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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 30, 1891, San Antonio, TexasFriday octoheu80, 1891. Continued from seventh chapter x. Contributed the Kukler of Sukau House. The Jit last faint his former life Cirinc Buck lit him. To begin with 1 never knew the Man in his lifetime. It was in my official capacity As keeper of the Hospital dead room that i received him on Tho morn ing following the Accident which caused Liis death. 1 and work enough on my hands in those Days god knows for the poor Fellows were dying right and left and i am now Able to recall Maurice Green to my mind Only on account of the in snal manner of his death. 1 pre pared his body for the grave and it was my hands that set Bovo his last resting place the Pine Board that bears his name. Now Lor the first question How do 1 know that the Man 1 helped to Bury on the Day following the explosion was Maurice Green let me answer the question by asking one. Why should the attendant in the Ward in which he died report a false name to me Kurtly the attendant could not have been mistaken in the Man. Surely he could have had no motive in deceiving me. Look at the common sense of the thing. Tho attendant bad fed and nursed him through an attack of brain fever. If Fitch an experience As that won t Post one Man As to the identity of another what will then again the Man Pellon is pleased to Call the foraging Soldier did not be Long in Pel ton s Ward. So Only one Man under his care was killed by the explosion. The wounded were taken Back to their Beds and the Only dead Man he was responsible for he brought to me in person. Yon Mustad Mithat the wounded men knew their own Beus. Stop i remember now that one of the wounded men Lay moaning for weeks and weeks and never knew until Long afterwards to whose kind old Ces to owed his recovery. Then his Mother came from new York and took him away. You can t argue with me that thu s self sacrificing Mother not knowing her own son took another Man away to her Home. So that disposes of the question of Iden Tity which i Iii Tohl has been raised in the Case. Green was the Only Man who Leit Pelton s Ward for Good that night. Pelton a identification is therefore com plete. Stop again i have been too fast and i have a tripling confession to make. The Case which looks so Strong to me now did not seem so then. At the Lime 1 helped to Bury Maurice Green i did not Bee n t to depend entirely upon the attendant s identification. 1 presume my own observations made at the time amount to nothing but 1 May As Well set them Down. When the powder exploded in the hos Pital the men grouped about the fire were for the purpose of increased warmth wrapped in Tho blankets from their Beds. The blankets bore numbers corresponding with the numbers of the Beds to which they belonged. When the body of Maurice Green was brought to me his hands still clasped the Blanket he wore at the time of his death. The num Ber on Hatwan Keowns ninety nine. The showed that the number of his bed was ninety nine. This satisfied me. 1 did go so fur As to make an examination of the dead Man s pockets but i found them to be empty. The clothing which had been brought to the Hospital with him had been destroyed and there was no record of the preservation of any article found on his person. Now you have All i know of the Circum stances of Maurice Green s burial. Now for the second question. What can i remember of the Man from new York in the first Case 1 can t see what the Case of private Maurice Green has to do with the Case of the Man from new York. Perhaps that is no affair of mine. Whether it is or not i will obey orders. Within a week of the time of the explosion the roads became passable and the Hospital Camp was broken up. There is no knowing How Long our sick and wounded soldiers might have remained there Only for the fact that the Bihing had been shattered beyond repair by the Accident. The Man from new York was in no condition to be moved. He was assigned quarters in a farm House a Short distance from the site of the Camp and i was de tailed to attend him. The Prospect was a dreary one for me. But there is no such thing As a private s having his own. Way Ivd i had to make Tho Best of it Tho Only of Hope i cheer Jue us the Soldier guard marched was conveyed in the last words of the officer making Tho detail. Lieutenant Melville s friends will soon arrive from Tho Mosaid and then you can join your owing to i he Lack of transportation Tho Young Man s relatives did not reach him until three weeks had passed. Whoa they did arrive he was still unconscious. They had Learned of our excl whereabouts Only after a visit to the jumping place of the company which Luul acted As guard to the Hospital. With their instructions for finding Tho farm Louse they had also received some writ ten Onk is to lie delivered to me. Tho orders Wen us Short As they were disagreeable stay with your charge so Long is Yoa to of i said just now that lieutenant Mel Ville still unconscious when his rely tins arrived Fly relatives 1 mean his Iirilli Erand i famous new York surgeon n some Way connected with the family be was Mure than unconscious. He was raving night and Day like an insane per son. Mis Pule wrist Coralic i Perli cd manners Ami a perfect by his Side nearly a month be fore lie recognized her. The morning he regained consciousness Lis Mother acting under the directions of the surgeon took his wasted hand in Ler own and called his mime. The indent s eyes rested inquiringly for a moment upon the kind face above him ill turned away. 1 was in another part of the room at the time but the cry of Ingonish that came from the bedside the moment told to what had Hap the wounded Man although y in Tho full Possession of his Sui Ives had failed to recognize his Mother the surgeon quieted the Mother Ash it he might and led her away. Then a systematic examination of the Vii lid s shattered mind. For Days the surgeon s skillful efforts produced no Lopp ii results. The injured Man s brain retained not line incident of his life previous to the Ime he was struck senseless by the Acci in the Hospital. He did not even the occasion of his injury. Lieutenant Melville had been a patient student mid had been regarded in his As a Well read Man. Now very result of his Early studies had lapsed from his mind. He could not re Iii in Orr one single event of his innit Lily. His mind was an absolute Plank. At last by such patient efforts As Only a Mother could sex to faint Glim Ner Wiigs of his Cornu a life crime Buck to in scenes of his childhood coming first my most distinctly. At first he recon Only such scenes As were suggested to him time after Limo by his Mother s Oving words. Thi n to began to ask pm Sliu Iio a Gatling circumstances to which his attention had not inc a called. The Joy of the Mother at these faint Evi Dences of her son s recovery is ii Pond 11 y poor Powers of description. The surgeon constantly warned her not to be Tco sanguine. You must he said that the injury to Richard s brain was inflict Al Jisc Asho was recovering from an at tack of brain fever when lie was weak mentally As Well As physically. I Hope Tor the Hest but it May be years before Liis brain recovers its former strength. Such cases Are not rare. To will soon Well physically but mentally to must begin Hie with this faint Hope in her heart mrs. Melville started Home with her invalid son. I returned to my regiment and the farmhouse and All 1 knew there passed out of my life. Chapter i. by Charles Gates. Liar to Nee in Linn s in Tho Early Days of this inquiry 1 took to request Amo Are requested to make known their consent to me in writing within foul months from the publication of this no Tice and no creditor not assenting shall take any Benefit under the assignment. My Postof Lieo address is no. 403 West Commerce Street san Antonio Texas. M. Assignee. San Antonio Texas help advertise 8an Antonio Fly sending of Tome of Tho Fri Dir s Borui in fill illustrated edition of Llori Nini Day. Shmalo copies Reilly for mulling to bold it tin Iii Iii of tick it to conts per 100 Comilos . 1u-5 if special bargain 500 acres on Medina River Short us Stinco Iron san Alonlo improved nil can to cultivated Lino soil never falling Waler apply to v t. Ija.5iulkton co. A Aurelle Oil. Prevents tendency to of Tho skin. 1 Rov Euis with Crinch of Tho skin or drying up of Tho flesh. Nature s wonder for preserving youth and Irish Ess f 1.00 Krso bottles at druggists. 1 pecans wanted. Parties1 who urn dealing a car loads or less Quantity would do Well to offer them for Sale to 10131m. T. Ii. I location san Antonio fire alarm boxes. No. Location. 13 Cor i3 Flores and go Beau. 1h Iii to Flores and arson Al. 14 june s Laredo and East. 15 Jiing Laredo and s 1 ecos. 1c Cor s Flores and Arlusus. 17 Cors flon Sand Lochapelle. S Pkt crossing 18 Union Stock i Ards. 19 Cor s Salado und vein Crux. 21 i g n k it Stock a Nils san Luis. 23 Cor Medina and w Commerce i g n k a 24 Cor w Commerce Andl cos. 25 Cor Pecos and mint Nioras. 20 Central office military plan. 37 Cor Houston and s Flores. 38 Cor Houston and san Saba 29 Cor ii Oua Morales City Hospital. Ai Cor Molnes and a Salado. Of Cor Leal and Comal. Lit Cor Hidalgo Anil Kast. Is Cor aces Iii and Kodi Miguez so june Sui Pedro and Canidu 2nd Ward Hose s7 co sati Pedro ave and Elnira. Is Cor Warren and Jackson. 41 Gorhau Pedro and Laurel. June Laurel and Tjohn s store 43 Cor Sun Pedro ave and Locust san Pedro Springs and car stables. 45 Cor Poplar and Alain ave. 4g Cor main ave and Maeon. 47 Cor Tib Kineton ave and Augusta. 2h Cor Soledad and Salinas 134 Cor 1c. Houston and St. Mary s. 125 Cor e. Houston and ave a no. 2 engine House. 120 Cor Martin Ami Jefferson. 127 Cor ave i and eighth. 13a Cor ave and ninth. 134 Lone Star brewery grand ave. 135 Cor ii id ave and Austin Sunset Iso . 142 Cor Austin and Carson. 143 Cor military ave and Grayson. 145 Cor Austin ave mid Grayson. 153 Cor military ave and Crosby. 153 Cor Olive und Burleson. 154 Cor Olive and Nolan. 313 Cor Burneta Iid Walnut. 214 Cor ave e and sixth. 215 Cor ave i and fifth. 210 Cor e Commerce and Alamo. 217 Cor Nacogdoches and Nolan. 331 Cor Crockett and Bowie. Cor e Commerce and Walnut. 235 Cor water and Smill 241 Cor water and Goliad. 243 Cor Goliad and Simla Clara 251 june water and Alamo Mission Hose 258 Cor chm Turgo and Lahore. Cor Presa Aud Pereida. 312 Cor Alamo and Villula. 314 Cor uni uni and Nueva. 315 Cor Market and a Tiivi no. 1 engine House sic Cor Garden and Villita electric Light station 321 Cor Garden and if Cor Mill Ami Adams. 335 cur Beau regal mid Mill. 413 c orking William and Turner. . Mam i. Anua Milicko of hip mexican liar h. Unonius or the new York 7lar Anba-s1liceo apiorri8, counsellors at Law. no. 7 i City of Mexico. As an anti wind Catcher compare this Tilting Tower and its a motor with an Ordinary Windmill and you will find that it presents a tithe of the wind surface to the grasp of the storm that storm that other does. I or information descriptive circulars and prices address. San Antonio Tex. Post office department week Days. Stamp window opens 8, a. In. Closes a p. M. General delivery opens 8, a. In. Closes a p. In. Registry window opens 9, a. In. Closes 5, p. 111. Money order window of is 9, a. In. Closes p. M. General delivery arid Carrier windows open on sunday from to a. M. B. M. Johnson postmaster. A Chance for builders. For Sale thirty four shares paid tip Stock in the International build ing and loan association. 9-4-tf t. B. Johnson. Cor Dolorosa Anil South Flores Street. A gentlemen s resort tie fiust of Domestic and imported lips wines and cigars. . I Crawford Brown proprietors. James t. Bradys Opp. Southern hotel office Bart is Headquarters for stockmen and other gentlemen who know where to get something Good in the Way of liquid refreshments. Drop in to Brady s once and you will be sure to Call again. S-i2-tr. If you want a drink of the Fine old Woodland of 188? drop in it the Silver King Saloon Corner of Flores and West Commerce Street on the cast Side of military Plaza h Tuttle proprietor. Also the finest brands of imported and Domestic wines liquors and cigars. 910 Excelsior laundry no. 33 Almo Plaza opposite merger hotel. Telephone 50o, collars and specially clothes Callej for and delivered of charge work guaranteed first class. David Kirk Wood sanitary Engineer mid plumber 118. Alnio 8t., Telephone 440. Modern sanitary plumbing a spec inf. N. Kirkwood employees Only experienced Plum Lions find those Fiauu Ilner with nil the requirements of modern plumbing Lor this Elim Ito. Tim in n Tulliu Feirt guarantee of brat class Ork. 5-25-3m m. Berwick dealer in paints and oils Glass Wall paper. Agent for Geo. W. Pitkin co s Zinc paste. House training and painting a specially. No. 12 Alamo Street. B House and sign Painter shop on East Commerce Street oppo site St. Joseph s Catholic Church. None hut the very Best material used and Good honest work at reasonable prices. Satisfaction warranted every time

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