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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 16, 1891, San Antonio, TexasA mix Friday october 1891. Making glad the waste Waist places that s what i Call making glad the Waist said Smithson As he put his Arm around a lady s Waist. But Lilly won t care much for this show of affection if sri thou does t get rid of that disagreeable Catarrh of his. Won t somebody toll him that or. Sage s Catarrh remedy will cure him. By its mild soothing Antiseptic cleansing and Healing properties or. Sage s Catarrh remedy cures the worst cases of chronic Catarrh in the head thousands can testify. Cold in the head is cured with a few applications. Catarrhal headache is relieved and cured As if by magic. In perfect Faith the makers of or. Sage s Catarrh remedy the world s dispensary medical association of Buffalo n. Y., offer to pay to any one suffering from chronic Catarrh in the head whom they cannot cure. Now if the conditions were reversed they asked you to pay for a positive cure you might hesitate. Here Are reputable men with years of Honor Able dealing thousands of dollars and a Groat name Back of them. They believe in themselves. In t it a trial in t any trial preferable to Catar Rii rail Road time table. I. G. N. Railroad. Departures. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain or m., k. And t. A. M for St. Louis via Iron Mountain i 00 p. A for Laredo a. M arrivals. From St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. A. M from St. Louis via Iron Mountain and m., k. And to p. M from Laredo p. M Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leaves for new Orleans Houston and Galveston a. In. And 9 p. M arrives from the East. Arrives from new Orleans Houston and Galveston 7 a. M. And p. M through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass p. In arrives from sail Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass s 55 a. M s. A. A. P. Railroad. Depabtu3cs. Leaves for Kerrville daily except 00 p. In leaves for Galveston Houston and acc Zero daily leaves for Corpus Christi Rockport and Beeville daily 1 p. M arrivals. From Kerrville daily except a. A from Corpus Christi Rockport and Beeville daily p. In from Galveston Houston and Cuero daily r Mallory Steamer sail from Galveston Ever wednesday and saturday. By David Dwight Wells As Young Roberts armed with a crowbar approached the door of the guardhouse with the intention of forcing it and setting the father and brother of his Fiancee free from an in Itti Toast he a startled to hear the sound of and the rattling of keys. As he Hud taken the precaution to furnish the Only Man on duty with Buquor enough for him of drink himself into a stupor these sounds could Only be a j rated for by him the theory that his movements had been watched and that his design was about to be thwarted. He halted and was the Point of making his escape when his sister s form loomed up a front of him Clifford in heaven s name what Are Vou about to do with that Iron Force this door and free the French wll Pardon . But 1 think these will answer that in another i Staat Leon had sprung Aud caught the fair Diana of the Fraser in his arms and she seemed not at All displeased with the ardor of her worshipper. Lucy you Are stammered Leon his face White As Chalk in the Moonlight of Don t mind i Only her whispered Young Roberts and laying hold of his sister s Arm he pinched her saying cry Peccari Belle of tiie cry then Peccari bold Slayer of replied Lucy. In a few moments the party of rescued and rescuers had mounted four of the six horses awaiting on each Side of the were on the Way to the Little Camp the elder Morel and Young Roberts each leading one of the extra horses while the lovers Rode on ahead. The French women cling in speechless Joy to their loved ones and not until Bishop Whitman fearing the loss of his double fee by the arrival of the ferocious Captain had sounded a note of warning was Leon surrendered to the Belle of the the Eastern sky was just beginning to show the first Glimmer of coming Day when Roberts pistol in hand dashed into the Little Camp. But it was too late lie had lost a a life but gained a son and daughter. The Pauline mine proved to be one of the richest in the Caribou District and th-3 next year Leon returned to France with his fair English wife and there is every reason to believe that he will one Day be senator Morel. Clifford Roberts loves the wild West Ern land so dearly that he is still there although Pauline i lunging to see Paris. Be Only a Field. Will buy a handsome cottage residence of 7 rooms with Bath stable Carriage House Chick in House Wood House Etc. Hydrant water Larga lot fins Shade Trees and new neat and clean about four blocks from military Plaza. Will ant Ess y at a month. F . Hax Stroh co i curort8 when i say care i do not mean merely to atop them for a time and then them return again i mean a Radical cure. I have made the disease of Epi Lepsy or falling sickness a study. I warrant Ray remedy to cure the worst cases. Boca use ethers have failed is no reason for not now receiving a care. Send once for a treatise and a free bottle of infallible remedy. Give express and Post office. H. Hoot in. 1s3 Pearl St., n. And die. A Only a fiord Opin sky. Til Rhi Mavri Only a Field us for in though so a the v a Tiofil Cath Blooming with in j Rancis 1 .j.-on transcript. Will Stone s visitor. Piso s remedy for Catarrh is the Best easiest to use and cheapest. Catarrh sold by druggists or sent by mail. T. Hazeltine. Warren a. I and whiskey habits at Villi out Aiu. Book of Pur Ticu ars int Whitehall is. a due Koitz pennyroyal pills origin a and Only sea Alne. _ .1 Sare Rrt Habte. A pics by tits i it brnn4 in ked Gold to. With Blie ribbon. T Ino other. Tin if and at pros Isu. Or in for Zartl Culfin Relief for in by mall. . Pupa. 0om 47 local Druggie in. The daily Light Only 50 cents a month delivered to get Money and to Krop it. Accord ing to Kichard eat Chism were the two chief ends of Man. Lie was a single Man on principle. It was the right thing economically and therefore right indubitably. To one person in the world Richard Whinston was generous and that was his dear Vij histone. Richard Whitstone had done a Good Day s work. To had made cite or two profitable bargains lie had sold up the widow Marten and turned her and her six children out of doors for nonpayment of rent and finally had read a Little boy with a pinched and pitiful had Besought the Price of a loaf of bread and who said he had a sick Mother at Home a lecture on the sinfulness of beg Ging that evidently touched the Little wretch s conscience for he turned aside and wept bitterly. You re a Good citizen he said As he sat Down to dinner and deserve to be Tho dinner was one after his own heart. It was a treat he had promised himself if things went right and they had gone right. He ate drank and was merry. If his appetite lost its Edge the bottle of Burgundy was there to whet it and he fell to again till Tho mor Sel like Macbeth s Arne stuck in his Throat. Satiety normally begets placidity. The lion a i the Lamb might lie Down a v Day with safety to the the two former had their full. The Boa gorged Wilh an of retakes himself r a life of quiet. But the effect on Kiharu Whinston was Nee a suck ing pig in wine rested heavily on hi.3 conscience and his brain be Gan to Busy itself with schemes of reimbursement. Tiie current of Iris thoughts was interrupted by a loud Knock. Who could be on 1 at that hour some one a chaps i i or discount in an a Bear no wait ing. A to open door. Are you. The stranger greeted with a a altogether too careless for a Fly customer. I not the of your a it once. i 1, in a tone than but i know you very returned the stranger and Pray Don t let us stand Here banding o in monies for it s confounded saying which he led the Way to the Richard had just quilted. This is he rubbing his Lianas before the fire. I Haven t Felt so much at Home since 1 left a Hasty Survey of i visitor added alarm to Richard s Mishi nent. He was a wiry ill Locking Little in a Rusty suit of Bla wit i a wicked Leer on his face and one Clubfoot. Say the Little Man used. Holding his hands in the Blaz As if they were fireproof what an inhospitable dog you whether hospitable or growled Richard losing his r k vow what is it s bad talking pity "1 Don t see How it s to be an swered Dick doggedly. Don t it s to be you cd Rindgo the Little Man fiercely. With the remains of such a feast on the table there must be More where it came upon Niy replied Richard meekly for he was frightened again there b not a bite in the House Don t roared the other there is a cold Ham in the pantry and a Demi John of Brandy in the How do you know it was on the tip of Richard s Tongue to ask but he was too much amazed to speak. How do i know it broke in the stranger As if Reading his thoughts Why i smell them so bring them Richard would have demurred out his guest made a movement which con Vinced him delay might be dangerous and the required articles were produced. Without changing his seat the Little Man Drew tip to the table and began to eat and How he did eat a chunk of Ham big enough for a shark bait was stuck on the Point of a carving knife and thrust Down his Throat with the audacity of a sword shallower. Another and an other followed till nothing remained but the Bone which he crushed with his Teeth and then sucked the marrow. Now for he cried. There is no hot Richard Ven tured to say. Asked for water bring a Lemon some sugar and a the Kettle was placed on the fire. The stranger tilled it with Brandy adding Lemon and sugar to suit ins taste. As the liquor boiled Over it caught fire setting the whole in a Blaze. Richard jumped up to take it Oft the stranger caught his Arm and him Hack As if he had Ien a child instead of a substantial Citi zen of fourteen Stone. What Are you to exclaimed. The punch doing "1 was Only afraid the House might be ii other the replied the Little Man there s no Lualta at length he said and the Kettle ail blaming to Liis lips he drank like a dromedary. Now Dick it s your he after a Long breath. You .it drink h Alth Richard Drew Back. Shouted the stranger hold ing out the vesse1. A sudden fury took Possession of Rich Ard Whinston when he saw the secret of his life in keeping. The carving knife Lay within his reach. He seized an on the stranger with a desperate sought to Bury the Blade in his heart but it glanced a from plate Armor and in an instant the Little Man was on his of. To that s your game is and with i trip that seat his hotels in the air a hard was thrown headlong wit " a that Shook the to its the Clubfoot was d on his what a horribly Ziv of t it was it was Cleft like n of of an and seemed to a ton. Then a i to Pray a civil Tongue in your Al no 1 the Little Man. Richard Faia to himself was old housekeeper who 1 Hijii u s r a. Mich she As j bed Bat Iii aurd never was of Pic. Read he rational act was the a will by which he the bulk i to John Wal Ter s and child which after All i simple a t of for the de Mon f in 1 told the v in is old. Trousers the Correct Lii uhf for the it is Well by the advanced women of the period that trousers were woman s Druso. It was the inferior male creature in the primitive times that had to skirts but As eiviiizati.under Iii d the stamina of the female and she lost her prestige and was persuaded that woman was a weaker vessel she allowed men to steal her trousers and Palm off on her the skirts with which they had before been compelled to envelop themselves. The Cavil that has been made that poor Dick took a single gulp. He left the skin of Liis Mouth on the brim of the Kettle his Throat was scorched As with liquid fire and his hair was singed by the Blaze. And now to said the stranger resuming his seat and leaving Dick to sit or stand As he chose. You knew John Walter i stammered Richard i once knew a person of that you and he went to California to Richard acknowledged the fact. You made Money and he did i i was the More fortunate of the you and he started to return together and he died at san Rich Ard his wife and child Are now Desti the stranger persisted. I can t of course not. It was his boy Yon gave the Good advice to today. I Hope the Young scamp will profit by the scene with the Little beggar Rich Ard was sure had witnessed by no Erie. How the stranger had found it out was past comprehension. You re quite sure John Walter died the stranger went on. Of said Richard i paid his funeral eur lenses that s a retorted the Little Man were paid by the Public. It s an other lie that he died poor. He had with him which you i fairly screamed and defy Yon to prove prove it what effrontery Why i saw Yon do it s false. There was nobody pres be careful Dick or you la commit your she. I saw you do another lilt hard . In a chair but uly i there in t much ornament and trimming to be got onto trousers has been fully answered. Trousers with High color to them trousers with frills and fur Belows ribbons Atod Flowers trousers of red and yellow with roundabouts of Blue and Green trousers of velvet and silk and old lace and darts and shirring and Vihus and balloons trousers As resplendent As with a roundabout an.1. To match will always take the in fact the reason trousers Are not now a thing of and a Joy for i Wanso Man ruined them ii a he stole them from his wife and Sisters. Woman with her Eye for color her for i Immings gets Back they to look very i. Form re men. They have had their Day and their trousers. It they a convenience Sake to in distinguish from the Tho a Wel Ler a child in or Gnu us i cum Uoc pretty Brown hair was twisted up on he top of her head in a vain imitation of the latest fashion and the to Johnnie most atrocious fact that her Cheeks were covered with Rouge. Mrs. Johnnie gathered her belongings together Aud set out to take Possession of the just in front of the Young saying lotto Voce to herself mean while really the most ridiculous sight 1 Ever saw the child must be crazy if it were ouly an old woman of Iny age mrs. Johnnie was rather fond of calling tie self an old woman although she Only owned to being Twenty it were Only an old woman of age now there might be some excuse. But for a child like that with the complexion of a peach perfectly preps mrs. Johnnie settled herself Comfort ably in the seat and then half turning she scrutinized the Young girl at tier Leisure she could do so without runs Ness. Lor the girl was gazing out of the window and her thoughts deemed to be far away it s a Sweet Little thought mrs Jotine and i Don t care if it is painted it s innocent and Trust us. Iier dress tits tier abominably but she has a glorious pair of eyes she s a positive anomaly. I going to Intro Duce the Uirl turned her head just at that moment and As their eyes met a Fath of them smiled and each perceived for the first time that tiie other wore the Little Silver Cross of the King s Daugh ters. They needed no introduction after that. Mrs. Johnnie moved into the seat with her and they were soon the Best of friends it did not take mrs. Johnnie very Long to Gam the particulars of her Story she had never deep to the City before she said indeed except for some Little excursion now and Theu she had never left her Home which was in a Little Village on the coast of Long Island. She was so glad to have some one to talk to for of course Ehe was feeling a bit lonely. Theu she told mrs. Johmmie that her name was Aud that she was an orphan with just one sister. Her name was Sophie and the skirts and to Rai uus and corsets and find that can slip Over their he a N state Jour Cal How Breeds. the and summer months simply Lions her eggs the. Cat but in Aurunin ctr she glue each firmly upon a Nteso eggs Aro so Small As to be a to naked Eye but in a a they Are extremely an Wiful u Tiv Coly translucent much resembling loveliest pearls. The Ilea deposits nearly 200 of these at a time running about and dropping them Here and there. They soon Hatch into Small White footless Worms which go into cocoon in about ten Days. Ean be prettier than this co f on. It is like a flask of Clear Glass linked at the edges with Pearly tints and dotted withhold. The Little Sleeper within lies in a Circle is a pretty Rose color i Keg for ail the world like the Petal of a Flower. At first he a not larger than a mite but feeds Well and grows quickly in size and strength reaching maturity in about six week St. Louis Republic. What mrs. Johnnie did whatever Yon do. Don t take the Tom had said when breakfast mrs. Johnnie declared her intention of running up to town. It s slow and awfully Dusty and there s generally a Rowdy crowd aboard. Wait for the i3ut no sooner had Tom taken his de parture than mrs. Johnnie decided to do nothing of the sort she was a bustling Little body forever on the go. And when once an idea crept into that Clever Little head of hers she was inclined to carry it through to a finish in her own particular Way consequently mrs. Johnnie did take the local and within five minutes Iuie one was devoutly that she had followed s advice for it was hot and it was Dusty and they were crawling along at a Snail s Pace and there were some rough looking custom ers on and Well of Deari after ail Tom did know what he was talking about occasionally. At the far end of the car a Young woman a is sitting she looked so Luat one a Jim called she was married now. They had always been the very Best of Aud Dan Hackett came along. Nowadays she added with a sigh Sophie had eyes for no one but Dan. But i Shan t mind it to much she added suddenly brightening up again now that i going to be mar ried exclaimed mrs Johnnie astonishment. You Don t mean to Tell so when is it coming off and what s his yes. We re going to be married right and . This in t very much of a , is it she added with an expressive gesture toward her old fashioned carpet bag and two paper parcels. But Jack said that would t matter. He could ii to up when 1 came to town. He told in his letter not to bring anything along coun try dresses would never do for new Vork he said. So i be left them All at Home there hanging up in All except new Pink one 1 got at easier ii s s j pretty 1 could t Bear to leave that behind. I guess it will do for the mornings now and then. But was t it awfully Good of Jack though he sent this dress to Wear on the Way up. And this pointing to a brooch that sparkled at her Throat but which mrs. Johnnie s eyes pronounced to be very bad paste. And there was a Box of complexion Salve lie sent too. I be put some of it on just to please him but 1 can t say that 1 like it very much it itches so and feels horrid. Do All ladies paint in new at another time mrs. Johnnie would have burst out laughing but Jast at present matters were taking too serious a turn. Mrs. Johnnie was beginning to wonder very much. But when Are you to be married Ray she asked hastily. Yon Haven t answered Niy question yet. And what does Sophie say for of course you be told her ail about the girl Hung her head and mrs. Johnnie cot Iid see her blushes even in spite of the rogue. Yon see it s this Way. Jack hates a fuss and All that. He said for us to get married first and then let Sophie know. That was the hardest thing 1 had to do her without a word of Goodby. But Jack knows Best. I suppose. Only i excuse . Daisy you must t think for asking All these questions or dear is Jack going to meet you at the Well exactly. He s so Busy at this time of Day you know. That s one reason Why no sent the dress and things. He said in his letter that he had shown them to a lady Friend of his. She. S to meet to at the ferry and take charge of till he of. And How Long did you say you have known tie Giri Hung her head again. 14i him first about six v. Go. Became Down on one of the yachts. He came Down twice on sunday after that and written Ever so mrs. Johnnie Laid her hand tenderly non the Young girl s Arm. And do Yon really think dear Daisy that Yon know nun Well enough to marry won i in t it be. To wait a bit on third

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