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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 16, 1891, San Antonio, Texas She Pauj sight. Friday october 16.1891. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. Incorporate h. Maubrey secretarial mgr office 421 e. Houston St. Will furnish rename abstracts of title to land in Bexar county either City or country property upon Short notice and reasonable terms. Telephone no. 406 Uncle Jesse in Irelan. Queenstown re variety of sub rather dense on a reporter who knew not san an Tonto an Irish Effer vesting drink. The Fine old haunting car. Briggs and the Blarney Stone. An Irish theatre on to Scotland. Berlin Germany sept. 17, 1891. Daily Light. Let me see where was i in my last of yes i had arrived at the end o my Ocean voyage Felt Well and ready to land on ground where there Are no snakes Only in exceptional cases though an unnatural condition of the mind super induced by a total discard of the effects of alcohol on the Uman system i regret to say i saw a few aggravated symptoms of this character. Well the Small Side Wheeler finally arrived and enfolded my Friend Briggs and myself and soon the distance Between us was so Grea that the fluttering handkerchiefs could not be connected with any one in particular of course we waved for some time on general principles but a wave arrived that set some Down and others up to the guard rail making them regret a portion of their breakfast. I talked with a Porter about a jets he seemed America and would you believe it he had never heard of Dan Antonio or Beguin or any of the important cities of Texas. But he was Well posted on the Irish question. The Steamer bumped against the wharf and my Friend departed for other sources of information. I found Briggs stretched across a clothes hamper deathly Pale with no appetite. I gave him the last of my nay rum Aud he revived and got real Chipper. After a struggle we got our effects spread out before the officer who searched Briggs boxes for Cognac poor Man he suggested the Aroma of spirits Aud did not get on to the fact that it was Briggs himself. He finally pasted the Paster on Briggs effects with a look that plainly said a i knot you have got something about you that should be taxed but ill let you of this Briggs must have Felt guilty for he handed him sixpence which seemed to make him feel that the government had been fairly treat of. In front of me stood a Young lady and her Mother and it was funny to hear the old Irish officer ask each in turn a have Yez any fire ammo have Yez any Braccy or cigars have Yez any spirits wid Yez i thought there was a touch of pathos in this last Appeal Aud he seemed much disappointed at the negative reply. We now checked our baggage ahead to Cork alter which i Felt lighter and went to the hotel. Feeling thirsty were paired to the bar room and found a Young woman of Irish extraction in attendance. Bhe smiled Aud withdrew to attend to a customer and my fat Friend flew to a looking Glass and combed Bis Chin whiskers and w As highly engaged in turning his cuffs when sue returned. Reordered something Light Gin i think and i asked the maid if she had some Effer vesting drinks she hesitated a moment Ere replying. A a is soil certainly Titch kind wed be Loike i wed Ric commend that Folie Ould Orish i stopped her and sampled the popular beverage and must say it was excellent. After breakfast we employed a haunting car and drove ave Miles through a most picturesque country. I never enjoyed a ride More than this for while i saw Many other Beautiful parts of Ireland this was the first and left an impression that irishmen ought to he proud of and love old Ireland or Mere is a Beauty in it All its of. In Strong contrast to the Beautiful residences and Rich Fields were the signs of extreme poverty. When approaching a poor Many a habitation children from Little toddlers to those nearly grown ran Aud after bidding us a pleasant Day atones got Down to Lou siness Aud gently requested a Cha Peusy sorr a Penny if the request was refused they became More importunate and As they became Short of breath through Long running the gasp of a Cha Penny sorr Plaze Sor or a Aud if this was not effectual they would run on for another half mile breathing hard but with their eyes Ever on you ant the sound would go on in your imagination until the a Penny sorry came from your Plethoria perhaps purse and you were rewarded with such a smile As a lad breathing for life could give but which had in it thankful Ness and a god bless you my the traveler has to use discretion in giving alms As. If be is too profuse the very Progress of the equipage might endanger life Aud limb. I have been a traveler throw a handful of a Tisall Coin among a crowd of children and in the Al gel that ensued Many were badly scratched Aud bruised. We stopped at a Otheen House b the Way. The Driver also stopped took a Cigar Briggs and the Driver did not. The following morning we took train for Cork where we stopped for lunch and also took observations from a Jaunt us ear. We then left for Killarney via Limerick Junction. We unfortunately went 50 Miles out of our Way but finally got to depot hotel Killarney at to p. In. We were out Early following morning and engaged a car for the lakes. We were again assailed by innumerable beggars and finally arrived at the Gap of Dunlop. Donkeys were on hand but Briggs insisted on walking five Railes Over the mountains. The first part of the walk was very pleasant but my Friend remarked by we reached the top that he regretted having so much flesh. After Dis wind had returned to him we started to descend which was very Steep. Suddenly from behind a huge Boulder jumped three Bright Irish Maidens each armed with a bottle of Otheen and another of goats milk. They assailed us with a broadside of inducements to Purchase. I was not in humor for Otheen and their was something uncongenial about goats milk so i told them i belonged to the Temperance society and tue doctor told me on leaving America whatever i did t must not drink the milk of goats. I pointed at my Friend who was a few Steps in Advance and assured them by nods and smiles that he was fond of Otheen. They seemed to gather in the hint and the Leader started in by remarking a nah. But there a a Fine fat gentleman that la River get Down Tia Soide of tha Mountain Ridout a drap of tha Cray Ter and a sup of tha Goat a milk Shure and head be foolish altogether wid such a size a him to attempt Briggs laughed at a finally compromised on the pure Otheen we Learned later the cheapest of potato spirits Aud i really thought be would never reach the Bottom. When we did he was a sight and completely exhausted As when seated in the boats we West the entire length of these magnificent lakes enjoying their unparalleled romantic charms poor Briggs remained fast asleep. We had great difficulty in arousing him at the end of the journey and he slept All the Way to the hotel in the stage. I overheard him the of lowing morning giving his impressions of the lakes to an admiring audience in the smoking room he seemed thoroughly enthused. We of course visited and kissed the Blarney Stone and Briggs said his neck was we Orth considerable and he would not risk it that Way again. On our Way to the carriages we visited Koto Castle and were beset on emerging by a new lot of barefooted girls with the Otheen and goats milk As i emerged first i told them that my father would be Down directly and that he was a Liberal gentleman. Briggs soon showed up Aud smiled they took this As a favourable indication and held up the Otheen bottles this in spite of was inclement. The weather which but remember when you go abroad done to miss Edinburgh. I went with Tome american friends and saw the great Tay Bridge the largest Bridge of the kind in the world. Theu we went to Loch Lomond and Katrine Aud enjoyed their beauties. The following Day took our departure for London the great Center of Europe of which i May say something later. But As i am afraid i shall have destroyed your patience this time i will Stop. With Best wishes for the Light and All it represents i am very sincerely j. M. Emerson or. Military notes. Municipal chatter. The fort Bam Houston dancing club gave their regular thursday night hop at Muthus Pavilion. It was attended by quite a number of people All of whom enjoyed the occasion greatly. The floor was in splendid order and As Slippery As Glass. Steward fed wards who is expected to relieve Hospital Steward King at fort Bam Houston has not been heard from yet. He is expected to arrive every Day. Barge ant Saxe i. Troop 3rd cavalry was sent to the Post Hospital yesterday at fort Sam Houston for a sprained knee. A civilian who is employed in the quartermasters department at fort Bam Houston As mail Carrier named Breacher was sent to the Post Hospital yesterday for a sprained ankle. Patrick of Donnell is driving the mail cart during the former a illness. The following Are the sales at the Post canteen wednesday bar room Cash $12.30, checks $43.70, total barroom sales $-56 of lunch room Cash $9.15, checks $31.95, total lunchroom sales $41.10 billiard room Cash 40 cents checks $1.15, total billiard room sales $1.55 total Sale of the canteen $98 65. Private to. S. Meyers f company 23rd Intai Fry a been granted a four months furlough Togo into effect october 20, 1891. Troop Farrier f. Wilde of a troop 3rd cavalry will receive his discharge from the service on about the 20th instant. There was no one confined in the Post guard House at fort Bam Houston yesterday nor was there any one released. It is the same old Chestnut. The canteen has made a change somehow. The Post canteen has had a Bill of fare made out and posted on a Post. A Man will now know what to order. The Post canteen issues checks from 9 a. In. To i p. Rn., and from 6 p. In. To 8 p. In. Canteen Steward heir Nan is gaining weight at the rate of about two pounds per Day since Fie has been at the canteen. He has to turn sideways to get through a door already. The troops at fort Bam Houston will be Given regular saturday morning inspection tomorrow morning. Work on the foundation of officers quarters no. 34, occupied by Captain Borden has been finished. The enlisted men at fort Bam Houston Are greatly excited Over the to the Indian with the 5th overheard for the Lio it by Sharp Eye. Claude there a something up yer a Oner there a something up. Briuer course there a something up it has to be up Afore you can put it Down. Bams to you Claude you re getting to be a strange article lately. One time you re definite and another time you Are indefinite. In a wearing my ears out trying to understand you. Briuer that a because brine the statesman and brine the individual Are two different characters that a we hats the matter All Day and twelve hours of the night and done to you let anyone see you forget it. Claude i wout but Why did you loan the Nigger your plug the other Day he looked Nigger than yourself on italian Day and seemed to be Hunting the fellow who discovered America. Brine he just took it As you did that last one on the sly. In a tired of it any Way and believe ill raffle it off. Claude no Annex it to the terminus of some canine and let him hurry it off the Earth. On the Way he could sleep in it of nights and dream of Paree Chili con Carne and Hoo doomed aldermen. Fact brine that reminds me that a Little of the hair of the dog aint bad even a Cross the Creek. Claude i always wondered what made the dogs so hairless Over there. Now i know. You had better let up or the dogs there wont have hair enough to last Mem through the Winter. Besides there brine close your Mouth or ill fire a Hay stack through it. Your innuendoes wont go with me not in the dog time anyhow. In a wore already to my Back Suspender Bottons standing your cigarette Aud it la smoke out any doubts that you might have regarding my sincerity. Claude very Well but the first syllable of that Laeyt word you Veem Pha sized too much it is so suggestive you know. Briuer in these Days of Frijoles and Samo Stze quinine for Sato by druggists. Clingman Gas machine. Lighting cooking heating. For information inquire at 9-16 in c. L. Wagnrr�?T3. Go to the statesmanship in a a knowing look came into Briggs Eye he flatly refused they lavished i Rumor of their going Blarney by the Yard but Briggs territory to change was firm on the question but cavalry. The order is expected to be not quite steady from the last invest issued about the first of next month ment. At last he broke and ran and and if it is the whole the 3rd cavalry expressed himself As relieved that be will leave this department. Had escaped. We arrived in Dublin july 17, and after toilet and refresh it ment started to see a Dublin theatre. This was a strange experience. A fat Man came out and commenced to sing an Irish Ballad. Finally the crowd clothing of a Doo by. Dress Parade was Given at the military Post last night. Quite a number of citizens attended it. There will probably be a game of base Ball on government Hill Batur began to hum with him and ended by i a win dining heartily in the chorus i after a a add tue amp overment hl11 boy wards understood that his salary de tended on his ability to enthuse his audience sufficiently to induce them to join in with his songs Aud i was informed a that where a Singer cannot arouse sufficient enthusiasm for at least some help in the chorus the management look sharply for ancient Hen fruit. The performance wan fair hut would hardly have passed for a american theatre. It seems an Irish character Stic that where they like you they cannot do enough for you Aud where they done to they done to do even a Little. We arrived in Belfast july 20th and one could see Aud feel a difference at once the whole place seemed astir with activity and business seemed the Bent of the people. I should say Belfast is the most Active and progressive City in Ireland by All Odds. But you never saw such a place for pipe smokers the air is full of it and judging from the Aromas should say the tobacco was not the Best. I was nearly smothered in a crowd of men and Cloud of tobacco on the steamship lauding while waiting for the boat. I think i never so thoroughly appreciated sea air before Aud even the effect of the Waves could not compare with those pipes. We stopped one night in Glasgow Aud departed following morning for Edinburgh. I was never More pleased with a City in my life and prices talk. We re never afraid to display prices. Have you noticed them in our show windows we come out boldly with them in print does this look like a trap to sell clothing other than Cost we will Stop right Here and say no More except to invite the world of seekers after Good substantial clothes to examine ours and compare our prices with others. To 15 3t Joske Brothers. Prepare to be pleased. Millinery is the word and Origina styles the go with us. Consult your interests by consulting us. Bee our special display of Jet and evening bonnets this week. 10 15 3t Joske Brothers. Washum theatre across the san pe3r0. Eren every Nishi. The place for Gen Leuiken to pass a pleasant evening. Admission i of. 15, 25c or. Hathaway Joske a millinery department Large hats handsome and cheap a a Newport turbans the rage of the Day in All colors. 10 15 3t Joske Brothers. Johnson grass not supposed to know anything and in a putting in my spare tune sustaining the supposition. Claude there you go again the first syllable of that last word brings on More talk and suggest the taking of something. Brine you be been running with Ryder y Taylor i see that. But by the Powers of a politicians breath and that a a big oath. Ill make you Wear out several feel toe ing the scratch yet. Claude i no longer itch for your favors Aud though you can to do with out me in a thinking about going Over to the county Crown. When they have processions they done to put the Maffia Flag at the head of Mem any Way. They always respect the Staro and stripes. You do not. Brine the White mexican Joe is pulling you Over the Fence he there a better Grans on that Side he make me l lemonade and put More Brandy n it Claude one thing there a better men there anyhow and to Lear pull ing nor similar attractions go to any numerous extent. They made you and unmake you and the people Are irrigating their hands now ready to help them. You Are a dead Duck in a dry Pond and i would suggest the following As your epitaph Here lies a Drake a sly one too whose chances now we fear Are slim to Pilgrim shed a tear because he a no longer in the swim. Brine in be enough of that. Claude and something else too have you not brine in a not on the witness stand just now even if i Ani somewhat of i it lawyer myself. Your questions make me sick across the River from a doctor and you know i can to swim. I Audi and you aint building any More Bridges either. Hush about Bridges done to you see that taxpayer with pockets in the same condition of our Heads empty he a mad he is and Between you and me and a Cork screw Lockwood i done to blame him. We be pulled his leg until there Isnit enough left for a hand hold. We re pullers we Are. Claude pull that stopper then. Brine in a no Cork screw go to Lockwood and hell draw it quicker than i can my Back salary. Anyhow in a tired and Claude freighted with an adequate sufficiency As it were. Brine Well be a Claude before we go Why is the Nigger like one of our leading merchants brine Dunno. Claud cause he a a Dull nig. Brine of pshaw Claudio pshaw j. Broadfoot. M. D., assistant. Regular graduates the leading specialist of the sooth and West private blood skin and nervous diseases. Young men Ity and loss ally aks who by their acts or in Rand ence or Folly suffer Tom Nerosa a debility exhausting Ira i a i to fountains of life affecting int a Nind body and a amp Hood should on Uit the celebrated or. Hat Haway it once. Re number Nerv a n a diseases with or without dreams or detainer be Power treated scent Tacky new methods with great Success it make no difference what Yon have taken or who has failed to care Yon. Lost manhood Aud All weakness of the sexual organs treated with great Success. Female diseases cured at Home without instruments a wonderful remedy. Piles great i covery. A cure guaranteed. No knife cutting or ligature. Painless treatment stricture cured without cutting. The most wonderful discovery. Safe and sure. Syphilis. The most rapid Safe and effective remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin diseases of All kinds cured where others have failed. Unnatural Disch arg is promptly cured in a few Dave. Quick Anre and sate. This includes Gleet and gonorrhoea. My methods 1. Free consultation at the office or by mall. 2.thorongn examination Aud careful diagnosis. H. That each pa1 Lent treated gets the advantage of special study Aud experience and specially is Maie of his or her disease. A. Moderate charge Sod easy terms of pay ment a. Home treatment can be Given in a majority of cases. Send for symptom Blank no. I for men Send for symptom la Auk no. 2 for women. Send for sync Tom Blank no. S for skin diseases. All correspondence answered promptly. Business strict v confidential Medicine sent free it m observation refer to Banks in san a tonic Texas. A dress or Calion j. N. Hathaway m. D., 29-31 w. Commerce St., upstairs 5-1-1-m Antonio Texas. Lachelle Oil. Prevents tendency to wrinkles or Ai of the skin. Prevents Witherly skin or drying up of the flesh wonder for preserving youth and fresh Ess i1.0j urge bottles at druggists. I ageing in of the natures used in millions of Homes to years the Standard for Sale. A Fine new Phaeton and gentle horse. Can be seen at Ward amp Evans stables Houston Street. 10-13 of perfectly at Wood onion sets also a full a took of fresh Garden seeds just arrived. Edward Persch 9 23 in 254 Market Street. A the new hard Var Estore. 413 e. Houston Street Thomas b. Wren proprietor everything fresh from manufactories Call Aud obtain prices before buying elsewhere lowest figures on All goods prompt attention to All orders. Telephone no. 399, 9 24 in heating stoves. A full line of All styles Aud grades in prices that defy Competition Thomas Street. B. Wrens 413 at e. Houston 9 24 in a a jeer a it a x x i. A. Brewing Assn. Xxx Pearl Beer. The purest and Best. My part of the City. Delivered to

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