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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 23, 1891, San Antonio, TexasFriday on Oiler 23, 1891. Goes Righi to the spot of or. Pierco s pleasant Pel lets. They do the right kind of work when they get there too. No no a mild and gentle cleansing and regu lating of the whole system. Sick headache bilious headache dizzy paiess constipation indigestion Bil ious attacks and All Derai Irementa of Tho liver stomach and bowels Aro promptly relieved and permanently wred. They re the Best liver Pill Nadu. Purely vegetable perfectly harmless easiest to take and always fresh and reliable. Ape Rient or strongly cathartic according to size of tiny Pellet for a dose. They re the smallest in size but the most Satis factory in result. They re the cheapest Pill you can Xuy because they re guaranteed to give satisfaction or your Money a returned. You Only pay for the Good you can you ask Moro Ilwitz reliable. Lao ice lit let for Brand id lied Nad Flotd i idled Blue ribbon. Noo Lucr. . Tim and inf Tationa. At dra Gullli la it Timpl for Entla hauls nil Tellef for Feuer Brelan 51.11. 1 ten Bilili. Nud a Tsuey habits cured at out pain. Lion Hofpar tical Ness ont Frisce. Koas . . Office ii Aba Ehll by the daily Light 18 Only 50 cents a month delivered will buy a handsome cottage residence of 7 rooms with Bath stable Carriage House Chick in House Wood House Etc. Hydrant water Tares lot with Fine Shade and shrubbery. New neat and clean about four blocks from military Plaza will ant y bts40.00a month. T co Only 8750.oo will buy a Good Wood Yard business with the following one portable engine and Boller two head of horses one mule one Corn Crusher three wagons and bodies two Wood frames double spicier saw table and saws elevator , shafting and bolting Etc. Apply to to is it Jonn co. Criminal plumbing. May Tif thu Curt Tlam it Hir in Mil Olliver wine it is Only now and then that some accidental revelation exposes work of the Crim Imily Cai Cless or incompetent plumber. it is Fatai diseases in fax lilies which Lead to critical examination of Bis work and in rare cases the a Flicia inspectors of buildings detect it but it is a fact known generally to physicians and to All who have Given the sur Jet careful study that one half or More of the fevers und other malarial in hides which Are so common Are the logical results of the criminal plumber. In Point of fact the sanitary plumbing proclaimed and professed to be practice by the organized master plumbers is Sel Dom enforced. The keen Competition in Iradi compels Active for work and that causes plumbing con tracts to be taken at Low prices that the contractor must Between do ing bad work when it is concealed or losing Money on the contract. Tew Are willing to do Good work at less than its actual Cost and plumbers Are eminently human in that regard. Most of their world is hidden from Ordinary notice and they largely make their profits by dishonest practices. The one part of a should not he offered of Competition by contract is the plumbing. July the most experienced skillful and honest men should Ever be employed to do the plumbing in Home and then it is safest to watch it with care. The ignorant or dishonest plumber will Bow the seeds of death in every Home if he is allowed to do the plumbing no mutter How Well he is watched or paid and the Only Safe Rule is to employ thoroughly competent and honest men to pay them fair prices for work and then require them to guarantee it for rive years subject to semiannual tests. This Rule would to Likely to assure first class plumbing and it would drive Tho and the criminal plumbers out of business. There is no excuse for ignorance of poisonous gases in a Homo. The integrity of the pipes can be As easily and As certainly Esteil As the leaks in a roof when it Rains. By closing the pipes and Sulphur Tsipur under pressure it will hot Only find every Impi in the plumbing but it will declare thu exact Point of the alike by its visible color and by its odor. If it inters the House anywhere it at once exposes the negligent incompetent or criminal . This lest or some one equally effective if there is such should be applied to each Home at least every Spring and Falli and it should Bun part of the plumber s contract to repair for a term of years All it Lutcis thus exposed at his own Cost. The who deliberately puts imperfect work in the hidden purls of a House and thus exposes a family to Dis ease and death is i is much a criminal As any in murderer. He knows tin i of poisonous gases destroys iks Lreh and imperils life., and when he deliberately leaves hidden vents in plumbing for sewer to Curry its deadly fumes into Homes be is a Crim Inal and should trended and punished As a criminal. The criminal plumber can be driven out of business if Tho people act with common Fidelity o themselves Ami it is High inuit the Good work i Hougil lie i girl ii Philadelphia times. As n Fonnet Mill n Coil. Jupiter the Star which has held most attention of late received his name from father or love pater., As the romans called the King of Guys and a name fitly applied to the planet larg est by far of any in our solar system. By whatever mime Jupiter has been known he has always borne a Good reputation. From rime immemorial to has been Tho Star of destiny of Good for tune. Thu ancient babylonians and chaldean regarded him with favor be Lieving that his gracious Eyo watched Over them for Good. The greeks and romans likewise acknowledged Bis favouring glances. The astrologers of thu Middle Ages recognized him As benign and believed those born under his influence would be fair tall handsome of a Jovia disposition generous Wise and witty sound in mind and morals. If Mars or Saturn were near enough to affect the influence of Jupiter they modified the character of the otherwise upright Poison for the influence of Mars was feverish and fiery and that of Saturn wus most i Iichiro a go Rev Milci Iskui for Wiki Hans n train. It is reported from Nancy that a girl in pome poultry at Jha Rabley lately placed stones on a local railway line. Jie engine Driver of a train which was proceeding in the direction of Nancy Felt a severe Shock 011 entering Tho cutting near St. Julian and was afraid that the carriages would go off the. Line. The gendarmes afterwards made an investigation found the stones and Thi girl who had placed them on the rails. When asked Why she thus jeopardized the lives of hundreds people she re plied coolly that she wanted to bring about a railway Accident so that she Orestes Lucuies Stu in Gnu of killed or injured by her wicked action. She has been tent to a London til-i5its. A Stirry. While a citizen was breaking ice for his table he noticed a speck in Tho mid dle of the cake. Cutting Down nearer to it he saw it wus a Small Toad lie Cut the animal out und Laid it on the table to thaw out. When the ice melted lie put the Toad in a Box. Carrying it Down cellar. Lute that afternoon opem a the Box and was somewhat startled to see the Tok graph. Many years ago when printed music than it is now a Plain quiet old Man evidently from the country went into a Tomisi j store and asked to see i certain Book of tunes. The clerk Laid before him an Oblong volume with two tunes on a Page. A Book familiar to old Lime choir singers. The old Man Drew out of his coat Tail pocket a ancient yellow and open ing the Book at the Fust began to play softly turning thu Leai with care Ful fingers As each Page was Linis Hud. Tin.1 clerks very much amused it first grew weary of the droning noise after a time and one of them waiting till a tune was ended ventured to say. Politely do you Thi ulc you will take the Book sir Dous it Seuzi to suit the Fife was lowered and the player looking Over it at the youth in mild sur prise said gently "1 Caunt Tell. 1 have played Only half the and he placidly turned another companion. At Sulci a moment too. Schoolboy to Muster who has lost his suppose there won t to no school tomorrow mister life. A Small min. Six year old Harry who lives on fourth Avenue has i Grandfather who ims attained the unusual age of ninety six years and who weighs scarcely More than sixteen ounces for each year of his life. He called at Tho House the other Day after a lengthy absence from the City and took n great interest in Harry asked him questions told him stories complimented him on becoming knows Yothin. When in hold of a Feller to a a goner. I had it bad. 1 got too big for that county. 1 to the old Man Ona Day says 1 Dud they wants me Down in new York City and 1 guess i la have to leave you what do they want of you Down i Civ he uses sort of open in his eyes very wide. Fur to show Ein How to run the town says 1. Cha did t sworn to believe it and the old lady did t believe in Bizily else but me did t Boli ovo it or 1 packed up and cum Down. Did t no Uudo meet me at the depot with a band papers did t say a word about my was t the least bit of excitement Invof my comin Ami bigness Diin t Stop in a minut. Darn my hide if Acyl body a Vii Shook hands they was glad to did tile swelling begin to go out of your purty soon. In one Day my no. Go ill wus so Loose it fell Down Clear to my ears. I brought seventeen dollars with he. I was go Iii to Lily out Liaf the town with Well your Money is gone you have failed to make your Fortune and now you la like to gel Back Home stranger if 1 could see old Cuzen Ovy agin i d be Willin to Lay Down Giitl let a drove cows Walkover me if 1 hat i i. Money to Send a Telegram to dad Liem Forward my Railroad fare and the son would git up und Hump t or Homo Siut i m dead busted Fui to went up to the Telegraph office and sent a dispatch to and at 5 o clock that afternoon i saw Jim Start for Home. As he Shook hands with me lie said Goin Home As Humble As a pm. Fin Goniu Home with a Hull newspaper Stul cd into my hat to keep it from fallin Down to my Chin. The smart Aleck has bin weighed in the. Balance and Hoidn t pull Down a Pound. I m Tho prodigal Sun. I m Goin to git right Down and Tell dad i Hain t got the i Iise of a Grasshopper an3 after i be bin forgiven i m Goin to kick myself All Over the farm and then Settle Down to dig tatars and Cut Quad in now York Evenin world. Is Robbley imaginative at is he Well Nith Crl Lis last acad Emy picture was a study of a tramp at i understand Yon to say . A vhf Shakespeare s Biluys in Foro last reverting what 1 big How did 3 of enjoy so so lint if Hamlet had rung in topical song and polonius and Tho Queen us a Little skirt dance or some thing of Itiat sort it would have Ceu much better. There s where Shakespeare miss my ii. He did t make his plays modern enough for our Gazette. Another a Coril pro Kim. The Man who put up shoe pegs in old issus for preserved bar berries got Huid of the wooden Nutmeg Losion Gazette. Chats about men. There is a hotel keeper in Maine whose name is in Lix St Nator instills i night for his lecture sen ices. Jerry Simpson is said to to i Good Amau or pugilist Able when requires to Knock ont in Ordinary antagonist. John j. Professor ol1 Mathe Matics in the College of the City of new York is Only Twenty six years of age. He is the Sou of Captain Eagar of the tire department Prince Bismarck leans on n stick More heavily Tolian Ever is becoming More Moro neglectful of his personal appear Ance Siml when halts ind searches for words. Ilia memory is breaking up daily. Sayles .1. Owen who in Grant s time was Mii yur of Washington and wealthy and powerful besides is flow a Messen Ger in the office of the chief clerk of the Treasury department with a salary of sixty dollars u month. Air. Hoy Wood the Harvi i Man who was made one of Tho Pope s chamber Lains was at one title n contributor to the newspapers. Subsequently he married a wealthy widow und removed to Koine where he hug since lived. Secretary Noble is said to have such a dislike for tobacco that he cannot Bear to have any one smoke in his presence. This antipathy has grown out of Tho fact that Hen u boy he was at one time forced u work in a room where smok ing wus constantly going on and made very sick by it. John risk he has made a record is a Hydraulic Engineer by solving for Tho inhabitants of filing a email town in Sussex England the problem of obtain ing an adequate Supply of drinking water. Asmi evidence of their gratitude Tho people have erected it Tablet to the glory of god Ami in Honor of John rus in. . The wealthy parisian who own Millet to famous picture the ims insured it for in thu same collection is Aleis Sonier s which is insured for while la by the same Painter und the by Trayou have been guaranteed Sipui Early to the extent us each. Turf topics. Over Trotters entered Trio list in Kentucky in one Day this season. According to Tho assessors reports there lire 100.000 in the state of Montana. The trotting stallion record hits been reduced As follows since 1875 smuggler Phallas. Mixey comb Axtell. Nelson. The pacer Maggie a that last season snide a record of has been Pur chased by Mourou Salisbury the Well known California breeder and will prob abl3 be put to Breeding. Tho Boston Globe says that the great a trillion Nelson was such a miserable craggy looking Colt that c. would have sold him for Nelson has Linen Otle red for the great Trotter. The present trotting season has been an exceptional Onu is regards the num Ber of horses that have obtained a record of or better. This May to gathered from Thi fart that something like Sev Enty have Lecoma eligible. Tho fastest now Trotter last year As will As this was a converted pacer. Glom estate. Headed the list last season Ami i3at Downing. Is now ahead. I nth paced naturally and the fastest pacer is u converted Trotter cot. Mambrino Coy has Siertl the dams of two stallions that have been crowned King. In addition to siring the dam of Allerton and . Lie has also sired the dam of new York Central. A Birchwood 2 pacer 2-.1sj. The length to which superstition car Ries Koine bettors on racing events is shown daily at the trades. Not Only will Many refuse to Back a horse numbered but if a a bookmaker registers them u bet 13 to 10 or 13 to they will request him to alter the o ticket at reduced

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