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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - September 2, 1886, San Antonio, Texas A he oilily Iti Yut. San Antonio Light publishing company. T. B. Johnson Secretary is treasurer and q in Nerat. M Anad kit. Adv Kuti Minu Kat is i Spack s i time. I week. I to. 5 a a b a a i year. Inch. $ i 50 $ 501 i Hoo 18 in Al us 54 of subscription per year $5 of special rates riven on larger space and Long tune advertisements. Legal advertisements too per Inch first insertion 75 cents per Inch each subsequent insertion trustees sales too per Inch first insertion 25 cents each insertion afterwards. Reading matter editorial Page 25 Cerite per line each insertion. Local columns 20 cents first insertion Laconta first week 5 cents after first week. Special rates on 50 and too lines running for month. Home advertisements payable on first of each month transient advertising payable in Advance Only Metal cuts printed. Subscribers not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers Are warned not to pay their subscription except upon presentation of a properly Oce opted Bill from this office. All communications for publication or ing raining to the editorial or local news departments should be addressed a to the editor of the a contracts or Bills must to approved by the Secretary and manager. To correspondents. All communications for this paper should tie accompanied by the name of Tho author not necessarily for publication but As evidence of Good Faith on the part of the writer. Write Only on one Side of the palier in a Plain hand. Anonymous communications will not be noticed. The Light will not be responsible for the statements of its correspondents. Entered at Post office at san Antonio Texas As second class matter. Agents for the Light. S. C. York n. W. Aver a son. Philadelphia Nelson . Louis Geo. P. Rowell amp York this paper is on Fuhn Philadelphia at of newspaper Adver f using Agency of messes. Me w. Aver a Bon. My authorized Uge Uta. This paper i a cons newspaper the Day september 2, 1886. May to found on file at loot have the Light mailed. Subscribers leaving the City for Mer or anytime eau have the mail to any Point for 50 cents a mourn i address will be changed As often As desired. Thu it aum a a Light sent by for of cents a month. The Tiik pious minds who regard every commotion of nature a special Mark of divine displeasure had their Opportunity yesterday and to Day and have not neglected their privileges. Wellborn and Beckham Are getting in their work at Waxahachie against Gibbs. The programme is to Combine forces against Gibbs and having killed him Oft try conclusions against each other. It looks now As though it would be Beckham or a dark horse. The Cincinnati postmaster publishes weekly in connection with his a a advertised letter list a list of the articles found Loose in the mails and the catalogue is a most diversified one. The last list included Cash collars Iron castings match Safe rubber Hose tintypes pills cloth Silks Napkin rings Stamps keys music bracelets Etc., Etc. The democratic party Are terribly exercised Over Sam Randall s Protection record. They would mightily like to retire him to the shades of private life hut Are not Able what they desire. Sam Randall represents the business brains or the democracy Aud when they get rid of him and Kelley and a few More of that stamp they will be a decidedly Acephalous party. England will reap very Little satisfaction from the Chicago convention. The work done there was too Earnest deliberate and calmly conservative to be whistled Down the wind. The old lady in thread Needle Street will find a new sensation in the reflection that America does not hesitate to play an important part in the management and direction of Irish affairs in the British parliament. The Texas theatrical association is billed for a meeting at Sherman on saturday and a full attendance of All Man agers is desired that arrangements for the Texas season May be satisfactory to All concerned. Texas will see an unusually Good amusement season with a finer order of Talent than usual this Winter unless All signs fail. San Antonio experts to take a new departure and fail into line As Abe has not done heretofore. St. Louis Globe Democrat is punch ing up the merchants Exchange com Mittee of the a big Bridge City to make the needed collections for the Relief of texan sufferers and by Way of a clincher remarks a bread is needed and Money is san Antonio wants a mayor who will give direction to the sentiment of Charity in the breasts of our Alamo City people and some bread and Money both might be secured even Here. Not faction but party. The attempt to belittle the work of the Waco convention and make it appear the Mere tool of a fast Lon instead of the thing it was a genuine Republican restoration will not succeed. There May have been some heart burnings and jealousies but if so they were not paraded before the convention. There May have been old scores to Settle if there were they were settled outside of the convention. The statement that Wright Cuney of Galveston manipulated the convention in his own interests will not Bear the scrutiny of a careful investigation. The simple facts Are that or. Cuney was too sick to take any Active part in manipulating the convention had he so intended. His place As Texas member of the National committee was conceded As of right due the Wing of the Republican party in Texas which be represented. His fitness for that honorable position no Man among his critics has yet toned. The animus of this whom attack upon the convention and its is very apparent and misleads no one. The democracy of the state were and Are very much astonished to see the Republican party of the state after eight years of practical disorganization come Forth from its retirement and rehabilitate itself Well All the Power and vigorous aggressiveness of a thoroughly equipped political organism. Unwilling to accept the situation and feeling necessitated to say something to break the Force of this unexpected opposition which threatens to become a menace to Hie All powerful democracy at no Distant Day the leading democratic journals have raised the Hue and cry that the convention was merely the instrument of one Many a purposes these purposes a Petty revenge for past real or fancied slights at tile hands of party managers of it suits the views and the schemes of the democratic managers to give this colouring to the representative work accomplished at Waco it is their own affair. Their mistake is a very natural one based As it is upon their own practical and personal knowledge of schemes successful and unsuccessful within the democratic ranks. It matters Little however to republicans what estimate is put upon Republican work and methods and proposed Adion by democratic journals and conventions. The Republican party is of age and can speak for itself. It is the estimate put upon the party by republicans not democrats that is of concern in Texas just now. The Republican party in this state has been so Long in the Shadow and under the Cloud that very Many even among its warmest friends Are Apt to grow discouraged concerning its future. They fall to remember its glorious record and the history it has lived. The most Brilliant years of All this nation has passed through were years of Republican administration. It is better far to heir our participation As republicans in the glorious record of those years from Lincoln to Arthur than to be participators in the Triumph of a democracy whose antecedents Are All restrictive and prescriptive and whose foresight has invariably been that after sight which they have gained by following in the Wake of Republican Progress. It is peculiarly necessary and fitting now that the republicans of Texas remember these things and Comfort themselves with the Assurance that the Republican party of this nation Bas but fairly begun her work As the exponent of the idea of a Peoples government. Behind us Are Twenty years of Republican history. Those years Are but the beginning of the great work of human enfranchisement to which the Republican fathers committed themselves and the party whose baptism into Power was a baptism of blood. Before the Republican party still lie illimitable years of Power and of Progress. The problems yet unsolved in working out a perfect emancipation for the free millions of this land without regard to race or occupation Are Only capable of solution in tile Republican mind. The democratic mind is committed to the idea of slavery As an indispensable condition of human toll. The Republican party in Texas needs then above All else Faith in the future of Republican institutions Faith in the outcome of Republican policies Faith in themselves that they can push these principles to the front even in Texas and make them potent in the future government of this great state. America has come into the category of earthquake shaken countries and her first experience is by no Means satisfactory. Fifty lives lost and $10,, damage sustained with More in sight is a very discouraging showing for a location which from its remoteness to volcanic regions was supposed to be proof against any serious damage from such convulsions of nature. As America grows older she appt ars to get Siok and suffers All the ills that the old world has so Long been supposed to have an exclusive Heirship of. The lady mentioned in the Lith to a local columns yesterday As sleeping with open windows and $4,000 Worth of jewelry in her room May Bank All she pleases on ban Antonio honesty still the old prayer need not be neglected a Lead us not into if that $4,000 Worth of jewelry was properly located we imagine there would be no Lack of the Light fingered anxious and willing to stake oat a claim. Better look a Little out. The wildest and most absurd stories concern Long Sedgwick Are afloat and Many of them Are circulated with such a minuteness of detail As to read very much like a narration of actual facts. Between Garland and Sedgwick and below a fishing Grover has a Tough time of it. It is fortunate for him that Bis hide is As Tough As his experiences. The Law of compensation never was More fittingly illustrated than in his Case. Belfast is coming slowly and surely to a condition of quietness. A Little drunkenness some stores broken into a Row with the police in which the peace disturber did not dare to use weapons Are about All that the last Twenty four hours record by Way of disturbance and peace Niay be said to reign at the Mouth of the Laggan. The Galveston news is wading knee deep into the question made pertinent by the late democratic convention can a Democrat be a prohibitionist the immediate enquiry of the news is As to the position assumed on this question by Hon. Hog. Q. Mills that great apostle of Texas democracy and anti prohibition the news quotes former speeches of the Hon. Roger in extensor to show that he did not deem the principle of prohibition consistent with pure unadulterated jeffersonian democracy and yet one Short week since this Arch apostle of anti prohibition jeffersonian democracy said in a Public speech at Groesbeck a a Man could be a prohibitionist and a Democrat. It was a quarrel in the the simple fast is that the Law of political expediency sanctifies All changes in democratic ideas and justifies All reversion of opinions. Of this fast the news is itself no mean example. Milan of Servia alexanders late antagonist on the tented Field warmly welcomes his rival to the throne of Bulgaria and expresses the strongest sympathy with him in his misfortunes. Should this High handed attempt of Russia to Force Bulgaria into revolution succeed in creating a close Alliance Between Bulgaria Roumelia and Servia it would very materially strengthen the hands of England and Italy in sustaining Turkey to her resistance to russian encroachments. _ san Antonio school Board finds Oom Patent teachers quite difficult to secure. The examinations have been pretty strict for the third Grade certificates and there May be those who Are thoroughly competent to teach in the primary grades who have failed in physics and physiology. The strict adherence to salary in accordance with Grade is hound to work some hardship and the Board is noting wisely in not confining itself too strictly to the letter of the Law in arranging salaries. In is understood that they will be As Liberal As the state of the Treasury admits. Grover has managed to keep himself reasonably free from the reporters during this trip. No Republican paper has opened Tongue upon the administration for leaving Washington when affairs with Mexico were in such a precarious condition and the usual tirade of a Jun keying at Public expense a which was a Staple complaint of the democracy for Twenty years whenever a Republican Cabinet officer took a weeks rest has not been heard this season. Will the democracy learn Wisdom therefrom next innings a a a the English ministerial party Are trying to Rush things in parliament and secure an adjournment in two weeks from to Morrow. Divisions will be called for on Belfast matters parliament has decided that the recent contest at the polls did decide the question of an Irish parliament. Gladstone insists that Only the land Purchase feature of the Irish Bill was Defeated and that the measure for a Dublin parliament will receive the approval of the commons yet. He is Calm Earnest dignified and hopeful makes no unnecessary obstruction to business and is As stong with the people As he Ever was. France is not so violent in her Pond not of Publio business As she was in the earlier Days of the Republic. The pressure of her unlimited respond Sibblies has somewhat sobered her and indications Are very Strong of a general reaction among the people and their deputies in favor of a More conservative republicanism than at first prevailed. In this fact lies More Hope for the future of France than in ought else. With a stable conservative government she would do More to make democratic ideas prevalent throughout Europe than by any other course she could possibly adopt. As a Republic she has made great Progress in the Art of self government since freycinet took the Helm and she is More respected in Europe and feared too than at any time since the dethrone ment of the a Nephew of his the Austin statesman grows eloquent in its denunciation of the game that the independents of Travis county have played upon the innocent and unsuspecting republicans of that county. The statesman very Likely has his own democratic axe to grind in making this declaration but there is solid truth All the same in the remark. A was to principle that weighed not a scruple in the bal Lance for whoever heard of an Independent having any political principle outside of his intended of this fact the republicans of other counties May take due notice and govern themselves accordingly. The Powers disapproved of alexanders return to Bulgaria and his resumption of authority but acquiesce in the restoration Asau Tai a comply. The King of Roumelia congratulates the Prince upon his return and there is Little doubt but that matters will Settle Down on the old basis of chronic uneasiness and nothing definitely settled. A bismark is severely criticised in Austria for his declarations concerning the relations of Russia and Austria Between whom he has asserted that a secret understanding exists. This insinuation the austrian press have indignantly denied,1ind the articles in the Vienna Fern Benblatt in answer to the North German Gazette Bismarck a Organ Are the talk of All Europe. Jose Cassiano is just now As Busy and As Active As a stumped tailed Bull in Fly time. He was at urls Chi shall last night As a Spectator and put in every lick he would. He is a Fine hand a manipulation and electioneering screwed Cool self poised and ready Clever Aud polite. Ile is fit to succeed John Kelly As the grand Sachem of tammany and could get away with Hubert o. Thompson without Ever suspecting he was overreached. Jose is a Clever fellow and has much influence but for All that he May meet the Fate of poor tray and be a a showed under just for being caught in a bad a Job printing in every variety at Bottom prices done at the Light office. Special notices. Notice. Office san Antonio St. R�?Ty�?Tco.1 april 21, 1886. F during the summer last car on the san Pedro line will leave the Springs at 10 30 p. Rn., except saturday and sunday. On which Days they will run regular till la . Extra cars can be had at All hours by parties wishing to remain later. A. Belknap president. Cholera. Diarrhoea Colic cramps pains in the stomach lameness sprains Lumbago swellings pains in the head or body neuralgia rheumatism and Toothache All pain internal or external cured quicker with wonderful l eight than any other remedy. We guarantee that wonderful eight will cure you and relieve you of pain. Sold by f. Kalteyer so son. Interesting experiences. Hiram Cameron furniture dealer of Columbus ga., tells ids experience thus a for three years have tried every remedy on the Market for stomach and kidney disorders but got no Relief until i used electric hitters. Took five Witt los and am nov cum and think electric hitters the Hest blood purifier in the major a. B. Heed of West Liberty ky., used electric hitters for an old standing kidney affection and says Quot nothing has Ever done me so much Good As electric sold at 50 cents a bottle by a. Dreiss 4 for Sale. Two buggies nearly As Good As new Oan be bought at a bargain. Call at the Corner of Livo Oak and Burnet streets. 8-23-tf Anwo Fine building lots for Sale size 110x170 i feet in Block lj7, West of san Pedro Creek adjoining Krisch property. Inquire of t. B. Johnson Light office. Subscribe for the weekly Light. Only $1 a year. New advertisements. Leo buts i Aoa nearly every one needs to use Nome a in. A icon enters into almost every Phy a a or option tor those who need building up. Miscellaneous. A for heat House of four water. No 17 Utica Street. Rooms Cistern 4t cd Khz u. Cotton. Miu is a. Hornung Telephone no 274. Cotton amp Hornung Excelsior planing Mills contractors and builders. Manufacturers of Sash doors blinds Odd size Bash doors and blinds made on Tarot notice. Crot sawing turning Etc., to order store and once fitting a specially office and Mill Travis St., Cor. Aves c and d ban Antonio Texas. A the Best tonic in. Iron a Judiene that is lint Iti furious. A a a Ltd Tho fitted invigorates the i. Ai he stoic is appetite aids digestion in not Blacken or injure the Teeth cause Hen reduce constipation other Iron Medicine do , a leading physician of Spring 4 Ohio Hayti drown Nim bitters is a thoroughly Good Modi i use it in in practice and find its action i other furies of Iron. In weakness or it Low con i i of the system in Vns a Iron bitters is usually ii be necessity. It i All that is claimed for it. A w. N. Waters 12lh thirty second Street act e a i it. Cl., nays Quot Browne a Iron bitters is a of Tho ago. Xiii Bing letter. It creates. A laves Ectro Iirth and improves a Ive has above Trade Mark and crossed red line upper. Take no other. Made Only by i Volt La Alti Vouk. Mil. Pleasure resorts. We. Neumann. Geo. Icke. Neumann is Icke wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods and groceries. Highest Cash Price paid for country produce. Goods delivered promptly to any part of the City. Lay All we ask is a trial to convince the Public that we Bell goods at Rock Bottom prices and give them the Best articles. and live Oak its. Telephone no. 177. 4-5-flm % Simon pest s Garder South Flores Street near Arkansas pass hallway depot. Amusements of All kinds during the week and on sundays. Lager Hoer and other refreshments. Dance every sunday. The Public and strangers invited. 4-9-8m the Little Bee hive Boot and shoe manufacturing. All the latest and modern styles of boots and shoes on hand and made to order on Short notice. Custom work a specially. Menus digits Soled and heeled for $1. Ernst Lange proprietor Sih Kast Houston ht., Han Antonio. My amp faze eth j y i r Osad alis the great Southern remedy for the cure of scr Fula by Potlin so Romulous taint rheumatism White swelling gout goitre consumption bronchitis nervous debility malaria and All Liseau a arising from an impure condition of the Liloon Bukiu or Scalp. Rosadalia cures scr Fula. Rosadalia cures rheumatism Rosadalia cures syphilis. Rosadalia cures malaria. Rosadalia cures nervousness. Rosadalia cures debility. Rosadalia cures consumption Rosadalia la composed of the that exist amt i an excellent blood pc Minim. Psf for Sale by All druggists. John f. Henry amp co. 24 College place new Yore. M. W. Cap Shaft. C. E. Abbey the healthful and nutritious baking powder. Restores to the flour the strength giving phosphates that Are removed with the bran and which Are required by the system. No other baking powder docs this. It costs less and is healthier and stronger than any other powder. Home testimony from George h. Kalteyer chemist san Antonio Texas City employment Agency. Will furnish help of All kinds clerks House servant farm hands labourer dairymen oct. City and country real Catalo for Sale rent or lease. Call and see us. 29 Acequia Street. San Antonio Tex., july 1,1885. I purchased in this City a package of prof. Horsford a self raising Broad preparation and submitted it to a chemical examination and and that the same is composed of pure and non poisonous chemicals. The idea of prof. Horsford was indeed a grand one in supplanting Tho indigestible tar karate of soda which is always the end result of All baking powders composed of Cream of tartar and soda by the soluble phosphate of Limo and soda the very nutritive value of bread and Tho Bone producing elements of nature. It is certainly the Best and most healthy bread raising preparation Ever offered to the Public and every Mother that has the health of her children at heart should use no other. I can Only join in the endorsement Given by the late celebrated chemist prof. Baron y. Liebig to this preparation in saying a i consider this invention As one of the most useful gifts which science has made to for Sale by All grocers. Try it. Infirmary remedies amp a. Eib he ise and Throat. All those afflicted with any disease of the eyes ears nose or Throat can find the greatest and quickest Relief and cure at the ban Antonio Eye and ear infirmary Cor. Of Houston and St. Mary a Stem which is the most thoroughly fitted up of any institution of Tho kind in the state. In Texas since 1840, to san Antonio since 1848 j. A. H. Hoback. I f. Mcc. Newton Hosack amp Newton auction 0 commission merchants real estate agents and general collectors. Have ample Toro room and will store consignments or sell them at private Sale or at auction at no. 7 West Houston Street Comal Block. John Kinahan fish and oysters the Bay fishery depot on Galan Street South of and oppo site the Cathedral is a Well known fish stand where everything in that Lino is kept in to Fri aerators built for that purpose. Fish both Gulf River and Lake flail ate to be had with shrimp crabs turtles Etc., and at Bottom prices a Wagon is on hand to deliver fish twice per Day during the Forenoon and from 4 of clock to a gig of clock in the evening. The polite and affable a Klu ahaus is in charge and will take pleasure in waiting upon you. Lorenzo Castro land and general business agent. Has or Sale lands and Stock in Texas and Mexico. Grazing lands to rent in Mexico. Reliable information about acquiring lands and mines it Mexico. Facilities for collecting claims in Mexico. Abstracts of titles to lands in Texas Aud Mexico carefully made. Also translations made in Spanish and French and Legal documents in said language correctly and promptly executed. Inquire for bargains. Office no. 4, East Commerce Street % near Bridge ban Antonio it Texas. Rackett a Salli Way Plain and ornamental plasterers Only practical Cement and Stuono workers in the City. Plaster Stag Citra relic Terra Cotta Pex ims and keen a Cement. Manufacturers of Patent Stone mantels. Repairing in All its brandies promptly done a work guaranteed. Offices i36 e. Commerce and tis St. Mary ssi Alamo Iron works. Engines boilers gins and min machinery made and repaired 2-36 of James Murphy architect office no. La Devine building. Correspondence solicited. San Antonio texa8 Spring a and summer Tho grand opening at l. Wolf sons in the i 5 Depa rat in Plain stripes Surrah Trio nines Pongee Irish Poppins and satins in All grades both Plain and Burrah. Woolen goods nuns veiling Batiste Tamise buntings Etc., Staple and Domestic goods. Grenadines and lawns in striped and Plain Check ered and Plain. N the millinery department All Tho latest styles and patterns for Spring and summer Wear can be seen and will be trimmed to suit the most fastidious taste. Lothing and furnishing goods is the finest and largest of anything Ever seen in West Texas embracing All the latest patterns and styles. In gloves laces and fancy goods he exhibits the largest Stock Ever brought to a Western Texas. Nain Sook and mull in both White and coloured. Ltd is the largest in san Antonio selected from the Best factories. Furniture and carpets the furniture department is Complete with goods and he will suit everybody in this line. A Mong other goods we find Plush parlor sui., i chair parlor Sutta Walnut Aud Ash bedroom suits wardrobes chairs body Brussels and ingrain carpets rugs matting curtains window shades. Etc. Country orders filled promptly and satisfaction id for samples. Guaranteed. Bene i do not give goods away but will sell at such Low figures purchasers will not go any further when they once Price my goods. A Call is cordially solicited. L. Wolfson main Plaza and Acequia Street san Antonio Tex. Eugene 8taffel. Alexander Kuhl. St Affel amp Kuhl general commission merchants Cotton Wool and hides. Agents for Weir sulky plow 8teel Riding and walking cultivators Corn and Cotton planters Deering mowers reapers binders and harvesting machines. Littles chemical fluid and powder dips. No. 19 Navarro St., san Antonio Tex. J. H. Marquart opposite court House. Gents calf boots from $4 upward boys boots of All descriptions boys shoos calf and Grain in Button and lace. The seamless Oxford Patent leather dancing pump nicest shoe in the Market. Elegant opera slippers just Tho thing for a Nice present. Full line of heavy boots Best in the Market Price $5.00. Come and examine them a Complete Stock of gents Fine Hutton lace and Gaiter shoes. They should be seen to be appreciated. A of a in addition to my Stock of boots and shoes i carry All kinds of shoe polish for ladies and children a shoes and the celebrated a it. M. Blacking for gents Sanes. Nay order s for any styles of boots and shoes will be promptly executed. A Nice flit and general satisfaction guaranteed. Missouri Pacific Ray system International and great Northern r. R. Division. S o l i d t e i hot s with All modern improvements through a Letwon St. Louis Louisisna Antonio amp t. I via Denison. Galveston and St. Via Texarkana without change of cars of any description and Only one change to Chicago Cincinnati Louisville Baltimore Washington Philadelphia new York Boston and other principal cities in Tho Horth and East. 3f�?otrain leaving san Antonio at8 30 a. In. Has Pullman hotel car via Denison through to St. Louis. Of train leaving san Antonio at 4 1 0 p. In. Has Pullman Palace sleeping car via Denison through to Kansas City count Otlaug at Denison with through Sleeper to St Louis Jay passengers booked to Ami from All Points in Ritro Jpe via Thot am kill can a s s. Line Between Philadelphia and Liverpool and Tho a red Start s. S. Lino be tween new Vork Philadelphia and Antwerp. For full information Call on j. S. Macnamara w. F. Simmons ticket agent. 285 Commerce Street k amp Man building ticket agent i. So g. N. Depot h. P. Hughes b. W. Mccullough p a., Houston Tex. G. P. Amp t. A., Dallas. Texas san Antonio amp Arkansas pass railway Mission route. Until further notice our trains will run As follows daily except sunday i Kava san Antonio. 8 30 a. M. A Kuvik at blk Villa. Southbound trains a Kava blk Villa. A a a a a a bid Monk. Arri Vuk at Papalote. Northbound trains a Kava papa look. A a a a Skidmore. A a a a blk Villa. Arri Vuk at san Antonio. 5 15 p. M. 6 15 p. M. 6 15 p. M. 7 15 p. M. 6 30 a. M. 7 30 a. M. 8 45 a. M. 6 00 p. M. Connect at san Antonio with Missouri Pacific and Southern Pacific railways at Flores Ville with stage lines for Sutherland Springs Pleasanton and Luvernia at Kenedy for Helena at Pettus for Mineral City and making close Hack connection at Papalote for Corpus Christi Aud All Points South. U. Lott president and general manager. B. F. Yoakum truffle manager. Rice amp Dallas late with Rice born so co., new Orleans la hardware paints oils Glass Etc., stoves tinware. House furnishing goods sole agents for Cotton Plant stoves and ranges Tom the Best on Earth iss new York enamel paint company a mixed pain Best in the Market. Largo line of heating stoves at Low prices. 33 amp 35 West co merge Street. Drop in and see us when you Are in town. Martin amp Schryver of All sorts Kos and qualities i building material it Alt kinds shapes or sizes. A Large assortment of ornament goods always in Stook. We keen constantly on hand Large quantities of the never yet us r passe a j. Halsch a Barb and Fence wire. We Are Auoe Easu competitors in pro and goods. Come and Batoon snood. Office South of Sunset depot san Antonio Texas
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