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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 19, 1886, San Antonio, Texas A go gaily Gigot. T essay october 18,1886. Railroad time table. I. Amp g. N. Railroad. De Ahtu Hes. For St. Louis via to. A. Route. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain. For St. Louis via Missouri Pacific. For Laredo. Arrivals. Iv., St. Louis Missouri Pacific from St. Louis via Iron Mountain from St. Louis via Missouri Pacific. From Laredo. 4 00 p. In. 6 30 a. In. 6 30 p. In .11 46 a. M ,10 50 p. M 10 50 p. M. 11 Ojo a. In. 3 15 p. In q., h. Amp s. A. Railroad. Ones train to new Orleans Ija Lyth Kough kxukkk8 Kast daily leave for new Orleans Houston and Galveston. 8 00 a. In arrive from the East. Arrive from new Orleans Houston Aud Galveston. 7 25 p. In through West leave for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass. 7 50 p. In arrive from Hun t Franciseo Elpaso and Eagle pass. 7 30 a. In s. A. Amp a. P. Railroad. Arriva us and departures. Until further notice our trains will run daily except sunday As follows southbound trains. Leave san Antonio. 8.00 a. In. Leave Beeville at. .4.45 p. In. Leaves Mesquita.8.85 p. In. Arrives at Corpus Christi Junction. 0 15 p. In. Northbound trains. Leaves Corpus Christi junction____6 40 a. In. Leave Mesquita. 7.15 a. In. Leave beeville.10.26 a. In. Arrive it Situ Antonio. 6.30 p. In. Cures rheumatism neuralgia Hackner. Headache Toothache sprains i in la cd rte., Etc. Price fifty cents. At thu hoists Ano dealer the Charles a. Voo Kler co. Isa i timor. By. For Fol through Dak use a our life in Australia. Quot fellow eur. Lump you have done harm enough to those whose bread you have eaten. Ii you have any gratitude Tell them where this Man Archer nay be a in the Bush where hell Hurt no one any a what do you mean a a that he went mad i think and tried to ride through the Bush lire. His horse however swerved and bolted and or. Archer was thrown violently to the ground. When we went up to him we found a Sharp hard splinter had entered his Eye. Ile was dead. We tried to drag him away but the lire was upon us so we left a enough a broke in the colonel who had raised Flo to his Saddle. A what remains to be told had better be reserved until we reach the station. Gentlemen my Good Fellows come our search is ended you will need on reaching the Shady Creek and being seated once More Side by Side in the sitting room Flo whose heart was Light and Happy now refused to Tell her adventure until she had heard How the sea had Given Back the supposed dead. A it did not give me Back a laughed Philip for it never had me. A few words will Clear up the mystery. We had not been Many Days at sea before my wound which had taken a chill began to show angry symptoms. So much so that the Captain w shed to put me on Shore by the doctors advice at the Cape. I refused. But i grew worse in fact was so bad that i was Given Over and was landed in a state of insensibility when i knew nothing about it. Oil my coming to the first thing they told me when i was Strong enough was of the loss of the clan Buchanan. I perceived directly that you would imagine me to have perished and at any Cost i resolved to return Here before proceeding to England. I did so and reached Shady Creek this morning to find a letter from or. Laurie had just preceded me. Not Only did it announce that my Uncle was better but contained an enclosure from himself requesting me to return As he forgave everything. Dearest i shall obey him but i take a wife with me who concluded As he Drew her to his heart. A and now Darling Tell me of this Herbert Flo complied and when on concluding Philip Bathurst a rage broke Forth she said solemnly putting her hand on his lips a hush Philip dear. Remember you Are speaking of the # # a month later when the ship Albatross sailed from port Philip to England it baffled our five friends As passengers. A a May per majesty Luvie no Call to Send a message or condolence this time a laughed Philip As lie stood with Pis Young Pride watching the receding shores of Australia. A i hear my Darling you were not very grateful for a a a but then you were not drowned a she smiled up at him. A i must have had in intuitive perception of that dear and been unconsciously aware that i had no right to the sympathy conveyed in the message from the the and. The uss of Richmond Hill chapter i. A be friends sweetheart and i Promise never to disappoint you again a a i could forgive you More easily Bob of i did not know that you spent the evening at tile Fishers. You know i Ain jealous of Audrey yet you will go there to make me miserable i suppose. Then you come and coax me into forgiveness and repeat the offence directly you Are tempted to do a a done to be Cross Jessie it spoils the effect of that pretty Pearl the pretty Brunette put her Little sieved hand to her head and patted her Ark curly fringe As she said a just look at the rain i wonder the Bonnet is not spoilt and auntie gave to o guineas for it at Elise Bon looked w Ith interest at the sort of beaded Cap that was made entirely of pearls with just ii knot of deep Crimson velvet to fasten it under the dimpled Chin. Jessie Venti Imore w As As pretty a girl As one could find in it Days March tall and erect As a Young Birch with full bust slim Waist and All the Graceful curves of Thorwaldsen a Venus. Just now her Dusky eyes a Igloo med upon her Lover yet the sensitive lips with their pomegranate Bloom broke into a tender smile and one shapely hand w As held out to Snow she could be Friendly in a second soft hearted Little spit fire As she was. Bob Raynor saw her relenting and eagerly clasped the Little hand Iii his while be least Forward and sealed his 1>eace upon her vivid lips in a lingering Ciss. A ooh Bob. Suppose someone saw a not Likely love but if anyone did envy would be their splash splash beat beat came the rain As they stood beneath the archway of the old Palace for shelter till the courtyard was full of glittering pools and Jessie a tight Newmarket coat was Damp with the Drifting rain drops. It seems natural to fall into silence while watching the tears of tile sky fall to freshen the Earth which it soothes More when it weeps than when it smiles. Bobs proud Loving eyes were eagerly drinking Iii tile pensive Beauty of his sweethearts looks and feeling his fond regard she looked up hushing into fresh loveliness beneath his ardent gaze. A Rex has come Home. Bob a has he pet i am sorry for that. I do Hope he w ill not persecute you with his unwelcome attentions As he did last it is unwelcome still is it not in belief a you know it is. I would give ten a a ears of my life to be rid of ins mad Ove making it makes me wretched. Do you know. Bob sometimes though i know How silly it is i feel afraid of him he is so fierce so relentless and a i w ish i could take you away from them Darling and keep you to myself. It maddens me to know that Yon Are exposed to your cousins cruelly covetous love. When the year is out i Hope to he Able to ask you to throw in your lot with mine Darling to be my precious Little wife. Do you tii Ink you will care to come a a need you ask me that Bob a a no i Don t tii Ink i need yet it is so Sweet to hear you confess your love that i can to resist the temptation to make you own it. Say you love me a Hove you dearly Bob a answered the girl simply with Lier Radiant dark eyes earnestly answering the love Light in ids. A when will you meet me again ladybird let it be soon and try to stay longer with a i will meet you by the River close to the railway Bridge to Morrow evening at nine if i can get rid of a hang real say you will where there a a will there s a Way you know and a woman is always full of resources you can be a cunning Little rogue when you like Little a Well then i will come even if i have to run away from Rex and Rouse his evil temper. He has got a temper it makes auntie quake As though she were the Earth and he a slumbering Volcano. See the rain is Over now and i declare there a a splendid Rainbow. What glorious colors one end dips right Over tile House tops Jessie Drew Bob out of the archway and they stood a second looking at the Broad expanse of sky with tile vivid arc of Promise crowding it with jewel tints. A let me see you to the foot of the Hill pet for i suppose you must be off. Its nearly six of clock and i know you Dine at seven a a yes i must go dear but i wish you we Ould not come any further with me we might meet Rex and it we Ould Only cause a useless quarrel and upset auntie who is not at All Well Good Bye then my own Darling i shall count the hours till we meet a Good Bye Boh dear. Mind you must not dirt with miss Fisher for my a i never did flirt we Ith her my Queen Only in your jealous imagination. I respect her too much to Muse sport of her with love which should be a woman a religion a Good gift from her pure heart that should be rewarded by an equal return and even if you did not exist i could not love Audrey Fisher though she is a dear Good Jolly Little a nah and a a not when you Are by Jessie you know a nonsense you Only Tell me that to make me believe you done to Admire blonde beauties. But now really i must go let go my hands. I wont fail. To Morrow night at nine. Good Bye. A Good Bye Bob lifted his hat and stood a second looking after the Graceful girlish figure that Flitte Ilso soon out of sight. Then he sighed and set his face in the opposite direction and walked swiftly till he came to a quiet Street where the houses had a respectable old world look. In the Centre of the wide Street standing Back As though in dignified Reserve from its lesser neighbors stood a handsome red Brick mansion called the poplars. The Hall door we As wide open and guarded by a Noble bloodhound. Or. Raynor smiled As the hound sprang out to Welcome his master. A momentary Pride of birth and his old Home swelled bobs heart As he looked up at the glinting window s and tall Trees. Bob entered the shadowy Hall where stained windows made patches of Bright color. A pretty Pale girl came out to Welcome him a girl with his own open honest look and the same candid deep set dark fringed Grey eyes. A i expected you Home to four of clock Tea a did you dear i am sorry i could not come. I was detained. Have you been lonely a a ooh no Audrey Fisher dropped in and of All people in the world Rex a what on Earth did he want Here a a i done to know he made himself very pleasant and went away with Audrey. Are you vexed dear a a not vexed exactly Only i can to quite understand this sudden friendliness on or. Yenn Imoree a part. Perhaps he fancied he should find Jessie a dear Jessie i wish she could come Bob. I miss her dreadfully but i suppose it is better she should stay away of it is her aunts wish a brother and sister had entered a Rose scented parlor a quaint apartment with painted windows dark panelled Walls with a look of sombre grandeur about it. A big China bowl full of Spring Flowers stood in the Centre of an inlaid table and beside it a shabby velvet lounge chair with cosy cushions. Bob Sank into it wearily he had been up half the night before and his round Hail tired him that Day a sudden oppression of spirits had come upon him. Violet kissed his hot forehead fondly then rang a Bell which summoned neat handmaid. A have you any hot Strong Tea in the Kitchen Susan a a yes a then bring or. Raynor a cup at once a you need not have troubled about me Violet i Ain Only a Little a yes dear and Ute Tea will refresh or. Raynor took the Tea and drank it gratefully thinking All tile while of Jessie a Loving looks As she turned to smile upon him at parting. Meanwhile Jessie had hurried up the Hill and was met half Way up by her Cousin hex a handsome Gipsy faced Young fellow Wiio asked Lier Curtly where bile had been. A for a walk a she answered. A what in tile rain a a ooh i stood a where a to be continued announcements. For the legislature. We an authorized to announce the name of Theo. H. Banks As a candidate for the legislature at the ensuing election. November is 1886. For the legislature. The Light is authorized to announce j judge i. C. Robinson As a candidate for j the legislature at the ensuing election i november. _ the Light is authorized to announce w. J. J Al Ngkai by As a candidate on the re Gular democratic ticket for the legislature at the election november 2nd. For District attorney we Are authorized to announce Oscar Bergstrom As a candidate for District. Attorney at the ensuing election in november. For Hustle of the peace. The Light is authorized to announce w. W. Herron As a candidate for the office of one of tile justices of the peace for precinct no i at the ensuing election in november. For hide inspector. Thelton Ris authorized to announce John p. Campbell As a candidate for reelection to the office of inspector of hides and animals. Of Bexar county at the november election. We Are authorized to announce j. Morin As a candidate for the office of cattle Aud hide inspector at the coming election in november. Til drs. Weathers a Hays practitioners of the progressive Medicine and surgery. Special attention to i eases of women and children. Slates at nettle a a drugstore. Private office 273 Commerce St. Office hours to to 12 a. Iii. 3 to 6 p in. Telephone 118. Of Justice of Tho peace precinct no. 1. The Light is authorized to announce Chaa. M. Barnes Asti candidate for one of the two justices of the peace precinct no. Lot Bexar county at the ensuing election. We Are Apo sized to announce 8. W. Mcallister As a candidate for toe office of Justice of the peace precinct no. I Bexar county at the ensuing election in november. For Constable precinct no. I. We Are authorized to announce As candidate Rafael r. Martinez for the office of Constable for precinct no. I at the election in novem Ber who solicits the support of All citizens. The Light is authorized to announce my. John a. Ferris As a candidate for the office of Constable for precinct no. I at the ensuing election in november. A the Light is authorized to announce de. O. Stevens As a candidate for county Constable of Bexar county. For tax collector. We Are authorized to announce j. S. Kamay As a candidate for tax collector of Bexar county at the ensuing november election for county assessor. To the voters of Bexar county i hereby announce myself As a candidate for the position of assessor of Bexar county at the november election. J. K. Labatt. The Light is authorized to announce John c. Crawford As a candidate for assessor of Bexar county at the november election. The Light is authorized to announce Faut. D. M. Poor As a candidate for re election to the office of assessor of Bexar county at the november election. For sheriff. We Are authorized to announce Nat Lewis As a candidate for the office of Sheri if of Bexar county Ai the election in november. For county commissioner. The Light is authorized to announce Peter Jonas As a candidate for commissioner of precinct no. 3. We Are authorized to announced Henry fest As a candidate for county commissioner of precinct no i at the november election. We Are authorized to announce Henry l. Dignowity As a candidate for county commissioner precinct no. 3, at the ensuing november election. The Light is authorized to announce or. William Hoefling sr., As a candidate for re election to the office of county commissioner for precinct no. 3, at the election in november. For county Surveyor. We Are authorized to announce w. M. Locke As a candidate for re election to the office of county Surveyor at the november election. For county treasurer. We Are authorized to announce col. John Withers As a candidate for county treasurer of Bexar county at the ensuing november election. We Are authorized to announce or. De. Froboese As a candidate for re election to the office of county treasurer of Bexar county at the november election. For county clerk. The Light is authorized to announce John Stevens us a candidate for county clerk of Bexar county the Light is authorized to announce Thad. W. Smith As a candidate for re election to the office of county clerk. To the voters of Bexar county. I hereby announce myself As a candidate for re election to the Otyce of District attorney for the thirty seventh judicial District. George Paschal. For District clerk. The Light is authorized to announce or. George it. Dashiell As a candidate for re election to the office clerk of Bexar county. We Are authorized to announce Thos p. Mccall As a candidate for District clerk the ensuing november election. For county judge. Rho Light to razed to announce c. I Wurzbach As a candidate for re election to the office of county judge of Bexar county. For sheriff the Light is authorized to announce Captain Joe a belly As an Independent candidate for the office of sheriff for Bexar county who solicits the votes of the people irrespective of parties cliques or rings. To the voters of Bexar county. My name has been mentioned us a possible a Audi Date for sheriff at the coining election but i hereby announce that i shall not lie a candidate buts Huu support capt. Joe study whom i know to be fully qualified for Tho position. His record As an officer is ii is strongest endorsement and j request my friends to support him. Jas. M. Van Kipko. Advice to mothers mrs. Winslow a soothing syrup should always be used for children teething. It Booths the child softens i he Gums alleys All pain cures wind die and is the Best remedy for diarrhoea. 25 cents a bottle. 7-22-Lyr new advertisements. John Mangold Coffee chocolate Tea confectionary oysters. # orchestral concert Day a d night. Special dining Parlours for ladies. Everything neat and Tony. Come and see me at no. 222 East Houston Street. Henr is carbolic Salve. The most powerful Healing ointment Ever discovered. Henry a carbolic Salve cures sores. Henry a carbolic Salve allays Burns. Henry s carbolic Salve cures bruises. Henry a carbolic Salve heals pimples. Henry a carbolic Salve cures piles Henry a carbolic Salve heals cuts. Ask for Henry stake no other. Is beware of counterfeits. John f. Heney so cd., new York. Tvs write for illuminated Book. Green front Saloon. 604 West Commerce Street. J. D. Fry manager. Bar room and restaurant. Preparing of Large Public and private dinners and suppers for parties balls Etc., a specially. Or. E. Thue Mayer physician and surgeon 214 e. Com Mer ice St., san . We. La Kutyk. Gbo. Rut by. Two Brothers Saloon Comer Commerce and Alamo Street Dullnig . Keep the finest imported wines champagnes and liquors. Specialities in the fines brands of Domestic and imported cigars. Come and see it first class gentlemen a resort. Fine Junob daily at to of clock a. In. Of Taylor. W. S. Taylor. Taylor amp son House sign and decorative painters gilding Graing paper hanging Kalso mining Etc. 216 St. Mary St., san . D. Quasso merchant tailor 26 and 28 main Plaza. Near French building. Large and Fine Lino of fall and Winter samples of suit patterns which will be ordered As desired. Suits made to order at new York prices and fit guaranteed. Uniforms for organizations a specially. A n w method of renovating clothing Guaran lug the color. Repairing promptly done. 8-28-6ro c. R Frommer practical Book Binder and ruler Soledad Street Opp. Courthouse san Antonio. All kinds of binding and ruling done with neatness durability and dispatch. Competition in prices defied. We. J. Lem pcs extra 3?silo boor is a healthy beverage ice House near the i. Amp g. N. Depot. Will be delivered at any Point of the pity upon order. Open night Aud Day. Telephone no. 122. Hugo amp Schmeltzer 8-2ff-3m agents the Tony Barber shop no. 4 North Alamo St., Jose Gonzales. Or finest to sorial artist in the City a1 a a. Kuhls. H. Thode. Kuhls amp Thode manufacturers of Best artificial Stone sidewalks Garden Walkes a and cellar floors building stones. A also cemetery work coping Carriage Steps. Or All work guaranteed. Orders promptly attended to. P. O. Box no. 646. Aurant 11 must of the Dia eams which afflict Mankind Are originally caused Baa disordered condition of the liver. For All complaints of this kind such a Torpi Dity of the Laver bilious Neas nervous dyspepsia indigestion irregularity of the Bowel constipation flatulence. Erect actions and burning of the stomach sometimes called heartburn Miasma malaria bloody flux chills and fever break one fever exhaustion before or after fevers chronic diarrhoea. Laws of appetite headache foal breath irregularities incidental to females bearing it Down so Jaq Igert a turf Antii is invaluable. It is not a Panacea for All diseases bul o 11d it All diseases of the liver win s�3#j�jes stomach Aud bowels. It changes the complexion from a waxy yellow tinge to a Ruddy healthy color. It entirely removes Low gloomy spirits it is one of the Best alternatives and purifiers of Thi blood and a a valuable tonic. Static Era a Aurant for Sale by All druggists. Price too per bottle. C. F. St dicer Pio Praetor 0 so. Front St., Philadelphia. A. Bell amp Bros no. 981, Commerce Street. G pm it o As o j. M % Ste a Quot a in s a to o to r % i m h cd m h a Silver amp plated Ware cutlery Etc. Watches and jewelry repaired. Charges reasonable. We take pleasure in showing our goods and purchasers Are invited to Call. Satisfaction guaranteed. 12-4-Ly Banks and bankers8. Alk Andyk president. Arch a. Alk Yandek. Assistant cashier. Texas National Bant san Antonie 258 Commerce Street. Authorized capital.9 750.00c paid in. 100.00c a general banking business transacted. Visitors Register kept in our Reading room when. Strangers in the City Are invited to Call. J. 8. Thornton pres j. W. Glass v. P . Earl cashier. The traders1 National Bani of san . Transacts a general banking business. Leonidas d. Dibble attorney at Law and notary Public. No. 240.wkst commercial Street san . Elite restaurant j. Loust Aneau amp co., Smith building main Plaza bar room billiards Saloon restaurant. We Only keep the finest wines champagnes liquors and cigars both Domestic and imported. New and Best improved billiard tables. The restaurant is in daily receipt of fresh fish oysters and game. A specially in orders from families parties Etc. Service in first class style and perfect. Hagy Brothers is. A work left with us will receive prompt attention. Estimates furnished cheerfully. Leave orders at 56 South Alamo Street. 6-23-12 infirmary remedies amp a. Bie zip n and Throat. Loans 1s36 Swift s specific. 111886 s s s s s s s s s s s s a remedy not for a Day but foe or half a Century a atm relieving suffering humanity i an interesting treatise on blood and skin diseases sent free to All applicants. It should be read by everybody. Address the Swift specific co., Atlanta a. A. Heusinger 310-312 military Plaza san Simi Mil i win. Us in tinware and Tull Tern hardware paints Olla Glass nails cutlery Etc. Agent for the Dain automatic Hay Stacker and gatherer Tho greatest labor saving machine ofor Perry a a Eicr ted Cook stoves Champion Harvest Brighton Lino Enaud Bufords steel and chilled plows sum plows cultivators Etc., Etc. Landrum h>8 Oakden seeds Fence Wile of every description and at lowest prices. J. H. Marquart opposite court House. Gents calf roots from 94 upward boys boots of All descriptions boys shoos calf and Grain in Button and lace. The seamless. Oxford Patent leather dancing pump nicest shoe in the mar tenant Orba slippers just the thing for a Nice present. Full line of heavy boots Best in the Market Price 15.00. Come and examine them a Complete Stock of gents Job Button lace and Gaiter shoes. They should be seen to to appreciated. In addition to my Stock of boots and shoes i Harry All kinds of shoe polish for soft children a shoes and the celebrated a it. M. Blacking for gents snoes. Of Quot orders for any styles of boots and shoes will be promptly executed. A Nice fit and general satisfaction guaranteed. Eugene 8taffel. Alexander Kuhl. St Affel amp Kuhl. General commission merchants Cotton Wool and hides. Agents for Weir sulky plow steel Riding and walking cultivators Corn and Cotton planters Deering mowers reapers binders and harvesting machines. Littles chemical fluid and powder dips. No. I 9 Navarro St., san . Fit ease and Comfort. Mon a Pebble Goat shoes made to order for 92 75. Menus gaiters Marie to order from $3 75menus calf boots made to order from $8 of. Repairing while you Walt. Menus working shoes made to order from 12 60. Menus shoes half Soled and hooted from 75c. Ladles shoes half Soled and heeled from 50c Golden Boot and shoe store s. B. Witchell Agene no. 31 Soladad Street san ail those Asili Clad with any disease of the eyes ears. Nose or Throat can find the greatest and quickest Relief Aud Oure at the san Antonio Eye and ear infirmary Cor. Of Houston and St. Mary s sts., which is the most thoroughly fitted up of any institution of the kind in the stale. Patents for inventions designs and Trade Marks claims collected Homestead eases prosecuted land warrants Back pay Bounty and pensions for soldiers mail contracts business attended to. John 8. Duffie attorney at Law Washington d. G. R k Kab he n cd so attorney j eneral a. H. G Arl and Washington d. Cs., and to h. A rousing of san connected with the Light who will furnish Blanks on application. We. Mahb so co., Bankers Washington t a in 1 to 4 per cent on a a Ino Good notes Bonds Stock Roul estate Etc. Government Bonds sold on monthly payments. Good premiums for investors. Reliable correspondents wanted. Address g. W. Foster banker no. 42 Broadway now York. Alamo ice company. 31 Cameron Street Telephone no. 229, san . Agents Kou Filiti bests Milwaukee Kepi Boll left Beer Ani the Indian nation Coal. These pills were a wonderful discovery. No others like them in the world. Will positively cure or relieve All manner of disease. The information around each Box is Worth ten times the Cost of a a toc Usy a a a one Box will a a pow to Guj Sam in i r Jour ii the Hiim in Law Parral i raft Alp he in /j9r i health than $5 up m m iss a. A a of any other in h he i �1 Rake Ivok disco 1,1 1 he m Hora Usui Jbv i cause no inc oven he Khi in Keg sp3$sh the marvelous Power of these pills they would walk too Miles to get a Box if they could not be bad without. Sent by mail for 25 cents in Stamps. Illustrated pamphlet free postpaid. Send for it the information is very valuable. I. 8. Johnson amp co., 22 custom House Street Boston mass. Make new ski blood promissory notes. A wanted notes of Well rated business men for one month to twelve months. Amounts Modo to 91,060,600. Strictly confidential and Safe. Bonds Given settlements made. Correspondence wanted. G. W. Foster banker 9-ll-Ly 40 Broadway new York. Hotel Val verde. Del Rio Val verde co., Texas. All the year health resort of the Southwest. New management courteous attention and s hot Cial care to invalids. Kates and accommodations to please commercial travellers and stockmen. Mrs. E. V. Close proprietress. $100 Reward Stop horse thief �?�3,00 will prevent your hor9e from being stolen. W. S. Hadley general agent for protective and detective be w. Houston Street. Of sunk i will put up $500 that i can take or. John Tripp s blood purifier and Curt any Case of syphilis or scr Fula on Earth and guarantee a perfect and permanent cure. D. P. Barr Bole agent for the state a Northwest Corner main Plaza san Antonio. Meats roasted in their own juices by using the wire Gauze oven door found exclusively on the charter Oak stoves ranges. There i not u cooking Upu Moi mad Cains the Olid Wen door Bat that the Nasa i a weight of it la i rom Twat Tyr Ava to foil Par cant of Tho Moat a a Aud in other word a rib of Tref weighing Tan Pound of so medium to mull Dona will Lothro Pound. Same roasted in the charter Oak run using Tho wire Gauss oven door about one Pound. Low meat to Abri ilk i to to a Large portion of 8eno for illustrated circulars and Price lists. H i i the rut lot to Alloy i taju Iowa it booing t id til to in to Sigi i Aud
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