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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 19, 1891, San Antonio, TexasChi Lxi Dicj let. Moi Day october 19, 1891. What is tour son to be a Field offered 8y the grow ing electric business. The a if Klec tru Ltd i so Liat it faster tji Nii enl n by to handle paid. Making Glai the waste Waist places that s what i Call making glad the Waist said to Iii Alison us he put Liis Arm Karoumi a lady s but Lilly won t care much for this show of affection if Smithson does t Gret rid of that of he won t so mob a a Tali him thai or. Sage s Catarrh remedy will cure him. By its mild soothing Antiseptic cleansing and Lio Achig properties or. Sage s Catarrh remedy euros the worst cases of Catarrh in the head thousands can testify. In the cured a few applications. Headache is relieved and cured As if by magic. In perfect Faith the makers of or. Fage s Catarrh the world s dispensary medical association of Buffalo n. Y., offer to pay to any one suffering from chronic Catarrh in the head whom they cannot cure. Now if the conditions were reversed they asked you to pay for a positive cure you might hesitate. Here Are reputable men with years of Honor Able dollars and a Back of them they in i v in themselves. In t it in t any trial preferable to rail Road time table. I. G. N. Railroad. Departures. For St. Louis via Iron or m., k. And t. 5 a. M for St. Louis via Iron Mountain r 00 p. M for Laredo a. In arrivals. From St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. A. M from St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And to p. M from Laredo p. A Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leaves for Evv Orleans Houston Ami Galveston a. In. And j p. M arrives from the East. Arrives from new Orleans Houston and Galveston 7 a. In. And p. M through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass p. In arrives from sail Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass a. M s. A. A. P. Railroad. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville daily except sunday 00 p. M leaves for Galveston Houston Ami Kiu Cuero daily Irloa. M leaves for Corpus Christi mock port and Beeville daily 1 p. In arrivals. From Orrville daily from Corpus Christi Rockport Beeville Dally p. M from Galveston Houston and Duero daily p. M Mallory Steamer sail from valves Tob every wednesday and saturday. Piso s remedy for Catarrh is the Best easiest to use and cheapest. Catarrh sold by druggists or sent by mail. 60c. A. T. Hazeltine. Warred a. And whiskey habits cured at in in qua out Jiin. Hook of Ticu Arm it La Sehah St. Of Nond Traad. Pennyroyal pills original and Only it Aulne Safe always reliable. Ladies it by All local drug Guu. Mond Brand in cd Metalik Grajed with Blue ribbon. No other. Kruuse Mai sit tons and at or 4fc in for particulars testimonials aug Lillef for by i to Nix . Paper. On so Psi into chemical to., 1 it the daily Light Only 50 Cente a month delivered s3.75o will buy a handsome cottage residence of 7.__ with Bath stable carnage House Chick in House Wood House Etc. Hydrant water iarg3 lot with Shade tree and neat and clean about four blocks from military Plaza will . Of. Hafs Iokton co two men were Bitting face to face be tin tracks on Row the Solhei Day to Fec med to be a a Augeros for they could not follow their work and at the same time keep their on the rattling teams on either hand they to their elbows in. Or the cars would Hump them. They Sua and at a manhole testing cables of win Winch were in the subway by Tirath. Fol Ali had the end of a Cable in baud and a portable Square the size of a Nijjar bos in Trout of in but a few years the Man engaged in connecting win s in tins Way touched tace tip of each wire in turn to the tip of if there arts run through i wire tie Felt a Little ail a our Tate a did this the whole i was none the worst for i Ece Ivin so Many slight elec tru Shik is Ami so Nuch it a very pm Nave Tost but a very Good one. And of wire testers still use it i a hurry but soon a a Alvau Onie Tei made which not Only finds the i urge ii out some idea of its strength the rapid Way in which in a edition has upon invention in the elect work is marvelous Aud it seems surprising lust a Surri client num of workmen of sufficient intelligence should be found in such a hurry to practically pal these into use. A question upon this very Point was put to a Weil known electrician who happened to saunter by the two men at work. Mad Wouk it is Only surprising in a tie said As a matter of fact the Busi Ness has much faster than the intelligence necessary to handle it and Many accidents Are due to that fact. The a Lerinc people at first had to rely very largely on the workmen by the Telegraph companies Ami Hoth had to draft in a Large number of new men and train them to the work. Any Man with a Little knowledge of mechanics and the handling of tools noon makes a Good lineman there is no great ski 11 required Exi ept in rare that the wire does not become abraded in handling while the Good wages paid for the seventy five dollars a great inducement. But the business has undoubtedly suffered its rapid Progress for the want of skilled men. And the Market is by no Means overstocked yet. July the other Day of e of the new York companies had to Send to the new eng land Cable company to borrow men to make jousts in City lims some of the underground work too Lias been badly Lone out much of this has beet finite As much due to keen com petition and the proverbial Economy of the unscientific stockholders. When it i 11v costing from i i mile the stockholder a i a to to about it cheap wire is too often a in suit one of the electric Light companies runs an alternating cur rent and it now begins to find All Over the country that wires Are already becoming faulty they cannot stand the Strain Chance for Young Wen. One of the things at ten Tion of electric men l. To 11.d insulator which is and Leavy alternating currents by Bias of ii As much a matter of cheap material a unskilled labor workmen a Union no not yet there is an association called the Sik piety of electrical Engi neers " where do the Eizig queers and executive men come Good Many of Heads of depart ments have their training at the various schools of teen urology such As the Stev ens Institute Cornell University the Massachusetts school of technology la deed nearly the universities have classes in electricity now they ply a Good Deal of the Talent for the Busi Ness these Young Fellows from the schools of technology have started in the Black Smith shop and worked right up and the Only thing a out electrical matters they have no knowledge of is the Busi Ness end of it. They easily find positions at from to a month at the Start and readily get More according to the ability they display it is i great business for a Man to get into whether he us educated or not. There is such an enormous Field for the application of electric Power outside of the electric Light. See now fast the electric Street cars have grown through out the country then there Are the Tneia almost innumerable applications a the Force Wal soon be in de Mand no. Sir. The skilled Vork Xian who goes into the electric business of whatever Grade to May be. A eel feel no fears of his Market being Over York advertiser. Have seen a Lovery Gin appear to tuna a Long whispered conversation with her Beau three tunes after leaving him for the night in now alien Ghe reached her room again she thought of another thing to say before disrobing Aud yet again in her wrapper. After she had made herself otherwise ready Tor bed. Aud at that time there were other lovers talking from one bal Cony to another others in the Grove in rout of the great hotel others on the Board walks leading to the Village and still others i doubt not every where that the Moon shone and the breezes fanned the i Laid. Julian Ralph in new York Sun Crom this out Ai the memorable l St the fastest Liv the to a aging u per a econ ref Only rom Mit i . The seconds Mil in 4-.v-, i aver Philadelphia a for two agents of or. Cross the naturalist of Carl Street. Liverpool have been engaged in Lilia in the collection of the in jilt being that a cargo of reptiles has just arrived in Liverpool after traversing the Jungle d Tricis. Lie collectors succeeded in capturing or purchasing from the natives who joined in the Hunt about Tuo some of them Ion been fett in being secured fifty died on the journey to survive the Pav a a h when tile of transit were in Long cases. Through Whu ii. Of course were bored Ivor am feeding 1 ii in the number of about were at or. Cro Scarle Street but so excited they on escaping then Long confinement that they gave considerable trouble tie assistants Iuen to recapture them As they wound than serves with remarkable alacrity Bannister s. Natl the legs bodies of who happened to in the Way. Which happily Bave not proved serious of the larger ones also took to swallowing the smaller Fry. To place some of the Large Fellows in the cases reserved for them required the United strength of three men Anil or. Cross himself had several times to be delivered from like coils of the creatures. The have now commenced to Lay eggs of which there is already a Small collection Large a number of snakes has not been seen before in this country but the demand for them from societies Snake charmers and others appears to be larger than would be readily Lames Gazette a Stern Host. There was a society wedding recently duly assisted at the satisfied and admiring relatives of the very Youthful wide and Groom had denouement too amusing be carefully kept from gossip s keen ears it seems that on accomplishing the first stage of the Ding journey a Hall made at a Mountain hotel the Only one in the Small summer resort which it adorned the pair descended from their Carriage but instead of a sining landlord eager acid the Trost Stern eyed i u be commented to the when after leaving ins lit the reception room he had followed the landlord to the office to secure apartments Aud no runaway cout a s Eail tie Here. 1 a u boy. Tollace that Young girl Home at once without an instant s toss of nine the husband pro tested. h giving his Iloine in Lenti is i landlord was not to lie duped by Sacii manuf a i and the Nev by made Hene Dfcia had to the humiliation of permitting h dispatch to be sent to his her killing Fot tiie reply Xmas prompt and it jul to the enic Agency pending ils arrival the Uii Happy kept under surveillance in the Public Point of Lew in new York times. For to those have and pennyroyal As a bios Quito by xxx Shoum try men Thol Wax i trom leu to Twenty have u tiie bite is netted with immediately after Punk Tiliva v. Rub died with tile menthol unit i the Meir ii is file the will e rely disappear and to Euie utter tiie or two r. 3 i real Panacea and very Little known truth. Nisi Ore. M 4i.-t Verat of Napoleon i. Whin Tinia a muss mail was t. C by in Tsien the four footed Warrior went through the remainder of the struggle with the stamp of two armies on his owner that when he wan purchased i he was 10 years old so thai forty Sumners and forty Winters Over ins now tooth less head his partner in harm Tui is re put Rel to years old. But his life Baa Only an Ordinary one. And in per Sonal appearance he is far below the Wax horse. Washington Star i old clothes r Tine Tiree shilling a r t c Kennelley a Lebanon. S. Tile y is acid c motor Lattle an enthusiastic Fisherman Connecticut the any Oins Home comforts his residence on the Vii Limanti River i Roku a window Lias Strung a wire across to the top of a tree in to Over a very Good Hole he Las clocked the . And with a Ami a reel he slides Hook sinker line Down the wire to the Block the con tact releases the reel. Is it unwinds the drops Nito water and sitting at Home a can Leel i a and Ami a seer his prey and pulls i Iii Hidel the of next Ter Ltd Zidori is too Itam 40v portraits Luiei who adorned four years four Lindred men is a in Lonarae Tor Jiaxu of one Sovereign us Iconium through the list. Kuril a seen to the with a Deal o they Are All so tar distinguished Walter be Sant writes Liat Timir names will Ici Iown to eve Ryti Ody who visits the Jal Leiy and Roeii Odds portraits he says How Many of those who hmm at the catalogue will ask any awkward will certainly not be issued her majesty s As to the t on mention Between honors and notion. Siu to distinction As can conferred by rank and title and such As is rained by work and Genius for tiie real of the Remijn will the Iii sense Advance of Sci Enre in minors have been to men of St ii Krohr Charles Dar win Faraday Huxley. Tyndall. Stephenson Herschel Lyell. Murchison. These in any other which had Mich things to be Tow would live in made of Ijiri Ruti Witry Here they Are tossed a Ici Nhit Sooil. In the list with a i a London Shemilt of the Otty tin re is 1" the Seiju e of the reign the will be its Binef what Nas in i Loi the authors. of tins what peerages or or lera of hath Nave been granted to t or owning swim borne. Hallau. Lilo Banc Kitore i Vee a these Grain. To re a Elium Euf coming in More Ilu a in ii Ocial Flowers laces. And o her a ii Jour Are u a r Icelic in tried Iii i l Lulu .1-. . Hole i p. The government which is Active in perfecting its Small but Power Ful Fleet has Given a practical Demon stration of the value of cellulose a do sense against the Entrance of water Fol lowing the piercing of a ship of War by a projectile. The vessel upon which the Experiment was tried the Hecla the latest addition to tiie Fleet. While at Anchor another Cruiser tiie a Salon took position about forty five Yards from the Hecla. Which is protected with an inside lining of lose three feet thick. The Absalon discharged a projectile from a 5 Inch gun which pierced the Hecla at a Point near the Irav and at the water line the latter inane Daiely got under Way and cruised about for three hours the water in the meant True flow ing freely above the holes caused by the shot. The . Which dilated upon Contact with the water gave results apparently efficient inasmuch As tiie compartment which had Iven pierced at the conclusion of the three hours cruise contained but trifling Quantity of water. Now Orleans Picayune. A mile in forty by flail. A mile in is. Or r to the rate of Over 90 an the fastest run Ever made he n Railroad Ain. Uni Jara Litu died Oil the Liui irid Railroad in tween be Shumny Luiis and Langl Orue by engine no drawing two Ordinary coaches pres Lent .Leod a private car heading which is to two Miles were a the train was . Pulling out of the Union v spot Sun May a Excel Lent Young out slips bearing the title where we go Oil Sun a fellow got one of these and a entering the car when a v Yuri read that what do you think of it Sai tilsit said to. Rais you re not going off with this not remain Al biome and attend 1 would in of use Mam. 1 cannot sing others can s All right Mam out 1 can t talk in can Luik for i can t h. We i Pray for 1 can a is Success at that a let others to your fishing for a. No Mam pm no what Ever i am i want nobody lost on no Couit. Therefore f u go Ami Trio Siil Moghta which is a the . Under Ileath qty paper a to be used Iti lieu place of Gold at iwanic of at 1 t is tiie of the mint hid pm 1 the the minister of the Treasury the Sac red and is guarded by the three i mint we nose in v is Topaum it. York and without flame. I or two put is of phosphorus. Of the of be enclosed in a Fitall bottle in of Oil and kept for souk Stirle time Tho air space in the bottle will become filled with a will but maybe renewed by simply unit tiie bottle Light will be Given out to Tell the time by in fact this method is used by watch inn Miu some places where explosives Are stored. York recorder. This mile. The v. To j at r a Endo the i was. Broken. In it y rated that the inst horse that tiie powder of at re died i Short time ago. Hut George Mortimer a Fanner no near Arlington. A. He ran lung r. Neighbors to prove that the old Ziy horse which he owns and every two weeks drives into town not Only followed the Union army for some time Over the Hills and through the valleys of Vir inia. But was eat inured and branded by the remained in their Possession a tit the Battle of Berkeley Springs . When t la i Volun to Irv re negate Wils by the there is a minister in Brooklyn who told the writer a harrowing thief of deception of which he was the victim. After he had performed the ceremony a Youni couple at the parsonage the bridegroom slipped a fat Evelune b the the i Uii ily Bible. If to say you be Well earned the clergy Man nodded Torii Ike ugly. 1 Peni d that he said. Do you sup Oso 1 found in a goodly sum in sir no. Sir Twenty sheets of copy paper such report Etc . And on the was written inlay is wealth. This. Wipe your razor of -1 Trio Doit into the it old to de Clare Vork the treatment owls receive from Man evinces to recognition of their Valuet. No gratitude for Timeir Large Small they Are shot to serve is ornaments to the parlor or to do Brief duty for a season on a Fash Maut then to be cast aside Aad foil coir a

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