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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 20, 1891, San Antonio, Texas 3ltc daily gig act. Tuesday october 20, 1891. Bids in f Light. The Force they Vee figured Down to horse Power. Hiram s. Maxim Iii the Century. Every living creature Bird or insect which Bas been Able to raise it self from the Earth Aud to propel it self through the air has a body Many times heavier than the same volume of air and is endowed with the Power of exerting great mechanical Force in proportion to its weight. It is the expending of this physical Force upon the surrounding air that enables it to Fly. But the actual Force required by Birds in their flight has until recently been largely a matter of conjecture. Many unsatisfactory attempts have been made with dynamometers attached to the Bird itself to measure the Force of its Muscles but very Little of value has been accomplished in this direction. Mathematicians without number have invented formulae Aud discussed the question of flight but the most remarkable feature has been the difference in the results arrived at. Many years ago a mathematician in France wrote a treatise in which he proved that the common Goose in flying exerted a Force equal to 200 horse Power another proved that it was Only fifty horse Power and he was followed by still another who proved very much to hi9 own satisfaction that it was Only ten horse Power. Later on others have written to prove that a Goose expends Only about one horse Power in flying. At the present time however Many mathematicians eau be found who Are ready to prove that Only one tenth of a horse Power is exerted by a Goose. I do not know on what basis the earlier writers amp me to their conclusions. Those who proved the flight of a Goose about one horse Power Iii Eugery Haye figured it on the follow due basis suppose a Goose to weigh 12 pounds the wings surface being Only a Little Over three Square feet the wings alone timing the Only supporting Power while flying. Such a Goose would tall through the air provided it made no motion with its wings at the rate of about 26 Miles per hour or say 2600 feet per minute. They claim that the Goose in flying must therefore perform work which is equal to raising his body 2300 feet per minute or As fast As it would fall if it triad e no Mot Ion with its wings it is quite True if a plane having a portico of 3 Square feat should be loaded with 12 pounds that it would in info gun Luu air a a late of 23u0 feet per minute and if air was propelled by mechanical Energy against the Bottom Ide of this Plaue with sufficient Force to hold it in equilibrium and prevent it from falling the Energy required to propel this column of air would be equal to lifting 12 pounds 2300 feet per minute. The conventional unit of Energy in England and America is i Pound raised one foot High we should therefore have 12 pounds x 2300 As tile Energy in foot pounds which would be 27, Coo foot pounds in one minute of time now As it requires 33,000 pounds for one horse Power they claim that it follows that a 12-Pound Goose flying exerts 12 x 2300 divided by 33,000 making .83 horse Power. This however is wide of the truth. In my experiments i have found that the advantages arising from moving Forward on to new air the inertia of which has not been disturbed would reduce the Energy required to less Thau Oue Teu fcb part of this because the air unit for a in would not yield one tenth part As much if the Goose were moving Forward at a High velocity As it would if the Goose Ren aimed in the Bine position and flapped its wings with sufficient Energy to sustain itself in Tho air without moving ahead at ail. The Goose would therefore exert no More than .083 horse Power which is rather More than halt a mail lower Aud is at the rate of 144. 6 pounds to the horse Power. With an unearthly Hiss the Serpent dashed off through the weeds Aud underbrush with a rapidity and Roar that could have been heard at a considerable distance. In its maddened Speed it broke off Bush is As thick As a Many a wrist and As it dashed through the Creek the water went churning and boiling into the air As if sent up by a Cyclone. The Medicine Man stood awestruck for a while but dually recovering his senses he began to investigate matters for his own satisfaction. He concluded from what he could see that the reptile must have been not less than 25 feet Long and As Large around the body As an Ordinary sack of flour. The color was of an Asebu Hue with a slight mixture of Green. Nor the place where the head of the reptile Lay the Medicine Man found a Short Penola Anda Small piece of paper on which was scrawled something that could not be read. The supposition prevails that this monster caught and swallowed some unfortunate person and that while the reptile was covering him with slime As All serpents do preparatory to the act of Deglutition the poor victim tried to w rite upon the slip of paper the awful Fate that befell him. Our informant stated that it was the most thrilling and exciting episode in his life and that he would not repeat it again for All of Dekalb county. Local Market report. Ill Dos. No. I. W Estern Shade dried 22 and Over per la. 8@8j no. 2, Western Shado dried. 63 no. I country Butcher per la 7@73 no. 2 a a a a a a 6 Light under 16 . 5j free of mud. Damaged and bulls.4 dry salted. 5 Green salted no. 1. 3 no. 2. 3 8kix8. No. I Short hair. Goat per la .18 improved Goat per 15 8 16 damaged and kids per la. 8 fancy Angora each.11@2.00 Deer skins prime per la. 22 a a a a second a a. 18 wild hog. Large each. 40 a a a a Small 4420 sheep skins furs. Season not opened yet beaver.2<p.50 d>4.00 Raccoon. 10 a 15c Fox. 10 a 15c Wolf,.10 a 20c wild cat.10 a 15 skunk.5@10 Possum. 3 House cat. 5 Badger. 5 beeswax per tallow a a. 3 3 mohair Choice per la. 18 a a off Grade a a .10@15 horse hair per la. 13 conv Tail a a to eggs per dozen.25 3 30 California fruit. Farm and Garden. Saving the soil. Prairie Fanner. The most exhaustive crops Are the Gram if fops that Are sold off the farm. If wheat is grown and the Grain sold even though the Straw is led to the Stock and the manure put Back upon the Laud it is More exhaustive Thau con grown and fed out on the farm and the manure applied to the soil. Mature from Straw alone even when fed to Stock is of much less fertilizing value than from Corn and Corn fodder when fed to Stock and applied to the land. By growing Clover properly the Laud May be gradually built up but this plan implies the feeding out of crop to the Stock on the farm and applying the mature or the turning of it under after a Good growth has been secured. To grow Clover Aud sell off the farm will exhaust the Fertility As certainly As growing and Selling wheat. Changing from one crop to another May lengthen the time that the soil will hold out As different plants require different elements of knt food but the growing and sell off the crops let them be what they May will gradually exhaust the Fertility and when it is worn out from growing and maturing a variety of crops the Laud is in a worse condition than if run Down from growing Only one. By growing wheat and Selling the Grain and buying bran Aud Oil meal to feed in connection with the Straw a much better fertilizer can be secured and the wheat be made a much less exhaustive crop while the att a is used to a better advantage As a feed. To save the soil a regular system of rotation of crops should he carried out growing such crops As Are Hest Adamid to the locality and feeding out to Thrifty Stock on tile farm making saving and applying of All of the maim re possible. While this May not be All that is necessary to build up a run Down soil it. Will Boot material Aid so much so that till majority of Farmers can not afford to Overlook and it aided by glowing and blowing Limiter Green crops amt of using commercial fertilizers when it can be comm to an advantage it will be found possible not Only to keep up the Fertility but in a majority of cases to increase. N. J. B. Help advertise san Antonio by sending off Tome of Tho lights Beautiful illustrated edition of German Day. Sina in copies ready for mailing to be had at the Light office at to cents per 1 k copies . 10-5 of 2 00-2 25 a a i 25�?1 40 pears 40 la. Plums 20 a a a a. Prunes 20 a a a a. Peaches 20 a a a a. Rose per grapes 40 la. Crates Tokay 40 la. Crates. Apples Northern per barrel. 25 -1 40 i 40 -2 25 3.00 3 00�?3 50 bananas per Bunch. I bo�?2 50 tomatoes Bushel boxes i 40�?1 50 Lemons Messina fancy 360. 0 oo�?6 50 extra fancy Mamorl 3008 00 raisins cal.l.l., 3 2 50 dates 60 la boxes per 07�?.07 Citron 25 la boxes per la 18�?.20 nuts pecans per la. Peanuts extra Lancy. Almonds Tarragona. Filberts. Walnuts. Brazil nuts. Coconuts per too. California Sweet chocolate 12 lb., boxes per la. Cabbage per crate heavy weight. 2 horseradish per la. Potatoes California per too . Onions California per la. Garlic new Loose per la. A a a a per string. In rout 3 bbl. 2 cheese Wisconsin full Cream. 20c Young America. 133 butter Creamery fancy. Dairy butter. Pickles a bbl. To Gal Ion kegs. Chile per Pound. Cider n. Y. State per 3 bbl. Beans mexican per Pound., Beans Lima per la. Beans Navy per la. Ham a a. Lard a a. Corn per Bushel. Oats a a. Hay per Hundred. 7c 6 c�?7c 18c�?20c 13c 12c�?13c Ioc 6 of 18c 50�?2 75 to i of 2�?2 Cioc 75c 85�?3 of 133�?14c special bargain 500 acres on Medina River Short distance from san Antonio improved All can be cultivated line soil never failing water apply to 8-6 it John t. Hambleton a co. A Aurelle Oil. Prevents tendency to wrinkles or ageing of the skin. Prevents withering of the skin or drying up of the flesh. Natures wonder for preserving youth and Irish Ess ll.00 Large bottles at druggists. I to All whom it May concern a greeting you Are hereby notified that i am the legally constituted Assignee of Paul wid Man and Meyer Astor lately doing business As partners under the style of said firm name of Widman pfc Astor it no. 325 East Houston Street san Antonio. Texas and at Uvalde Texas who on Tho 10th Dav of october a. D. 1891, As signed to me ail their estate both real and personal for the Benefit of such of their creditors As May consent to accept said assignment receive their proportional share of the net proceeds of the assigned estate and discharge them from their respective claims. All creditors disposed to accept Tho same Are requested to make known their consent to me in writing within four months from the publication of this notice and no creditor not assenting shall take any Benefit under the assignment. My Post office address is no. 403 West Commerce Street. San Antonio Texas. Leopold m. Michael Assignee. San Antonio Texas oct. 17,1891. 3w lie. Man cel Anda Siliceo of the mexican bar Dudley in Norris of the new York bar Post office department. Week Days. Stamp window opens 8, a. In. 44 44 closes a 6, p. In. General delivery opens 8, a. In. A a 44 closes a p. In. Registry window opens 9, a. In. 44 a a closes 5, p. In. Money order window opens 9, a. In. 4 44 44 closes 4 30 p. In. General. Delivery and Carrier windows open on sunday from 8 30 to 10 30, a. In. S. M. Johnson postmaster. A Chance for builders. For Sale thirty four shares paid up Stock in the International building and loan association. 9-4-Fcf t. B. Johnson. The in a sch Saloon Cor. Dolorosa and South Flores Street. A gentlemen s resort the finest of Domestic and imported Lepors. Fines Ani Gips. A cordial Welcome toll. Andi Siliceo am Norris Grawford amp Brown pm it Quot Gelors James t. Bradys counsellors at Law. Mirador Dijla Alameda no. 7 1-2, City of Mexico. Opp. Southern hotel office bar is Headquarters for stockmen and other gentlemen who know where to get something Good in the Way of liquid refreshments. 14c 25c 20c 4 50 3 50 -22c 4 50 4 m 43 53 434 la 1134 my 70 a 75 40 a 42 65 As an anti wind Catcher compare this Tilting Tower Aud its a motor with an Ordinary Windmill and you will find that it presents a tithe of the wind surface to the grasp of the storm that storm that other does. For information descriptive circulars and prices address. K five lots in Grandview. Ala bargain. Finest located property Otho City. T b. Johnson Light of no e1 the Worth of your Money. Go to Piggott a and get the Worth of your Money in wagons or carriages. Horse shoeing and painting a specially. Cor. A Aston and Soledad streets. 8 9 3m to the creditors a travelling Many a Snake Story. Mayesville to a travelling Salesman who is in the employ of an Eastern Medicine Arm has had an experience that he will not soon forget. He was driving along in the Timber which skirts Grindstone Creek in the Eastern Parte the county. The warm weather had made him drowsy Aud he has fallen into adore when his team suddenly stopped Aud snorted As if in fear he was awake in a moment Aud looked to see w hat excited his team. He could see nothing except a Large log that w As lying across the Road ahead of him some 39 or 40 Yards. He urged his team Forward but the animals re fused to move and showed that they were thoroughly frightened. He was puzzled. Finally he became suspicious tha probably some men were lying behind the log waiting for him to drive up when they would Rob him. Getting out of his vehicle he turned his learn around in the Road and securely fastened them. Then taking from under the seat a heavy revolver he advanced toward the log expecting each moment to see a gun pointed at him. But he kept on advancing until he was close enough to look Over the log Aud see that there was nothing to fear. The Peculiar appearance of the log attracted his attention and stepping up he put out his hand to feel Tao bark. Horror upon horrors the supposed log was nothing else than a monstrous in amp a. Springing Back some Twenty Steps he fired upon the reptile. The Hall struck it and glanced Ort and we aut whizzing through the leaves. Of the Maverick Bank. A a san Antonio Tex., oct. In. 1891.�?it appealing that about four Hundred and lifts creditors of the Maverick Bank representing an aggregate indebtedness or about sixty thousand dollars , neglected to tile their several claims against tie assigned estate of Sam Maverick within the time pre scribed by Law and Are therefore denied participation in Tho assigned est ufos and mule standing thai such neglect to file was in most instances caused by oversight or ignorance of the Law and desiring to see those creditors protected equally with the others who flied their claims and having Faith in the assigned estate of Sam Maverick ultimately paying the debts Iii full with a surplus sufficient to reimburse us therefore we the undersigned will pay to the creditors of the Bank who have tatted to file their claims when the amount due shall be certified from the Hooks or the Bank by the custodian thereof and air proved by us. Tile same percentages As have been and May be hereafter paid by the As Pignee on the filed chums that is immediate in on Knell claims being certified approved and accepted by us As just claims against the Maverick Bank we will pay a percentage thereon equal to the percentage that May have been at the Ottmo of such Transfer paid by the Assignee upon claim duly filed against the assigned estate Aud new Fol pay thereafter on such claims additional percentages equal to percentages thereafter paid by the Assignee on filed claims. W e Reserve the Rig tit to reject i any claims not considered by us to be just. I to will hold the claims so transferred to us i under this proposition not us charges or claims against the assigned estate Aud they shall on be repaid to us from such Catalo Atter it shall have paid in full the creditors who hied their claims. Creditors desiring to accept this proposition must present their claims to Albert Maverick at his office during the sixty Days from november 12, iwo to Ian nary to 1h92, inclusive Ami must tie prepared to assign to us their claims taking our obligations to carryout the terms of this proposition. Therefore take notice that claims not pre tented on or before january to 1892, will not be considered by us. Geo Rok m. Maverick w. H. M War Ink. May a. Maverick i0.jy2.wks wu2t Maverick location a of the san Antonio fire alarm boxes no. Location. 12 Cor 8 Flores and Gilbeau. 13 Cor s Flores and Arsenal. 14 j unc s Laredo Aud East. 15 june Laredo and s Pecos. 16 Cor s Flores and Arkansas. 17 Cor 8 Flones and Lachapelle. Apr ii crossing 18 Union Stock Yards. 19 Cor s Salado and Vera Cruz. 31 i amp g n r k Stock Yards san Luis. 23 Cor Medina and Vav Commerce i amp g no r 24 corny Commerce and Pecos. 25 Cor Pecos and Matamoras. 2b Central office military Plaza. 37 Cor Houston and s Flores. 28 Cor Houston Aud san Saba 29 Cor Leona a it Morales City Hospital. 81 Cor Mori aes and n Salado. 82 Cor Leal and Comal. 84 Cor Hidalgo and East. 85 Cor Acequia and Rodriguez 36 june san Pedro ave and Camden 2nd Ward Hose 87 Cor san Pedro ave and Elmira. 38 Cor Warren and Jackson. 41 Cor san Pedro ave and Laurel. 42 june Laurel and Fredericksburg Road John feats store 43 Cor san Pedro ave and Locust san Pedro Springs and car stables. 45 Cor Poplar and main ave. 46 Cor main ave and Macon. 47 Cor Lexington ave and Augusta. 128 Cor Soledad and Salinas 12t Cor k. Houston and St. Mary a. 125 Cor e. Houston and ave a no. 2 in glue House. 12�i Cor Martin and Jefferson. 127 Cor ave i and eighth. 182 Cor ave b and ninth. 134 Lone Star brewery grand ave. 185 Cor grand ave and Austin Sunset Hose. 18ft Cor Austin and Duval. 142 Cor Austin and Carson. 14 i Cor military ave and Grayson. 145 Cor Austin ave and Grayson. 1.52 Cor military ave Aud Crosby. 153 Cor rive Aud Burleson. 154 Cor Olive and Nolan. 313 Cor Burnet and Walnut. 214 Cor ave e and sixth. 315 Cor ave d and fifth. 216 Cor k Commerce and Alamo. 217 Cor Nacogdoches and Nolan. 231 Cor Crockett and Bowie. 234 Cor k Commerce and Walnut. 285 Cor water and North Reid Uanno a Mill 241 Cor water and Goliad. 243 Cor Goliad and Santa Clara 251 j one water and a Lamo Mission Hose 258 Cor Camargo and labor. 261 Cor i b Esa and Pereida. 312 Cor Alamo and Villita. 314 Cor Quinta and Nueva. 315 Cor Market and Yturry no. I engine House 316 Cor Garden and Villita electric Light station 321 Cor Garden and Mill. 824 Cor Mill and Adams. 825 Cor Beauregard Ami Mill. 412 c orking William and Turner. San Antonio Tex. A. Heusinger hardware Steves tin and Granite Ware. Wagon of serial. Nails paints Oil Ami Ola agricultural implements and wagons Iron steel Ami nails. West Side military Plaza. Now is the time to make Money in buy ing property. The following list is Only a Small portion of the Many line bargains now being offered by Jno. T. Hambleton amp co real estate agents office at no. 4 fast Commerce Street three very Large lots of govern Meu Hill one half Block from car line. Three room cottage on Austin Street lot 57 1-2x145 feet. Five acres 011 san Antonio River suitable for subdivision convenient to Street car line. Seven room House on Elmira Street stable water works Etc. Two houses on Blum Street renting for $40. Per month. House of six rooms with Bath. To 52x160011 Monterey Street House almost new. New House of six rooms on Chestnut Street. Lot 66x140 feet. Fine apiece of improved property 011 North Flores Street. Lot 120x180 feet this is a bargain. A desirable piece of property on Avenue a can be bought cheap a Fine Corn Era on Avenue c near Houston Street. Two lots on Buena Vista Street convenient to Street car. Fine Block of 12 lots on Tobin ill ill. Large Lotak to feet Jou ditch and Rock Quarry Road. Elegant to o Story House to rooms with All modern improvements first neigh or Hood and centrally located five room House stable lot 150 feet. A few Steps from car line. 170 acres Fine land ii Miles from san Antonio on Goliad Road 70 acres in cultivation Good House 4 rooms 200 bearing a each Trees. 422 acres farming land in Hays Aud Comal counties 10 Miles from sail Marcos 4 room House never failing Spring j 40 Yards from House school and Post i office half mile from place. Drop in to Bradys once and you will be sure to Call again. 8-12-ti if you want a drink of the Fine old Woodland of 188? drop in at the Silver King Saloon Corner of Flores Aud West Commerce Street on the East Side of military Plaza. To b Tuttle proprietor. Also the finest brands of imported and Domestic wines liquors and cigars. 910 Excelsior steam laundry i no. 33 Alamo Plaza opposite mender hotel. Telephone 660. Collars Ani offs a specially 1clothes called for and delivered free of charge work guaranteed first class. David Kirkwood sanitary Engineer and plumber la s. Alamo St., Telephone 440. Modern sanitary plumbing a specially. N. . Kirkwood employees Only sex Der 1-Eneed plumbers and consequently those can ular with All the requirements of modern plumbing for this climate. This is a sufficient guarantee of first class orly 5-25-3m m. Herwick a dealer in a paints and oils Glass amp Wall paper. Agent for Geo. W. Pitkin amp cons Zinc paste. House training and painting a specially. No. 12 Alamo Street. B a so bbl House Aud sign Painter shop on East Commerce Street opposite St. Josephus Catholic Church. None but the very Best material used and Good honest work at reasonable Pricer satisfaction warranted every time

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