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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 29, 1891, San Antonio, TexasThursday ocrobkit20, 1891. The True Way to bid the human body of the Poison of disease 13 to Force it out through toe skin. Always does Liis effectually. It treats tin disease instead of the symptoms and re moves tie cause thereby making a cure. Its. B. J. Rowell to. 11 Quincy St., my Dfora jiojs., Saya that her Mother has been cured of scr Fula by Thonsa of four bottles of s. S. E. After having Laj Mack of lick treatment and reduced to quite a Low condition of health As Haj thought Eho could not live. Treatise on of Fiona and skin diseases mailed free drawer 3. Swift specific co., Allaxa. Go. He sub em1ng association. Pilsner and select lager and bottle Beer. Be sure and Call for it. S-Io-i2 Bue wino association. South. In the restaurant or. Oliai s that a Vynul thumping out there Ilo Cook. To ordered in Londe Lolu t to sail puck. He finishes Hie work says Mac. Work let is it really Truo that Many people Are buried nou of my patients Ever Are re plied or. I never pays no attention Ter do Inan Dat talks loud and boisterous in an re marked tie new Olliso boy. He Only Acks Dat wily Down town cause to dash t at Wellington Star. The missionary spirit mrs i suppose it is Owuor 10 the Luck of Timu that you never Wash your face hungry i m to Busy Scouris the Apolis journal. Dul Bronson anything from t be wieck of his Yea fortunately for him his wife had been shopping the Day before he ailed and will the foods had to be shipped Bazar. Enough to keep him Busy got to go to a dress Reform Mealing tonight. You wont be Lono borne will you husband no indeed i have buttons to sew review. A to Leal Sutterer Dorothy to mar ried you still Hud Char be to to to hero you once thought to has t uo9 complained of my biscuits Al though i can hardly oat them my Handy for the victims How do of expect to make any Money with a pawnshop away out in this part of How Good gracious i m 00 Yards nearer the Park Ace track than any other Pawn broker n the Tribune. Illiterate a Iri Coti three for ten Hiss ill Nerva absolute from nost wretched Man i wanted some apricots to Minoh but your atrocious has made it quite impossible for me to Rel Ali Boston courier. Fooling the Bull later do you think it would be tji Ile r me to Cross this Field veil i Dunno. There s that old scarecrow Over there Tho Bull used to it. Ii you will just stand still every time he looks at you i guess you can fool him Brooklyn Citi zen. She had Tho lust word what is the Iron Bis to tween you and Van spoke Hor without i and lager and bottled Beer. Orders promptly attended and delivered to any part of City free of charge. Take North and East. Through trains carry Pullman sleepers be tween Points in Texas and Chicago St. Louis and Kansas City free reclining Clair cars City and Hannibal close Condit actions in nil of flip above cities with last trains of Eastern and not them lines make tie . A t. U y the he it line to new York Boston Montreal and St. Paul. T h. P. Hughes w. D. Lawson. Travelling i ass. A l. It. Millas a was. , Ico pc Sidon. Gaston Messier i n la pass. . At patents. Cay Tats Anil Trade Marks obtain Fri. Aurl a Conr Tuckert for our Utice opposite u. S Patent office Ana we can Stenio a Putint in less time and at less than those Remote from Washington. Send Snodel with description. We patentable or not free of charge. On fee not due till Patent is Suciu pm. A Little Boot How to obtain patents with names of actual clients in your state county or town address c. A. Snow co. To she Toltsi Uit u was no gentleman. Told her Ehe was 110 Van no _ what dirt Bho Eay to said it Iliili not Tuko one to York Herald. Sli Qualls it an Ostrich Bifid one woman i another. Do you think it no that s merely a Nom de Star. De Thiro any sure Way to Tell the of a Datro ask the dealer and Multi ply by York weekly. Girl i used to pro with will All he hid us tit the theatre to do you know whom 1 put my High York Herald. Said the wife of the sick Man. Here is the or. Goodman who conic to talk to did he bring anybody to identify inquired the Bank cashier Chicago Tribune. Prof. Helped you to do those Johny finale what nobody Don t lie. Did t your brother no to did t help me to did them Alloy Texas William want you to come and take that burglar alarm right out of my House. It work William it has scared a burglar to death and his sued me for 000 Ojile. He knew him like a room on the second floor. Sofol can give Yon one on fhe third. That s another Story. Take or Kip Jing s Valise up to Harvard Lam Poon. No expense spared the under you let me have a couple of a exults to put Over your husband s the Well provided for no i could t allow you Tonse Auch Insi Fieandt coins Here Are a couple of Gold pieces. Poor dear William was so weeps Engle. No Surprise Jack tenderly to Ino Littie brother of his adored out you like to know a secret Tommy her Jack i m in Jove with your sin that s no secret. The family has talked about it every Day since Uncle Tom brought you life. U works both ways visitor to in habitant of very Small surely you must find it very Dull Here never getting any newspapers. How d you know what s going on in Lon Don for instance Mon but Dinna be Ken to Folk in Lannou Are just As ignorant o what s Gatin of wl1 Sovol Eliinor Mccorn Doii. A Roin Tom san Fannu so news dinner gluon at Hamburg recently by Luis Caroline Madden s daughter to the fraud Duke of coh Neuburg Streltz the table decorations wore exp ulate. Tho cloth Una covered with Pink Rose petals strewn thickly on it and in the Centre was a Bas Ket of Large soft Pink roses with loud Sterus arranged As if growing oat of Tho Turrou uding Rose petals. Krom this Basket trails of Pink roses fell be tween Eai a guest to lie ground. Tho wine bottles which were grouped on the table were entirely draped in Pink tollo Aud were covered with Graceful trails and fringes of violets and a Spray of Pink rosebuds waa tied of uie neck of each Lili Blue Rihou. The stems o the wine glasses were encircled by a Wreath of violets and the larger glasses decorated in the same manner with a Wreath of Rose buds. In the Serviette of each lady was a Lovely Spray of la Franco roses Aud in those of the gentle Mun a buttonhole of violets while before Oach guest Lay a Hurt c imposed entirely of violets suspended to Pale Blue ribbon to by taken away As a Sou Venir. Notice Sale of unclaimed horses. I will ii Niblic auction nov try Zwil. At Lii Winstock Yards. The follow Iii ills Criland property itt of Iii ii nil Giorsos Briti ind 3 intros ten ipod a branded x with 4 intros branded 4 with bar 1 branded 4 with on Tup 1 Marc branded i o with bar on top 1 Husij branded t r k c horses branded i with curved bar underneath 1 inner branded k 1 with curved 1 Suiro branded s 1 Stu Al Brandi d it h a 1 Yuri Rllins branded 1 i Wii i curved car on toil consigned to said will be sold for payment of from lit acid Chari rns m n. . Airt. X. K. R Han Antonio. Oct. 2s. Martin Schryver of All sorts kinds and qualities material of All kinds shapes find sizes office Sunset depot _ Sana Tomo. F. Kal Teyerl whole Anle and retail exporters and to fluster s Sale. I d Alt Jill screw worm ointment and liniment mall order promptly it Tondow to. solicited. F. Kalteyer son san Antonio. T tin state or i Coli nov 01 . F whereas .11 Iho Loul Day of april c. B Wilson Ami Maud Wilson of std Stato Ami Eonni make execute mid deliver to a. H. Of sail Texas their joint cd several promissory notes for Ito sum of in Rumy Ohio Huml Rcpt Ulm sixty ind Iio Iuo dollars duo unil Jay Nolc ill Tiu Mollico Fri Ink co., in Sun Antonio j oxus on or lid nto Lilu ill Ali any of april Wotli internet us Ion Pur cent tier annul from Daio until wild Jin nolo , and did on the suing any execute and deliver l i the undersigned h3 Trunte their Cori Itlen Ceil of Trust loss curo Iho payment of the Enid nuts. I Tiro Petty inlaid con my Ihei Liu fully deter lord and which is us record in Multi county n record volume no. M. I to m inclusive la win ctr record Rel Nemeo in Horthy Noldo for Diseri Pitun. And when Milf tie soul Utu la Long past due mid dul Luik has been Nindo in i rejment of the sine Neil tic Holder thereof Topf Liilie a. I. Krank has instructed to to advertise and Hoh lilo said or purty for the Liu Roposo of in Juir Elf Nold note merest and Mjesus now l Hen lore know All Moti by a Rosentul unit i Moses in Snail feud of Trust Liy virtue or Llie Wiull Jority in to vested by lilo Suurje will Procun to Sull the court House Loov of Lexar Counti Tufts on lilo first Tuc Edny in no vember Isai it Inci Iii the let any of Iii Lei to the highest bidder i or ens Ute the in open to ser out in Niit Trust desert and Lull Iniko to Tho Good and Sui Luciem lord in Iho inline of Iho a d u. I. Wilson and mud wit. Son Inwald he Xii county and an undivided okie Lulf interest of in Enid Wilsona in and to no it acts of parcels of land out of Iii by no. 5s, Loso Murii la scorn. Of tie Medina rivc.-i-, Aud Parlac nearly described As follows a fist i undivided one Mir interest in and to Hundred arcs of inn on or said Survey Bex Lenim no n stake on Tho Lino of t in of Way or lilo Southern t no ill Lallwy. Find Tanko f Al on the. Division Lineol the Laurl to said u Ilous and Tho tract Ghenco North Aiti Hun to a stake set for Tho soul Lions Cor Ner of Tho tract of inn out or said Survey to. 5.1, sold Toulio Lexar Uriel mid tile com Pany thence West to a Stonko Iho Southwest Corner of the paid company s tract thence a Orch to the Northwest Corner or a shirt Maui Penny s tract i Hovice East totem North Aal Corner of said company s tract alien to North to n stake set Tor e. Cor Nerol n tract of acres of inn out of said Survey no. A owned by Wilson store than lowest to a slake set for lilo b. W. Cor Ner of snid Wilann a Storey tract thence South to a stake set on the line of the Wilson county inn and the line of the re fret of Way of said Southern Pacific Raili Ond thence West along i he said right of Way to the p Aoe of second i undivided interest in and to 41jo acres of Hind Oul of snid Survey n o. Of. Joso Maria Ciacera. Owner jointly by i Wilson mid .1. Of. Storey adjoining the Nuovo tract on the North and known As Tho u Hsii Storey tract the intention being to convey an undivided one half interest of All Iho inn owned Snail Wilsons out of said Survey no. M. Lying North of the track and i Trot of paid railway company and lip Toto Northern Boundary Imu of said Survey no. Days. Trustee. Elmendorf co., san Antonio. Mechanics supplies. Vassady sulky plows warranted lightest draft made. Thresher engines Scales mowers and reapers. Hardware and agricultural implements agents for the celebrated la Belle Wagon. The International route. Bahoh Tobt do kist and Post Hort Koto All thei direct like to Mexico via Laredo the Ball train for St. Louis resumed. Pullman Buffet sleepers without change bet Ween san Antonio and St. Louis in Myrh to City Vul m k t w. 0. Kio Yby ticket agent ult lot Onico Hui liw alums 1p" w Laredo for c. M. Stone Loiet agent i. N. Dicku 5. A Homill , commercial agent of face Blu Ling Ajauna pm non j. B. Galbraith. D. J a riot _ Managan. Pylon tone. Vox. p. T. .4. Sunset route Southern Pacific co. Atlantic system the jul cakes and Best route for passengers and Fiel ghetto Haw Orleans new York. And All Points East. Also to Mexico California and Points West. Al a Aud 9 West bound Lviv Vrh at p. In. Ami arrives at 8-45 a m j. Kk0tt8chn1tt, w. Q. Van Vleck e. O Bleker try. To Houston Galveston Waco new Orleans St Louis Chicago and All Points East. Schedule Lii pc at a m. For Houston Galveston and East. Connect Rockdale Cameron 8ucklenjs Arnica Salve Tiik in Tho world for cuts Soros ulcers Salt Lipinn. I Ever hoj-us.tetiei-, Clia Piihl hands. Chilblains corns and All skin i eruptions and nos a Lively euros files. 01 no pay Rij Nirid. It is Gna ranted to . Or Nonoy Rafn Niland. I Rich cents Ner x. Lay Adolph Dreiss mid Ains Thompson co. To m we have found it that is the store where we can buy goods at half Price especially from the Large lot of forfeited pledges in hold watches Silvir watches Dia monds jewelry of All kinds inns Pis trunks Valise sewing machines overcoats Etc., Etc. A m Emerson go no 24 Soledad St., san Antonio Texas leaves at p. M. For Cookport Anil coning Cli Risti. The popular and attractive sea Side route. Leave at p. In. For Boer no Comfort and Kerrville the net fid lie Alth resort Elevation to feet above sea level with a Caniato by tie most eminent physicians for pulmonary complaints. Lir Hiigli tickets sold to nil print. Stint ship Mallory lint to v i oru and to and from Kurop. For rat s and Keiiti ral inform com apply to r. W. A Trews George f. Luton pass. A Jenl. Cite nil ticket a no Mon Lilc to answer the in the world the old celebrated stomach Hickory bitters having received the Diglics award at Alabama state i air for superiority Over All competitors is sufficient guarantee for its Quality. Can drink if. A sure cure for ague chills and a Cor dyspepsia Iver kidney trouble of appetite and Genera debility. Solv at saloons and drug stores. My i Factor de by j. Grossman new Orleans la. Agents san

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