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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - October 13, 1891, San Antonio, TexasTuesday october 13, 1801. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. Incorporated h. Maubrey secretarial mgr 8hoht stops. Office 421 e. Houston St. Will furnish Reim uie Nus tracts of title to lauds ill county either Unity or country property upon Short notice and reasonable Terma. Telephone no. 4o6 what the the people should be permit de to All the vacant seat in the Olty of Knoll As Buou As possible and not be compelled to wait the pleasure of mayor Callaghan. Of course one Mau More or Leas in Leoty you Roll will not change the Tiara Ter of the administration but would be refreshing to have an Al Erman at Large with Braina enough do big own thinking and Ludepen enc enough to do own voting. An Alderman at Large to speak for to whole people and not to be la uen oed by the measly crumbs of Stonage that or. Callagham lets til from his table. The county have of reached the Point when contracts re to be Given out let them take Arning by the experience of to City or Vinor in the notes. The following is the in Moor of men on sick list at fort Sam Houston and the companies to which Liry belong the infantry band has Unco in quarters a troop cavalry. Has four in Hospital Ono in quarters i troop 3rd cavalry three in Liott Ditill k troop 3rd cavalry Ono in Hospital Hattrey of 3rd artillery two in Hospital and one in quarters a company 23rd infantry two in quarters e company. 23rd infantry two in Hospital and one in Quarter f company 23rd in fun try Ono in Hospital ii company 33rd infantry one in Hospital k infantry three in Hospital. Are two prisoners in tie Hospital and two casuals. Holdon d troop. 3rd cavalry ii my very near get inn badly Init yesterday during the columbian Street Parade. His horse fell on main Plaza but to jumped from its Lack and lit on his feet escaping without a scratch. There was one Man of f company sch infantry placed in the Post guard House sit fort Bam Houston yesterday. Two enlisted men were Rok Vised from tins Post guard House at fort Ham hous ton yesterday one of e company 23rd infantry and Tho other formerly of k troop 3rd cavalry who was released he being Dis honorable discharged. His name is Mcnally. Private a. R. Abbott was discharged from Tho service yesterday. In Helon Tod to the hos pal corps. He left for Cincin Nati Ohio yesterday afternoon where he will visit his relatives. Abbott left the army with about which he saved during his service. Private Nyguard Troop 3rd cavalry will be discharged on the first of novem Ber. After leaving the army he will try to get work in this City. Tho following Ore the sales of the can teen last saturday the lunch room Lioata the bar room again liar room Cash svs.30 checks total Lia if. Lunch room in ill 5m5 checks total si40.50. Hilliard room Cash w cents checks total ?1.00. Total receipts of the canteen the following reply to the denial of the veterinary surgeon that a horse was shot for planders recently on Joven Mont Hill has Heel received sax , oct 10, 1sd1. Editor Linier if the in so killed at Hill did not have glanders and no leg. Broken for what was he destroyed is this the Way in rec doctoring is clone Here c. H. . Mrs p. Easan wife of Captain. Eagan Chiel cominis Siiro the Dopart intent returned from new York this Inori Pinr where she has been of a Visil Foi some Uio Wiilis. Musician Radka Coin Pany v. Vitril in has placed it in the hands of i company Coin Wiander for the purpose o purchasing his Dis Chaisri. Which lie sex in cts to receive on about the 20tli of thu month. Corporal Cronin a troop 3rd cavalry was wounded in the left hand by the ii i dental discharge of a revolver which he cleaning. Did not know Tia Iowa if Jaricia and Lisul it cocked the grip and lock with trying to rust Oil when to probably touched the Trigor and Tho Wen off. The Hall passed Throupe his Hant Between his Little and fourth linger. At Trio High it did not break any hone s it is i very painful Hurt and May cause the Uva fingers to show Touret liar unless prope care is taken. Charles Walthers. Formerly of i troop 3rd cavalry and who recently receive his discharge from that into a troop of 3rd cavalry yesterday. Private Davidson who deserted fran Batter f. 3rd artillery on the 5th in to was caught a Day or two ago. Ii the sheriff in to Alveston. He will be taken t Houston by the sheriff and from there h will lie brought hero by Corpora Moi a of Battery f. 3rd artillery who left Torday for there was no dross Parade at a Ort Sai Houston yesterday. The 23rd infantry band gave their i weekly concert on the Tower Pard ground yesterday evening. Tho 23rd infantry concert pros rain Are not being printed at 1 Ort hous ton anymore. D and k troops. 3rd cavalry and Bat try a 3rd artillery Are pack incr Toda for their trip to Dallas. The goods i tie taken to the i. A g. N. Depot tomorrow morning where it will be Luis dirt on the train. I he troops will leave tomorrow morning. Steward Cramer and private nun Kei vis of the Hospital corps Are ordered t go to Dallas with troops the leave 1-Ort Sam Houston tomorrow. Sergeant Cone of Battery f. 3rd Art Ery is the proud father of a line Bab Flirl. Pecans wanted. Parties who Are dealing in pecans Cav loads or less do i to offer them for Sale to 1013 1m. To. H. Tax Duson. Only will buy a Good Wood Yard business wit the following one portable engine Ai boiler two head o horses one mule. 01 Corn Crusher three wagons and Hodge two Wood frames do tinle splitter a table and saws elevator pulleys Shafton and belting Etc. Apply to to 13 6c John t. U co. I giving Idder. To the Tho City would have saved y giving to contract Jor the City ail to a thoroughly responsible bid or. The people Are on the Lookout for Beery in Cou Nootio with the court out work Aud the successful bid Era will have to be men disconnect d with the City robbery or the people will be Apt to look proceedings s Savouring of to. J. a correspondent in the in Rebh endorses judge Paschal s a Lon in excluding or. 8auor from citizenship because of socialistic lews. T. J. Calls attention to the mucous Steucy of our Laws and constitutional requirements and Ovon Edge Paschal a ruling when applied o the operation of Hia court. To. Ai. Says. Or. Bauer has declared iia intention to become a citizen or. Lauror cannot to held to military Uty or. Bauer cannot be compelled o state service but May Alt n a and Why not add or. Auer can what else does dlr. 8auer want t or. Bauer s vote May Deolde who Hall be the congressman from his is Trot or who shall be president it judge 1 acc Hal has decided he in Nell Gible to citizenship. But or. Sauer is an intelligent Cou i envious ruin knows something bout our form of government and and desires to become a it zen and take Upari himself All the Ordens and responsibilities of Olti i3nship. How about the thousands if mexican indians who tramp across our Border who declare their Ulen Lons Aud Are allowed to vote tills horde of illegal alien rotors turn the scale in our local and a strict elections and yet not one of hem is eligible to citizenship. Apply judge Paschal s ruling to he mexican Cotton picket and sheep Shearer and not one of them could Jass Muster. It was never intended that the constitutional provision permitting alien o vote upon declaration papers should apply to persons who lire inel Luble to u. S. Citizenship and the sooner this question in settled the better for the state. X a judge Paschal has set the sex Anil of scrutinizing the character and for citizenship. To other i Sofii rials not a Lino from their duty in bringing the Impo Tau question of citizenship to a test. The people will not forgive Tho off Cia who fails Lor fear or favor. Arlo thu sons of Italy pleas ant tonight. Yesterday afternoon at 3 o clock the Ullan Colony of this oily to full Trent a began their annual oel Ebra Lou of Columbus Day by a proce Nelon h rough Commerce and Houston treets. The u. S. Cavalry and a Ellery headed the Parade and the Arlous mexican societies were also n line. There were two Good bands Aud stirring music was played Aud our buted greatly to the enjoyment f the crowds that lined the Way. The lags of the various nations represented with Bright uniforms and glittering arms made the Parade very imposing. The procession proceeded to the san Pedro Park where after an and Tress of Welcome messes. Antonio f. Go Gill and Captain Juan Cardenas delivered orations. After the speaking Gen. Stanley Aud or. Ruelas Aud the officers of the Lay held a Little reception which was Iha factorized by toasts and wine and he real business of the Day dancing began. Both upper and lower pavilions had Deen gaily decorated and in the rays f electric lamps last night crowded with ladies and gentlemen in holi Day Altiro a Fine spectacle was pro enter. Dancing was continued until Early this morning. The program for today is about As yesterday including speaking Dan cing and fireworks. The latter Are gotten up on a splendid scale one picture to be produced being a front Lovat Lou of the City Hall. For Sale. A Fine new Phaeton and perfectly gentle horse. Can be seen at Wood Ward Evans stables Houston treet. 10-13 of Coli Muus Day. Hal Kex at. Deals and Tho prices the bring. Inry Echtor Holl to county of Boxer two acres in Survey 52, on the Rosillo Creek ten Miles South East of Tho City for school Purpo l county of Bexar to Henry Kochter Hoff two acres adjoining North East Corner of Survey 53. 1 Iii rfcs u. Burnett to Frank and Louisa Gross lots 29 Aud 30, Block 30, Houth Heights. 225 i. Yoakum to s. Vav. Hennett lots 0 and 8, Block i Madison Street. In stains Schmidt by sheriff to Paul Wagner and Fritz Trimmel lots and 30, Northwest Corner of Gollad and water streets. Eva l. In Ughrin and husband to Clara n. Graves lots 3 and -1 Block 10, original City lot 1, Mav Erick addition. Samuel and Barbara Buchly to Michael Ripps sr., varas Southwest Side of Lavaca near Indianola Street Jesus Casilhas do Guz uan to j. 11. Mcc Cury 50 acres adjoining the Samn Wilson Survey. W. C. Southerland tid wife to Jan Ogden lot 3d in the son them por Tion of the City 1.000 clips. T. Wilson to Cornelia j. Wil son 12 3-10 feet by feet at the Maple and Howard St reels. Tenil a Levenfeld to John Dellsite Southern x Patt of lots 7 and a Block k. On Chestnut Street. 200 250 a Ker lord confession of Haltli. The Pittsburg presbytery which is recognized one of the largest and important in the general at Emiily has adopted a report suggest ing there changes in the proposed re vision of confession or Faith the insertion in the statement of election of this clause god before the foundation or the world was Laid according to his eternal and inscrutable purpose and the secret counsel and Good pleasure of Hla will pre destined unto life a great multitude which no Man can number and hag particularly and unchangeable chosen them in Christ unto everlasting Etc. Toat the doctrine of pre Terlion be plainly expressed by the use of this clause in Section 5 of the revision the Mankind god has pleased aos Ordung to the Unsearchable Coranel of his own will whereby in the exercise of his own Dominion his creatures he Exton Deth to or withhold eth trom fallen Man his Sav ing mercy As he Etc. The omission of the last sentence from the revised chapter As it implies a particular scientific interpretation of the first chapter of genesis. Changes Section 1 of the chapter free to read god hath endowed tiie will of Man with that natural Liberty which constitutes him a responsible moral bang so that it is neither forced for by any absolute necessity of nature determined o Good or change Section 3 to read Man by his fall into a state of sin lath wholly lost All disposition to any spiritual Good so that As a natural Man being altogether averse from that Good and dead in sin he is not Able by Hla own strength to con Vert himself or to prepare himself thereunto yet this inability hath not destroyed that Liberty with which he a the following is the statement of Fant salvation ail Infanta dying n id fancy Aud other elect persons who Are incapable of being outwardly called by the ministry of the word Ai e by Christ regenerated by the spirit who Marketh when and where and How he also Tho substitution of the Tollow no for the concluding sentence of Section 4. Of the revision others not elect although they May be called by he ministry of Tho word Aud May me some common operation of the spirit yet inasmuch As they never came to Christ they can not be saved neither a there salvation in any other Way than Christ through the omit Section g of chapter 26 of Tho revision and make Section 3 read unto this Catholic visible Church Christ who is the Only head of it As Well As the Church of invisible hath Ivou the ministry oracles Aud Ordla ances of Etc. Omit the sentence which declares the doctrine of the sacrifice of the mass abominably and confine the statement to the positive declaration of the True doctrine. The report was prepared by Rev. George t. Purvey d d., of the first Church Pitsburg widely known As a Price thu lecturer. A attn More to harks. St. , i has do Texas october 12, is i. Rosar sch Rainin. Pres t. G. A. Day association kind sir allow is hereby to acknowledge your kind favor in Iidro Illint our pupils to the festival Garden last sat urday at half rate and to thank you Foi your appreciated Lihn rally. We take pleasure in saying that we were very cordially received and enjoyed a pleasant treat. With due respect to you and the Able corps of , to whose efforts and Good management the Snee Ess of the festivities is due we Are. Truly yours ukr. F Iii. Iii Lahib permits. Gref Forio Herrera stable Leigh Street 7th Ward. Henry Taylor Kitchen Street 7th Ward. John Heck dwelling Corner of Florida Aud Carolina streets 7th Ward s-100. E p. Claudous stable California Street -1th Ward grinding a nil Eleaby knot re City. Or. John w. Matrix Tho enter manager o the Texas Tea and Coffee co., to 233 13. Houston St has had an electric motor attached to his Coulee grinder and is now enabled to turnout pounds Pef Day. This improvement became an imperative necessity owing to the rapidly in creasing Trade of the firm. The Texas Tea and Coffee co a now enabled to fill All orders promptly and to furnish the Best grades cheaper than any dealer in Tho City. Telephone no. 578. Katie i it Nam. Katie Putnam and fun Are synonymous in he lexicon of the theatre goer and Katie As an actress is also As Well known. She appeared for the first night of her engagement at the fraud last night As Erma the the House was a splendid testimonial to her reputation and was responsive a her every Floit to please. Her support was gone throughout or. Gardner contrib uting a Lair Ohar of by his splendid comedy. The play this afternoon is Dickens old Cuma Ity shop and tonight love finds a funeral notice died this morning at 5 o clock John Twohig. Age 80 years. The fun eral will take place from St. Mary s cite court. Sixteen esses were brought before the recorder this morning and 8111 in Tinea were assessed. Five oases were dismiss a and three continued. Ida Wombold disorderly Chas. Acid striking continued. He has not As vet Beer found. A. B Hay Wood drunk on Street s3 Frank m. Gloeckner disorderly continued. J. Gorda drunk and disorderly Alice Bell disorderly Longiro Peroz carrying brass a nukes and 20 Days. Boru Abe Longoria fighting Dis missed. Longino Perez fighting dismissed g. B. Frank Diso Dorly Dis missed. T. A. Griffith disorderly Tonny Troilo fighting s5. T. Battaglia fighting dismissed. John Oldenb Naper drunk and Dos orderly dismissed. John Boyd drunk and disorderly continued. John Olden Borges drawing a Pisto in a threatening manner across the san Pedro. Open every night. He place for Gen Leuieu to pass a pleasant even log. Admission inc 15, 25c Church at 9 o clock oct. 14tu. A. In. Tomorrow marriage incenses. Ignaci Castillo Aud Maria j. Huron. Co Faenza Bragio and Teresa Tara. Gustavo Rose and Emilia t. C. Grygor. Genaro Antu and Tomasa Morales. Powder used in millions of years the Standard at Kische a. Beach Bowers minstrels closed a very successful engagement at the Houston Street theatre Las night. To right prof. Auton Zamloch in Leger Derain will appear. Dropped dead. This morning a coloured Man name Joseph Mcrae fell dead from Hoar disease in his room in a House of tin Corner of Chestnut and Wahnit streets near the Wood Yards. H was asked about 46 years and was tin married. To did not have any Par titular place of employ neut. A Cor Roner s inquest was held by justic Adam. At bargain. A Fine Columbus Plia Eton buggy new Only in use a Short Lime can be had at bargain. Cull and see it at m. Pigott s Corner of Clouston and Solodad Streat. V. Lorra the tailor announces to has friends and customer thru of has received a shipment if a patterns of Iris goods am 3 m p i in snit Inars. Inn pants will in wild pm m i finn dross suits and i . Sails function and fit Guaran tee i beyond question. A s of special bargain. .100 acres on River Short do stand from san Antonio improved All can b cultivated Fino Soll never falling Miuor apply to a Foll John t. co. Samost cures Dandruff and my the m Uei for Silt by druggists. Clingman Gas machine. For information inquire at m6 1m c. I. Wagner s. Or. Hathaway , m. Ass sunt. Graduates he of the South and weal Pil Vatu Hood skin Anil nor Voos die ass. Young men Olio Ivy their or in Rand Fer from Nerv o n b debility exp fast in in dral Neon 11 fountains of Ufa affecting t n e mind body and manhood Ahon let can us Tho Cale rated d r Hathaway at once. Member Norv i n s la cases with or without. to an Loaa of Norvo ii wot treated Solen Tluck ally by now methods with great Succow it ii aka no difference what you have Tuzcu or who ban la Lloil to euro you. Lost manhood Aud nil weakness of the aex Nal organs with genl Bucuss. Female diseases cur Ort at Home flu int a Womble real remedy. Piles great it covery. A cure Guaran de. No Huifu cutting or ligature. Palagesa. Troia Mea without th9 in oat wonderful discovery. Sate and Sura. Syphilis. The most rapid Safe and of net Leo remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin diseases of All Kinde cured a hero others have tailed. Unnatural do charges promptly cured in it few Quick sure and Safe. Tins include sleet Anil Gonor Liisa. My methods 1. Free consultation it to Oice or by mall. n and dire Ful diagnosis. Hat Enol Iii Tuot Trent St kits the advantage Ofa Neial fit adv and Aud specs Alty is of a or her disease. 4. Mile rate . S us t eff in terms of payment a Home in n nov Lotty of crises. Send for symptom Olynk no 1 for men Send for symptom Blunt no. 2 for women. Donuk to. 3 for skin Dis eases. All Corre i Monde . Busi Ness strictly . Medicine sent free from Obser Vutison. Hefer to Banks in san an Tonto Texas. Address or Call on j. N. Hathaway m. W. Commerce St., upstairs Antonio Texas. 1. Brewing Assn. Xxx Pearl Beer. The purest and beet. Delivered to any part of the City

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