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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 31, 1891, San Antonio, TexasI mrs. Frank Leslie Slife it was not entirely from Romance. Free she won her r Coic them favourably she made or. Is t1iiiid 111 s Bank Storr of her no she won single handed the a romantic turn of Hind. Ii e r e c e x Mavri aare of Frank Leslie and a. recalls some chapters in the very eventful life of a woman who for years has been the most prominent figure of her sex in Ameri can life. The Tarly life of mrs. Frank Leslie is surrounded by a Halo of romantic mystery. It is known though that her Maiden tame was Miriam Florence Falline and that Ner childhood years were passed in the City of new Orleans. The War broke out she was sixteen years old aim presumably a Belle. Her romantic ideas of life led her to writing and before her twentieth year she was a contributor of Light Litera Ture to the press and her intellect developed with remarkable rapidity and before her Twenty fifth year see was a Factor in american literary circles. Yet her Atli was not strewn with roses. To be an accomplished scholar and Literat Urist is one thing. To be a successful one is another thiner. To become a publisher was her great ambition. It consequently devolved lived a strange life. The world buy her paper and she lived in an attic for More than a year Choos ing that her creditors should be paid rather than that she should live in in. Mie won Iho struggle the House of Frank Leslie she had taken her Hus band s name to preserve the Well known on a firm basis on. E More and the name of the plucky woman was heard everywhere As that of the first successful woman Fiat Wishor of America. Evhen Frank Leslie s newspaper was to Kussell i. Harrison and w. Arkell a few years ago it was on a a Plendl paying basis. Mrs. Leslie re Teiva something like s100.000 for her interest. She now conducts Leslie s i judge Young and the "maga7.ine." in the various departments of her she employs Over 300 people and in All her transactions displays the very highest business ability. Mrs. Leslie gives Little attention to society. Last fall she executed a will in which All her property was to found an institution where women desiring to help themselves could obtain instruction in Art and music. Beyond this her philanthropic deeds Are too Well known to need repetition. William c. Kingsbury Wilde is a London journalist. He is a Stout Man with a full Beard and apparently Over pounds avoirdupois. He is a brother of Oscar Wilde and a in William Wilde an Irish Baron f Vio was an archaeologist of note. Or. Wilde Ivas graduated at Trinity col lege Dublin in 1s74, with the degree of m. A. The ear he was admitted to the Dublin bar and practice with Suc Cess but his taste for literary work was so Strong that he turned to that for the Dublin evening mail. He Theu went to l Ndon. He received his journalistic training under sir Edwin Arnold then editor of the daily Telegraph and Rose rapid. He was Art and dramatic critic of the Telegraph and then a special correspondent in France and Germany lie is a versatile writer. And bus contributed some sparking articles to representative magazines. Satan appeared also upon her to adapt herself to customs most disagreeable to persons wit i High literary tastes. She met discourage ment after discouragement. She would write a Story and offer it for Sale. The Kamisher. Who usually knew nothing of the genuine in Riison the article found fault either it was too Long or too Short. The publisher Only looked at it from a mechanical standpoint. Mrs. Ides attack on Amer ican publishers in general is not for gotten. It was pointed and True inasmuch As it completely set Forth that so Long As publishers attempted to dictate How stories etc., should be written just so Lone would american literature remain at a Low ebb. She saw that her Success As a writer must come after she became a pub Lisher. Attaining the latter object she easily accomplished the former. Or. Wilde is mrs. Leslie s third Hus band. When quite Young she married a Man whose name need not be mentioned Here. He proved unfaithful to his marital vows and they separated. She had Long since been a contributor to Frank Leslie s. With him she seemed to be a special favorite and when his died it is Only natural that two of like tastes should have Lound closer Union in Matrimony. She i Cordingly procured a divorce and they were married. The Union proved a one. But one Day Frank Leslie died and when the books of his great business were examined they were found so mixed and Dis arranged that it was thought that the House would go to the Wall. The business had been in the hands of an Assignee Leslie Havins contracted s 3 do 000 of debts. Thera were six lawsuits against him and there was an attempt threatened to break his will. Into the Middle of this tangled web stepped the plucky Little woman and with her own hands she disentangle a the skein Ana brought order out of chaos. How did she do it nobody knows nobody Ever will know. Call it super human courage that is As Good a definition As any. She made her first appearance at the publishing office one cold Winter at so think the Bap Fata of n Kentucky Village. The Good Folk of Ephesus ky., Are just at present discussing satan. A great Many people thereabout Are thoroughly convinced that spooks do the believers Are mainly found in the membership of the local a Baptist Church. It seems that about ten Days ago. During a revival meeting at which the Kev. By. T. Reynolds preached and at the height of one of his fervid rhapsodies suddenly tinning and throwing his Arm ont he exclaimed behold the Lamb of Jod that Tabeth away the sin of the at that instant a tall. Figure Robed in White and with Eves of cashing brilliancy passed around behind the preacher and advancing to the altar leaned on Oril Corner of it. Hut it uttered not a word. The congregation and the min ister caught sight of the strange and unearthly apparition about the same time. The preacher paused As if meditating what to say to the ghostly in Truder while a panic the Horri fied spectators who sprang from their seats and made a mad Rush for the door and windows. The old minister himself thoroughly frightened dared not look at the in old age died a death. Strange was fit a Sci s Barton s and lots of diamonds. Hoy Vinu Fie loved a Beautiful woman and on Hie Day of the w def no Ite to i Larry her tue he would never divulge. was a strange Char Acter. He lived a strange life and died a strange death. The latter event occurred the other Dav in City of Philadelphia. To his last Home of Clay he earned a secret which agitated american society Quarter of a Century ago. Barton the son of a noted Philadelphia Nhy Sichun. Mrs. Charles willing whose Daugh Ter. Miss Ava willing recently married John Jacob Astor is also a daughter of Barton. Twenty five years Apo Francis i a ton. Then a widower of about fifty and a Leader in society met and wooed miss Fisher new York a of Admiral tin . Alter a Brief court ship the Day of the wedding was . Invitation had been issued present had poured in from hundreds of Friemund All merry As the marriage Bell. Bat the marriage never took place. Everything had been fixed for the wedding. Or. Carton and the gentle Man who was to have acted As Best Man were on their Way to new York. maker and a St id won and of Kate Adams the charming h a daughter of a wealthy Wool Haut of York. William a dashing Young race track is to c Haky Man. They Are now living in Brooklynn i no reconciliation has taken place in them and miss Adams ats. In Are very aristocratic. It is that he carries Dia s Worth 1 Here was a Chance acquaintance 1-ro-i at about 1 y Peter s lavish display Ponds. He visited their House occasionally but proved too Horsey in his conversation to suit the Adams. They ordered their daughter to Call a halt. In spite or their commands Kate continued to meet and he took her ont for a drive or to a theater. Or. Adams Learned How matters were going and lectured his daughter again and warned her to give up her Sweet heart. She promised to do so. But next Day she Bappe areal with Peters. The couple at once went to the Pas Tor of the methodist episcopal Church on sixteenth Street and married. They attempted to get a reconciliation but the old folks Are still too warm mid. R the Collar for anything like Tuat. Freaks of col 3t life. Countesse with a pen chant for the stage. A m 110 i com Pany to invade i ills coi thy. A noted of rail Lith claim to hive Blue blood of Strube de North s escapade. Little most Cleveland. Here she All up in he Hub i la tic Cleveland was photo graphed the third Day after she saw the an enterprising new York a Poi tar l of a copy of the photo so what Lias been called an Excel Lent likeness of the Little bundle of ettness. Restored to reason. A it fan it Hind restored to its Normal an crazy people be cured a be restored to a mind a Tift of reason these important questions have had a test in the Case of John who left his Home in Ord. Arbon county i a., june. He was a Soldier of the late War Ami Miller intr from a wound was in receipt of is pension monthly. He went to t. Louis worked at Brick laying. Was sums truck taken to a Hospital re overed later but his past life a a Blank to him. Lie could t remember where he came from or where his relatives were. In he went to Denver when he lived until a month. I go. Then All at. Once his past life f. Asked before him. He remembered his old Home his Par. Its and Vyrue. He returned the other morning and is now stopping with his parents. Or. And mrs Kamuel a Billingsby. Who Are Over Joy to see him. They All mourn to him a a dead. ,4 child boiled to death. Terrible Fate of Little figure but followed his flock leaving the supernatural visitant in Possession of the Elarch and pulpit. Fortunately none of the terrified worshippers were lamed or maimed in the precipitate flight but not a single Man or woman would venture Back into the deserted Church where the lamps were left burning before an empty altar until next Day. He was a negro the ceremony was fixed for the follow ing Day. Learlon s companion noticed that he appeared to i preoccupied. Suddenly he turned in his seat Airi said i am g to do a very St Ranee that is it.1" Iri inbred his Friend. Replied a 1 am not going1 to marry that 11 is Friend looked at him in ment asked for an explanation. This Harton refused to give. The gentleman expressed Preat indignation a. Such a proceeding and finally retired to another car. The next Day. Hat fixed for the wedding Wiarton sailed for Europe. The reasons for his strange i conduct have never been ascertained. Some time before the marriage v As to have taken place or. Harton built a handsome residence at i pm Chestnut Street in which to domicile his Bride. For Twenty years this House remained closed. Not a soul was Ever seen to enter or leave it during All this time or. Larton was living in Europe. The feeling against him was very bitter not Only in new York but among his former friends in Philadelphia. Tins feeling received an additional Impe Tus when shortly after having a cedi deserted by the Man in whom she trusted so implicitly. Miss Fisher died of a broken heart. About five years ago or. Liar ton re turned. It was noticed that the old House on Chestnut Street which with each additional year had gained an addition Al appearance of decay and weather stain was once More open. A v Rench chef was installed in the Kitchen an in glib Butler in the pantry and a Page at the front door in addition to a Large retinue of other servants. Hut although surrounded by All the luxuries that wealth could command the proprietor of this Muiir nit cent establishment was far from Happy. It was noticed that his Only visitors were his sister mrs. Willing and two Maiden Sisters when he walked he spoke to but few people and but few people spoke to him. Al though Many wondered who silent and Stern faced Man was. During the summer months he main a pretty Little child Twenty six months old boiled to death. The child who suffered such a ble Faie was Lih Wiir i iming who lived with his parental no. second new York. The other morn ing his Mother was preparing to do some i inn and had set a Large tub in tin Center of the Kitchen floor into which she had just run a boiler no of b4 .1 Ling water. The child a Beautiful boy with Long fair hair was playing about the Uit Cheri where his Mother was working. He leaned Oxer Sisic of tin tub to Sec Triesti am Rise is he said and when his Mot her s Back was turned lie Ari i denial la toppled Over head Foremost into 1, lie tub of boiling water Ile one scream As ins body in Contact with the water. Then All he English nobility do some strange things occasionally. It is cold in Enel and so to speak when this c ass of society does not get a Shock of some sort As a result of the conduct of some one of its proteges. Of course everybody Don t get shocked at what a member of the British nobility does. Soil people laugh at it. Others think it is what might be. Expected and soon does opinion differ. Some years ago when the countess de Stael gave a Large sum of Money to Charity the nobility was greatly shocked. Society confined the coun Tess to the Lunatic Asj Luin if she did not get there. And English society was just As thoroughly shocked As Ever the other Day when it became known that the countess de North having grown weary of the Monotony of court life. Determined to enter the Gayer world via the dramatic stage joined a London company and appeared at the Drury Lane theater All undressed in t gets. To be sure she was not known by her real but the truth finally leaked out. Then came a Hurricane. Every Means was Eljule Cleveland lbs. Morning. None of the employees familiar with her face Many indeed had never seen her. But from the moment that she set foot in the office they grew to respect Ana Admire her As a Leader. She showed herself a masterly executive a month had mastered the de to Isof the immense business. Worked Twenty hours out of the Bat feeling sympathy touched abused heart. Lit Clifield x. A. Is agitated Over a sensational elopement the facts of which have just leaked ont. The woman is Lennie Smith a Good ing blonde aged wife of fames Smith a Well known Farmer of that place. They were married four years ago and have two children. The Man is a negro familiarly known As aged he began on the farm of James Smith last Spring Ana has been there All summer. His employer often drank too much and on such occasions a bused his wife. The Young negro Cook mrs. Smith s part and she soon formed a warm attachment for him. In the second week of August last she eloped with the negro and All Trace of them was lost. Killed on the altar. At Madrid Spain last week a priest was to soned at the altar in the same manner that another Clergyman was killed in Italy a Short time ago. The vicar of the Village of Cuna while celebrating mass noticed that the sacramental wine had a Peculiar taste and remarked the wine a few minutes afterwards he fainted and was unable to proceed with the service lie was carried to his where he died in a few min utes murmuring just before his death i have been a person in the neighbourhood is supposed to be author of the crime and has been arrested. _ adopted with a View of inducing her to forsake her newly found vocation. She closed her ears to All entreaties however and the management of Drury Lane Are coining Money at a rapid rate. The English nobility is not alone inclined to do strange things. Continental Royalty often itself. Just a while ago countess Margaret Strube kicked Over the Royal traces and now she is kicking for american dollars. Her identity was recently discovered in new York City. Her Cousin is the countess Elvira a Cousin of the mad King Ludwig of Bavaria. The Story is a pathetic one. The poor Little countess left Home on account of a love Al air. Her hand some sweetheart was sent away and she was commanded to take the veil but rather than endure the life in a Convent she ran away and came to America. Had no Money and knowing i must do something to take care of myself i concluded to make my voice useful to she said in very broken English to a new York reporter. Of course the presence of a member of a Royal family in spectacular pieces created a sensation and every one wanted to get a i impose of the Lovely girl men and women ogled her until it became embarrassing and once the general manager was obliged to escort her to her dressing room to escape the curious eyes. Hut still the Brave Little woman perseveres and nightly takes her place in the grand procession of gayly decked women. Everybody has decided that miss Strube. As she Calls herself is a Beauty and As to her Success in dramatic work that is a matter of conjecture. J when questioned As to his opinion of Baltimore has been agitated from j it or. Kiralfy. One of whose company of course nobody will be Able to say with any degree of certainty that she looks v just like her father or is the very picture of her it to is Liziie which Side of the House she resembles. Miss Leveland is an important addition to this world s popu lation. The birth of no other child in this country create so much interest the first born of Rover and France Cleveland. Grover can now aspire to the presidential nomination with Hopes of Success. the Eastern Shore of Maryland a lieu Militine disturbed by immigration that the Region numbers comparatively few a names so that at various times it has been necessary to resort to Odd but very ancient devices to distinguish Between men bearing the same name. The commonest is the patronymic by which of two men bearing exactly the same Christ inn and family name one is distinguished from the other by the addition of William. A of Thomas or of As the t ase May to. The meaning of the phrase be Init Sim of William Thomas or another Lovice once commonly employed to couple with the name an Kudje Tive to indicate some physical Peck Whirity Long to indicate tall Man. Black to indicate a Durer Mau or red to indicate a Ruddy Man. Via signally the distinguishing word is uncomplimentary. Devil is not an unusual prefix to the Christian or surname of a Man having a reputation for vice or recklessness. A Man Bear ing one of the Best known in mar Viand carried to his grave this prefix. Year for crops. This is a great year for big crops. Now it is the Salmon crop that exceeds anything in the history of the country. Puget sound is reported to be so tilled with Salmon making their annual run to the sound Shore Sand the fresh water streams for feeding and spawn Iii that the steamboats seem to floating on a solid mass of Tish. The paddles kill hundreds of them and Are choked with their bodies. The sound Steamer captains describe the run As an unbroken of Milec Long water for that distance being ale. With them. Neither the oldest inhabitants nor the aged indians re member Siu a a Salmon run. The result of the enormous run is a big reduction in prices usually Sal Mon sell for 10 to 25 cents Apo ice. But now at 1 cent each the Market is glut Ted with the finest Quality of fish. At port Williams a few Days ago two casts of a Seine netted Over Tine Salmon. Everybody is fishing. For an instant. The child become unconscious from she Xii when taken out was dead. Had and a Beautiful forger. Former pro Tefte of Vurm. I i tilt a arrest. Flicks. Center to during the past few Days by a scandal which is the theme of every Tongue. Some Days ago mrs. Catherine f. Dee a lady of seemingly High so Ial position was arrested for trying to pass a forged Check on sister Llen Edica Mipe rior of the City Hospital. She promptly admitted her guilt when arrested and told a pitiful tale of misfortune destitution and despair in extenuation. She needed the Money to live and she had recourse to forgery to Supply her wants mrs. Dee is descended from an old and honorable Virginia family. A Mere girl she married her Cousin who proved a spendthrift and a Gam brought her to the threshold of misery an4 hardship then she came to new York and had the Fortune to become of the Good will of mrs. Hicks lord. Mrs. Pee proved of the Confidence of her Bene actress it is said and became involved in some Peculiar matters of a financial nature that the Beautiful widow to drop 1 her i twin the list of her acquaintances. I mrs. Pee then became a sort of so Cial adventuress and it is asserted she is Speaks Verv hopefully. He says that her voice will even Tushy be perfect with proper training and after that she can undoubtedly go into opera for which her Breeding and education have fitted her. Now comes the news that an enter prising european manager has decided to bring to America a variety company composed of women of the nobility to As detective. A i Rench surgeon who. Has lived in China declares that the chinese detectives Are unequalled in ability for for Tia out criminals. It is impose 01 no evil doer Long to elude Liu in. I have an Eye upon every Man and child foreign or native in , and in addition watch each Xvi. Informers Are encouraged and is impossible. This in stance of their skill is told a family in was murdered and there was no apparent clue to the murderer. The entire detective corps of three provinces were placed upon the Case in three weeks the none other than the chief of the secret police who handled the Chase for the arrested and be i. Double elopement. Ind., comes to the front with an occasional sensation. The latest is quite amusing. Mrs. John and sister mrs. William hush who until ten Days ago lived with their husbands at George town eloped with John Kinney and Jeorge Rhinehart. The men moored two boats Laden with provisions etc., in the Wabash River near Georgetown and at an appointed hour the parties met and started Down the River. The women were not missed until the next Day when their angry husbands started after them on horseback with shot runs. T a escapade was Well planned. Kinney and Rhinehart settled up their business taking quite a sum of Money with them. Trained an establishment at red Kank. N. J., and it was there that he died. A few morning is ago an Wagon stepped at the door of Chestnut Street House and a casket was tarried into the House. The Wayron disappeared and a Hearse Ami a few car rapes took their places along the curb. The Rev. Or. Kitter officiated and in less than two hours from the time the remains entered that strange House they had been consigned to their wat resting place with the secret that for All those years had been guarded so jealously. Cal Wall Street Bankers covered tins fact to their Cost. Dis deadly Kodak girl. The Kodak girl is snid to be a terror at Chautauqua. She is especially numerous and her camera is poked and pointed at everything. Lovers have a getting out of her it matters whether the subject be religious or romantic or the sacred or Ordinary the kor Ali girl will be found around adjusting her uns to a proper focus and Takiff in the of. a a oath. Include daughters of Earls Dukes and princes. The cables of last week announce that among them will be Countesse Dudley Axtell and Ryke. They Are ail noted beauties who from time to time have been dropped out of court circles. They will make America hum when they come. An intoxicated cow was lately seen in Pasadena Cal. It reeled along the Road and finally dropped helpless be fore its owner s barn. It had gorged itself with grape skins and stems from i neighbouring winery. Tie Garden of the Ioder Colorado the Gateway to the of Tyve gods is situated about four from Colorado Ity. A great Wall of sind Stone runs up to a height of m of feet through the Center of which is a natural passageway some feet in Width. Cathedral Rock in the Garden is an end of the immense Wall and the Cathedral Spires arc detached Pinnacles carved out of the prevailing red Sandstone the highest one being a portion of Pike s Peak is seen he Gateway. The Karth people living in the part of the town of Carbondale. Pa., have lately been greatly excited what May prove a Cave in of the Earth. The pit Sot the Coal Brook Colliery extend under that part of the City the mine workers have been ordered. Out and the company is waiting the ground is heaving like a constant earthquake. From the inside the of the working which at first was in distinct and did not presage a if very trouble has become loud and continuous

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