion. Local column 20 cents first insertion docents first week scents after first week. Special Ratib on 50 and too lines running for month. Home advertisements payable on la rut of each month in Advance Only Metal cuts printed. Subscribers not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers Are warned not to pay their subscription except upon presentation of a properly receipted Bill from this office. A communications for publication or pertaining to the editorial or local news departments should be addressed a to the editor of the All contracts or Bills must be approved by the Secretary and manager. To co ult Eshun dents. All communications for this paper should be accompanied by the name of the author not necessarily for publication but As evidence of Good Faith on the part of the writer. Write Only on one Side of Tho paper in a Plain hand. Anonymous communications will not tie noticed. The Light will not be responsible for the statements of its correspondents. Entered at Post office at san Antonio Texas As second class matter. Agents Fok the Light. S. C. York n. W. Aver amp son. Philadelphia Nelson Chessman. St. Louis Geo. P. Howell in co new York n a no is in 5 Ein Philadelphia at the newspaper Adver 4 w. Ayen a son. Our authorized agouti in tit of cd a to it tit it May to find on file of Den. J. Hio Ruji Rolv a. In Well a a newspaper saturday september 4, 1ss6. Have the Light called. Subscribers leaving the City for the summer or anytime can have the Light sent by mail to any Point for 50 cents a month. Hie address will be changed As often As desired. To be or not to be who Sun Antonio step up to the rack with that $25,000 Bonus or will the proposed smelting works go where the Woodbine twin eth tins old fourth Ward the Banner Republican Ward of this City wants straight Republican nominations. No Monkey Ings with Mongrel nominations. Judge Beckham could not get the requisite two thirds Ana so a Compromise was made on judge Abbott of Hill county. Gibbs and Wellborn Are both Bayard persists in refusing to give credence to the reports concerning Sedge Wicks escapade and Waits for some Olli Cial declarations on the matter. Sedgwick from accounts is rather a festive gentleman and not averse to larks. So say Good democratic authorities. Tub express keeps up the War on the Bryan administration and continues to put uncomfortable questions to the exponent of the administration on Soledad Street. It has made a stuffed club out of this Lopez matter and wields it lustily. _ Turk is trouble in the Home club of new York the Radical Wing of the k. Of l., which Bas been giving Powderly so much uneasiness. One Hundred and Twenty live local assemblies have refused to come Down with a Dollar per capita to build a $75,000 club room for the h. C and they have been suspended. A break in the ranks is imminent. Could the Force of perversion of idea and language go farther than it is car ried by the Galveston news in using Blaines argument As to the unrestricted Commerce Between the several states As an agreement in favor of free Trade with foreign countries. Its demand Tot pro Teelon of the Western states against the pauper labor of the East is states rights gone to seed As usual. Tub Texas German Post is Way off in imagining that the Plank in the Republican platform affirming the right of petition is a prohibition Plank. The right of petition is simply affirmed in accordance with the Bill of rights. This clause removes the whole question to the debatable ground of rights and affirms simply what every non prohibitionist As Well As prohibitionist Bas always accepted. Senator Mcpherson of new Jersey is everywhere spoken of As Secretary Manning a successor As soon As that gentleman retires which will probably be about the time that Congress assembles. The rumoured designation is denied at the Treasury office but there was a very general opinion prevalent at the time that or. Manning was stricken Down that he never would resume Active duty at the head of the Treasury department and that opinion remains unchanged. Tub question is often asked by anxious citizens a a has District attorney Kleburg finished his investigation into the title to the Maverick lot that was selected As the site for the Federal building and what conclusion did Here Aoh a and the Light puts the same question to or. Kleburg in this Public manner. The Long delay is irritating. The citizens of ban Antonio desire to see the work of building the United states court House and Post office begun without unnecessary delay of the government rejects the Maverick lot let another be selected too much a red tape is a nuisance. Prompt action in this matter is n Adad. In Susor Bibe for the weekly Light. Straight or crooked. True to its antecedents or More properly speaking the antecedents of its editor the evening paper takes its stand against straight Republican nominations in the county convention and opens its mud batteries upon the Light because it Wilmot follow suit. Is the evening paper so Blind that it cannot see or so stupid that it does not see or so perverse that it will not see that the objection of the Light to a state Republican Eoven Tion was based solely on the ground that the former political methods of the men who manipulated that Call did not entitle them to Republican Confidence ? does the evening paper fail to understand that in pronouncing in favor of a Mongrel ticket be gives emphasis to every Well founded suspicion of his own political honesty i it Oes not the evening paper know that when it started it did so under the very general impression that its principal object was to secure the election of certain parties to office on a mixed ticket this fall and that every utterance it has made on that subject has been Beld As confirmatory of that impression ? does not the evening paper know that the sentiment in tile late county convention was overwhelmingly in favor of straight nominations and that in going counter to the will of that convention he is merely repeating his old game of political High handedness which in any Well organized Republican stale would Long since have landed him outside the Pale of the party Over which he would rather reign a hell than serve a heaven does not Hie evening paper know that the parties who accepted office for their own Sake anti not for the Good of the party some years since and at the end of four years left republicanism in this state disorganized and its name a hissing and a byword Are not very acceptable preachers of political righteousness now if the evening paper does not know such things and Bas not been told such tilings it is High time that the information was forthcoming. Its sneers at men whose Republican record Lias not and cannot be impeached have reached the Borders of insolence. The evening paper must learn that matters have changed in Texas during the past decade and that the apse Dixit of its editor will not be accepted to Day As it was when he and his lorded it Over the party with a Rod of Iron. If republicans cannot be found in Bexar county who Are capable of filling the offices acceptably it is High time that some genuine Republican missionary work was done in this City. The republicans of Bexar county demand a county convention for the nomination of county officers. If that convention does not nominate it puts out no ticket As a Republican party or failing to nominate a straight Reub Lieari ticket no Republican usage demands of any Republican allegiance to such ticket. The charge that unless the party does As the Light wants it to do the Light will not abide by the decision of the Republican party in county affairs in the face of repeated statements to the contrary could Only emanate from the pen of the Man who has so Little appreciation of the logic of facts As not to understand the handwriting on the Wall of the Waco convention. When the republicans of Bexar county cease As republicans to make straight Republican nominations they cease to act As republicans in any True sense and by such action All republicans Are absolved from following the strange gods set up in the name of fusion. The Light works for and wants a straight Republican county convention and a straight county ticket and it will give a True Republican support thereto. It does not consider itself bound in any Way at any time As a Republican journal to support democrats for office no matter How nominated. We do not suppose that such consistent republicanism is intelligible to the Man who considers himself Superior to party or rather who esteems himself the party but the Light is not responsible for the evening papers understanding or misunderstanding. The new Orleans times Democrat has a very elaborate article on tile Progress of the South since 1880. Among the very valuable statistical tables is one showing the aggregate Advance in wealth of the several states As follows Alabama. Arkansas. Florida. Georgia. Kentucky. Louisiana. Mississippi. North Carolina. South Carolina Tennessee. Texas. Virginia. Isho f 178,4 x 1,0110 his ooh Hiu 70,007,458 ,210, 420,375,580 223.055.000 125,338,858 224.300.000 140,073,305 201,104,355 035.750.un i 347,840, nit 1870. $ 117,480, Isi 80,802,541 20.471,018 235,050,5 to 318,037,875 158,587,405 100,504,708 158,208,241 132,237,080 223,211,345 304,103,103 315,570,822 matters Are not particularly pleasant for Cleveland at Buffalo. The claims of Gen. Rogers to the office of Public Printer were very generally acknowledged at the time of Cleveland selection when ire withdrew from the congressional race in favor of Dan Lockwood the presidents special Friend it was understood that Rogers was to be cared for. The new Public Printer has been confirmed his name is not Rogers Cleveland has gone Back on Bis Deal Rogers and his friends Are hot and Buffalo has one More old score to Settle with the former sheriff of Erie county. Chicago still leads in the Way of journalists Courtesy and throws slows. Louis in the Shade. The editor of the Chicago news rakes his cranium for the proper epithet and announces the editor of the Chicago inter Ocean As a a a magnificent intellectual tripe the news is supposed to know what particular idea is conveyed by this epithet and the inter Ocean May possibly have an idea but it is Safe to say that the knowledge is confined to the parties of the first and second parts. A thrilling test. Youths companion. When president Lincoln appointed a rigid disciplinarian commander of Hie department of Virginia he promised that general that he should be allowed to shoot deserters. But the presidents kindness of heart was More powerful than his respect for the discipline of the army and he did not keep his Promise. One Day he received from the general this Telegram a president Lincoln i Pray you not to Interfuse with the court martial of the army. You will destroy All discipline amongst our the Day after the reception of the Telegram an old Man was seen by a congressman crying All alone in a Corner of the White houses Anto room waiting with a Hundred others to see the president. A a what a the matter with you old Man a asked the kind hearted representative. The old Man told Bim the Story of his son a Soldier in the army of Virginia and sentenced to be shot. The congressman took the old Man into or. Lincoln a room. A Well my old Friend what can i do for you to Day a asked the president. The aged father told his Story. A i am sorry to say that i can do nothing for you a answered the president in the most Mournful of tones. A listen to this Telegram which i received yesterday from the the old Many a grief As he listened was too heart rending for the merciful president. Seizing a pen lie exclaimed a by Jingo general or no general Here goes a and wrote a Job Smith is not to be shot until further orders from me. A Abraham a Why i thought it was to be a Pardon a a but you say a not to be shot till further orders a and you May order Bim to be shot next week a a Well my old Friend a said or. Lincoln smiling at the aged fathers tears. A i see you Are not very Well acquainted with me. Of your son lives until i order him to be shot be will live longer than Methuselah the old Man departed invoking a Blessing upon the head of the Good president. Hard times. While Money is close wages and prices Low expenses should he Cut Down in every household. Economy the watch word for mothers head off doctor Bills by always keeping in tile House a bottle of or. To amp Anko s cough and lung syrup. Stops a cough instantly relieves consumption cures croup and pain in the Chest in one night. It is just the remedy for hard times. Price 50 cents and �1. Samples free. Sold by h. L. Fowler ii. Colin amp co., j. D. Device. S. Clave ii. 5 total.$3,117,312,502 $2,184,208,505 this is a very significant showing particularly during years of depression As it indicates an increase of 42.7 per sent in values. The real Progress made by the South As thus evidenced is unmistakable. Bill. I ugh reports from Bulgaria Are very much mixed. That the revolution has come to an inglorious end seems certain but what will result from alexanders return cannot be even guessed at. Germany and Austria have apparently sacrificed Alexander to Curry favor with the russian emperor and they have Only paved the Way for future difficulties by so doing. A judicious intervention in the affairs of Servia Bulgaria and Noumena would have strengthened the Bonds of a National Alliance Between these kingdoms and interposed a Strong Barrier to the Southern Progress of Russia. By giving Russia a foothold in Bulgaria Germany and Austria have Mega lived All England s attempts to thwart russians designs on the bosporus and paved the Way for certain conflict with that Power in the future. Bismark is playing second fiddle to Alexander of Russia in a Way that is not calculated to preserve the Ballance of Power in Europe and his course is severely criticised at Home and abroad. After casting 224 ballots the it it nato rial convention at ban Maroon took a rest retired Hutchins and Pfeifler and nominated w. H. Burgess of Seguin by acclamation. It has been a Good week for Compromise candidates. Bargains a for Sale for rent. A for Bents House of Lour rooms water. Jo�7 Utica Street. Cistern it full won Fine building lots for Sale size 110x170 i Foet in Block 137, West of san Pedro Creek adjoining Krisch property. Inquire of t. B. Johnson Light Oil acc. Important of you desire City Trade Adver Tise in the Light the most generally Road Pador in the City. Cia Iii. On the Light when you Are ii j need of any kind of printing. Wanted five cords of Good split Oak Wood. Inquire of t. In Johnson at the Lio it Oil be. A aaa subscribers the the weekly Light in Usu wanted at Only $1 a year. Fill Kent a nicely furnished office suitable for land or commission office centrally located. Inquire of t. Ii. Johnson it the Light Mollico. Ii-2-tf Mil Kee Fine lots Fok $75 lots 1,2, and i 3, in look 35, original City lot no. 3, Range 2, East Side of Nan Antonio River. T. Ii. Johnson Light Vilice. Y-2-tf Ataa will buy a five room House with q Vuu two galleries outhouses and Large lot House bran new Aud nicely finished waterworks in House a number of Young fruit and Shade Trees centrally located. Terms�?$1500 Cash balance in 12 months. Address t. La. Johnson Light Vilice. 9-2-tf daily lunch at All hours at Mas. Coun Sony a 235 Houston Street. Lunches from 5c. To 25o. Loo Cream and Jersey butter. 9-tf w anted a Good Moat and pastry Cook at Central hotel Brenham Tex. 8-30-tf path Sale hotel furniture it a bargain building for rant centrally located doing Good business. Address Central hotel Brenham Texas. 8-30-tf 81x1y doll Ahsu will buy four Nice building lots in Block 139, on Alazan Crock. Inquire of t. Ii. Johnson Light Vilice. I o you want to sell in the Light of so advertise Job printing a of every description done at Tho Light office. Satisfaction give every time or Money refunded. For Sale Bent or Exchange. An 800-Aoro ranch with tanks plenty or water Good Frame House and bams 250 acres of Hay land six Miles from City. Would prefer to Exchange for larger ranch not so near san Antonio. Also 50 acres of Fine land four Milos from City fenced and ten acres under cultivation also 131 Aero Good land four Miles from the City. Apply to t. B. Johnson 8-23-tf Light Mollico. For Sale. Two buggies nearly As Good As new can be bought it a bargain Call at Tho Corner of live Oak and Burnet streets. K-2i-tf r _. Clem h. Cotton. Louis a. Noi Nung Telephone no 274. Cotton amp Hornung Excelsior planing Mills contractors and builders. Manufacturers of Sash doors blinds Odd size Sash doors and blinds made on Hort notice. Sorel sawing turning etc., to order. Store and office fitting a specially. Office and Mill Travis St., Cor. Aves c and d san Antonio. Texas. Special notices. Notice. Office san Antonio St. Re Rico. \ april Ai i Sig. J during Hie summer last car on the san Pedro line will leave the Springs at 10 30 p. Rn., except saturday anti sunday i which Days they will run regular till p. In. Extra oars can be had at All hours by parties wishing to remain later. A. Belknap president. Miscellaneous. Cholera. Diarrhoea Colic cramps pains in the stomach. Lameness sprains Lumbago swellings pains in the head or body neuralgia rheumatism and Toothache Al pain internal or external co red quicker with wonder fun l Kight than any other remedy. We guarantee that wonderful eight will cure you and relieve you of pain. Bold by f. Kalteyer amp son. Interesting experiences. Hiram Cameron furniture dealer of Columbus Oil tells his experience thus a for three years have tried every remedy on Tho Market for stomach and kidney disorders hut got no Relief until i used electric bitters. Took five bottles and am now cured and think electric bitters the Best blood purifier in the major a. In heed. Of West Liberty ky., used electric bitters for no old standing kidney affection and says a nothing has Ever done me so much Good As electric sold at 50 cents a bottle by a. Dreiss 4 Fiji subscribe for the weekly Light. Only $1 a year. New advertisements. In. Al d out a Oti or Ray one Rood to new Rome i Kon enters into ii Newt every Phy option for those who need building tip Oest tonic ode Lack a a trill , o. »<�?�., if 7as no la Jaii and is v a i i hat is not injuries. It s Lite nod i ii vip rates the to to tor co. A Ppd lie Antis digestion a i it him Kin or injure the Teeth Canso he a. A in i a ious tufted a attn in Trines it fati. Hinkley a leading physician of Spring ii Iron is a thoroughly Good Nedi Iii la in i Nisi. A by find its action sex tier forms it Iron. In weakness Oslo Wynn of tile system Brown s Iron bitters is usually it a necessity. It ii my that is claimed for if. N. Walk to in a thirty second Street town. To it ii.,Quot Browne a Iron bitters is min of the Ane nothing better. It create strength Ond improves digestion Quot of has above Trade Mark and crossed red line Coper. Take no other. Made Only by i i Eft Khz Mim. Ll., of \ mom. My pleasure resorts. We. Neumann. Geo. Icke. Neumann amp Icke wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods and groceries highest Cash Price paid for country produce. A goods delivered promptly to any part of Tho City. $3f&Quot All we ask is a trial to convince the pub lick thut we soil goods at Rock Bottom prices and give them Tho Best articles. and live Oak its. Telephone no. 177. 4-5-5m Simon fests Garden South Flores Street near Arkansas pass hallway depot. Amusements of All kinds during the week and on sundays. Lager Beer and other refreshments. Dance every sunday. The Public and strangers invited. 4-9-6m the Little Bee hive Boot and shoe Man ufactuk1no. Ail the latest and modern styles of boots and shoes on hand and made to Ordor on Short notice. Custom work a specially. Menus boots Soled and heeled for $1. Ernst Lange proprietor vis Kast Houston it. Ran Antonio. _ wit. Rosadalia the great Southern remedy for the cure of scr Fula syphilis so Romulous taint Heui nazism White swelling gout. Goitre consumption bronchitis nervous debility malaria and nil diseases Arulog from in impure condition of the blood skin or Scalp. Rosadalia cures scr Fula. Rosadalia cures rheumatism Rosadalia cures syphilis. Rosadalia cures malaria. Rosadalia cures nervousness. Rosadalia cures debility. Rosadalia cures consumption Rosadalia i composed of the strongest a Lenitive-1 ii.11 ext to and is ult excellent Hixton Bult i Al kit. Of Pfoh Bale by All Dhugga jests. John f. Henry amp co. 24 College place new York. Seffel amp Herwick Scenic artists ornamental Plain sign and House painters Alamo St., Opp. Scholz Hall. All work first class. Charges reasonable. Give us a trial. Vance hotel Cor. Houston and by. Mary a bl., ban Antonio Texas. Thank Bra on the european plan. A Yff furnished rooms by Tho Day or week with regular fish and Oyster restaurant attached. Fish and oysters at old prices. The healthful and nutritious baking powder. Restores to the flour the strength giving phosphates that Are removed with the bran and which Are required by the system. No other baking powder docs this. It costs less and is healthier and stronger than any other powder. Horne testimony from George h. Kalteyer chemist san Antonio Texas san Antonio. Tex., july 1, 1885. I purchased in this City a package of prof. Hours lord a self raising bread preparation and submitted it to a chemical examination and find that the Ramo is composed of pure and non poisonous chemicals. The idea of prof. Llor Ford was indeed a grand oho in supplanting the indigestible tar karate of soda which is always the end result of All baking powders composed of Cream of tartar and soda by the soluble phosphate of Lime and soda the very nutritive value of bread and the Bone pro dung elements of nature. A it is certainly the Best and most healthy bread raising preparation Ever offered to the Public and every Mother that has the health of Hor children at heart should use no other. I can Only join in the endorsement Given by the late celebrated chemist prof. Baron v. Liebig to this preparation in saying a i consider this invention As one of the most useful gifts which science has made to for Sale by All grocers. Try it. Infirmary remedies amp a. Sie eap i nose and Throat. Ail those afflicted with any disease of the Eye ears nose or Throat can Aud the greatest and quickest Relief and cure at the san Antohio Eye and ear infirmary Cor. Of Houston and St. Mary a sts., which is the most thoroughly fitted up of any institution of the kind in tile state. Lorenzo Castro land and general business agent. Has or Sale lands and Stock in Texas and Mexico. Grazing lands to rent in Mexico. Reliable information about acquiring lands and mines in Mexico. Facilities for collecting claims in Mexico. Abstracts of titles to lands in Texas and Mexico carefully made. Also translations Amdo in Spanish and French and Legal documents in said language correctly and promptly executed. Inquire for bargains. Office no. 4, East Commerce Street near Bridge san Antonio Texas. John Kinahan fish and oysters the Bay fishery depot on g Alan Street South of and opposite the Cathedral is a Well known fish stand where everything in that Liuo is kept Iii refrigerators built for that purpose. Fish both Gulf River and Lake fish ate to be had with shrimp crabs turtles etc., and at Bottom prices a Wagon is on hand to deliver fish twice per Day during the Forenoon and from 4 o clock to 5 30 of clock in the evening tile polite and affable a is in charge and will take pleasure in waiting upon you. Rackett a sall1w&y, Plain and ornamental plasterers Only practical Cement and stucco workers in Tho City. Piaster Stag Citra relic Terra Cotta Pex ims and keen a Cement. Manufacturers of Patent Stone mantels. Repairing in All Yah brat Ozieb promptly done All work guaranteed. Offices�?336 e. Commerce Anil 215 St. Mary a St Alamo Iron works. Engines boilers gins and Mil machinery made and repaired 3-35-tf James Murphy architect office no. La Devine building. Correspondence solicited. San Antonio texa8 Spring and summer the grand opening at Wolf songs in the dress goods Depa rat Shai Wmk As in Plain stripes Hurrah tried nines Pongee Irish Poppins and satins in Al grades both Plain and Surrah. Woolen goods nuns veiling Batiste Tannise buntings etc., Staple and Domestic goods. Grenadines and lawns in striped and Plain Check ered and Plain. In the millinery department All the latest styles and patterns for Spring and summer Wear can be seen and will to trimmed to suit the most fastidious taste. Clothing and furnishing goods is the finest and largest of anything Ever seen in West Texas embracing All the latest patterns and styles in gloves laces and fancy goods he exhibits the largest Stock Ever brought to Western Texas. Nain Sook and mull in both White and coloured. Imi is the largest in san Antonio selected from the Best factories. Furniture and carpets tile furniture department is complot with household goods and he will suit everybody in this Hue. Among other goods we find Plush parlor Sui a mohair parlor suits Walnut and Ash bedroom suits wardrobes chairs Ilov Brussels and ingrain carpets rugs matting curtains window shades. Etc. Country orders filled promptly and satisfaction guaranteed. Send for samples. I do not give goods away but will sell at such Low figures purchasers will not go any further when they once Price my goods. A Call is cordially solicited. L. Wolfson main Plaza and Acequia Street san Antonio Tex. Eugene staffed. Alexander Kuhl. St Affel amp Kuhl general commission merchants Cotton Wool and hides. Agents for Weir sulky plow 8teel Riding and walking cultivators Corn and Cotton planters Deering mowers reapers binders and harvesting machines. Littles chemical fluid and powder dips. No. 19 Navarro St., san Antonio Tex. J. H. Marquart opposite court House. Gents calf boots from $4 upward boys boots of All descriptions boys shoes calf and Grain in Button and lace. The seamless Oxford Patent leather dancing pump nicest shoe in Tho Market. Elegant opera slippers just the thing for a Nice present. Full Lino of heavy boots Best in the Market Price $5.00. Come and examine them a Complete Stock of gents Fine Button lace and Gaiter shoes. They should be seen to be appreciated. 3ftn addition to my Stock of boots Aud shoes i carry All kinds of shoe polish for ladies and children a shoes and the celebrated a it. M. Blacking for gents shoes. A Quot orders for any styles of boots and shoes will be promptly executed. A Nice fit and general satisfaction guaranteed. Missouri Pacific Ray system International and great Northern r. R. Division. S o he i id tax lots with All modern improvements through Between Galveston and St. Louis san Antonio amp St. Louis via Texarkana. I via Denison. Without change of cars of any description and Only one change to Chicago Cincinnati Louisville Baltimore Washington Philadelphia new York Boston and other principal cities in the Horth and East. A train leaving san Antonio at 5 30 a. In. Has Pullman hotel car via Denison through to St. Louis. Most train leaving san Antonio at i i it a p. In. His Putman Palace sleeping car via Denison through to Kansas City Oon booting at Denison with through Sleeper to St Louis. Jeff Quot passengers booked to and from All Points in Europe via Tho a a american a 8 s. Line Between Philadelphia and Liverpool and Tho a red Start s s. Lino be tween new York Philadelphia and Antwerp. For full information fall on j. S. Macnamara w. F. Simmons ticket agent 285 Commerce Street Kampman building. Ticket agent i. Amp g. N. Depot h. P. Hughes b. W. Mccullough p a., Houston Tex. G. P. Amp t. A., Dallas. Texas san Antonio amp Arkansas pass railway Mission route. Until further notice our trains will run As follows daily of kept sunday in effect sept. 3, 1886. I Kava san Antonio. 8 00 a. M. A Kiev at Beeville. 4 45 p. M. Southbound trains a Kava . 4 45 . Arrive at mks vital. 8 45 . Northbound trains a Kava me Quitai 6 40 a. M. A a a a Beeville. 9 55 . A kick at san Antonio. 6 30 p. M. Connect at san Antonio with Missouri Pacific and Southern Pacific railways at Floresville wit i stage lines for Sutherland Springs Pleasanton and Lavernia at Kenedy for Helena at Pettus for Mineral City and making close Hack connection at Mosquit Al for Corpus Christi. U. Lott president Aud general manager. B. F. Yoakum tratto manager. Rice amp Dallas late with Rice born a co., new Orleans la hardware paints oils Glass etc., stoves tinware. House fam Ishing goods sole agents for Cotton Plant stoves and ranges Juht the Best on Earth new York enamel paint company a mixed pain Best in the Market. Large Boe of heating Gap Bibb stoves at Low prices. I 1 33 is 35 West comme Boe Street. Drop in and see us when you Are in town. Martin amp Schryver of All sorts. Kinds and qualities i. Building material of All kinds shapes or sizes. A Large assortment of ornaments goods always in Stock. We Koep constantly on baud Large quantities of the never yet fur passed j. Haisch�?T3 Barb and Fence wire. We Are sumo Essuf competitors in Prole and goods. Come and be conv toned. Office South of Sunset depot san Antonio Texas
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