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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 26, 1891, San Antonio, TexasMonday october 26, 1801. Men buy Tkocs seats in Mexico bridegrooms select the wedding outfit. A Curlik Cost in that slum cloth Aimi Bliku mid Amor Lucuns in Iho Mol ii mini they slut sub of some. Sonor Manuel Del Rosaros is a Gay goes right to the spot of or. Pierce a pleasant Pel lets. They to the right kind of work when they get there too. No violence no a and gentle cleansing and regu lating of the whole system. Sick headache bilious headache dizziness constipation indigestion Bil ious attacks and All derangement of the liver stomach and bowels Aro promptly relieved and permanently cured. They re the Best liver Pill Ever made. Purely vegetable perfectly harmless easiest to always fresh and reliable. Gently ape Rient or strongly cathartic according to size of tiny Pellet for a dose. They re Tho in size but the most Satis factory in result. They re the cheapest Pill Yon can buy because they re guaranteed to give satisfaction or your Money a returned. You Only pay for the Good you Gat. Can you ask More Hail Road time table g. N. Railroad. Departures. To fat. Louis via Ibroci mount tin or il., k. Andt. 5-45 a m for St. Louis via Iron Mountain p. In Laredo m Aiu uvas. From St. Louis via Mountain andjvi., k. And t. M from St. Louis via Iron Mountain and it., k and to Laredo e. In Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express Bast. Leaves for now Orleans Houston and Galveston a. In. Antl j p. M a Kives from the East. Arrives from Mew Orleans Houston Anil Galveston 7 a. In. And p. M til rough for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass m arrives from Sau Francisco Elpaso and Bagle pass s 45 a. M s. A. A. P. Railroad. Departures. A daily except buuday.1 -00 p m i Cavos for Galveston Houston and Nero daily Man m leaves for Corpus Christi Rockport and Beeville daily m Ariu Vals a Norvillo daily us jut sunday 10-00 a m from Corpus Christl Rockport and he Evillo daily urn from Galveston Houston and Cicero daily m Mallory Steamer sail from Gal Veston wednesday and saturday. Cavalier from Mexico City who has in ado by Crai vim a to a York. But How is it Yon come hero in the summer he was asked. Business. Sir. Business. My Uncle is Nihom to yet married. Great boy. My Uncle. Only about the same age As my self. I shall get married too but not yet for some years. Well my Uncle wants some things you know for the marriage and be sent me North to buy him ii regular Trousseau. 1 urn buying it tune having a Good but we do not any Trousseau when referring to men s wedding garments we ouly "1 know i lie rapidly inter a Pawl. Speak English very Well now. Rhnny Yon. It is Yon who do not know my Uncle sent to. Not to buy tilings for himself. Int for Liis Bride. Trousseau is therefore right. Is it not it is you who do not know. Our custom in Mexico is Lor the Young Man to buy the Iru Vaseau. Therefore i am Here in the summer. A yo17so Man. So the bridegroom has to buy All Tho wedding lie is supposed to do so. But it is not always permitted. Sometimes the Bride s parents Only allow him to Purchase Tho slippers the fan and things of that sort and on those occasions the Young Man tries to the utmost to show his liberality by Tho most lavish expenditure possible. There was n Young Man from Boston though took unto himself a mexican wife and he determined to outdo every body. He was n real Yankee Prince. He had his future wife s measurements Down to dote As you say and purchased thousands of dollars Worth of wedding finery. Nothing so splendid in Tho shape of a wedding was Ever seen with us be fore. Among other things he bought a Barouch and four splendid horses that is what i am going to Purchase in York for my the newly wedded pair drove off in this Barouch amid cheers and Musio mid great rejoicing. They had a Jour Row Tho House was left without in habit nuts. And so it has remained Over since unit Day. About a Quarter of a Century Ngo. When the Iron handed president entered the City to resume Republican Rule to confiscated the a a Iii mansion and later on it was bought by the Iturbide family Tho largest real estate owners there Tho asters of and Pise s remedy or Catarrh is the Best easiest to use Ana cheapest. Sold by druggists or sent by mail. Boc. In. T. Hazeltine. Warren a pennyroyal pills _-5stv genuine. A a t for Ohff Tejler v la i in used cold Mil Noy of Miles to to the fellow s Plantation. On the Way the new Barouch broke Down and Tho Lov ing pair had to ride the carnage horses something Liko fifty Miles without sad Are there no Good horses in yes but for style we get our Carriage horses Here urn carriages also. Black teams Are the favorite or dark Bays with Lilack Points. The president drives four spotted horses on Stato Occa Sions just As the Viceroy used to. There used to to a Law in Mexico providing unit no one except the Viceroy should drive spotted horses. I Don t know whether it is still a Law or not. During i he times when we had a vice Rev nil Clung tenaciously to this exc us use of spotted a wealthy Young fellow made a bet that he would drive a spotted double team through Tho Public struts in Defiance of this Law. I was readily taken up to the tone of Ami he won the bet. He procured Tho horses and As lie drove through the streets Tho soldiers presented arms and Al the honors to the Viceroy were paid to the Man. The Viceroy came out on the veranda of his Palace to learn the Muuse of Tho wild acclaim. When in Learned it to was furious. But the Young fellow drove right into the Palace Yard and when his excellency stepped Down to expostulated with him to f Aid 1 hat he brought the turnout As a. Present. The. Gift was accepted pm Lbruce and the. Bet was won the in americans in 51fxico. Do Many americans visit Mexico City the use of Oil to smooth Tho sea in rough weather has been applied to a life buoy. Valves Are opened automatically releasing the Oil gradually and prevent ing the heavy Waves from breaking 9ver twin and suffocating the person in it. How sure ii Hank Yates was a born horse trader. His father and his Mother s father were Holiva traders too and spent almost a much nut Riding Over i he Illinois Prai Ries to get or to make bargains in horse flesh As in attending to their Corn and pig raising on Ali or farms Hank had traded from Trie time he was ten years old. When his Grandfather bought him i Texas Mustang from a Herd. Hank swapped Hie Mislang with ii we buy Fiir hours fur a Kentucky Colt. Which i he traded to his father for n coveted Mare Whise next Colt he sold to his Grandfather at Advance of seventy five dollars tin Price of the mus Tang. Hank was Only Nineteen years old when he begin his attentions to Lizzie and Dianthe next county and scarcely Twenty when lie role Over on a Tine Young Imirse to ask her to marry him. They were sitting unt in front of the House in the Starlight and Hank was getting on Well with what lie Hud to say when he saw Lizzie s father critically examining his horse hitched Down at Tua common before the fens and swamp3 of Cambridge and were drained than its at Olav. Mine honoured Friend. Sir thongs Brown of wrote Willoughby Soo years ago says that it is but rarely seen on our coasts there is we be Lieve no record of its nesting in eng land mid the impossibility of prote Etin a Bird precludes the Hopo its being introduced into Tho Chambers journal. I think everything in the world of you. Hank was saying that s As sure As just then he saw her father fee ing of his horse s feet and Tho instinct of the horse trader mingled with the spirit of his wooing and he sprang to his feet and yelled. That s As sure a that Bay gelding of mine is Worth forty Dol Lars More than them Little Gray mares of Yourn both put companion. Lir Lver Anta. Tipre Are certain ants that show wonderful intelligence and the Driver ants not Only build bouts but launch them too Only these boats Are formed of their own bodies. They Are called Drivers because of their ferocity. Nothing can stand before attic attacks of these Little creatures. Large pythons have been killed by them in a single night while chickens lizards and other animals in Western Africa leu from them in 1 error. To protect themselves from the heat they erect Arches under which numer Ous armies of them pass in safety. Some limes the Arch is made of grass and Earth gummed by some score lion. And again it is formed by the bodies of the larger ants which hold themselves together by their Strong nip pers while the workers pass under them. At certain times of the year freshest overflow the country inhabited by the and it is then that these ants go to the rain comes suddenly and the Walls of their houses Are broken in by tile but instead of coming to the. Surf a a in a i actor eco hundreds and being swept off to destruction out of the ruins rises n Black Liall that rides safely on water and drifts away. At Tho first of danger Tho Little Crea Tures run together and form a solid Ball of ants the weaker in the Center. Often tins Ball is larger than a common base Ball. In this Way they float about until they Lodge against some tree upon fhe branches of which they Are soon Safe mid . Nicholas. A Illy Henry Aunill Luv Axll. Although the bluefish is familiar to every Loxly. Exactly where ponia Tomus Wil Tatna comes from or where to is born new know about lie has the widest kind if a distribution for professor g Brown Goode tells us bluefish Are found m the malay archipelago Australia Cap of in the Molliter. Rii mean and ranges along our from to Nova Scimia. No one has vet the facts As toils places o a Prim Kation. Or is it known where York times. Rutiri Kilfin. Chin l Horace my i say know your own -minm.--y-.-i. Out i Don t know what you tinny of Cir Cular shocks of earthquake which have recently been Felt in various quarters of the Globe at about the time of the new Moon recall the interesting theory that i he Earth is More frequently shaken near thu periods of and full Moon than at other times lists of Earth quakes covering Many yours have been prepared which seem to favor this theory. assigned is similar to that by which we Are Able to account for Tho greater height of the tides at new und full Moon. When the Moon and the Sun Aro on the same Side of the Earth As w the Case at new Moon they unite the Force of their attractions in heaping up. The Waters of the sea. The same thing happens when they Are on opposite sides of the Earth As at full Moon for then each by attracting in an opposite direction assists the other in pulling Mil Tho Ocean so to spunk As oho might pull out the sides of a rubber Ball. According to the theory in question the same forces of the Sun Ami Moon which raise the tides put a Strain upon the urns of Earth which by causing Ihn strata of the works to slip arid slide a Little. Produces earthquakes. When the Moon is at its Quarle sits pull is at right jingles to unit of the Sun and then us is Well known the tides Are lowest. Then too. It is argued the Strain upon the crust of lilo Earth is least. If this theory is True How wonderfully sensitive the apparent in solid Globe must be to the Imiru s conveyed to it by the attraction of bodies hundreds of thou Sands and millions of Miles Kulli s companion. Goina on that Rig Many years. Your Here Ivailo me think he out a wide swat i for a Tinius. Al in you d to Over just to take warning and hold up in tin Llott Uin Slick Ling. Scientists Tell us that Couslin a from the sea level the lowest body of water on the is the Caspian Seu. For cell times its surface has been gradually titling until now it is eighty Jive feet lower thai that of its near neigh Bor the Black sea. Which also lies far mow i. Level of thu Ocean. The com Mon cock Lii Sion has All along Leon that the Caspian sea was merely Losin its Waters by some Means but recent in Vest ignitions have shown this not to be the Case. Kong Lings made and compared with records of soundings made Moro Tunis 100 Yeai Sig. Reveal tile fact lha then is sell water us then. This a aves but one Lippoi Lidecis that to be tenable talk Bottom of Caspian to atnally making. Is inn Stan Niiler Cutles relative to what the. Final will trans erupt. Is Tiisik a Devil a Young Victoria lawyer who is in the habit of swimming at Ross Bay had i very disagreeable experience wednes Day. He was enjoying himself in the water when he suddenly found himself m the Clammy embrace of a Devil Ash fortunately it was in shallow water or else it would have been a very serious struggle. As it was. I he Yonng Man had the greatest difficulty in tearing the suckers from ins Telegram. of . All invention which is exciting it great Deal of interest on the continent where the Flat system of resilience is to much in Vogue is an automatic electric letter and parcel deliverer produced by a Resi Dent of Geneva. As its name implies the apparatus is designed to distribute automatically cd each floor and to All cels which ii rout Cost Clear gain of i Ana a Jaisey As cured at Home wit i out Phi. Mioc Korpai 3 tic jars sent fake. A u. R office Whitehall St. The daily Light is Only 60 cents a month delivered s3.75o will buy 7 with Bath stable Carriage House Chick in House Wood House Etc. Hydrant lot Slih fins Shade Trees and shrubbery. New neat and four blocks from military Plaza w i ant 1 i . Co Bank Livoni. Will rent or Sej the Best Bauk stand in the City. Furniture and fix Tures Complete. Large fire and by r r a proof vault. Alan Large safety vaults equipped with boxes Reagan Houston Assignee More and More every year and they enter eagerly into on Solety and Sev eral of them wealthy people have enjoyed it so much that they have built residences near the City. An american has leased one of the most historical House a to have and at the same time dealt a blow to popular our people Are very the House has Long been supposed to to haunted. It is the great Stone House which tourists pass on their Way to Tho Central or Crux stations. A most gloomy House with windows closed and walled up no wonder that people coma to regard it As in some was accursed emperor Maximilian a generous sort of Monarch took a fancy to the Bouse owned at that time by Sonora Dona Victoria Rui Cle Perez Galvez and bought it and the House was transferred to marshal Bazaine when that officer married a Lovely mexican woman As a wedding gift from Maximilian and Tho pm press marshal Nazaine and his Bride went to live in the House and there daily paced in front of it guards of mexican French and austrian nationalities. In those Days the huge Garden to the rear of Tho House extending almost across to Tho pase de la to forma was kept in a. Fine state of cultivation. When Bazino left the City with his troops going Back to France and to a career might lips ivol . The weight of testimony thus far in regard to the various methods proposed for rendering Wood i combustible or unalterable by heat appears to be against the claim that n building encumbered with inflammable substances can pass through such u. Test uninjured. It is known that the methods resorted to for preserving Wood against fire Are principally two Viz. The injections of Saline solutions and the application of a paint or coating. The former has been found practically ineffective and Lias even been pronounced by some is of dangerous tendency in the Case of Wood of Large dimensions though the treatment May be applicable to pieces of Wood of email size. It is remarked that of All the various substances which have been brought for Ward for this purpose the concentrated solution of phosphate of ammonia has proved the most valuable Tho Nso of this substance in fact notwithstanding its High Cost such Peculiar advantages is to have recommended its employment in All cases where Tho mat Ter of expense is not important. In the majority of oases coating with a a Nihil is the really practical solution of this nor Rii Iun and. According to professors Condin and Denny of Ghent the substance most suitable for Nso in this manner is Tho cyanide of potassium and Asbestos York Bun. There Arn no Stork Angl Neil. England is beyond Tho Ordinary Range of the Stork though hardly a year passes without one or two biting seen on the East const and gum rally alas shot fun off u Raspo More tenants of n Bonste Hie letters or Par which May be addressed to them. A Largo Box situated on Tho ground floor contains As Many there Are honors or tenants in the House. When u letter or Oiler object is introduced into one of there openings i to Box rises and. In passing distributes in each of the re tiie antechamber of the person addressed the articles intended for them. Each tenant being in turn advised of the arrival of the article by the ringing of an electric Bell. The of. The apparatus is extremely simple As the following few de tails will show Ami its Cost is insignificant. The object introduced into the Box on the ground floor effects at the top of the , an a a citric Contact. Which opens the valve of a water tank. The water tills a Cylinder which serves As a counterpoise and raises Tho letter Box which while in the act of passing each private Box. Opens itself by an in genious yet simple mechanical arrange ment Ami deposits the. Respective con tents therein. When the Carrier Box in arrived at the top floor the Cylinder empties itself and Tho Box descends to its place and is ready for another trip Iron. Soul ail Lee. Kate Sanborn Speaks of some advice which Given by a farm labourer As follows i hear be patronize auctions pretty Reg said he. Sometimes there s Good Deal to he made that Way and then agin there in t. Sow i knew a Man who an old hat and a sight of other stuff jest threw in the hat. And when he got Home and come to examine it of then was t in Good Bills chucked in under thu sweater you ought to git Over to Mason s auction to million. Sure. It s Day after to Morrow at 0 Sharp. Von see he d a for tune left him but to run straight through it Binyin tiie awful est things Yon Ever Heerd Tell on calves with six legs All sorts o curious fowl and every outlandish Critter lie could Lay his hands on. to Silver . Iju Ito a number of members of the Bigelow family went to Dover to attend the Silver wedding of or. And mrs. Elbridge Douglas Friday. Sept. To. The value of the presents amounted to fam besides forty dollars in Silver Lewiston journal. And now she is comfortable. Devloo of a Type Wollor Lorl linking Ulfo hotter Worth living. She a a brisk Little typewriter in a Down town office tier hours Are Long and she is far from Strong yet she seems to stand her work much better than Many Moro robust girls. Tho other Day a woman a skid her How Sho managed to keep so Rosy and cheerful. Why i she said the secret of it is that 1 humor my Little wants. 1 keep a regular storeroom of things in Tho office to coddle is self with. I find it a the trifles of life that Tell on me. So i am particularly careful Alx int trifles. If it is Winter time 1 keep a soft Woolen Cape to throw about my shoulders if i feel Chilly. I Wear thick Soled common sense shoes in he Street but it takes too much vitality to Wear them in Tho House nil Day so i change them for slippers it soon As i reach my desk. 1 never take cold for i am used to the change. If it is summer i keep a comfortable House Waist to Wear at my work instead of tight fitting suck. I like to Wear a Nike dress and i Dis like to the elbows look threadbare so i Wear some Black silk sleeves that reach to the elbows. A Black Alpaca apron protects the front of my gown. I inn never worried if a sudden storm conies up for it cannot take to unprepared. 1 always keep a rubber cloak umbrella and rubbers on hand. It does t Cost a great Deal to buy Tho two sets and 1 can t express the peace of mind it giver to have them ready. For toilet purposes i have a couple of clean towels comb soap Nail Rush. Lit Lle Mirror and a whisk Broom. Besides these i have a bottle of Witch Hazel and a pot of vaseline for an Accident. One is always liable to tear or rip one s clothes so i keep a Little Basket with thimble Needle and several colors of thread if i want to take a stitch in so save taking Nino at Home at night. There is one thing More and Don t Yon laugh at it. 1 have a wee alcohol lamp and a Jar of beef extract. 1 get faint sometimes in Tho Middle of Tho Forenoon and then it takes Only a min Ute to make a cup of hot beef Tea and 1 am fresh and ready for work but where do you keep All these work Basket and Tho beef extract and the looking asked the won i in. There is a Little closet in the office where i hang my coat and Bat. I bought two Iron brackets and coaxed Tho office boy to put up a shelf for inc. I Hung my Mirror on the inside of he door put my traps on the shelf and 11111 As snug As a Bug in a rug.1 the closet is just big enough to hold a chair for to to sit on while 1 take off or put on my shoes. There was Only a Little forethought needed and now 1 am altogether com the Little typewriter added As it a Down town a pluming they Wero More durable Calliper had bought table knives with Metal handles. She almost feared that colonel Calliper might not Liko Thorn but the colonel rather to a pleased with them. Thuy a said just such knives As i have eaten with in Many restaurants. To eat at Home and with a knife like this is most As go Oil 7is eating two meals at York Sun

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