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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 17, 1891, San Antonio, TexasSat Juday. October 17, 1801. So Kech directed by Ono of our Ijo Oal Pul Vor Luzern. To the daily Light. Rhe pee of recently delivered by Grover Cleveland in new York like All of ills speeches was carefully writ ten out and All its Phraza studied adjusted with. The View of pro dual diff a impression by axiomatic expression yet despite All this laborious elaboration and study the speech in to Sciug both m the sub sauce and too of Hie real statesman. Depth of thought breadth of View conceptions of Public issues Are nowhere apparent in Speed to but the politician and the scented aspirant for the presi Dency crop out la almost every sen Teuch. Or. Cleveland array guns the Republican party of new York for or err. Mandr Rizig the state so As to secure a the legislature but he forgot to state that the re Rydiander was and introduced into politics by Gerry of Massachusetts a warm Ana devoted adherent of tuomas Jef Persou for the purpose of majority in the legislature of that state. He also forgot the fact that the democrats have resorted to the Gerrymander at one time or an other in every state in the Union and that no democratic convention elate or National has Ever dared to condemn this device ,1 is fran Phish nor Noliti ral opponents. He forgot of uie congressional Diat tits 5 y a legislature by which were so arranged As to place the counties gov Jinjr Large Republican majorities in a few districts Aud the rest of the districts so As to insure democratic majorities. By this device the democrats gained about ten members. And desire Felt to to keen insure the defeat of major that to Iua hav uhf ought not to squirm and make wry faces at having to take a Dodo of Mel Aud by full Gerry. What in for the m Lem oets never hell to to the ferry. Mander to promote party ends it la or Lur rope Ohaus to Pur a Stem of political Jug. My own judgment has always 0011 the Gerry Rauder As Juire and Rad h my idea has been should be prohibited bylaw. But if it in proper and fair Lor one Par ten 8siit Aiu a majority then it a not criminal or unpatriotic id another party to resort to it. Ia.1840 the democrats in states in order to prevent the h 0 in enacted a w for the of members of Congress by the general ticket syst Era that is by the vote of the entire state in the same manner that a governor i Vir. J tally depriving the whips in whiff districts of representation in Congress the countr will show _ that the country will show the democrats have used the Gerrymander More often Thau any other Narty As Well a that they a it Aud buob Cash it was Hyphoci-i8y in Grover Cleveland to convey the in democrats never used the Gerrymander. with Indig th6 dubbed the Furce but which was Intro the a Law designed to put an end to election frauds. By fraud Bontol Iceland we not notorious fact or. Be presumed to be denunciations of the election Bill Force Bill in democratic Ling Ronly Furm Shes another proof truth of the lines that Halter drawn Ith Good opinion of the Law or. Cleveland and the democrats bin s and election Din from a consciousness of the truth that a Lair election in the an Intima and bulldozing and fhe use of the of the majority of our people and m minority Roover Awe Aud dictate to. Theory of our government in that the majority shall Rule through the medium of the ballot Box intimidation of voters bribery and fraud in polling illegal votes in counting the ballots and in making false Aud puts Power in the hands of a minority. Fraud and corruption in our elections will subvert our government and undermine our liberties As surely As that night Fol lows Day. My predict Lon May share the Fate of the prophecies of Cassandra be hooted at and disbelieved but for All that it will come to pass literally. But would you have the negroes in control of a state to a thousand times no. I hold that honesty is the test thai it is wrong to do evil that Good May come of and i spurn and reject with Abhorrence the Jesuit Cal doctrine that the end sanctifies the Means used to attain Oil this foundation of Rock my political Creed was built May years ago and the foundation is still sound Audi Lam. Let the Southern states deprive the negro of the right of suffrage or else let him vote without molestation. Without fair and honest elections we will Hove a Mill Ary dictator in Leas than Twenty five years. Caesar did not overthrow the liberties of Rome Marius and Bella performed that infamous task he saved his his country from confusion anarchy and War. Cromwell rescued England from a like Fate Nepoleon the great snatched France from the very jaws of anarchy and civil turmoil. Bob Bers and pirates Are forced to submit to the Rule of a chief. Men will sub Mit to despotism in preference to anarchy. Unfair and corrupt elections will end in military despotism without Deal cation. Or. Cleveland is opposed to the local Mak Kkt Kel out. Hides. No. 1. Western Shade dried 23 Ami Over peril in. 2, Western Shade dried. No. 1 country Butcher per in Light under 10 fallen Freo of mud. Dani Aeed and bulls dry salted. Green salted no. L Ifo. 2 skin s. No. 1, Short hair. Goat Porib. , Poat nor damaged Aud kids per in. 8 f Ancy Angora Deerskin prime per in. 23 t second Jug wild hog Large each 40 Small of sheep skins furs. Season not opened yet Raccoon. 10w15c far Rhea dysentery cholera inf Antum. And affections of the bowels Post office Dolp Artmont week Days. Stamp window opens 8, a. M. closes 0, p. In. General delivery opens 8, a. M. _ closes 6, . Registry window opens 9, a. M. Closes a p. M. Money order window of is 9, a. M. Closes p. M. General delivery and Carrier windows open on sunday from to a. M. S. M. Johnson postmaster. A Chance for builders. Thirty four shares paid up Stock in the International build ing Anil loan association t. B. Jockson. Free coinage of Silver. According to Texas democrats he is influenced by and stands in with the Gold bugs and the gamblers of Wall Street. He has certainly apostate sized from the demo Cracy of the lathers. Jefferson Madison Monroe Jackson Van Buren Polk Pierce and Jobu Thauan Hart no fault to find with a Silver currency to far from it they heartily approved of it. They regarded it safer and belter than any papa substitute for it. They looked on it As a Aoud currency. If Cleveland would read the speeches of Thomas h. Ben ton and other democratic leaders from 1837 to 1845, he might comprehend what Are democratic principles. Froth 17s9 to 1873 no of any party openly advocated the de monetizing Aud Bastard izing of Sil ver. It Wae Good and hound enough for All men and All parties. I stand on the aume ground today. Sir. Cleveland in Hia new York speech spoke of a sound Aud honest cur but it is notorious hols opposed to the Freo coinage of Sil ver. He placed himself on record in his letter written in february 1885, when the Silver Bill was pending. It was the first time any Prea deut elect Ever attempted to Dic Tate to Hia party irl Euda in Congress when a Bill was pending. The dem Horatio party of the past Felt no hos Tell Ltd to Silver coinage and Silver cur Rency. The old Felt none either. The Silver coinage views of Cleveland Are at War dem and with the tra dictionary policy of his party. 5iy idea is it would not hint Trade Commerce the workshop Tho Anvil the Jack plane the Ploub and the factory if every Dollar of Silver in the world was in circulation in the United states. By a natural Law it would find its level. Both parties will doubt less straddle the Silver question by adopt us a cowardly Aud juggling platform but that will not suit the people. The people Are move potent than the politicians and a great Deal More disinterested Aud honest also. The declaration May Shock pome of Grover Cleveland s Over admirers who have Zeal without knowledge but according to my measurement be is a theorist and not a statesman a visionary Aud not a practical Man and has departed from the Creed of All the democratic presidents upon a Silver currency. Madison. The ballots actually cast and of returns Aud Cert i d68troy of the South by giving several states to the republicans Aud fifteen or Twenty congressmen and electoral votes. The negroes in the South Are counted in the apportionment of Federal repro which the South gets 40 our and presidential erectors fact the negroes Are dl8francbisod through in h term fraud ballot nah Rcv of h 1.ameful outrage on the purity of elections was committed in for a oud it in Law and demand it in a their platforms. Orc urn arl6r but truth Aud right Are founded in immutable prior. Ceplo and cannot to shifted and Citon ged like the balls of the Juggler or the opinions of a sordid politician. Our institutions a Pena on the fairness and purity of our Electious just As much As a tree depends on its Supply of sap Aud it vitally concerns every citizen irrespective of party ties and names to uphold the fairness and purity of elections. It is riot a party ques Tion. It is a fundamental ones Tion a fleeting the very foundations of our institutions on which de Pend our Liberty. An unfair to action the new hardware store 413 e. Houston Street Thomas b. Wren proprietor every thing fresh from manufactories Call and obtain prices before buying elsewhere Low est figures on ail goods prompt at Tention to All order. 399. Telephone no. 9 24 1m pecans wanted. 1 ii tics who Ari dealing in pecans in or less would do Well to Flor thin for to 10 Lull. T. Ii. 55asiikksox. Special bargain my acres on Medina River Short distance from san Antonio improved All can be Fine soil never failing win tar apply to 8-6 6t John t. co. For Sale or Trade cheap. I Good four seated Hack will Exchange for Wagon. San Antonio Wood Yard Noar s. A. A. P. Depot. Telephone 37 j. 10-u-tf help advertise san Antonio Liy sending off some of the Light s Beautiful illustrated edition of Gorman Day sin plot copies ready for mailing to to hoc at the Lieut Olliee at 10 cents per 100 Jo-5 of Southern Iron a wire works 316 s. Flores St., manufacturers of ornamental wrought Iron and wire fences Iron bedsteads and cow. Architectural work Jive them a Call. A specially 0-24-1 to v on wild cat Siaion opossum 3 Moi if cat r Hadger j beeswax per in is tallow mohair Choice per in off Rade off Grade Horsehair per in cow Tail in eggs per dozen ca1.ifoknia 1 inuit. A k. Robinson. Sold by All druggists. Price boo. And . Prepared by i. L. Lyons co. Pears 40 in. 00-2 25 plums 20 i 25-1 40 prunes 20" poaches 20 40 Rose per grapes 40 in. Crates a 25 Tokay 40 in. Crates. 300 apples Northern per barrel. 3 50 Simanas per Bunch. I 50 tomatoes Boisbel boxes. Lemons Messina fancy 360 0 50 extra fancy Maiori 300. S 00 raisins cnl.l.l., 3 Box. O dates co in boxes per in ib., boxes Pel Mil military Academy my Mumi. Motion for c a gentlemen and boys. 8pr1s08, Jio. Five lots in Grandview. At a in train. Finest located property toxins of limit office per in. 7c i Tanuis extra Lani a. Almonds Tarragona. Filberts. I3o walnuts. 12c-13e Brawl nuts 0c cock nuts per Ico. So California Sweet chocolate 13 ib., boxes per in. Inc cabbage per crato heavy Wal tit. 2 7f horseradish per in potatoes California per 100 onions. California Perl. Gal lie now Loose per in. Per siring. Ken it a bbl. Ellipse Wisconsin full Cream. Young Hutter Creamery fancy. Dairy butter. Klucs bbl. 0 gallon kegs. Chile per Pound. Cider. N. Y. State per bbl. Beans mexican per Pound Means Lima per in. Picans Navy per in. Ham lard Corn per Bushel. Dais Hay Pei Hundred 10 1 go Joc 75c i of ii 14c me 4 50 3 50 4 50 70 75 40 42 u5 location san Ait Folio fire Alii boxes. No. Location. 12 Cor s Flores and Gilbeau. 15 Cor s Klores and a Scull. 14 june s Laredo and East. 16 june Laredo and s Pecos. 18 Cor s Flores and Adausas. 17 Cors flon Sand Lachapelle. S p u k crossing 18 Union Stock Yards. 19 Cor s Sahto an Vcra Cruz. 21 1 g n k k Stock Yards Han Lina. 33 Cor Medina and w Commerce i g n 11 a 34 Cor Commerce an Pecos. 25 Cor Pecos and Matamoras. 26 Central office military Plaza. 27 Cor Houston and s Flores. 28 Cor Houston and san Saba 29 Cor Leona Morales City Hospital. 31 Cor Morlaes and x Salado 32 Cor Leal and conical. 34 Cor Hidalgo and East 35 Cor Acequia and Rodriguez 36 Juno san Pedro ave Aud Camden 2nd Ward 37 Cor san Pedro ave and Elmira. 38 Cor Warren and Jackson. 41 Cor san Pedro air and Laurel. 42 june Laurel and John feet s store 43 Cor san Pedro ave and Locust san Pedro Springs and car stables. 45 Cor Poplar Aud main ave. 40 Cor main ave and Macon. 47 Cor Lexington ave and Augusta. 128 Cor and Salinas 124 Cor e. Houston and St. Mary s. 125 Cor e. Hontou and ave a no. 2 engine House. 120 Gui Martin and Jefferson. 127 Cor ave d and eighth. 132 Cor ave b and ninth. 134 Lone Star brewery grand Avn. 135 Cor grand ave and Austin Sunset 13b Cor aus Luand Duval. 142 Cor Austin and Carson. 143 Cor military ave and Grayson. 145 Cor Austin ave and . 152 Cor military Aveard Crosby. 153 Cor Olive and Burleson. 151 Cor Olive and Nolan. 213 Cor Burnet and Walnut. 214 Cor ave e and sixth. 215 Cor Avo i and fifth. 210 Cor e Commerce and Alamo. 217 Cor Nacogdoches and Nolan. 231 Cor Crockett and Bowie. 234 Cor e Commerce and Walnut. 235 Cor water Aud Mill 2-11 Cor water and Goli Rul. 2-13 Cor in liar and Santa Clara 251 Juno water and Alamo Mission Hose 263 Cor Camargo and labor. 261 Cor Presa and Pereida. 312 Cor Alamo Aud Villita. 314 Cor ii into and Nueva. 315 Cor Market and Yturri no. 1 engine House sic Cor Garden and Villita electric Lii lit station 821 Cor Garden and Mill. 32 Cor Mill and Adams. 3 i Cor sea Recard and Mill. 412 c orking William and Turner. Lie. Manu Elanda Simc Jio Orthe mexican bar Dudley h. Nouris of Trio now York bar Anda Silicio and Norris counsellors at Law. Jill ado dealt to no. 7 1-2, City of Mexico. An anti wind Catcher compare this tilling. Tower Aud its a motor with nil Ordinary Windmill and you will find that it presents a tithe of uie wind surface to the grasp of the storm that storm that other does. For information descriptive circulars Aud prices address. San Antonio Tex. A. Heusinger hardware stoves tin and Granite Ware. Ngout , nails taints Oil ainu Tel Rob agricultural implements Ami wagons Iron bled Airt nails. West Side military Plaza. Now is the time to make Money in buy ing property. The following list is Only a Small por Tion of the Many file bargains now be ing offered by Jno. T. Hambleton co real estate agents office at no. 4 Hast Commerce Street three very Large lots on Gover Mieu Hill one half Block from car line. Three room cottage on Austin Street lot 57 1-2x145 feet. Five acres on Sau Antonio River Suita ble for subdivision convenient to Street car line. Seven room House on Elmira Street stable water works Etc. Two houses on Blum Street renting for per Mouth. House of six rooms with Bath. To 52x160011 Monterey Street House almost new. New House of six rooms on Chestnut Street. Lot 66x140 feet. Fiuek piece of improved property on North Flores Street. Lot 120x180 feet this is a. Bargain. A desirable piece of property on Avenue a can he bought cheap. A file Corner on Avenue c near hous ton Street. Two lots on Buena Vista Street convenient to Street car. Fine Block of 12 lots on Tobin Hill. Large Rock Quarry Road. Elegant two Story House 10 rooms with All modern improvements first be Lehi or Hood and centrally located five room House stable lot x 150 fett. N few Steps from car line. 170 acres Fine land n Miles Iroini Sau Antonio on Goliad Road 70 acres in cultivation Good House 4 rooms 200 Bear ing reach Trees. 422 acres farming land in Hays and Coucal counties 10 Miles from san mar cos 4 room House never failing Spring 40 Yards from House school and exist office half mile from place. The us South floras Street. A gentlemen s resort the finest of Domestic and imported Lepors wings and cigars. R Crawford Brown proprietors. James t. Bradys Opp. Southern hotel office bar i is Headquarters for stockmen and other gentlemen who know where to get something Good in the Way of liquid refreshments. Drop in to Brady s once and you will be sure to Call again. Siz to if you want a drink of the Fine old Woodland of 188? drop in at Silver Saloon Corner of Flores and West commie ice Street on the East Sielaf military Plaza. H b Tuttle proprietor. Also the finest brands of imported and Domestic wines liquors Aud cigars. 910 Excelsior steam laundry no.c33 Alamo Plaza opposite Meinger hotel Telephone 5go. Collars Saufl cuffs a specially clothes called delivered oreo of work guaranteed Host Elisa. David Kirkwood sanitary eur Giuder and plumber 11 b. Alamo St., Telephone 440. Modern sanitary plumbing a specially. N. Kirkewood employees Only Eneri on Ceil plumbers and consequently those Fallar with All the requirements of modern for this climate. This in a sufficient guarantee of first Euse Ork. 5-23-Lim m. Berwick paints and oils Glass Wall paper. Agent for Geo. W. Pitkin go s Zinc paste. House training and painting a specially. No. 12 Alamo Street. B a. House and sign Painter shop on East Commerce Street oppo site St. Joseph s Catholic Church. None but the very Best material Ami Good holiest work at reasonable satisfaction warranted every time

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